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Take on: Twilight Saga...Negative Exposure

If you are looking for a Twilight story that has Bella being twin sisters with Alice after running away from their abusive father to become a starlet in L.A where she meets Lawyer Edward Cullen...this isn't that story. This is a continuation of Breaking Dawn with some tweaks here and there. It's exciting, suspenseful, and romantic. Here's my hook, Bella gave birth to twins! Welcome to the world Renesmee and Masen!!!The story takes place mere hours after the confrontation with the Volturi in Breaking Dawn. Watch the lives of all your favorite characters, as I try to include as much of both the vampires and he shape shifters as possible. I really really hope you guys enjoy the story and give it a chance. Reviews good or bad always welcome! Now watch and Masen and Renesmee enjoy and endure their childhood and blossom into young vampire human hybrid adults! Oh...and before I get sued. SM owns the Twilight saga and all of her original characters. Rated adult for a reason.

All normal pairings, and I have paired up who was left mateless at the end of Breaking Dawn. I really hope you like it. All of the characters are in this story I just didn't know if I should tag all of them.

13. Chap 13 Anahi Maysun and Serena

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Chapter 13 10/21/11

Bella’s POV

“And what exactly do I need help with?”
Nahuel politely asked Edward.

Edward had just started to explain to Nahuel what Alice’s vision meant for all of us when the sun started to rise. I contemplated going and getting Masen and Renesmee, but Jacob assured us that he would bring them by in time for breakfast. I was very concerned with what I had discovered in the apartment, and I needed a chance to break away with Edward to figure out if Nahuel is aware as well.

Considering that Leah was drunk last night I doubt either one of them are aware…pregnancy seems to be catching on like wildfire around here. I suppose that’s what happens though, when you have many different people, all around the same age staying in one place…

Returning to reality I saw an extremely darkened Nahuel. His heartbeat increased as Edward went on; obviously Edward felt no need to comfort the blow to him.

“Nahuel, what is your father’s name?”
Alice interrupted with a curious stare. Jasper moved in front of her protectively, at least he noticed the change in Nahuel’s demeanor.
Nahuel finally moved his gaze from the ground to look Alice in the eyes.

“Joham.” He stated.

“His name is Joham, and my sisters…their names are Anahi, Maysun, and Serena. I should have gone after them sooner. I knew those Volturi bastards would go after him, I hoped they would leave the girls alone.”

“Nahuel, Aro was very much interested Masen, and Nessie, even more interested in you when you arrived that day.” Edward spoke up again. “We don’t know for certain what happened to your sisters, all we know is that it’s possible the Volturi have gotten to them since they are not with Renato.”

“When was the last time you saw your sisters Nahuel?” Esme asked in that motherly way.

“I’m not sure exactly when I last saw the three of them together.” He answered.
“My father has never allowed us to all be in the same location ever since I decided not to join them; I had always assumed this was simply to assert control.”

He looked saddened by this memory, I felt bad for him. From the few stories he had told us of his siblings they had been brainwashed and corrupted into this lifestyle. Joham had taken each of them after the girls were born and killed their mothers. Each one living long enough to hug them, kiss them, and name them, before passing out, allowing the child its first meal, and dying. I shuddered. Thinking about the birth of my own children, and then my death, only for me my life didn’t end when I died. Nahuel snapped us both back into concentration.

“To answer your question Alice I saw my middle sister, Maysun last. Roughly three years ago in Northern Australia. They would write to me where Huilen and I stayed, we had a P.O box in the nearest city. This is how we would meet. I hadn’t received a letter since our last visit, but I have gone many years without seeing them before. Of course…”
He trailed off.

“I haven’t checked that mail since I came here, I became too obsessed with Leah.” He said angrily I felt sudden waves of calm, so I hoped he would too, I would have to thank Jasper later.

“Nahuel” I interrupted softly. “I don’t think it’s fair that you blame Leah, you aren’t the one who imprinted, and if memory serves me correctly, you laid out some very distinct ground rules that Leah obeyed explicitly. Which if you know Leah at all is not like her.”

His face softened and he smiled. “Yes I do know Leah, very well in fact.”

I continued.
“I also believe that you are the one who proposed to her right? You made the choice to stay here; you could have left at any time to seek them out, instead of being forced to now.”

“I need to speak with Leah.” Nahuel stated standing up. He looked determined I didn’t think we would be able to convince him to stay again. Fortunately for us a clue was about to walk through our door. We heard four sets of footsteps fast approaching. This instinctually caused alarm in us all, and we made our ways to the porch where we were greeted by Masen holding Renesmee’s hand running with her towards the house. Behind them was Jacob, looking confused and upset, he had what appeared to be a teenage girl around the age of sixteen walking her towards us with her hand behind her back.

She had an extremely fast heartbeat, even for being scared. Jacob started explaining once within earshot.

“I found her washed along the shores at first Beach, Nessie wanted to get some seashells before I took them home so we went that way.” He cast a concerned look from us to her.
“She’s pretty badly messed up guys, there’s dry blood on her clothes and fresh wounds, just to warn you.”

Nahuel made his way to the front of the crowd gathered on the porch.

He exclaimed he started to run toward her but Jasper and Carlisle held him back.

“What are you doing let us both go, that’s my youngest sister Serena!”
I cast Edward a concerned look, who did the same to Carlisle.

“Sorry Nahuel, it’s just a precaution.” Edward said, but Nahuel ignored him, running towards his sister.

“Jacob.” I bellowed
“Let her go, Nahuel can take her.” Willingly Jacob did as I told and returned Serena to her brother, we all made our way over to where they stood. Walking toward my children I grabbed both of them by the hand. I could physically still carry them but Masen looked around 7 now, and Renesmee 6. Neither one of them was as into being babied anymore, although they humored all of us from time to time.

As we got closer we could see Serena up close, she was stunning, even though she looked badly injured. She was only about 5’ 4”, and she had long dark blood red hair, it was almost black and reached the small of her back, she had very fair skin, and freckles scattered across her cheeks. Her eyes were entrancing, like a deep blue ocean, unfortunately they were sunken in and she had a long scratch running down the left eye, luckily it looked as if the eye was unscarred. She had multiple cuts along her arms and legs, some deep enough they were still bleeding, and she was soaking wet, she must have swam here from somewhere.

Esme was the first to break the silence
“Poor child, please come inside, my name is Esme Cullen, and this is my husband Carlisle.”

Serena looked to Esme, a look of desperation in her sapphire eyes.

“I know who you are Esme, I managed to grab ahold of Jane and get away from her.”
She said in a voice that seemed too strong for her weakened state, she had a slight hint of a French accent, but it wasn’t heavy at all.

“The other two grabbed Maysun, and Anahi.”
She said facing her brother, whom she hadn’t let go of since being reunited.
“What do we do?” She said tears filling her eyes.

Nahuel fell to his knees.
“ I….I I don’t know. What other two? How did you get away?” Tears started streaming down his face, Serena crouched down beside him. She held onto him and was inconsolable. I turned to Edward who had a horrified look on his face. I dropped my shield.

What’s the matter Love?

He looked towards me.

Take Masen and Renesmee inside, make them some breakfast and wait for us to come in, when we do I’ll send someone to go upstairs with them.

He nodded and with that he took them inside.

Esme addressed her yet again. “Child you say you know us, how so? Is there anything we can get you to eat, or drink?”

Her mouth twitched at that word.
“You have blood here?” She said a greedy look on her face.

Carlisle spoke next.
“I have a small supply here, but we ourselves do not feed on human blood. If your visit is an extended one we will make alternate arrangement, but for now if it is Human Blood you require I can dip into my storage supply.”
He finished solemnly, I knew Carlisle hated encouraging the consumption of humans, but he preferred this as to her hunting somebody that he knows.

“Please.” She begged of him.
“I had not fed in weeks, when Maysun and Anahi went out to hunt, and they never made it back to us. Father never sends all of us anywhere, he fears losing all of us.” She laughed over enthusiastically at that.
“Of course that is what happened to him in the end, he lost us all.”

I was growing concerned for her, she was part human after all, and she had clearly been in a fight and then swam here, we needed to get her inside.

“Serena.” I addressed her for the first time, crouching to her level.
“My name is Bella, I’m not sure if you already knew that…” I said placing my hand upon her shoulder.
“If you come inside with us and your brother we can tend to your wounds, get you fed, and try to figure out what happened to your sisters.”
I finished calmly; she nodded, and tugged on her brother’s arm. We all made our way back to the house Jacob and I lagging behind.

“Jake, there’s a lot that we need to fill you in on.”

“Yeah I can see that Bella.” He rounded on me.
“For starters when did the Volturi decide to enter our lives again? And what exactly does this Serena chick know about all of us? When Masen, Ness, and I found her she recognized them. She said “I found you.” Before she passed out, I carried her through the woods until she came to. When she woke up she struggled and tried to attack me. I had to restrain her until we reached you guys…”

“Jake I know it seems strange, but you know only slightly less than we do let’s get inside and start from the beginning.”

I urged him along, we made way to the living room area, Carlisle had just come back from his stock room with 3 pints of blood for Serena. She welcomed the blood that Carlisle placed in the thermos like container, and began feeding immediately. I asked Rosalie and Emmett to take the kids to the cottage to play with them while we sorted everything out here.

Rosalie’s POV

Bella said pulling me aside
“Can you please take Masen and Renesmee home? There is much to discuss here, and I would rather they be playing with people who will keep them safe, then listening to all of this.” She said sadness sweeping across her face.

“Of course Bella, just fill us in later. Don’t sign Emmett up for anything without consulting me okay?”

She nodded and I picked up Nessie in my arms, and let Masen race me to the cottage. Emmett couldn’t help himself and beat us all there. Masen reached the porch before I did, only because I let him. I loved seeing him smile, the same exact as his fathers. His black as night hair was getting just as unmanageable as his fathers too. He was growing up so quickly, even faster than Nessie was, soon he really would be able to out run me. Nessie leapt from my shoulders landing alongside her brother. She was growing more beautiful each day. She already lost two of her teeth, Masen hadn’t lost any yet, and we all wondered if he would. Her copper hair growing longer each day, tracing the porcelain features of her face. She was a living doll; I hope she would play dress up with me today.

“C’mon Auntie Rose come play with us!” She ran inside Masen quickly running past her. I walked toward my husband and leaned into him, holding his hand.

“Rosie baby, you woulda made a great mom.”
He said kissing the top of my head.

“As you would have made a wonderful father my love.” Returning his sentiment I kissed him passionately.
“Ya know honey maybe someday we can.”

With that I entered the house following Masen and Nessie up the stairs, leaving Emmett slightly confused. If it could have been my heart would have pounded out of my chest. This is the first time I’ve hinted at my plans to Emmett. If I can get him to go along with me that’s all I need. We’ll run away together if we have to, but we’ll have everything.

“Auntie Rosalie come ON”
Masen demanded my attention. He stormed down the hallway towards me when I finished ascending the stairs. “Can we play ‘Lympics today?”

I flashed a grin at him, ‘Lympics was our version of The Olympics. We had been playing this game practically since they could walk. They loved breaking their old records, and it was a great constructive way to train them.

“Sure sweetie we can play, but first why don’t we go put on some more athletic attire.”
I said while Emmett walked upstairs, he didn’t look happy, I wonder if he could figure out what I had in mind based off of what I said… I didn’t think it was that obvious. I returned back to my life size dolls.

“Athletic, while still being fashionable.” I added, once again I was going to enjoy a wonderful afternoon playing mommy. Hopefully I won’t have to pretend for much longer.