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Take on: Twilight Saga...Negative Exposure

If you are looking for a Twilight story that has Bella being twin sisters with Alice after running away from their abusive father to become a starlet in L.A where she meets Lawyer Edward Cullen...this isn't that story. This is a continuation of Breaking Dawn with some tweaks here and there. It's exciting, suspenseful, and romantic. Here's my hook, Bella gave birth to twins! Welcome to the world Renesmee and Masen!!!The story takes place mere hours after the confrontation with the Volturi in Breaking Dawn. Watch the lives of all your favorite characters, as I try to include as much of both the vampires and he shape shifters as possible. I really really hope you guys enjoy the story and give it a chance. Reviews good or bad always welcome! Now watch and Masen and Renesmee enjoy and endure their childhood and blossom into young vampire human hybrid adults! Oh...and before I get sued. SM owns the Twilight saga and all of her original characters. Rated adult for a reason.

All normal pairings, and I have paired up who was left mateless at the end of Breaking Dawn. I really hope you like it. All of the characters are in this story I just didn't know if I should tag all of them.

12. Chap 12 One Year One Week

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Chapter 12 10-17-11

Bella’s POV

There were no words to describe how thankful I was. Today was Christmas Eve, and Masen and Renesmee were practically vibrating with excitement for their first Christmas. Alice had taken it upon herself to decorate the entire community with Christmas Spirit. One night she enlisted the help of my children, fully equipping them with elf costumes, which they were all too keen to adorn. They had spent the entire night decorating all by themselves, as silent as Santa himself.

When those who slept awoke in the morning, they were greeted by the sights of plastic reindeer and elves, lights strung from all the rooftops, and trees. It was a wonderfully cheery sight, spirits were lifting every day. It had only been a few weeks since the Volturi had left us in peace, but the fear of them returning seemed to lessen with each day. I was only too excited for Masen and Renesmee to have their first Christmas with all of us, as a family. I find it funny, my life seems to finally have been approved of, and people have stopped trying to take it away from me.

There are others around me though, who I wish I could help. My family is whole, yet theirs is incomplete. I thought Leah’s life would get a whole lot easier once she imprinted on somebody, you know…she would finally be able to put the memories of Sam to rest, she would reconnect with her cousin, and she would have somebody all to herself that made her happy. Leah was a woman I could empathize with although she would never allow me.

Once again I find myself isolated from my family, letting my thoughts envelope me. There’s a tree taller than the rest about 5 yards from the cottage, I’ve found it quite useful for those times when it’s necessary to think. I probably shouldn’t but I find Leah’s life fascinating. And whether she likes it or not we’re stuck together in more ways than one. Charlie popped the question to Sue the last day of construction, Leah and I would be step-sisters soon, making Leah and Seth the twin’s Aunt and Uncle.

The snow was falling hard tonight; hopefully it won’t be so harsh come Christmas Day. When it snows this hard I worry how Embry is doing. Nobody has seen him since that night, and he hasn’t phased so nobody has any idea where he ran off to. Embry never imprinted on Leah, but I take it that he was enjoying his time with her; evidently he did not appreciate his time being cut short. As for Leah, it didn’t look like she would be getting her happy ending after all.

After Seth explained how imprinting affected the wolves to Nahuel, he wasn’t all that understanding. Seth had asked Leah, Nahuel, and Embry to go with him to the Cottage. It so happened that Masen and Nes-, er…Renesmee had been complaining they were hungry, so Rosalie and I had taken them there moments before the four of them arrived. Long before they ever reached the house we could hear Embry screaming at Leah to speak to him, he should have been more understanding towards Leah, considering the imprinting. They had only been together barely two weeks, and from the story I was told, only agreed upon a sexual relationship.

By the time they made way to the living room Rosalie had taken the kids to Masen’s room to finish their lunch, although I’m fairly certain they could still hear us. I tried to diffuse the situation but really, I had nothing insightful to say. Nahuel patiently listened to Seth and I explaining Leah’s reaction to him, Leah remained dumbstruck.

Nahuel’s final statement left Leah less than pleased, she had hoped for instant reciprocation; however Nahuel said that his life was not pre-determined. There is no destiny binding him anywhere. This statement alone brought Leah nearly to tears, until he elaborated. He tilted her head as to look him in the eyes, something she was only too ready to do. He assured her that he did find that she was breathtakingly beautiful, and was extremely intrigued with her wolfy heritage, and desired a chance to get to know her better.

He did leave her with the understanding in no way was this a life-long commitment, unless Nahuel decided that’s what he wanted after all. The second matter he addressed was something he wanted to make Leah aware of.

He wasn’t exactly sure when, or for how long he would be gone, but he intended on locating, and retrieving his sisters…alone. He made it quite clear he would be venturing out alone regardless of Leah being his mate. Being at the mercy of imprinting Leah more than welcomed this small window at happiness. Until Nahuel decides if Leah is the one that he wants in his life I don’t think that I will fully be on board with her imprinting. In my opinion she was more than content with Embry for the time. Although, the more I get to know my future sister, the more I realize how desperate she is to reach more than a state of contentment.

Edward’s POV

I went to my old room at the main house around 6 o’clock this morning After all it was my children’s first Christmas, I wonder how old they will look in a year’s time. According to Nahuel, seven is when they will reach their full maturity, and they already look between 2, and 3.It was at this point I realized I had been watching them sleep again. I had been making an extremely bad habit of this, as I did with Bella. No point in making the families wait any longer, especially when all those who sleep showed up at this hour to see their expressions.

I began to coo
“Masen, Nessie, time to wake up my loves. It’s time to go celebrate Christmas.”

Their eyes both fluttered and they began to stir. Masen stretched and wiped his eyes, while Nessie yawned audibly. I picked them up each in one arm and brought them down the tinsel wrapped staircase. The tree reached to the ceiling, and the presents looked mountainous underneath it. The Entire tribe was there, along with imprints, all the vampires in the community, and of course Charlie. The both ran to Charlie once seeing him, knocking him to the ground in the process.

“Easy there kiddo’s”
Charlie expressed “I’m not like your other grandpa!”

He said casting a look toward Carlisle. I laughed and walked forward to help him up.

“Sorry Grandpa Charlie.”
Masen said pulling at his grandfather’s hand helping him up.

“We didn’t mean to knock you down”
Nessie said batting her eyes, Charlie was helpless; Bella saw fit to help the poor man.

“Masen, Renesmee, why don’t you two be Santa’s helper and hand out the presents to everybody.”
She said as sweetly as she could. Immediately they began handing gifts out to their loved ones, mighty quickly I may add no doubt in attempt to get to their own gifts.

They quickly accomplished the task they embarked on, and began tearing away at various wrapping papers. They had a fast growing pile of books, puzzle’s, water gun’s, paint ball guns, movies, video games, and a promise from Alice that their wardrobes would be taken care of until next Christmas. Renesmee also received a very special present from Jacob, A wofly charm on a bracelet, similar to the one he had given to Bella not so long ago. They were both more than satisfied with their Christmas this year; they tried out every single thing they got, with at least one of our guests before they fell asleep in Bella’s arms on the couch. After all we had been through together, their birth, the Volturi, the restoration of the Reservation, and construction to our new hotel, finally we end at Christmas…peaceful.

MY only wish is that I would get some more time with them at this age. Masen already looks about 3, and Renesmee looks about 2, and yet they are only a few months old. Nahuel’s presence ensures they will be adolescent age for about seven years, as that was the case with he and his sisters. I wonder what age they will be by next Christmas…

Narrator’s POV

One Year, and One Week Later…






HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The festivities were in full throttle at the Reservation this year. Unlike last year they were celebrating at the Youth center built last year, and not the Cullen’s. This was to be a new tradition; each year was traded off by each community. So much has changed in the year that has passed since the Volturi left this family to thrive and prosper. Two new additions have been added, with another on the way. Sam and Emily welcomed their first child into the world in June, Samuel Uley Jr. He was tan and had dark chocolate hair, with light auburn eyes.

Emily had a very normal pregnancy, nine months of a big belly, occasional morning sickness, and Sammie, looking very much like a six month old, is a good indication that he will grow normally, that is unless he has the wolf gene. Emily made an announcement this Christmas stating that she was pregnant again. There was concern from Carlisle that any human should try and wait at least a year before conceiving again. Emily voiced mildly that she was concerned but said that the second child must be meant to be.

The second addition was a surprise to them all. It was when Sue was three months along, around April that Bella and Edward took the kids for a visit with their Grandpa Charlie. Upon their arrival Sue came out of the kitchen with juice and crackers for the kids. It was then that they heard the faint muffled heartbeat. Six months later Charlie and Sue welcomed Ian Frederick Swan into the world, little brother of Bella, Leah, and Seth, uncle to Masen and Renesmee.

Ian was just as pale as Bella was, with his momma’s eyes, and he had Leah’s dark hair color. Those curls would not escape the Swan bloodline however, as Charlie’s curls sat atop Ian’s head. Although Charlie still owned his property he had been living with Sue on the Reservation since the discovery of her pregnancy.

Everybody had lived together in a year of serenity, with only a few bumps along the way, none of which resulted in fatality. Leah and Nahuel had decided around March that they were ready to start dating, Nahuel had taking great caution getting to know Leah, he had feared since she was predetermined for him that he may not like the person she is at all, it felt too arranged for him. After taking the time to get to know her, and starting a courtship he finally proposed to her this thanksgiving. Leah could not be more ecstatic.

Embry had taken it pretty badly at first, since he did not imprint on Leah he was not as distraught as he could have been. Embry already harbored harsh feelings toward imprinting and decided that he was going to do all in his power to seek out a loved one on his own free will. He rejoined the pack, and he and Leah eventually were able to reconcile, and continue a somewhat banter filled friendship.

Edward and Bella decided to leave Masen and Renesmee with Sam and Emily tonight. These four adults had struck an accord with each other earlier this year, when either couple needs some alone time, they can ask the other to babysit as needed. It wasn’t as if there was nobody else who would have offered to house the children for the night, more or less it was that normalcy seemed to be a constant it all their lives now. And setting up this agreement seemed like something two couples, which are friends, who have children do. Bella and Emily had always been close, and the two were concerned their friendship would diminish once Bella had been turned.

Edward and Bella dashed toward their cottage around 1 am, and spent all night entertaining each other. A very disgruntled Edward reluctantly pulled away from his wife.

Edward’s POV

“Edward why are you stopping?”
Bella said to me while licking from my neck to my ear.

“Alice is on her way here love; I certainly don’t want our session cut short. But she is frantically screaming my name in her head at the moment, it’s rather quite distracting.”

“Well…” Bella started, turning me on my back and kissing my chest.
“When she gets here, let her know that you were busy while I was screaming your name.”

With that she jumped off of me and landed feet away from the closet. She put on her robe and tossed me mine, seconds later Alice burst through the door. Instantly she started replaying her latest vision in my head. It was dark, and it looked like nighttime in a…Jungle of some sorts. There was a man, no Vampire, and he looked similar to Nahuel. But this couldn’t be Nahuel; Alice can’t see Nahuel in her visions. I can only assume this is her father.

“It is.”
Alice interjected “I was confused at first too, he looks just like Nahuel.”

“Alice, why are you having visions of a Vampire who you have never met wandering through a jungle? Is there more to the vision? Who connects it?”

Instead of speaking, or thinking an explanation, she showed me the rest of her vision. Jane, Alec, and Demetri were stalking him in this jungle, for God knows how long.

They had mentioned they would deal with him when they left our side but we saw nothing from Alice that suggested they had found him…well duhh…until now. I couldn’t see his children, but that’s probably because neither could Alice. I’m assuming since Felix wasn’t with them this wasn’t a capture mission…yet.

“Alice are they going to send for others?”

She nodded.


Again she nodded. They were going to kill him or apprehend him, if the apprehend him, they will most likely torture him and then kill him.

“Could you two please inform me of what’s going on?” Bella said very impatiently.

Alice quickly explained to Bella what she saw and what this meant. I was too busy trying to figure out what else this could mean. If this is the first time in a year we have seen this then that means this would be the first time they found Nahuel’s Family…But WHY can we see it? All three of Nahuel’s sisters are hybrids like him. Maybe they aren’t with him. Did the Volturi already take care of them? There is no way that we would know without physically investigating…Sending Nahuel or anyone affiliated with us would draw attention to us again. Nahuel was perfectly fine with the Volturi putting an end to his father, but he did explicitly state to leave his sisters alone. He had plans to reach out to them, but when Leah imprinted, he willingly stayed here to pursue.

I haven’t a clue what to do. I don’t want to take the risk of endangering my family, and my children again. But…if it was Masen and Nessie lost, and we couldn’t see them in Alice’s visions…I would want anybody with information as to where they may be to tell me…or I would kill them to find out…I shook my head and decided we had to tell Nahuel, we had to warn him and help him.

“Where is Nahuel?” I asked my sister.

“He stayed up pretty late with Leah on the Reservation. They drank a lot ringing in the New Year, I’m not sure but they may have gone back to Nahuel’s apartment in the Housing Development. Charlie, Sue, Seth, and Ian stayed at Sue’s house so I doubt they would have wanted to stay there.”

“Alright, Alice turn around.”
Quickly I dressed in Jeans, and a black turtleneck, and tossed Bella a white long sleeved shirt, a tan zip-up sweater, and her own jeans.

“We need to tell Nahuel.”
With that I began making my way to the development. Along the way I had to deal with both Bella and Alice objecting to my reasoning, with the same doubt I had already gone through. I explained what dangers there were in why we can see Nahuel’s father suddenly. That his sisters may be in danger, and why I am so adamant that we have to tell him. They both saw my side when I explained how we would never be able to track Masen and Nessie other than blankly with Alice. We have to give Nahuel at least the opportunity to save them.

We reached the building and ascended the stairs as quickly as we could. Bella volunteered to go in and retrieve Nahuel, as not to wake Leah. She looked saddened as she exited the room. Had something happened in there? She caught my eye then averted her gaze, obviously intent on not including me on this one. Nahuel walked toward me sleepily, and somewhat angry, as it was barely 6am.

“Edward, what do you need?” he said groggily
“I assume it’s urgent or else it could have waited till I woke in the morning.”

“Yes Nahuel, please come with me back to the main house so we can have a bit more privacy.”
I implored him, but he insisted.

“I do not wish to have Leah wake up without me here Edward. May I please go wake her?”

Bella spoke up at this point.
“Nahuel let her rest, you will have your chance to fill her in when she wakes, there is no sense in the both of you being exhausted. Just give her a few more hours.”

Nahuel begrudgingly went along with us. We all made our way back to the house; Carlisle heard us coming and greeted us at the door, along with Emmett Rosalie, and Esme.

“Alice ran outta here like a vampire bat outta hell earlier what happened?”
Emmett stated loudly, Nahuel chuckled.
“So much for privacy, Edward what is going on? What is the real reason you took me away from Leah, it certainly wasn’t for privacy.”

“Well Nahuel you are right and wrong.” I started with a smile.
“We wanted privacy, and to bring you to the right people. Not to say we don’t trust everybody who lives here, it’s just that…well we are going to be the ones to help you.”