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The Dancer

Emmett's getting married and the guys decided to hold a Bachelor's party for him. The guys go to a strip club and they meet Bella Swan. Edward falls in love with her despite the fact that he and Alice are boyfriend and girlfriend.


1. The Announcement

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Emmett, Jasper, and Edward were sitting on the couch watching TV when Emmett jumped up with a broad grin on his face. He seemed to be excited about something Edward and Jasper couldn't comprehend.

"Guess what, guys," Emmett said.

Jasper and Edward reluctantly shared a weary look while Edward reluctantly asked "What,Emmett?" Edward said.

"I'm getting married!"

"Your getting what?" Edward and Jasper simultaneously with a matching shocked look on their faces.

"Married. You know, to Rosalie."

At that moment Rosalie, Emmett's now fiance, and Alice, Edward's long-time girlfriend walked in. Rosalie smiled and ran into Emmett's arms. He lifted her up and kissed her. Alice walked around the couch and sat next to Edward and put her feet up on Jasper's lap. Jasper turned to Alice and gave her a death stare.

"You know what? Go blow yourself! Because my feet are as soft as a babies ass!"



Alice scooted her body down and adjusted her so they were an inch away from Jasper's lap and chest. Jasper rolled his eyes and gave Alice one last dirty look. He turned back to Emmett and Rosalie still wrapped in Emmett's arms looking deeply into each others eyes.

"So," Jasper coughed. " When are you two getting married?"

"In nine months," Emmett said putting Rosalie down.

"Do you know where?"

"No, not yet. But we've got months." said Rosalie.

Emmett wound his arms around Rosalie's waist and pulled her onto his chest. He whispered something in her ear. Rosalie giggled, grabbed Emmett's hand and dragged him up the stairs.

"Maybe we should go upstairs." Edward said.

"Why go upstairs when the couch is free down here?" Alice said.

"OK!" Jasper said pushing Alice's feet away from him. "I see this is my cue to get the hell out of here."

"Bye, Jasper." Alice said in a low seductive voice.

Jasper growled and muttered bitch under his breath. Jasper grabbed his headphones off the dining room table and pulled his iPod from his pocket. He put on his and found 'I'm Not A Vampire' by Falling In Reverse. He opened the door to see it pouring rain, as usual in Forks. He rolled his eyes and grabbed a small, brown, worn leather notebook from the hallway table and bound into the rain to Edward's silver Volvo.

Jasper drove the small, silver car to an overlook two miles out of town. He stopped the car and looked out to barley the dense Forks forest. He pulled out the small notebook from his pocket and fished out a pen from the glove compartment. He turned to a fresh sheet of paper towards the back of the book and took a deep breath. Over and over again he began to write: Alice Turnic will fall in love with me. This writing ritual has been a secret of Jasper's since he met Alice five years ago. After writing two pages of: Alice Turnic will fall in love with me, he wrote one line.

One day I will steal her back.

Chapter 1 end.