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Starting Over

We all know the true story, but what if Bella was from a different background? No reviews no more chapters!!!


1. The Discovery

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It was late one night as I was heading into Seattle. I had stayed at the hospital over time and was just now leaving around 10 o'clock. The sky was the darkest black with not even a hint of moonlight. With Forks being the rainiest town in the United States you hardly see anything in the sky except clouds. The wind made the trees sway, it had an erie look to it. I wasnt afraid, the only thing that could scare me was if Esme found out I was just now getting her anniversary gift. She and Alice were spending alot of time together lately and I was afriad Alice would slip and tell Esme once I made my decision. I was still undecided as I came up to the ancient jewerly shop thats been here for years. As I got out the scent hit me like a tidal wave, blood. I suddenly doubted my instincts. For decades, I had practiced to hold back, to not fall into temptation. But it had been almost two weeks since I had hunted, I almost didnt go into work today, thank God I only had checkups and paperwork to do. I was saving my thirst for later when Esme and I would go hunting together and afterword retreat to Isle Esme, some think an island would be insane for a gift but I think it was perfect. It seemed like I was to judge for myself whether I could stand it or not. Making sure noone was looking, I darted to fresh air and inhaled deeply. I followed the sound of a fading heart and mine almost broke at the scene displayed before me. Human eyes would only see a teenage runaway sleeping, but what I saw was much worse; the blood slowly sinking into her shirt right near her stomach, the scratches covering her face, knees and arms, holes in her jeans (probably from falling alot), the bruises forming along her neck and arms. It was horrifying. My doctor instincts kicked in and I rushed over feeling for a pulse; still beating but not for long. I lifted her shirt and the sight stopped me in my tracks, gunshot wounds. One, maybe two bullets yad pierced her from behind and she was gushing blood from both sides. Ever so gently, I lifted her up and ran to my car. I lied her down across the back seat and pulled out my cell as I reached the driver door. I was out of the parking lot and calling Esme in a matter of two seconds. "Hello?" Esme answered on the first ring. "Honey, I need you and the others out of the house to hunt. I was get-on my home when I found this little girl and shes badly injured." I replied. "How hurt Carlisle? How badly?" She asked, concerned. "Gunshot wounds, bruises, scratches, her heart is beating slower and slower," I said as remorse filled me. "Im turning down the driveway now; go, you and the others should hunt." "Okay, Carlisle. Love you, bye." She said before hanging up. I put the phone back in my pocket and pulled into the garage only 5 seconds later. I quickly peeked in the door to see if they were gone and then pulled the girl out of the back seat, now bloodstained.​