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The Jewels of Black Darkness

We all know the story of how Edward and Bella found each other and fell in love. But what about the fearless and feared leader of the Volturi? Aro always knew that Edward and his baby sister Ella would be important, but he never knew how important she would be.Ella has never liked Caius, and if she learned he was planning something dark and evil, something that would harm her mate... Aro/OC, Bella/Edward, Nessie/Jacob, etc.

I've never liked Sulpicia and I've kind of always wanted Aro to have a stronger famliar bond to the Cullen clan...so I thought Ella would be the perfect connection. Plus, I've written plenty of Edward/Bella stories so it's kind of nice to be able to focus on a COMPLETELY different couple, even a non-canon one.

5. The Hardest Day & The Greatest Day

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March 2006

I stood behind Aro, gently stroking his hair. He tilted his head back and smiled at me. Suddenly, the door opened, Jane, Demetri, and Felix walked in with three vampires, no make that two...and a human...?

“Ah...Bella is alive and well after all!” I hear Aro exclaim. He stood up, walking towards them and I notice some suspiciously familiar about the male vampire. His reddish-gold hair was severely disheveled, his height perfect for swinging a little fifteen year old girl around their small Chicago home dancing, and the shape of those eyes...

“Edward!” I shout, flying over to him and hugging him. He doesn’t return my hug. “Do I know you?” I look into his eyes in shock. Aro stares at us in curiosity before nodding in understanding.

“It’s me, your baby sister...Ella? Do you not remember me?” I ask, sadly. The human looked at me like I was crazy. I stood up and walked back to where I was standing before. “I’m so sorry Aro, please continue.” I said defeatedly. Aro smiled at me sweetly, and turned back to his “guests”.

“Please excuse my dear wife. Now then...” Aro took Edward’s hand and read his every thought. He pointed to me. “She’s not lying, my young friend. Your memories of her are very faint, but there nonetheless. But, back to the matter at hand. I was wondering if Bella is immune to...all our gifts. Jane?” Jane nodded, smiling even.

“No!” Edward yelled out. His concern for her was contagious, like a cold. I didn’t even know the girl, and yet I felt the sudden need and urge to protect her as well. “Aro no! Jane!” The witch smirked, and decided that both Masens in the room should suffer the pain. I grimaced as the pain swept into my body, dropping to my knees. Edward fell to the ground, cringing. Jane automatically knew that I wouldn’t dare allow myself to call out, I’d never show weakness in front of my husband or Caius.

Caius grinned at my suffering, and finally the pain subsided after Bella screamed for her to release Edward. Aro turned and smiled at me, and nodded. “Come here my dear.”

I give a false smile, and I feebly walk to the small group assembled. “Don’t you think that Bella would be a wonderful addition? Bella, this is my wife, Ella. Her power is most wonderful as well. Show her, my love.” He prompted. I look at her and then at Edward. Suddenly, I feel myself stretch taller, and my hair shortens slightly. Aro laughs as my hair goes from a rich copper to a chocolatey brown. My skin darkens, but only subtly. Suddenly, Bella is staring at a clone of herself.

“Oh my...” Bella mumbles. My eyes flutter and I’m back. Aro knows that I’ve never enjoyed full transformations before. I bow my head slightly and walk back to my spot, silent once again in the shadows. I sadly look to my brother, who it seems has allowed time to wipe me from his life forever.

I could literally feel my breath catch in my chest as I approached the dark, macabre altar. I felt so utterly alone. No one was walking me down the aisle, not like in my young dreams, where my papa was escorting me. As I was halfway down the aisle I realized that this was a complete departure from what I had originally thought. I always pictured my wedding day as a huge white affair, with a human man.

At least I was marrying the man I loved.

And the dress was beautiful. It was made of beautiful handmade silk and lace. The sleeves fell to the middle of my shoulders and there was elegant lace lining the bodice. There was an off-color white bow wrapped around my tiny waist and the skirt fell to the floor was a basic shape. My hair was arranged in an old 1920s style with a beautiful lace veil and a huge white lily.

The ring was simple, just like I had asked. A small simple pink diamond surrounded by even tinier diamonds on a soft golden band. It was perfect, like me, Aro said.

I kept trying to calm myself as I took the steps towards my future. Aro was handsome, he had his long black hair tied back in a ponytail. He wore a dark suit, completely simple. He smiled at me and I tried to smile back. He looked at me as though I was the very center of his universe, as though his ambition could be put aside, for me, as though I was the moon and the stars and the sun, and he was a man deprived of life before hand. He looked as though I was a very goddess that he wished to worship. Aro took my hand, how small and delicate it felt, and we faced the...well, I guess you could call him a minister.

I stared at Felix, how he got ordained, I’ll never know. He grinned at me and I smiled shyly. Caius glowered at me from his spot next to Aro and Marcus looked bored.

“So...should I just go with the generic stuff, or do you just want to get it over with?” Felix boomed. Aro nodded, “Just get it over with. We’re not overly religious.” The vampires laughed.

“Wait.” I said softly. “I just have a few things to say beforehand.” Aro stared at me, extremely interested in what I had to say. I take his hand, and run my own tiny fingers over it.

“I promise from this day forward to love and protect you. I...I didn’t know how I was going to make it through today. Everyone I love is gone. But you...you haven’t given up on me. Maybe I’ll never understand what it was that attracted you to me, and I’m okay with that. I don't always need explanation. But I love that you love with such a passion, and such a flame. You are my light, and my life now. I love you.” I say softly, and with conviction. The room is silent, Aro for once is at a lost for words.

“Now you may proceed Felix.” I say, gently wiping a rogue tear. Felix smiles at me and goes on.

“So...I now pronounce you man and wife. Kiss her you old fool.” He boomed. Aro smiled at me and kissed me passionately.

It was the shortest wedding ceremony I’d ever attended, and it was perfect. I was officially married to the vampire I loved.

It now meant, however, I’d have to live through our first wedding night.