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Notebook cpu fan demolition Note

With the popularization of high-frequency, high-heat CPU, CPU cooler a few years ago, not as consumers pay attention to the small accessories are increasingly become the focus of attention of the consumer.The strong performance has brought us, the new generation of processors brings terror power, how to get them the help of the CPU heatsink stable chassis we are most concerned about.

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1. Laptop CPU fan removal process

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Laptop and desktop computers are essentially different, even if it is the same brand, its different models, appearance and internal structure is different, and there is no single standard to regulate. Laptop very high level of integration, the internal components are also very precise, if a bit negligent in the disassembly process will result in very serious consequences.、

Before carrying out the installation of the fan, we also need to prepare some auxiliary tools, for example: needle nose pliers, silicone grease. With them will make your operation more at ease now, also to ensure the correctness of the installation to avoid because of the error on the installation, causing the fan base can not the CPU DIE face full contact may. Now the fan products, just in order to make the center of the heat sink DIE above the bottom of the heat sink and the Anti-mounted anti-design, which is why we often find such a fan base side of the less precisely and motherboard raised on the CPU socket coincide some small fan or even an edge, can serve to prevent from side to side of the fan overall.

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