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Blackest Days and Darkest Nights

My days are black because of the shadow of fear, and my nights dark because of what lies near. Through suffering, torture, and pain, I never knew the concept of having a loving family. Will a silver wolf be able to change that...or will it be to late?

Main Characters: Name: Jack Uley Age: 29 Ethnicity: Quileute Family: Sam Uley(younger brother—[22]), Emily (sister-in-law—[22]) Spouse: Buffy Griffin-Uley[26] played by Nicki Minaj Looks: 6"4'. Deep brown eyes. Dark brown hair. Light russet complexion. Medium muscle build. Looks like Tom Hardy. Background: Jack wasn't like his brother, Sam. Jack was a rough boy growing up and loved to pick on Sam when their mother wasn't around. Jack grew up hearing the legends believing them to be just that. Legends. He has no idea his brother is a shape shifter and an Alpha because he didn't inherit the genes like the others. After Jack graduated from high school at the age of 18, attended USC in California and four years later, met his soon-to-be wife Buffy, age 19, who majored Fine Art and minored in Latin. They fell in love (convinced) forced her to dropout when she became pregnant with twins. Nine months later Aurora and Aiden were born. Twelve months later they were married. For the first year, they lived in her apartment. The next year after making enough money, they had enough to buy a small house. For the next five years, they lived in their humble abode raising their kids. All was well until the beatings started fourth year of their seven year marriage. Started off with little things like slaps and shoves because of her making mistakes. Gradually they became more such as full on punches. Over the years, she got accustomed to it.

1. Old Beginnings

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I winced feeling the tender spot on my neck. Ugh. There was a bruise left from last night's events. No, I'm not talking about sex. Other pleasuring activities. Well, for him it is. For me, I'm always the victim who's ended up being battered. For what reason? It changes every night. At least today he was gone this morning. I wouldn't have to face his wrath again. I began powdering the foundation onto the injury of my neck when Aurora and Aiden came running into my bedroom. They're twins. "Mom," they chorused with widened eyes. I knew what that expression meant. My husband, Jack Uley, hadn't gone to work but, out of the kindness of his heart had woken the kids up this morning for school. This expression was one of fear as well. They hugged my calves tightly as Jack came stumbling firmly into the room whiskey shot glasses in hand. "Finally you're fucking up, bitch," he sauntered in peering down at our kids and sneered at them. They looked more like me than they did him, which pissed him the hell off. Jack is Quileute, originally from La Push, WA. He stood about 6"5' that which squashed my 5"8' stature. Though he was a full blooded Native American, he didn't look the part. He is almost fair skinned with a hint of a tan. His eyes matched his hair, both a dark chocolate color-had me swooning at our first gathering. He's a skinny guy but heavily built in muscle. He'd use those to his advantage all night. He was a heart throb when we met in college. Now he's...I don't know. The kids inherited my jet black hair and mocha colored skin. Aiden got his dad's eyes and Aurora got mine: sapphire colored eyes. I'm just one of those African American females who had blue eyes. "Go put on your clothes. Aiden, Aurora," I shooed them out the room turning to face my husband. The patter of their feet bounced down the hallway walls as Jack glared at me. "Honey, it's too early for you to be drunk," I say softly, adjusting his lopsided collar. I smooth it down and reach for the shot glasses. "What the hell did I say to you about taking my alcohol?" "Not to take your liquor but-" "Exactly, bitch," he spat grabbing me by the arm and pulling my body harshly against his. I could tell by the stench of the whiskey he'd been up drinking longer than expected. It burned my eyes. His mouth smothered hotly against mine. I couldn't bring myself to kiss him because of the smell. His hand wrapped around my neck making me gasp for air as he bruised the tender spot from the night before. His tongue forced itself against mine in an aggressive manner. I still couldn't breathe with his hand around my neck as he pulled away. He grinned down at me, watching my hands claw at his grimy fingers. The joints in my neck screamed with pain. "Be ready with the runts in five minutes or else," the threat left hanging in the air was enough for me to kick on my heels for work and go gather the children for school. Aiden and Aurora are starting second grade today at La Push Elementary School. I grab my case filled with documents and find the twins eating their cereal at the table. "Grab your bags and head out to the car, guys," I ushered them, clearing away their bowls and glasses. "Mom, I wasn't finished eating yet!" "I know baby," I kissed Aiden and Aurora's forehead, "But you know what happens when daddy's angry." "He plays rough with mommy," Aiden wore a sad face once again. "I don't like seeing you hurt mommy." "Me either," his twin sister sniffled. They buried their childlike face into the crevices of my shoulders as I wrapped my arms around them, rubbing their backs soothingly and kissing their hair. "Don't cry, babies. Mommy loves daddy, okay? And he loves me back. He just shows it differently than other people do. Okay? Now let's get you to school." The ride to the school was quick and silent. Well for Jack and me. The twins are chatting aimlessly to each other about making new friends at school. Jack occasionally grunts at them to shut up. They do. Jack doesn't let me leave the car when he drops them off. He just saunters in the school dragging them staggeringly by the hands harshly. I wanted to leap out the car and tend to their bruised wrists but previous memories of brute violence caused me to stop. Next was my stop. Jack refused to let me drive the car for reasons unknown. Probably thought I might run away or something. He pulled up to La Push Tribal High School casting me a glare. I tried ignoring it, grabbing my briefcase and things out the back of the car. Before I was even a step away from the car, his gruff hand latched onto arm retching me back against his body. "Three o'clock, your ass better be outside," he hissed. "What if I have other duties to attend to," I was trembling at what he'd do now. A few students off to the side were staring at us curiously through narrowed eyes. Please don't do anything in front of them. His eyes intensified with anger. "You're a fucking office assistant. Whatever shit you have to do, make time for it or your damn brats'll pay for it." "Don't you dare harm a hair on our children," I snapped feeling the anger cloud my vision. My maternal instincts may have just gotten me in trouble once again. He grabbed me abruptly by the chin. His fingers squeezed at my face. "So you gotta backbone now? We'll see what that gets you tonight," he shoved me back by my face laughing wildly as he got back into the car. All my papers and things spilled into the air as my person careened backward onto the dirt pavement. I cursed lowly at him as he sped away driving over my case, my lunch, and my things inside the case. "Damn it," everything always ended badly with him. My tan pencil skirt had dirt marks on it. My things had screech marks from the car. My makeup smeared across my face. "Just fucking perfect," I muttered grabbing my damaged iPhone. I looked at my scattered things and sighed. He ran over my paper work for my job. I'm the new assistant for all the staff of La Push High. Had to get a new job since we just moved here a few days ago. But now I'm not sure I can even turn in this crap with it ruined like this. "Is this yours?" A tan hand was outstretched toward me with a recommendation letter from my former boss explaining why I was fit for the job. I took the letter, moving my line of vision to the owner of the hand to utter my thanks of gratitude. Without it, I'd be screwed. I mean sure I got the job but the principal still wanted the real documents of my getting the job. Anyway, I couldn't really say anything because my breath was caught in the back of my throat. All I could really do was nod. The male holding my paper looked to be around eighteen or nineteen. He was beautiful, regardless, it was wrong that I would even think these thoughts. He is obviously a student here. I could get fired for even wanting to think about those hazel eyes. I shook my head feeling utterly stupid. You have a husband and children. You cannot go perving on hot students. "Thanks," I managed to spit out softly collecting my stuff in a stray manila folder. My case was battered and torn apart, so there was no more use for it. I swiped a finger under my lips hoping to clean away any smudged lip stick when a warm finger did it for me. I smack the stranger's hand away when I felt a spark of something familiar jolt through my body. It was the way I used to feel when Jack touched me back in our college days. I'm twenty six fucking years old. I shouldn't feel this way about anyone except Jack, my husband. Hastily, I walked away from the male student and into the office section of the school building. "Buffy, you mind taking this to Mr. Wright's room? It's note to bring Paul Porter to the office," Ananda said coming from Mr. Bitters' (the principal) office. Ananda was another assistant like me. She was a short woman with cropped cut dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. She seemed like a nice enough person to be my friend and be kept hidden from my husband. "Sure, what's his number?" I ask standing up to smooth out my deep V neck button down blouse and my tan pencil skirt. "Coming onto Mr. Wright, are we? I know he's handsome and all but," she wriggled her threaded brows at me. "Aren't you married?" "Oh shut up," I slapped her wrist playfully, taking the note from her. "And yes. I am married," I said trying to sound the least bit happy. "You sound so ecstatic about your marriage," she said sarcastically, rolling her eyes as she pushed me out our office door room. "And Mr. Wright's room number is 211." Apparently, Mr. Wright ran the Mechanics class on the second floor. This really wasn't in favor of my heels at all. And I also didn't want to be around a bunch of high school boys covered in grease. I entered the classroom taking in all the parts and gadgets making my way to the teacher's desk down the center aisle. Everyone seemed to be either working on something or chatting with their friends. The teacher, Mr. Wright, was in the middle of explaining something on the chalkboard about a carburetor. "Mr. Wright," I cleared my throat bringing the attention directly to me in the middle of the room. Mr. Wright looked beet red under his russet skin when finally focused on me. He scratched the back of his neck smearing chalk across it in the process. "Is there a Paul Lahote here?" I felt awkward standing there with all them staring at me like I was a piece of meat, even the teacher. I hoped I am doing this right. "That's me," I turned to the direction of the voice. It was the student who gave me my stuff earlier in the parking lot. Jesus. He was staring me in away that sent my nerves on haywire. "You're wanted in the office," I say exiting the shop room. "So what's your name?" Paul asked walking beside me. "Mrs. Uley." "Can I have a first name? Ya know you are related to one of my friends," he shrugged smirking a little. "Buffy is my name and whose your friend," I asked easing my way down the secondary floor steps. "Sam Uley." "He must be Jack's brother," I muttered thinking back as to when I met Jack's brother. Actually I've never met any of Jack's family just heard stories of them. "Yeah," he said with a faraway look, "how exactly are you related to Sam, anyway?" "Sam's brother is my husband." "You mean the ass-wipe from this morning? That's Sam's brother," he seemed angry which ticked me off. "Yes, that is my husband and he is not an ass-wipe," I lied through my hissing teeth. He was an ass-wipe and I didn't want to admit it but I needed him too. "I saw what he did to you in the parking lot!" "He was drunk and just playing around," I said walking toward the office entrance. "That seemed a bit much to be playing around. He could've hurt you!" "How about you shut the hell up? Because you obviously know nothing about my marriage. I'm twenty six fucking years old and I don't need some little boy telling me how to run my marriage or my damn husband." "Buffy-" "Don't call me Buffy either. It's Mrs. Uley. Get in the office," I snapped harshly. I don't know why I reacted so strongly against his accusation of Jack. He is completely correct about Jack being an asshole. I just couldn't accept it. I'd gotten used to it for the past few years. It was normal. Back when I met him at USC in California, he was the most sweetest and loving guy. Then we had the twins my sophomore year in college after he just graduated—in case you didn't know he's now 29 and I'm 26. We got married a few months later. I thought he was my soul mate. Then the beatings started into our fourth year of marriage and I loved him too much leave. Now, he's like my prison guard or punisher. I know I shouldn't be with him the way he treats me. But...but I need him and I can't live without him. I'm guess I'm too scared to leave. Scared of him. I shouldn't be but I can't help it. He's practically beaten the fighting spirit out of me. Ananda picked up on my sour mood towards the end of the day. I just told her some kid hit on me. She told me these boys were idiots and I agreed. As the school day closed, Ananda offered me a ride home. I declined telling her Jack would be picking me up. Again she detected the underlying sadness in my voice and didn't come of sarcastic but quite concerned. At least she didn't find the fear. Who knows what could happen if I wasn't where he wanted me to be. "Bye Buffy," Ananda called. "Pick you up tomorrow, yes?" "Will see," I called back to her. "You need to be free of that leash your man has you on, girl," she blew a kiss before getting in her Audi and driving away. She didn't know how right she was. I dialed my phone for the third time calling Jack on the house phone and his cell phone. No answer. "You know if you need a ride, I'll give you one," Paul's voice came. "I don't need a ride, okay? My husband's picking me up," I huffed calling his number back. Again. "Right? I can tell from the answering machine you keep getting." "Go do your homework or something," I muttered, feeling a blush creep into my face. I knew my husband had forgotten and stood me up. "Okay c'mon," he said grabbing me by the wrist. "I'm taking you home." "Hey! Let go of me!" "No," he said simply with a grin. "Why are you so keen on talking to and taking me home? Don't you have friends or something?" He laughed. "Yes I have friends and-" "Or are you one of those teenage boys who likes perving on the school faculty? If you are, I won't hesitate to call the cops on your ass!" I snapped trying to yank my arm away. "Would you relax!" he chortled. "I'm trying to be a nice person by offering you a ride home and you won't listen or give me a chance!" "Maybe it's the fact that getting into the car with a complete stranger is warding me off and you're a student here?" I blurted out. I don't know what he being a student has to with anything but it just flew out my mouth. "You can get to know me in the car," he gave me a body shaking smile. "Now, let's go," he said dragging me into his old car. "Wait," I started. "We have to pick up my kids." His eyes popped out his sockets. It's not like he's the father so I don't understand why he's so freaked out. "You have kids?" "Yeah, go to the Elementary School," I directed. "How old are they?" "Aiden and Aurora are twins. So seven," I smiled as the car approached the school. My babies were standing and conversing with a few kids. "There they are," I whispered with a small smile. "My babies," and this time I didn't whisper it but Paul did. I didn't know if he was reliving some past memory or something but I found it kind of creepy he was referring to my kids as his. He's still a damn child himself. I looked at him oddly, exiting the car feeling a bit weirded out. "Mommy!" Aurora came bounding over to me happily leaving her brother taking to another little girl. "I had the best day today! I made friends with a lotta people and- and got good grades and Aiden got a girlfriend!" "She's not my girlfriend!" Aiden exclaimed latching on finger as his sister occupied the other, sucking her thumb all the while. "Girls are icky." "I'm a girl. Am I icky?" "No, mom. Moms are different from girls. Duh." "Where's dad?" Aurora asked looking up at me. "Daddy had to do something else. Mommy decided to get her own ride home." "Is it the hot guy that keeps staring at you," I just stared. What the hell does my daughter know about hot men? She wasn't wrong though. Even if she's seven. "C'mon," I rolled my eyes at them. "Paul I'd like you to meet my pride and joys Aiden and Aurora," I said kissing the tops of their heads. "Well at least I know where they get there good looks from," he squatted down to their level gazing up at me with a simple grin. It was small but racked my body with an unwanted pleasurable feeling. Get a grip, Buffy. "Hi, I'm Paul," he stuck both hands out to greet them with another playful smile. "Hi! I'm Aiden!" "I'm Aurora!" They both shook his hands excitedly bursting with glee. They loved making new friends. "Wanna play with us..." They began playing some super heroes vs. villains game when my phone rang. Jack. "Where the fuck are you?" He cursed at me through the phone. I can tell you this, he wasn't drunk anymore. A bunch of people were murmuring in the background. "You didn't come pick me up so I had to get my own ride home," I spoke calmly. I know that if I were even let any ounce of anger seep through my voice he'd start yelling regardless of the company he had. "Only because your ass wasn't outside at three like I told you!" "I was Jack." "Oh." "Is that all you called me for, honey?" "Get your ass to Sam's place." "Where does-" I sighed hearing the phone click dead signaling the call had ended. "Such an idiot. I don't even know where the hell Sam lives!" I exclaimed throwing my arms up in exasperation. "I do," Paul said to me prying my daughter away from biting his calf. He was apparently the bad guy of their little game. "They're friends of mine. I'm over there all the time." "Mind giving me a ride?" "I thought you didn't get into cars with a complete stranger," he smirked at me again, trying to fight a smile as he turned my own words against me. "Well you're not a complete stranger now that you've interacted with my children," I said simply, helping buckle the kids into the back seat. I slipped into the front seat beside him. "Plus they seem to like you." "I'm good with kids." "At least you know you'll be a good father someday," I cast a glance at him. "Yeah," he murmured looking slightly at me with a longing gaze, "hopefully." Paul had this odd beauty about him. He was unnaturally beautiful in many ways that I could probably never imagine. The way his short cropped raven hair whipped around as the wind pushed and pulled at it with the window as he drove his car had me in a damn trance. I couldn't help but stare. Stare at him. I could do that now. If I were on campus I'd probably get written up or something...but now I can. "What?" he smiled at me, catching me looking at him. Okay so maybe I can't look at him directly. Secretly maybe. Where's the harm in that? "Nothing," I laughed lowly about how much of a teenage girl my mind was. I shouldn't be thinking about this kid at all. Let alone taking in his features. We pulled up to a little blue cottage with a mini garden in the front flowing with flowers. Paul grabbed my things for me and helped the kids and I out the car. Holding the door for us, he led us into the front part of a dining room. "Emily!" "In here," came a delicate voice from another room. He moved us to the kitchen where a slender woman in skinny jeans and a plaid blouse was slaving over a hot stove. "Hey Paul," she turned facing us with a have smile and scowl. The right side of her face marred with claw mark scars almost made me gasp. Such a beautiful girl could never have deserved such a thing. And I don't think she'd appreciate me pitying her. I wouldn't. People should with my emotional and physical scars. "Hi, I'm Emily," she greeted us with a smile again. "I'm Buffy, Jack's wife," Paul visibly shook next to me with an intense look of rage on his face. "You okay? You don't look good. Are you sick, honey?" I can't help it if my maternal side comes out when something's wrong with anyone. "I'm fine," he snapped at me angrily. Can you say bipolar? One minute he's all happy, and the next he's borderline furious. "Oh, okay? Would you mind taking Aurora and Aiden to Jack for me? If he's here I mean?" "Sure," he grumbled but took the twins softly by the hands and led them away. "Is he always like this?" I turned back to Emily placing a hand on my hip. She'd been staring back and forth between us with a bright smile on her face. "What? Temperamental?" I nodded. "Yeah, all the boys have tempers but his is the worst." "Boys? He's your son?" "Oh, heavens no," she laughed graciously, "He might as well be though. And by boys, I mean the other ones who hang around here. They also go to school with Paul. Say how'd you even meet Paul?" "Oh, I work at the school as an office assistant. Earlier this morning, Paul gave me a ride home from work since my husband forgot to," I shook my head, waving my hand off at my husband's mistake. "I'm positive Jack was too wasted to even remember." "He drinks that early?" "Sadly, if I try to stop him he reacts aggressively," I whisper rubbing the makeup coating the bruise on my neck. Snapping back from my dreadful memories, my eyes go to Emily's who's looking at me, well my neck in shock. "Did he-" "Don't say anything Emily. I'll only get worse for telling." "But you can't let this go on! It isn't right! You deserve better!" "Emily, its fine," I smiled sadly. "It's not like I can just leave him behind. I love him." "If he loved you, he wouldn't treat you the way he does." "You don't know anything about the way he treats me!" "I know enough to put two and two together after seeing that." "Just promise me you won't tell," God, I sound like such a scared and pathetic child. I'd been hiding this secret for years. Just barely telling this woman, I just met sends me into a paranoid fit thinking he might be in hearing distance. Have I really become that broken woman I always see in movies or TV who can't defend or speak up for herself because she's too afraid of her damn husband? Am I really that lady who doesn't want to tell anyone because of what could happen? Why am I this beaten female that can't leave her abusive husband? The question is why. Why am I afraid? What am I so afraid of? These questions also circle my mind when I think of breaking free. I can only ever figure one answer that I can't ever seem to get around. "There you are." Him. "Buffy and I were just talking about Jack," I exhaled relieved that it wasn't said topic. I didn't want to face him. But then again what's new? "This is Sam, my fiancé." Sam was a big guy, let me tell you. Bigger than Paul. Not that I've taken notice or anything like that. "Are you sure Jack's related to you?" Sam wrapped his huge arms around her as I asked the question. "You're related to my brother?" "I'm his wife." "You're his wife? The way he spoke to you on the phone earlier I thought you'd be some type of hooker or something. I see he's married a classy young lady." I blushed at his compliment. "Oh Sam," Emily slapped him playfully on the arm. "Always the charmer." "Jack's seems way different than Sam," I murmured. From behind Emily, Jack approached causing the beat in my chest to speed up, but not in excitement. Oh, god. I hope he hadn't heard me. "Sam's always been different than me," Jack's gruff voice cause Emily to jump a bit. Sam wrapped a calming arm around his loved one's arm before he glared at his brother. Jack smacked his brother behind the head snapping it forward. "Ain't that right, Sammy boy? You were always kind of a little gay!" "Jack," I hissed softly, narrowing my eyes. "Stop it." I didn't care if he hurt me tonight because of it. Sam was considered my family too and I'll be damned if he'd treat a relative that way. Jack's eyes snapped fiercely to mine and gave me a hardened glare so steeled it looked blank. Underneath it, I could see the raged fire burning behind his coal like eyes. "Buffy, it's fine—" "We're leaving," Jack growled. His eyes bored into mine steadily. I knew that look. It was never a good one. "Get the kids." "Buffy hasn't even met everyone yet—" Emily started but stopped when Jack stared blankly at her. Sam snarled at his brother making him take a step back. Pushing me forward with a bit of force, I was moved into the living room where Paul sat with my kids perched on his legs laughing wildly along with one other boy. I almost forgot about my situation when I looked on at the scene. They all seemed so happy and I hated to ruin especially because of the wrath of my husband. Abruptly, Paul's laughter stopped when his gaze landed on mine signaling everyone else to stop as well. Paul's friend stared at him and then me and back to Paul again with a hint of knowing each of his eyes and a large grin. "It's time to go guys," I cooed softly. Aurora whined and latched onto Paul's forearm hoping it would keep her there while Aiden stayed stationed on the tip of Paul's knee; his arms crossed his chest as he shook his head no. "We don't want to leave, Paulie!" Aurora cried, earning a few chuckles from the boys, whose name I had yet to learn. "You can come back over later and play with your new friends—" "Twin number one and Twin number two," Jack lumber forward jerking his thumb to the door. "Listen to me and your mom and get in the damn car. Now." Aiden grudgingly slid off his bigger friend's knee while his younger sibling by two minutes whispered something in Paul's ear before coming and grabbing my hand much like Aiden had done. The high school boys' eyes all snapped to mine sympathetically and then to Jack retreating back looking completely murderous. Before I could turn around, I faced Paul and thanked him for all he'd done for me today not looking him in the eye. Whatever my daughter had said alerted both Paul and his friend and it had something to do with Jack. Jack, hearing this grabbed me by the elbow and steered me roughly to our car. He propped the door open and leaned down near my ear. "You're lucky we're at my brother's place. But don't worry. I'll deal with you at home." "What you said in there was wrong! He's your brother and you should treat him that way," I mumbled lowly during the car ride. "He's my brother and I treat him however the fuck I want. What you did in there was make me look like an ass." Aiden and Aurora had fallen asleep in the back, so they couldn't hear our fight. Jack stopped the car in front of our home with me carrying the twins. "Trust me. You did that on your own." My heeled feet clicked away from bringing my person upstairs and to the kids room. I changed them from their school clothes and to their pjs, tucked them in, and kissed their foreheads a 'goodnight' lovingly. I could barely get out the room before a hand came at the base of my neck wrapping tightly around it. The door shut behind me and my back slammed against the wall. A groan made its way from the deepest part of my diaphragm coming out strangled. "I told you, you'd have something when you came home."