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I'm nothing but a monster burning in a hell that only exists in my head. There's no hope left until one harmless glance chances logic and binds two eternal enemies together in a twist of fate. Can the escape from this hell be found in an infuriating dimpled grin? Or is this another dark, dirty trick of my own mind? A forbidden passion, heat, and intense anger—this is no fairytale.

[Disclaimer: Monster is an originally plotted fic. The ideas within this fic are not to be copied in any way, shape, or form—I have not given my consent to any manner of copying. All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the intellectual property of their respective owners. All canon concepts and characters are the property of the Twilight Saga's author, Stephenie Meyer. No copyright infringement is intended. Similarities are for the sole use of fan fiction, and no profit has been or will be benefited from the posting of this fic.] Emerging Swan Award 2012, nominated into Fandom Choice Awards.

65. Striking the Spark

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[A/N: This chapter picks up a few hours after Jordan and Paul's vampire hunt in sixty three.]

"Stop right there I've
Got a hole inside my chest."
- Imagine Dragons.

Chapter Sixty Five

Striking the Spark

In the seclusion of a shadowed patch of woods, I change.

The whir of microscopic wings and the whisper of paws scurrying through the leaves touch my ears, flowing through my brain in a twisted tangle of scents and images. The midnight sky scowls down at me through the arcs of branches. Hot, wet breezes roll in, pressing into my naked skin. Everything is quiet.

I grit my teeth. A tremor rocks my core, tearing into my bones and shooting to the tips of my fingers, curled deep in the wet mess of leaves and mud. My shoulders curve, my body bending in an attempt to hang onto my human skin for a few minutes longer.

Not now, damn it.

I don't know where the hell I am, but it's still dark. The ocean's brine wafts on the breeze, heavy and thick, but the trees tower high above my head, too close to be anything found near La Push. Their long branches rustle, caught in the wind. I exhale and contract my muscles, falling into a sitting position. Pebbles tumble from my palm, broken loose by the sudden movement. Nothing else stirs.

A jolt strikes my center. I'm on my feet in a flash, my teeth bared and my legs carrying me into the open. My eyes skim through the flat expanse of blackened forest as I reach for the string on my ankle, shaking my clothing loose before tugging it over my skin in a few rough yanks. A shimmer hovers above my head, frying the air.

The wind charges, blasting my nostrils with a potent poison. A black tumble of hair whips over my shoulders, thrown back by the air's scream. I feel the dilating of my pupils as the shadow of a hunter's focus clouds my expression.

He's here.

It's him. The scent drawn through my nostrils triggers a flutter, then a gush of images behind my lids. It's the face I've been waiting for, strong and carved, matched to the sugary sweetness carried on the breeze. I put no name to the golden-eyed man, but there's something about him.

Something that makes me want him.

I follow the wind. It guides me to a border made up of a steady flow of churning, bubbling water. It's glass in motion. The sky lives under the surface, caught in the race of the currents. I step toward it, approaching, until I see a pair of dark blues glaring back at me.

They're hard. Unforgiving. Ruthless. Ready. Trapped in the hard lines of a shadowed face, are a hunter's eyes.

My mind scatters. Instinct shatters. Memory tips gravity, slamming it on my shoulders. My lungs bow, crushed to my ribs. The air becomes gritty, hot. Too hot.

Standing there, a blank statue, I'm captured by the blaze of desire. I'm needing cold.

Needing numb.

Needing him.

I lift my gaze across the stretch of current. Swirls of sweetness touch my nostrils. I pull them in and shove them in my lungs. I push forward, sloshing through the muddy river. The water reaches my knees. Currents tug at my legs, and the cold stings, like a billion tiny needles.

But it's not enough.

Red sears behind my lids. I hear screams—my ears ring with them. Hell rages in my skull, housing a demon unsatisfied in her cage. She's breaking loose, struggling in her chains. I yank them tighter, but fire flashes in my nerves. I crack, my feet slipping on the slick mud of the bank.


I puff steam through my jaws, throwing out my stride. The trees burst, raining clouds of dust as I pass. The green forest wobbles, uneasy, falling to pieces. I shake my head, sharp enough to pop something in the back of my neck. I'm past the point of feeling it. I push, harder and harder, my bare feet pounding the ground. My steps are loud, but the furious howls searing through my skull are louder. My veins ignite, blazing, hot blood bubbling beneath the surface. This skin is butter on my bones.

But I hang on, tightening my grip as I blast into the forest.

The deeper I push, the more the world changes.

The ocean's brine vanishes. A damp, woodsy scent filters through my lungs, lifeless; empty.

The jade leaves and thick beds of moss sink into brittle brush, becoming massive tangles of bramble torn from my path by slashing hands. They shake hard, a copper blur stretched out before me.

The scuffle and skitter of life silences. The flaming world holds its breath, muted other than the thuds of my footfalls and the thunder of my heart slamming frantically against my ribs.

I grind my teeth. Fire rises and falls in long strokes along my spine. My body twists, jerks, and bends, but I don't falter. My steady stride grows longer, harder, faster. The burn chases me, biting my heels. If it catches me, it'll grab the monster and turn me inside out.

My nostrils expand, drawing in the smells of the forest. The scent strengthens, coating my throat with a chilled glaze. My core tightens. A spasm rocks my muscles as the wolf expands, shuddering, on the verge of escape.

And then my toes squish into wet, cold mud. I jerk to an abrupt stop, hooking my curled fingers into the gritty bark of a dry tree. I swallow my breath back, staring into the sudden presence of a small clearing.

He's here.

Across the clearing, the source of the scent stands alone. His back is bare, bone white in the dim light. Muscle flexes, rippling through his body as he swings his arm. He releases a rock from his fingers, sending it whizzing into a tree. It nicks the surface before bouncing back, only to be caught in the tips of his fingers. He holds it gently, his arm tightened. He knows one twitch could crush it, but the rock remains in one piece between his fingers. The man turns it over in his hand before winding up again, oblivious.

As I watch, I melt. Layers of flame peel away, shedding off me. The quaking tremors retreat, and I'm left settled in my skin. I'm not burning flesh over a wolf's skeleton. I'm human.

I'm Jordan Uley.

My pulse takes flight in my chest, racing a different tempo. I feel my lips turn up on the edges as I study the broad, sturdy build of the shirtless man only yards away. The bulk of him seems to fill the clearing— No, that's not it. The whole damn world is him, sealed shut in the corners. Everything about this man—from the relaxed curve of his shoulders to the throaty chuckle of amusement made when the rock ricochets into his waiting palm—swarms into the space until there's nothing else left.

Until hell is foreign and suddenly, my world is Emmett and me, and nothing else exists.

The internal storm raging in my skull hushes. A breeze blows light whispers across my skin, refilling my lungs with Emmett's scent. I take a steady step forward, my gaze locked on the smooth black hair on the back of Emmett's head. Reaching down, I open my fingers and carefully pull a stone free from the thin tangle of grass around my bare feet. I pause, holding in the warmth of my breath. Emmett tilts his head, going still. He listens, quiet for a moment before he brings his arm back and chucks his rock at another tree.

It never hits its target. Another stone cuts into the rock's path, knocking it out of the air with a chink.

I straighten as Emmett whips around. I meet the bright, warm golden pools, and my world tips upside down. Everything shines, glowing bright as Emmett strikes me with a dimpled grin. He doesn't comment, despite the light seeping into the sky during what is supposed to be a midnight meeting. Emmett doesn't bother with questions—somehow, he understands.

Holding his gaze, a smile forms on my lips. I rub my fingers to my collar, blowing out imaginary smoke. Emmett chuckles, flashing his teeth in a wide grin.

"Nice aim," he comments. He steps towards me, slowly closing the distance between us with weightless steps.

I hold the steady circles of golden in my gaze as my feet press into the cool grass, bringing me closer to my only relief, now just a few steps in reach. "I'm only looking for a catch."

Emmett's lips turn up as he takes the final step. Our fingers touch, and in that very instant, I'm free. The last few smoldering layers of heat burst, cracked and shattered. I'm washed with a cool rush. Emmett beams, reflecting my expression in the bright circles of his eyes.

I see Jordan Uley in his gaze, filling every inch of yellow.

But carved into her face are eyes of a wolf, hot and intent behind the mask.

Emmett doesn't react to that. If he notices, he doesn't have any reason to satisfy the hunter's challenging stare.

Cold fingers curl around my heated palm, gentle and soft as satin. "Well, damn. Looks like you got me."

Something about his words brings a laugh to my lips. I release it under my breath while gravity pulls me into his embrace. "If you're scared, you can always run away."

Emmett's grin widens. He snorts, and I find back pressed against the thick bark of a tree. He braces his arms at my shoulders, his mouth curled in a smirk as he presses a kiss to my jaw. "You're on my turf now, babe. I do the ass kicking here."

"Mmm." I twist free of his grip, flashing a smile as he turns. His hands jump out to catch me, only to close around empty air. I crouch in the crook of a branch above him, gripping the mossy bark as I hover. "I would say I'm not impressed, but I'd rather let you down easy." My gaze flickers to the ground below, watching him brace his feet to lunge. "It's a hard fall."

Turning, Emmett relaxes against the trunk of the tree. He tips his head back, staring into the branches as he folds his arms across his broad chest. His eyes slant, though his smirk has yet to fade. "Go on with it then. Nothing will take that ring off your finger anyway." Smugness radiates off every inch of him, confident and strong.

"Could you handle it?" I flash into a branch higher up, my fingers wrapped tight around the damp surface. Black hair tumbles over my shoulder, shadowing my face. I peer around the trunk down at him, his eyes two specks of color in the dull glow of light. "I'd give you all of me, take every last piece. But it would kill you."

The buzz of the forest rises in volume in the space of Emmett's reply. His brows scrunch ever so slightly, but he laughs through it, a deep bass that spreads from my ears to my toes. In a streak of white, he hurls himself into the branch beneath me, leaning up to push a cold hand through my hair, forcing it over my neck to free my face. His teeth gleam as his dimples pop.

"I'll take it. All of it," he whispers. "I'll make it so damn beautiful, it'll be like there's never been a day you didn't shine."

Suddenly, there's only inches between our faces. His breath mixes with mine, sweet and fresh. I close my eyes, my mouth brushing against his, searching for a kiss. When I part my lids, I'm staring into the silver clearing beyond the curve of Emmett's shoulder. I catch a glimpse of the shadows cast across the ground, cutting through the light. The towering trees shudder, beckoning.

Icy lips find my ear. "I love you, Jordan."

I fall back into reality, the outside world blinking out. I turn my head to meet Emmett's gaze, slowly, almost carefully. He locks his arms around my waist, grounding me. The ties around my heart bind, setting me back to the ground again. My mind whirls, rearranging as I push words through my lips.

"It'll be worth it all, someday," I say. The words come out firmly, even though my heart's beating backwards in my chest everything's fuzzy around the corners.

Emmett cracks a huge smile. We step down together, landing against the ground as one. I press into the bark of the tree, my bare skin hot and exposed. Emmett's hands relax, skimming up my ribcage while my fingers clench around the waistband of his jeans, curling somewhere behind his back. I watch his eyes fall shut and his head lean in. I glance away at the last minute, expelling a hot breath through flared nostrils.

"Mmm. What is this?" A smirk inches its way across my mouth as I slip away from him with a deliberate strut in my step. "You think I'm an easy catch, do you?"

A deep chuckle works its way through Emmett's chest. A chill jolts my spine as Emmett's arms wrap tight around me. His lips barely move as he speaks. "This is all for free." He leans in closer, rubbing his cheek against my own as his mouth finds my throat. I tense, turning to stone for a moment before he turns his head and presses a kiss to my searing skin. He holds it for a second before slowly pulling back slightly, his breath in my ear.

Emmett's eyes crack open, tinted a fierce shade of hazel. "This is just to feel."

I hear the want—it's clear in the husky edge to his words. I see it burning in his eyes, bright and searing. I scent it, saturating the air in a buzz, as I move toward him, our bodies drawn together like magnets. And finally, I taste it as I take his kiss, strong and real in my mouth.

The feeling shoots sparks through my bones. I catch it, letting it thrive. His kiss roughens, fed by a slow burn that never rises. The world starts to fold away again, seemingly insignificant.

Except for one last little ring, somewhere far away. It's nothing at first, until it grows, louder and louder by the second. The faint ring hits my ears and changes, the sound clear as it crashes through my eardrums.

An alarm howl carries over the trees in the far distance, snatching the chains of loyalty and constricting them in around my middle, suffocating.


A second yank tears me from the kiss. My head rolls against the bark, turning toward the forest. The shadows reach for me, stretching across the clearing as the howl echoes in the winds. I glance back at Emmett, my teeth bared and grinding audibly. His expression dims, and there's nothing like the panic in his eyes that strikes like lightning. He shakes his head quickly, not blinking as he breathes one word.


Emmett catches my lips again. This kiss is different. It's a long, slow persuasion that slices the chains in half and reattaches them to himself, drawing me in. I shut my eyes, greeted by an exploding series of flashes of color, tinted red with desire. Emmett drops his hands to my lower back, holding me to him as we fall.

We crash into the grass with a thud. I hold myself over him, trapped like glue. I'm breathing ice through his lips as our mouths carry us further down a narrow path, the end a deep tumble with no other escape.

Oranges and yellows join the volcano of color behind my lids the same time billions of tiny hummingbirds take flight beneath my ribcage, heading south as winter closes in. Clothes shred like paper, ripping just as easily while the pieces litter the ground around us.

My muscles shiver with anticipation as I grab a low-bent branch and pull myself above Emmett, pinning him with my weight. His shoulders ram into the roots while his head hits the curve of the trunk. His hands wander, exploring territory otherwise forbidden by the fabric of clothing. My body reacts where I'm numb, drunk by the ice of the breath and the short sting of his melting venom on my tongue.

One movement or another strikes a nerve. Emmett growls quietly against my lips, twisting. I smack into the grass, sprawled flat as he takes dominance, pinning me with his hips and the grip of his steady hands. His naked chest becomes a barrier, blocking out the rest of the world as he closes in.

It hurts so fucking good.

Everything that's once been wrong morphs, twists, and becomes right. Emmett creates a tender sort of space on Earth where it's just the two of us, together, and the steady rhythm that follows my even pulse beating in every inch of my body. Kisses touch, skin rubs, limbs tangle, and our bodies press, moving forever closer.

This isn't savage.

I try to keep him rough with me, but he smothers each attempt with the gentle pressure of his mouth against mine. My eyes fall shut, forgetting the blaze of lust as the burn of light from my heart swallows me whole. Emmett folds away reality, washing out every ache and burn until there's nothing left but a slow, climbing bliss and nothing left to do but hold on as we drive each other farther into oblivion.

My throat hums, but I swallow my breath and close everything inside, letting it creep into my veins and mute the fire. Emmett's fingers lace through mine somewhere high above my head. Through the slits in my vision, I see his expression soften above mine. A live wire zaps, and our pace picks up as oblivion peaks and snaps in the same moment.

We fall together.

Every ounce of air leaves my lungs in a rush. Emmett encases me, keeping me with him. Our breath clashes, gentle warmth and a sweet chill mixing while we soar. Every nerve tingles, rising into my stomach as my heart flies. The storm in my skull quiets into soft colors; fireworks breaking, cracking and sizzling behind my lids. My body makes a final reaction while my hands race over satin skin and dive through the smooth black cut of Emmett's hair. My head rolls into the grass as Emmett shifts to slide into place in the grass beside me, draping his body around mine like a blanket; a shield from everything else.

And then it's over.

I face the sky, settling my body into the ground. Instinct already starts to scream, driving me towards streets and lights somewhere far, far behind me. Emmett's arms carefully circle my waist and pull me across an inch of grass, holding me flat to his stone torso. My lips turn into a smile as he rests his head against my shoulder, listening to the thump of my heartbeat.

I breathe. The intake of air refreshes my system, bringing me down from the oblivion. I glance at Emmett, searching for a light gaze that's been waiting for mine.

He's even sexier now than five minutes ago, lying with me wearing nothing but his dimples. Nothing can wipe the fool's grin off his face for a damn second anymore. The smug satisfaction in his honey eyes gleam hot like passion, and I think I glow right back at him as he directions his smile right at me; it's sunshine chasing shadows.

Emmett's lips move, though his voice floats slowly into my mind as the words process through and carve into my brain, deep enough that I know they have to be true. I inhale again, letting the murmur of his voice roll through again, clear and real.

"I'm madly in love, and it's as real as anything will ever be."

I fix my gaze on his face, searching for any hidden corners of his expression. There's nothing there but a shallow layer of glass reflecting back at me, bright and certain. I breathe heavier, the antidote of his words flashing through my system, charging me with a new type of numb that I've never felt—not like this.

My heart skips in my chest as my lips peel back to expose a grin that's never been more real. "Me too," I whisper. I lean my forehead against his, holding on to the moment while my hands relax against the back of his neck. "And I wouldn't have it any other way."


A jitter of activity pries open my thoughts. The pack link hums, each mind a frenzy of question and anger. I charge through the forest, the wind tearing through my coat. The damp scramble of brush and dirt becomes pebbles and wet sand beneath my paws just as quickly as salty ocean air drowns out the damp, earthy scent of the forest. There's seconds between the transition from forest to the abandoned construction site outside Third Beach—I blink and the company of the trees becomes a pacing mass of wolves churning up the sand beneath heavy paws.

Nicole's head snaps up from the mound of a hill, a snarl ready on her lips as her icy gaze lands on mine. Where the hell have you been?

The russet shape of Jacob steps in beside her, his lip curled and his dark eyes shining with a harsh light of irritation. We don't have all damn day to wait on you to get the hell over here.

I slow to a trot, shouldering through the pacing wolves. They part with short glances and grumbles as I step in place below the mound that's become Jacob and Nicole's throne, setting into my own rhythm. Stares burn in the back of my neck as my mind pulls together before breaking through and spilling into the pack link. I counter the alpha's demands with a re-run of Emmett's bare body as we head our opposite ways into the forest, making sure to add in an extra special angle view for Jacob's enjoyment.

A shudder ripples through the pack. All the other questions disappear, blinking out from mind after mind with a hack or whimper.

The constant motion continues. I glance from color to color, searching each brown stare for any sign of reason. They all focus straight ahead, some pissed as hell, others looking like they're about to piss a whole damn lake. Fur clings to skin; damp and sandy from the constant kick and churn of sand beneath busy paws. I stride from one end of the hill to the other, keeping fair distance, until a runt stumbles into my path, brushing against my side. He jerks away from me, jolted as if the feeling stings.

There's no time to react. A moment later, the air simmers, and two new minds connect with the pack. Jacob and Nicole freeze, their heads snapping up, and the rest of the pack mirrors the motion a half-second later. I slow to a stop, watching as the brown form of Jared bounds through a stack of wood, his eyes widened and his breath coming fast and hard through his muzzle. Daniel stumbles in at his flanks, his shoulders trembling and his eyes stricken with shock. He teeters, uneasy on his paws.

Jacob moves to the peak of the hill, leaning as far forward as he can without toppling over the edge. He studies the little wolf intently with forced patience. Nicole moves onto the pads of her front paws, anxious. I flatten my ears and show the points of my sharpest teeth, bristled with the spark lit by their presence.

Jared snuffs, his gaze flickering across the statues of the wolves staring down on the shuddering runt, his fur light enough to blend him with the brown of the sand. Jared bows his head and nudges him toward the craning necks of the alphas, pushing him right beneath their stares. I shift my weight, crouching in preparation.

Daniel cowers, quivering in his coat as he stands with his belly almost brushing the ground. He slowly tips his head back to look up at the faces of Nicole and Jacob, only to flinch away again. He drops his head to his paws with a whimper, his neck stiff with suppressed shakes.

Nicole shifts her weight back on her hind legs, her voice breaking the mental silence. Go on. Show us what you saw, Daniel.

Hesitation runs through Daniel's thoughts, disappearing as quickly as it comes. He sucks in a deep breath through his nostrils, nodding shortly. His eyes close, his mind trembling before a burst of images blocks out the pack's vision, rising tension into the air as he rolls through images in fast-forward for the whole pack to see.

An expanse of cold, lonely forest, brittle and hushed in the coming of a storm.

Pain, and lots of it. The regret of missing the burial of a fallen friend that won't ever wake back up again.

The howl of winds screaming above the trees.

A jolt of shock when the trees start to thin, and it's clear the shouts are real.

Clutters of brush nudged aside, the bite of thorns like a brush of a feather beneath the distraction of curiosity.

Finally, the stain of red on Edward Cullen's lips as he stands stiff and infuriated outside a tent, with a tortured, twisting shape of Bella Swan tangled in a mountain of blankets visible through the shuddering flap of the tent's entrance.

For a heartbeat, the pack's mind goes dead.

In another, we erupt in a storm of howls, slashing paws, and the spit-flying gnash of jaws. Fury charges veins, hate clouds reason, and instinct drives each and every wolf into a sudden frenzy, eyes rolling and teeth snapping, looking for the nearest patch of flesh to tear into.

Even the runt in all his shame in the sand below the alphas rises and spits out his own disgusted snarl, shaking the sand from his coat and gathering himself in a matter of seconds.

Thoughts start to fly as minds piece together.

That was Bella Swan! The bastard bit her!

They're done for! Treaty's gone, it's over now!

She's dead to us now! The idiot brought it on herself!

Don't even think about it. I'm gonna be the first to take out a chunk of that moron!

We'll kill them all!

Send them straight to hell!

There'll be nothing left!

We've been waiting too long for this!

Why the fuck are we still here then?

Nicole slams her front paws on the edge of the ridge, spreading her jaws and releasing an ear-splitting howl. Every head snaps up, the pack link numbed by the sound as every pair of paws comes to an abrupt halt. I'm a statue in the corner, the shifter's fever infecting my veins while the disease of my wolf's desire pummels every drop of sane immunity from my skull.

The flames blaze around me, hotter and angrier than before, until I'm nothing but bone, muscle, and bared jaws waiting to tear and kill, and I have no doubt that I am made for this; that I'll slaughter each and every damn one of them, not in justice, but because I've finally seized my chance, and there's no going back.

Jacob scans the pack over, his body trembling with spasms and his eyes lit with a new spark of fury. He rises to the peak of his height, only risking the shortest glance down at Jared and the crazed white killer tremoring beside him before he points his head to the sky, his words a rumble of thunder in our heads.

The alliance with the Cullens has officially come to an end. Today, all peace is broken, and the Cullens are no more than the enemy. Jacob's eyes narrow, burning with the ferocity of the alpha while his muzzle pulls over powerful, ready jaws. Today we're going in for the kill.


A flood of motion surges out of the trees, bounding in a thundering cloud of angry heat toward Cullen territory. The mass of wolves charge through the forest, too crazed with temper and fury to take any notice of the small group of pale-faced figures watching their departure from the safety of a rounded hill.

Alec calculates, wearing a smooth mask of calm. He turns his head, and with a slight nod, dismisses the two cloaked figures waiting behind him. The first, a mountainous male, cracks his knuckles, baring his teeth in a venomous grin before flashing into the trees at a full sprint. The female, a mouse in comparison, turns with an elegant spin, drifting after him. Alec faces the trees leading into the heart of the rotting stench of tribal territory, pausing for just a moment.

"Won't you be joining us, Demetri?"

"Of course." The final vampire, lean as the blade of a sword, slips into the small patch of moonlight. He pauses a few steps behind the younger male, turning to the side. His crimson gaze meets another hidden my a curtain of darkness. "But not without giving a lady her proper show of thanks."

Alec waits in silence, unresponsive. Demetri moves towards the trees, seeming to float with grace. He extends a pale hand, his palm turned toward the open dark sky. There's a second of stillness before a feminine figure steps through the shadows and places her hand into Demetri's waiting palm.

Demetri leans forward to press a kiss into the smooth skin of the hand resting in his. He flashes his gaze upward just long enough to catch a glimpse of the striking beauty of the blonde before him, smirking at the blaze of hope and impatience in the hard scarlet of her eyes. She nods once to him, wordlessly darting back into the shadows and leaving the cloaked males alone.

Satisfied, Demetri returns his attention to an increasing impatient Alec. They exchange a glance of acknowledgement before darting into the green, disappearing in a flash.

Together, the four Volturi sweep through the forest in the dead of night, undetected, without a single tooth or claw in their way.