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Anger Management



1. The Oldest Fuller.

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She was just a normal girl- no talents, no further plans on what she would do in life. She was careless even, but much to her dismay she was special. Her little brother was a trouble maker, always causing ignorant problems. She wished with all her might he would stop being such a dick. Her little brother is Brady Fuller, age thirteen. She is McKayla Fuller, age seventeen. And though people don't realize it, her life gets a bit worse when Brady becomes the center of her problems.

" Brady." She hissed, her towel wrapped tightly around her body. Her younger brother had decided to play one of his most famous pranks- taking away her clothing. She heard her little brother's burst of laughter as she connected eyes with him. He had grown much more in the past few months. He had started hanging out with older boys that went to her school. And those boys were standing right in front of her at the moment.

Brady smirked while Kayla's face grew darker with embarressment. She wasn't one to get embarressed easily, but having four boys in your house while your naked could cause some red cheeks. " Hey Kay, this is Collin, Seth, and Quil." She growled darkly at her brother before slowly walking down the stairs.

" You're dead." She hissed, before grabbing her younger brother's long hair and pulling him outside while the other three boys stared in amusement. Brady whined as she clearly showed the upper hand, expecially when he was thrown into the gravel of their driveway.

" Come on McKayla! It was a joke!" He cried, watching as his half naked sister glared at him. Her hair was still damp from the shower she got out of, her body bright red as well. She rolled her eyes and stuck out her arm, helping him to his feet. He grinned at her before smoothing his shirt. And just as she thought her embarressment was over, a small honk of a truck went off. Her date was here. She shrieked like a little girl, her cheeks flushing madly.

And Brady burst out laughing once again.