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I'm nothing but a monster burning in a hell that only exists in my head. There's no hope left until one harmless glance chances logic and binds two eternal enemies together in a twist of fate. Can the escape from this hell be found in an infuriating dimpled grin? Or is this another dark, dirty trick of my own mind? A forbidden passion, heat, and intense anger—this is no fairytale.

[Disclaimer: Monster is an originally plotted fic. The ideas within this fic are not to be copied in any way, shape, or form—I have not given my consent to any manner of copying. All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the intellectual property of their respective owners. All canon concepts and characters are the property of the Twilight Saga's author, Stephenie Meyer. No copyright infringement is intended. Similarities are for the sole use of fan fiction, and no profit has been or will be benefited from the posting of this fic.] Emerging Swan Award 2012, nominated into Fandom Choice Awards.

21. Fighting Freedom

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PART II - Eclipse.


"I'm a stranger in a strange, strange land
Gone, gone, just gone without a sound." - The Bravery.

Chapter Twenty One

Fighting Freedom

Just as an icy fist whistles past her ear, the white wolf ducks, snapping her gleaming teeth together—taunting her prey. The wolf's opponent hisses, his crimson eyes alive with blazing rage. He curls his lip back before mindlessly hurling himself straight at the attacking wolf. Again, the wolf dodges her opponent's attack with ease. She doesn't have a problem fighting monstrous opponents such as this one; she will end her prey's struggle soon, but this game still amuses her.

The white wolf counters her target's attack swiftly, her body striking him down while her massive front paws crush his chest, heavy anchors that pin him down with a crushing force. The white wolf exhales slowly, melted snowflakes dripping off her muzzle. The flurry of snow settles into a gentle downfall around the wolf and her infuriated prey.

The red-eyed monster spits venom, uselessly swiping his cracked, broken hands at the wolf above him. The white wolf flattens her ears and snaps tauntingly at the fingers that graze her chest. The creature's lips pull back, revealing his brilliant white teeth as he claws at the wolf's throat. The wolf rumbles, ignoring the protesting thrash of her opponent as she leans her muzzle down toward his exposed neck, allowing his sickening scent to tease and linger in her nostrils before biting down, her teeth sinking through the creature's throat. His skin splits, shattering and crunching. With a flick of her powerful neck, the white wolf pitches her opponent's disconnected head into an oak with supernatural strength. The tree moans once before crashing into the sea of white below.

Swift and casual, as this is everyday business, the wolf tugs the shiny lighter attached to her hind leg free from its winding cord. Clicking it on with her teeth, she watches a burst of orange, angry light rise from the tip. The light flickers as it tumbles through the air, bursting into a dancing wave of hungry flames the moment it makes contact with the limp, icy body below it. The white wolf settles down, satisfied as she watches the flames consume her prey. The wolf's mind wanders, floating away into a different time.

The white wolf circles a pile of white. Her coat is matted with packed snow, but it drips off her, melting with her unnatural body heat. The snow floating around her catches in the wind of her breath, instantly dissolving. The wolf pauses for a moment, her eyes flicking back to the pile behind her. Dozens of agonized, screaming faces stare back at her, their red eyes clouded with death.

Reality swarms back into the wolf. The memory is only there for a short time, but long enough to irritate the white wolf. She can't afford distractions; distractions are weaknesses. She violently shakes her head from side to side, snarling and lunging forward as she wills herself to focus. A ripple passes through the wolf's stomach. She growls at the sensation, but she doesn't have time to react as the world before her eyes disappears, replaced by another.

A sting stabs into the wolf's chest. She growls warningly at it before picking up her pace, her speed building. After a few strides, the sting returns. The wolf's teeth lash out, sinking into her fur. She tears away at her coat, spitting and snuffing madly. The wolf huffs, her breath sending the tiny pieces of fur scattering in different directions.

As the wolf moves forward, the sting strikes her heart. She howls viciously and ducks her head. The movement brings a wave of fire over the wolf's body. Her paws slash through the snow as she tries to tame the fire, her teeth flashing and snapping blindly.

One swing of her paw shifts all the wolf's weight to one side. She loses her balance and topples head first into the ground, sending up a cloud of powdery snow. The wolf's body collapses, her bones shifting and changing, her body jerking violently in the flames.

Once the snow clears, the wolf blows all the snow from her nostrils. She lets out a low rumble, carefully pulling her forelegs to her, starting to stand. But her legs aren't there. Bewildered, the wolf gazes blankly at the copper skin lining her forelegs. Her breath comes in trembling heaves. The wolf starts to snarl, but the sound catches in her throat. Out of nowhere, her forelegs stretch out again, bursting back into her white fur. The wolf's body twists and tremors until the flames return, smoldering through her changing form.

Not wasting a second, the wolf jumps to her paws again. Steadying herself, she snorts and throws herself forward, bursting into a sprint.

The wolf is not a creature, a predator, or a being. She's broken, twisted beyond repair.

An eerie shimmer rings in the back of the wolf's mind, disrupting her memory. The white wolf's body heat flares, her paws tearing into the ground below her as she slows. The feeling of another's presence causes her thoughts to sharpen, becoming dangerously aware of her surroundings. Even though the woods are empty, the wolf is no longer alone.

The wolf senses this. She throws her weight around, her body preparing to destroy whatever is behind her. But as she lunges, her paws meet thin air. The wolf lands with a snuff and glances around, her head throbbing. She paces backwards, hot ash biting the pads of her paws. The wolf snuffs and shifts her stance, only to freeze as another vision envelops her.

Tiny, frozen crystals drift out of the sky, illuminating the pale night. The wolf's paws are hidden underneath thick layers of snow, her legs braced as the white surface breaks around her steps. Her body is lowered, her ears pricked and gaze focused on the huddled circle of wolves just yards before her.

The small pack has yet to notice the approaching threat. The white wolf stays still as the risen moon, unnoticed. The pack's careless teeth rip and tear, wearing away at the blood-stained snow beneath them. A muted growl rumbles through them as the smaller members of the pack creep forward, trying to snag a piece of the kill. Ankles lock deep in the snow; ruffs tremble with the cold and excitement. It's not long before the endless pushing and pulling sparks desperation and the wolves erupt into a frenzy. A scarlet sea seeps out from the huddled bodies, blooming out on to the snow.

With a sudden shock of plummeting temperatures, prey has become scarce. The light in the sky remains dim and the last bits of warmth have drained away into the pale, worthless ball in the sky. The only movement in the winter-damned landscape is the promise of more fluffy crystals to float down from the sky each day.

The white wolf continues to statute herself in the snow, her dark blue gaze frozen on the pack. Eventually, the snarls fade and the pack slowly pulls apart, revealing the remaining mangled lumps of flesh. The patient wolves are quick to pounce on the bits, snatching them up and growling as they drag them away, frantically gnawing at their possessions as if they can't get enough as quickly as they need it.

One wolf in particular, turning to go off with a full belly, notices the white wolf. She raises her head, her ears flattening as her teeth bare with a crackling snarl. She sails over a wolf in front of her and lands hard in the snow, her body swift and thin. The wolf stares at the white shape of the threat, letting out a low stream of growls at the intruder until another joins her.

His shoulder is higher than hers, his black muzzle flecked with grey. The male wolf sizes the strange white wolf up, his tail raising as if to show he has power over her. The female at his side backs him up with a flash of yellowing teeth.

The white wolf glares down at them, raising her body to its full height. Her lip curls back to show her dripping jaws, snarls spitting out of her muzzle. She pushes herself into an exaggerated advantage, rumbling as the wolves cower under her might.

Proud and strong, the white wolf leans forward, her eyes fixing on the puny challenges before her. They both snap their teeth at her, their knees bending as they contemplate escape. The white wolf tosses her head and lets an echoing howl roll from her mouth. She snaps her teeth, shakes her head and begins her advance.

Behind her, the group of shuddering black wolves exchange a low growl. The male wolf breaks his focus long enough to swish his tail and bark sharply. As if on cue, the other wolves retreat into the shadows, their glowing eyes melting away into nothing.

The white wolf snuffs once, sending a dust of snow rushing over the ground. The two wolves lock gazes with her, their bodies lowered and their ears flattened. The male lets one more warning growl through his teeth. The white wolf stares at him, then moves her gaze to his female companion, her gaze steady. The female heaves a sickly wheeze, swaying.

Something about the black wolves' stances triggers a sudden instinct for self-defense in the white wolf. She launches herself forward, crashing into the crazed she-wolf. The white wolf's weight and power send the wolf tumbling, her breath leaving her body in a yelp. Bones crack and blood spews out on impact.

As the white wolf begins to burn, a voice pierces her skull. She can't comprehend the words, but the voice speaks boldly in her mind, echoing as the she-wolf kicks and claws her body free, dragging herself out from beneath the attacking white wolf.

"We descend from them," the voice booms, the tone faint as if it is only the ghost of another memory. "The wolves are our own brethren and we shall treat them as such. No man may harm the wolf and any man who shall choose to disobey this law may be penalized with death."

The white wolf shakes her head violently, removing the voices as the she-wolf swiftly limps away. The male trots after her, pausing only to glance over his shoulder, raise his head, and growl softly. The white wolf holds her ground, victorious, the blood of another staining her muzzle.

Disoriented, the wolf swings her head and lurches, the images fading. Snow huffs out of her muzzle as the images bombard her. First a flicker, then the images flash like crazy. The world spins at an impossible speed. She lunges in an attempt to attack the being inflicting this trick on her, but it's useless. Once again, the world disappears around her.

Free—the wolf is free.

The wolf's paws thud to the ground, finding it with ease, her body balancing perfectly despite her size and weight. Her paws press into the cool, smooth soil, testing it. A moment later, she is off again. The wind sings in her ears. Scents dance in her nostrils while the hands of the fresh air comb through her fur. Paws light as wind, the wolf rockets through the forest, miles disappearing behind her.

She races on until she senses a disturbance in the beauty. The wolf halts, bristling. Her head swings from side to side until she sees it. Her eyes lock on the brush as it is clawed aside.

Seconds later, a woman as white as snow bursts through the brush. She hisses a sharp, menacing warning, baring her bloody teeth. The wolf's eyes close for a mere heartbeat as she blinks, a snarl starting to rise in her throat.

As she does, the golden wood collapses, and once again, the wolf stands alone under the inky winter sky, prisoner to the cold.

These are only the acts of a wolf acting through instinct. Her opponents are murderers in her eyes. Dozens and dozens of miles of traveling lay beneath her paws, though she never strays from the secluded shadows of black forests. Eventually, she's all but become a part of the forest itself. The wolf is the forest's darkness. She is the predator, prowling and slaughtering every Cold One stalking through the shadows.

The wolf only travels, kills and sleeps. Yet she isn't an animal.

As the thought strikes the wolf, she starts to change. She is still there, with fur and paws and teeth. It's the animal within her that changes, melting away like the ice trickling from the tips of branches. The animal continues to shrink until the true identity of the wolf rises.

The wolf is Jordan, Jordan Uley. She is the small girl who moved to the Quileute reservation when she was three, known as the quiet girl with the weight of a troubling secret on her shoulders. However, the girl isn't so small and quiet. She's deadly now, driven by the roar of fury that pulses through her veins, just as real blood inside her.

Jordan. Sam's low mumble suddenly bursts into my head, cracking through the break in my control.

My wolfish body shifts as my mind starts to work again, the wolf inside me straining. I search Sam's mind for any hint of smugness, slowly starting to boil. How the hell has he gotten through to me? I'm supposed to be unreachable and they've long since agreed to pretend that I've died. My teeth flash and I swing my head, trying to shake him from my mind as my thoughts warp and stretch.

God damn it! Get outta here!

What are you doing? Sam's voice continues to speak clearly in my mind, ignoring my prudent thoughts. I can feel him poking around in my head. The sensation sends a spasm of heat through my muscles.

My head pounds as I struggle to speak. I dig my claws into the ground below me, shifting my stance. I have to close my eyes and think hard for a moment as the words form in my mind.

What . . . we're . . . made for.

My eyes flash open. Darkness still washes over the snow, breezes whistling through the treetops. My legs shift as I elevate myself. After being in the wilderness for so long, it's become natural to stay on guard. One tiny lapse in focus could result in the ultimate consequence.

You've been gone far too long. Two and a half years, actually. A lot has changed, and we need you now. Sam's words come slower as his own eyes study the black forest around him.

I allow my paws to move, swiftly and silently moving across the snow. Well, fuck. Guess that means I gotta come wipe ass for the rest of you now, doesn't it?

Sam flinches internally, but he ignores my jab. Images of a plain, brown-eyed girl roll through his head. They fade off into another image of a leech, most likely another saint-like Cullen, perched in a tree across the river as he studies the forest. There's a girl by the name of Bella Swan. She's caused trouble, mostly for Jacob, but it's affecting the rest of us as well. Bella has developed a romance with a Cullen and their relationship brings troubles with other vampires that have begun to threaten the tribe.

She dumped Jacob for a leech? I snort. I've sure missed a hell of a lot of fun.

No. Sam sighs. That part doesn't matter. The real issue has to deal with vampires.

Sam's mind expands with the growth of another image. At first, I can only see a flicker of red in the forest, somewhat like a fire. The image stretches and comes to life in his mind as he forms the memory. It's soon clear that the flicker is actually hair, whipping around in the winds of inhuman speed. Air rushes by as Sam sprints through the forest, his gaze focusing on the smear of white and red. As I get more into the memory, the smear sharpens into a figure. The pale white skin and feral expression instantly give away the reason the figure is there, running. It's a parasite.

The image shatters a moment later. Sam speaks in my mind again, his tone deep and his concern unmasked. The same vampire has been chasing after Bella Swan for a while. We've tried to catch her, but we just haven't been able to. Bella and Cullen left for the weekend, and the rest of the family have warned us that the vampire will be returning and there could be others with it. I really need you to come back home, so we can ca—

It's a trap. My thought cut Sam's short.

Sam falls silent, only showing the still forest around him. He hesitates for a moment. Why would you think that?

My eyes narrow. The clan of leeches, although oh-so-superior to the likes of us, suddenly has decided that it's worth it to ask for help while they're short one member, just to protect their lunch. I spit through my muzzle, snarling. What the hell do you think that the leech is gonna do while he's gone? Romantically suck the life out of her? To hell with that! If I'm gonna come back, we might as well take out the whole damn lot of them!

You could be right. But you're not. Sam shakes his coat, beginning to tone hardens, taking on that commanding edge. As alpha, this is my decision. As alpha, I will order you to return if I must.

My paws crush through the snow, a gust of breath whistling through my teeth. And what's next? Force me to bow down to you, then sell me off as the sucker den's lap dog?

Sam growls lowly, the sound thick with frustration. I've raised you for thirteen years—you know I wouldn't do that. I know you've been through a lot. I know you think you're doing the right thing, but this isn't normal. You're very different from your sister—

I bark out a rough, humorless laugh. Don't even try to give me that speech. I'm not gonna even think about taking tips from that bitch. What happened to your little princess, anyway?

Don't make me—

A snarl rips through my muzzle. What is there to be proud of there? We're here to kill off parasites, and I'm doing my part without causing any shit. And what's there left over there? A group of kitties on your toes just to save a leech-loving piss-ant? Toss her right into the fangs of her 'sucker and end of all your issues the easy way!

Jordan, that's enough! Sam roars. I try to raise my snarls above his tone, but the command of the alpha drowns it out. You will return home tonight! You will chase this vampire with your pack. You will do this, and that is final!

Sam heaves a shuddering breath as his thoughts trail off. Silence wedges between us, causing my mind to shimmer with a static emptiness. I listen to his heavy breathing, my shoulders quivering with suppressed rage as the weight of his command wrestles with my free will, suffocating it.

When Sam finally breaks the silence, his tone has softened. The forest around him swirls as he turns, facing the river. Just . . . please come back. If not for your family, then just to do what must be done.

His words open a craving inside me. A tug of desire lurches in my stomach, but I don't form an answer. My thoughts are shifting and planning. Soon, this parasite will be dead. If there isn't a threat, the Cullens are bound to relax. I pull up another's thought buried deep in my memory—the dimpled grin of the large, muscular Cullen as he strolls along, completely at ease.

If I go back, the whole flock of them will be gathered. If I help the pack slaughter the threat, the rest of them will let down the guard. If I time my attack, they won't even know what hit them.


As my whirling thoughts settle, an eerie shimmer announces another's presence. My mind is shocked with a stab of irritation as familiar whine sounds over the pack link.

Hey, Sam, do you know where—Oh, wonderful. Nice of you to finally join us, Jordan.

I exhale slowly, groaning through my teeth. I watch through Sam's mind as Nicole's silver body pads along the bank of the river, her lip curled in disgust. She raises her gaze to meet Sam's gaze, her icy eyes piercing through his sight and into mine.

Nice to know you still haven't pulled that stick outta your ass.

Nicole huffs, turning away from Sam's view. Quite the heart-warming greeting. I see you still hold on to that delightful jealousy of yours.

That's what they call it now? I shake my coat, struggling to hold myself back. To hell with this. I don't need any more shit.

No! Stop that! Sam turns on Nicole with a rumble, his hackles raised. We need your help, Jordan.

Nicole sighs, though she lowers her head slightly. If she wants to leave, then she obviously won't be any help. Just let her go.

Her words strike a challenge. I wheel back around, my paws lashing out and raking deep grooves through the empty snow, growls tearing through my torso. I'll be there in a few hours, Sam.

I twist around, galloping away from the smeared ash. My pace builds before climaxing into a sprint, my body racing through the raw landscape like a wind set on fire.

Sam grunts and nods, clearly satisfied. The front door will be unlocked.

With a final glance, Sam dips into the brush, his mind fading away.

Oh joy. Nicole mutters. She pauses for a moment, her mind focusing in on the forest around her once more. See ya, sister.

My muscles relax, easing up as I find myself alone once more with just the whispers of the wind to keep me company. My body stretches as I push myself faster and faster, a blur of raw speed and strength. I shoot through the forest, the sound of snow crackling under my powerful paws blending with the whipping winds of my speed.

The voice of the wolf inside of me still murmurs for me to go; to retreat into the shadows and never be seen again. But I know better than to listen—this is a challenge, and I won't show weakness.

As my mind and body race, one thought overrides all else: The Cullens better be ready to die a very slow and painful Jordan Uley-style death.