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The Jewels of Black Darkness

We all know the story of how Edward and Bella found each other and fell in love. But what about the fearless and feared leader of the Volturi? Aro always knew that Edward and his baby sister Ella would be important, but he never knew how important she would be.Ella has never liked Caius, and if she learned he was planning something dark and evil, something that would harm her mate... Aro/OC, Bella/Edward, Nessie/Jacob, etc.

I've never liked Sulpicia and I've kind of always wanted Aro to have a stronger famliar bond to the Cullen clan...so I thought Ella would be the perfect connection. Plus, I've written plenty of Edward/Bella stories so it's kind of nice to be able to focus on a COMPLETELY different couple, even a non-canon one.

3. Moonlight Sonata

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When I awoke, I felt much better, but I knew this wasn’t the brothel. I was surrounded by warm, red satin sheets. A fireplace roared at me from across the huge stone room. Was I in a castle? I quickly sat up in the huge canopy bed. Whoever saved me had dressed me in a soft cotton nightgown. I looked around and saw a huge vanity set staring at me, inviting me. I had been avoiding mirrors since Edward died.

My reflection was drastically different from the fifteen year old girl from Chicago. My blue eyes held indefinite amounts of sadness. My once glowing skin was dull, my full pouty lips that I was so proud of were bruised and bitten. Were those bruises on my cheeks, or was that how hollow my face had gotten? My savior had braided my long copper hair back and it was significantly shorter now. They must’ve cut out the knots.

I walked around the round stone room. It was huge! There were long red curtains holding the sun back. There was a huge bookshelf, holding every book I could ever imagine. I pulled out a copy of The Raven. I flipped open the cover and saw a handwritten note from...Edgar Allan Poe?!

Dearest Aro,

Thank you ever so much for becoming my friend, and my only supporter. You’ve been true to me for as long as I can remember. For this, I’m giving you the first ever copy of The Raven.

I hope that someday you’ll find your Annabel Lee, or your Virginia.

Your eternal friend,
Edgar Poe

“Impressive, is it not?” a voice behind me questioned, sending me into shock. The book flew out of my hand but before it could hit the ground, the man had the book in his hand.

I almost screamed but then I realized that this was the man who saved me and collected myself.

“Very.” I replied hoarsely. My throat was itchy and burning. He gently placed a cool finger on my throat.

“Shhh...you were in horrid condition when I found you. I shall keep you safe. I promise that I shall explain everything to you when you awake. Please rest.” He whispered, picking me up as if I weigh nothing. “You do almost weigh nothing. You were extremely emaciated when I found you.”

If I looked surprised that he could hear my thoughts, he didn’t say anything. The mystery man, or Aro, if that is his name, laid me back on the bed. It was sweltering in the room, and a bead of sweat appeared on my forehead. Aro put the blanket around me and offered to wrap his arm around me.

“I am...very cool.” He said with a smile. I nodded, any relief would be heaven.

It wasn’t long before I was asleep in this strange man’s arms.

Present time:

Ella stopped in her reverie and looked at Aro’s reflection in the mirror. She smiled and sat in his lap while he read his book.

“Aro, my dear...” She said kissing his throat softly. He remained enticed by his book, and Ella sighed.


“Perhaps we should-” Ella began suggestively, running her hand through his hair.

“Later...” Her mate responded not looking up from his book. Ella grumbled frustrated and left the room, taking her long black cloak. She decided to take a walk in the hidden garden, no one really knew about it, and surely she’d be left alone.

Snow was dusted across the garden and Ella sat on the old marble bench, the bench from so long ago. She was just running her hand through the snow when she realized that she wasn’t alone.

“Marcus...? Why are you out here?” She asked the tall, dark, hooded figure. The vampire elder sighed and sat next to her.

“This was Didyme’s favorite spot...it was our spot until...” He trailed off sadly. “I often come out here when it’s quiet in the castle...I miss her everyday.” Ella put her hand over his hand and smiled reassuringly.

“You know, you remind me of her some days.” He said looking into her eyes. She blinked in surprise. “It’s your total devotion to your mate, your beauty, your strength...”
Ella smiled at him and kissed him on his cheek. “Marcus, you’re my only friend here...I swear to you, everything will be fine.” The elder vampire smiled smally.

“So why is a beautiful wife sitting out here in the garden?” He asked. Ella rolled her eyes.

“You know Aro...once he picks up a book, he’s gone.” She said exasperated. He chuckled, a rare occurrence. It hasn’t been the first time that she’s felt neglected. It’s been like this for a decade now.

“You, my dear, have officially become a domestic. The honeymoon decades are over.” He commented. Ella snorted sarcastically.

“I might just have to spice things up...I could dress up like Caius...” Ella mumbled bitterly.

“Perhaps you could try talking to him. Force him into a conversation. Didyme and I went through what she called a ‘dry spell’ too.” Marcus suggested. Ella smiled and nodded.

“I will. Thank you Marcus.” She said kissing his cheek and going back to her room. She looked at her husband and sighed.

“Aro, you and I need to talk.”

“Hmm....?” He said, once again not looking up. Ella snatched the book up. He looked at her in surprise.

“I’m not happy.” She said seriously.

“What do you mean?” Aro asked, reaching to grab her hand, when she snatched it out of his reach. “Oh no. You and I are actually going to talk about this, you aren’t going to read my thoughts and try to please me..” Ella hissed angrily.

“How should I have known that you weren’t happy?” Aro asked. Ella laughed sarcastically.

“You can read my every thought through touch! Oh, now there lies the problem! The problem is you’d much rather listen to Caius than your wife! Or read a book that you’ve read over a million times! Or train Jane and Alec when they’ve been trained enough! Anything but be with your wife!” Ella yelled. Her fists were clenched and her golden eyes were quickly turning black.

“I have a job to do. You will never understand how hard-” Aro began calmly, until Ella snorted.

“Aro, that’s not the point! You don’t even talk to me unless I get angry. Or if we’re about to exterminate my family!” She said defeatedly, sitting on the edge of the huge canopy bed. “It’s as if I’m merely a member of the guard.” He frowned and sat next to her.

“You know that you’re not ‘merely a guard’. You’re mine. Never forget that.” He said, lifting her chin with his finger and kissed her softly. “Perhaps you’re right...I’ll try to spend more time with you. Starting now...” Ella giggled.


Jane grimaced from the ocular room. “Sometimes I really detest my advanced hearing.”


The next morning brought a new feeling of renewal. I looked over to see a fresh dress, a bloody red one. I quickly dressed and looked at my face in the mirror and it seemed like a miracle.

My glow was back, my eyes sparkled, and the bruises were gone. I twirled around in my new pretty dress and decided to explore the castle. The stones were cold, almost frozen to the touch. I picked up my dress and walked down a large corridor.

“Aro, I don’t know why you didn’t just drink her dry...if she truly is your whatever-”

“La tua cantante.” I heard Aro say in response. “ I couldn’t just let her die, think of how incredible she’ll be as one of us!”

“You’re only saying that because-” Said the same snarky voice from before, and again he gets cut off.

“It’s obvious that Aro wishes to make her his mate...I can sense the feelings all over you.” A third voice added to the choir of discussion. Who is it that Aro’s trying to make his mate? “I hear a heartbeat...Aro, your human is awake.” I gasp and suddenly I’m being led into the giant ocular room.

“Your name?” The blonde one asked me. They all looked so regal that I didn’t know if I should curtsy before hand. Aro chuckled and I realized that he was still holding my hand. He shook his head.

“Ella Masen, and you are?” I asked curious. The blonde haired man looked at me in rage, the other dark haired man started laughing.
“She’s a live one Aro. She won’t take no for an answer. My name is Marcus, and the sour blonde is Caius young one.” The one, Marcus said. Aro approached me.

“My dear, how did you rest? It’s been a week.” A week? I’ve been asleep for a week?

“You let me sleep for a week?” I questioned angrily. I’ve never been one for sleep, I’ve always felt that it was a huge waste of time.

“You seemed to spend a lot of time on your back before anyway...” Caius mumbled. The comment struck a nerve in my chest and I let out an angry hiss. He’d never understand, nobody except for me would.

I looked at him hard, “I did what I needed to do to survive. And I did things that I will never forget-”

“Yes Aro, immortality would be wonderful for her conscience.” Caius replied sarcastically. I narrowed my eyes and looked pointedly at them.

“What are you? You-” I pointed at Aro, “-you promised to explain everything to me! And, what would I want with immortality anyway?”

The three men looked at each other and the blonde one held his hand out to Aro, who grasped it.

“We, are vampires.” Marcus said quietly. I looked at them closely and while I noticed red eyes they looked human.

“More importantly,” Caius replied, “we are the Volturi. The oldest and most powerful vampire coven in existence.”

“We make, and enforce the vampire law. To protect our kind.” Aro continued. “ And, we see the talent that you’ll possess, once you are one of us.”

I blink back surprise. They want me to be a vampire? “Well, who said that I want to be a vampire?” I ask. I feel a rush of air blow through my hair and suddenly Caius was in my ear.

“You have no choice. Aro saved you, “ He said angrily, looking at Aro who remained watching the encounter, “for whatever reason. You know to much. Either you get turned or die.” I gasped.

“Not now of course. If you don’t mind my dear, I have more intentions then that.” Aro spoke quietly. “If you wouldn’t be so offended, I’d like to court you.” I giggled, do they even say courting anymore? He stared at me. It couldn’t be the worse thing. He saved me, so he must care. Aro wasn’t the most repugnant, and he truly seemed to care about me.

“Alright then. But when?” I asked quietly, I’m scared. Is the vampire change painful? Caius seemed to know what I was thinking and smirked.

“A lot. It hurts a lot.”

“Brother...” Aro reprimanded. “Now, my dear, it hurts for a few days. Well worth it for an eternity. I had hoped to wait until you are older...” I stepped backwards. “Who will turn me?”

“I will of course. I will be the most in control.” Aro continued. I could Caius roll his eyes. “Yes, the woman with the blood that makes your mouth water. Totally in control.” If looks could kill, Caius would be a smoldering pile of ashes on the cold stone ground.

“Is it true?” I ask. The two turn to me, and I’m partially scared. “Does my blood really do that?” Aro turned away, almost like he was embarrassed. “We should allow her to explore her new surroundings.” Marcus nodded.

“I’ll show her around, we do have company arriving soon.” He drawled.

“Ah, Carlisle is on his way to visit. Please, Ella would you join us for dinner? Well, your dinner?” Aro asked. I nodded, but confused.

“Carlisle? Cullen? He’s a vampire too?” I found myself asking. I would love to see Carlisle again, maybe he knows what happened to Edward. I could finally get the closure that I know that I need.

“Why of course, he’s quite old. Not nearly as old as us, but old nevertheless. I shall see you soon my dear.” He said, kissing my hand. He was freezing and I swear that I flinched but Aro paid no mind.

“Come along Ella, time for you to get acquainted with your new home.” Marcus spoke quietly and swiftly. I nodded and followed along, picking up my skirt. We walked down the long corridor, past my room, and along a pathway of paintings. I stopped in front of a portrait of a beautiful dark haired woman with red eyes.

“Who is this?” I ask, and seeing Marcus cringe, I instantly felt awful. “You don’t have to answer that.” He shook his head.

“My mate, Didyme. She was Aro’s sister as well.”


“She is no more. She was killed, and I never found out who. Aro was devastated, it was his sister, but the bond between mates...well it grows to be stronger than siblings.” I gasped at the words. Does that mean someday I’ll forget Edward?

“I’m so sorry Marcus...” I murmured. I began humming a lullaby that Edward used to hum to me as a young girl. “What is that?”

“My brother used to hum me a lullaby when I was sad...Now I suspect he’s dead. That’s why I need to speak to Carlisle.”

“Dear child, you’ll get your chance.” I try to smile, but fail. “Will you hum it again?” I nod and begin again. We’ve soon covered much of the castle, and I thanked him.

“I should change for dinner, thank you very much Marcus.”

“Of course...I have hope in you.” He whispered, leaving me in my room. I sigh and sit in front of my vanity mirror and stroke my long copper hair. God give me strength to make it through this dinner. Am I prepared to learn of what happened to my brother? Can I bear to know for sure that he’s dead? Will Carlisle even tell me?

I dress quickly and make my way to the dining room. The two men sitting stand up and elegantly bow. I curtsy and make my way to Carlisle, where I gave him the tightest hug that I could.

“Dr. Cullen.” I hear myself say softly. He smiled and kissed my cheek. “Ella, you’ve become more beautiful.” I flush under the praise. Aro pulled out my chair and I sat across from Carlisle, and next to Aro.

I sip my soup, I’ve trained myself to eat less. The dinner talk is slightly insufferable until I can bear it no more. Carlisle talked on about his mate, Esme.

“Carlisle, what happened to Edward?” I ask shyly. Carlisle grimaced and looked to Aro who nodded.

“He is...a vampire now Ella.” My world seemed to crash around me and I hear a rush of noise in my ears. I begin to breath fast and heavy.

“Calm yourself Ella.” Aro murmured softly. I shake my head. “He could’ve found me? I wouldn’t have had to have been a pro- a prost-” I trail off breathing heavily. “I hate him! I hate him!” I whisper. Carlisle looked worriedly at Aro.

“My dear, he was a newborn. He could have killed you.” He said soothingly, touching my hand.

“He would’ve come with me, had he not left me and Esme. It seems he was tired of our lifestyle.” Carlisle continued.

“They feed off of animals, that is why his eyes are golden.” I suddenly felt ill.

“Excuse me.” I said swiftly, running from the room and into my bedroom. and burst into tears. I laid face down on the bed and let myself cry and cry until I thought there was no more tears.

“Ella?” I hear a soft voice from the doorway. Carlisle walked in and gently patted my back. “When I heard the Condenzzi family was dead, I was under the impression that you had died too. When Edward found out...”

“Edward thought-”

“Thinks, Edward thinks that you are dead...When he found out, it was like part of him died. But now we can clear things up with him, when he returns.”

“No.” I say, my nose stuffed up. Tears still cascading down my cheeks.


“No. Let him think that I am dead. I will be a vampire too, someday. And I’ll forget about him.“ I said strongly.

“Ella, surely you don’t think that you’ll be happy as a Volturi vampire...or as Aro’s mate, do you?” Carlisle trailed off. For some reason I was mortally offended and I turned a glare.

“I know that I will Carlisle, for the past week and a half, Aro has done nothing but care for me. I see that now. It’s not love yet, but I know it will turn to love. He’s done more for me in one week than you and Edward have for the past 10 years. You left me to die in the streets of Montepulciano. I had to become a whore” I spit the word at him. “ in order to support myself, and everyday that I was beaten and tortured, I thought of my dear brother who promised me that he’d save me. But never did. And if you suspected that I was dead, you should have checked. I will not be pushed around anymore, Carlisle. By anyone! I’ve had to grow up so fast since Edward ‘died’, and I am not a little girl anymore. I will be the mate of one of the most powerful vampires in the world, a vampire who cares for me. A vampire who nearly dies being around me for the scent of my blood. And nothing you say can ever change my mind Carlisle.”

The vampire who was once a father figure to me nodded once in stunned silence, and left the room. I sighed and got ready for bed, and sat by the huge fireplace with a book. I curled my feet under me and took a deep breath.

“I heard what you said to Carlisle.” Aro mused.

“Eavesdropping, are we?” I ask, smiling slightly. He laughed quietly and sat in the chair next to me. “What do you want to know?”

I sat silent for a moment. “What happened to the men who...left me for dead?” Aro laughed bitterly.

“Caius, Marcus, and I took care of them. We haven’t hunted on our own for hundreds of years. They were drained.” I shuddered slightly, at the idea of vampires feeding. “What else?”

“Will I like being a vampire?”

“I should hope so. Eventually, without the right mate, it becomes exceedingly boring. I hope you will change that for me.”

“Why? Why me?” I ask. He looked at me.

“You remind me of my sister. I want what Marcus had with her.” He replied simply. We spent the whole night talking and talking. We talked about the past, how he became a vampire and met his brothers. We talked of the present, how he had a habit of collecting powerful vampires into his guard. We talked of the future, how I would succeed as a vampire. Aro spoke so diligently about the members of his guard that I felt that I knew them by the way he spoke. Into the morning it was my turn. I spoke of my childhood, my absent father, my relationship with my mother and brother. I spoke of the hardships I had to endure as a girl alone in the world and I admitted that I never knew true love.

It was well into the afternoon when he left me to feed with his brothers. He sent a human assistant up to bring me food of my own. I was starting to admire Aro, and everything about him. He was wonderful, and I was looking forward to eternity with him. I curled up in my bed that night, feeling like a young girl again. A young girl in love.