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The Jewels of Black Darkness

We all know the story of how Edward and Bella found each other and fell in love. But what about the fearless and feared leader of the Volturi? Aro always knew that Edward and his baby sister Ella would be important, but he never knew how important she would be.Ella has never liked Caius, and if she learned he was planning something dark and evil, something that would harm her mate... Aro/OC, Bella/Edward, Nessie/Jacob, etc.

I've never liked Sulpicia and I've kind of always wanted Aro to have a stronger famliar bond to the Cullen clan...so I thought Ella would be the perfect connection. Plus, I've written plenty of Edward/Bella stories so it's kind of nice to be able to focus on a COMPLETELY different couple, even a non-canon one.

2. Memory Lane One

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Chicago, Illinois - 1918

I can still remember the day that I was sent away. Edward, my rock, my only friend since Papa died, was sick.

“Eddie...please don’t let Carlisle send me away...You need me!” I wailed, being 15 I knew that he was going to die. There was no point arguing with it. So many people who caught the influenza had died, including my papa and mama. Carlisle isn’t a bad man, and sending me to Italy is a much better option than going to the local orphanage.

My sick brother looked up at me from his deathbed and smiled, though not without pain.

“Hey squirt...” he mumbled weakly. “I’ll be fine, it’s only for a little bit. Think about everything you’ll get to see in Italy. I promise, once I’m better, I’m going to sail out to get you.” Edward promised. I held his hand and Carlisle smiled sincerely.

“Edward, I love you.” I whispered between my sobs. Suddenly, I felt hands encircle my arms and lift me out of my home. My screams filled the streets as I watched Carlisle bend over my brother, not knowing that I’d never see him again.

I calmed down quickly and began the walk to the carriage lot. As I walked, I spotted three men, staring at me. I was used to the stares, I was considered the most beautiful in our town, but the stare from all three of them were different.

The blonde one looked at me like he didn’t know if he should kiss me or kill me.

One of the dark haired ones looked at me with a look of remembrance, as if the sight of me triggered the memory of someone lost so long ago.

The other dark haired man, the one in the middle, the by far handsomest one, stared at me in wonder. As if nothing else mattered, as if we were two music box figurines, forever in each other’s company, and we’d be happy.

He smiled at me, and bowed like a gentleman. And like a teenaged girl, excited by the idea of danger, I smiled back and went on my way.

The family that I had been meant to live with were dead. The sickness that had killed the father, killed the mother, killed the grandmother, and the two little kids was not unlike the disease that killed my family.

Now I’m alone. In a house filled with the memories of death, and I was completely broke. I didn’t know what to do...I’m only 18. I wasn’t married, and probably won’t be. I have no family, and schooling here means nothing for a woman.

There’s only one option, I think to myself. I shudder, no Ella Maria Masen, you will not become a whore.

I lived in the Italian town of Montepulciano. Thankfully, my Papa had been teaching me Italian since I was three. I walked around the town at night, it was the only way to clear my head. I walked a lot now a days. I also begged for money a lot more now, now that I was broke.

After I spent the last of my money on a small (but surprisingly filling) salad, I walked outside and began my walk home. My brother was dead. I knew it. I had been here for three years, and still he hadn’t come. My adoptive family is dead, and just as I was beginning to heal. Maybe I was meant to die alone.

I heard the soft whistling of a man, a man who wasn’t altogether unattractive. He had blonde hair, light soft down feathers and sea green eyes. He was tall and slender, but built like Adonis.

“Pretty lady, I’d like to purchase you for the night.” He whispered in my ear. The night air suddenly became icy. I glared at the man.

“I’m not-” For some reason, I stopped.

“I’ll pay you 200,000 liras.” He cooed. That was over 100 dollars in America. I put on my best impression of a sultry smile and put my hand on his sleeve.

“Alright.” Suddenly, my double life began, my quest for survival intensified. Indeed, I’d never need to beg again.

He, Henry, became my patron for the next seven years, and I was disgusted by him...and myself. He abused me relentlessly. My body became bruised often, and my soul too. He would sell me to his friends, and while the money was good, I could never escape the moral, emotional and physical beatings that I took.

I was pregnant at least 3 times, and the beatings that followed the news usually ended the pregnancy quick.

He moved me out of my home in Montepulciano, and into a brothel in a nearby town, Volterra.

Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. While he washed his face in the sink full of water, I grabbed his neck and tried to drown him. He was too big for me and struck me.

“Stupid girl!” He screamed at me in Italian, and called for his other friends, regulars at the brothels. I ran and screamed for help, but the other girls were frozen in fear. No one had ever tried to drown their clients before.

The men, there were at least seven, quickly caught me and did what they wanted. After they beat me, and kicked me and left me for dead in the alley outside a park.

I laughed weakly as they left, Edward, I’m coming. I blacked out several times and woke up several times.

I remember waking up in a strange man’s arms, and it felt like we were flying. I smiled weakly and blacked out again. Positive that I was joining my family in Heaven.