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Take on: Twilight Saga...Negative Exposure

If you are looking for a Twilight story that has Bella being twin sisters with Alice after running away from their abusive father to become a starlet in L.A where she meets Lawyer Edward Cullen...this isn't that story. This is a continuation of Breaking Dawn with some tweaks here and there. It's exciting, suspenseful, and romantic. Here's my hook, Bella gave birth to twins! Welcome to the world Renesmee and Masen!!!The story takes place mere hours after the confrontation with the Volturi in Breaking Dawn. Watch the lives of all your favorite characters, as I try to include as much of both the vampires and he shape shifters as possible. I really really hope you guys enjoy the story and give it a chance. Reviews good or bad always welcome! Now watch and Masen and Renesmee enjoy and endure their childhood and blossom into young vampire human hybrid adults! Oh...and before I get sued. SM owns the Twilight saga and all of her original characters. Rated adult for a reason.

All normal pairings, and I have paired up who was left mateless at the end of Breaking Dawn. I really hope you like it. All of the characters are in this story I just didn't know if I should tag all of them.

14. Chap 14 Jane's Addiction

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Chapter 14 10-22-2011

Edward’s POV

We all waited while Serena drank her blood. The color instantly returned in her cheeks, and she suddenly looked tired. We had to keep her awake, keep her talking, we needed to figure out where her other sisters were. I was going to let her finish her meal until I started on her but my wife had alternate plans it seemed.

“Serena where were you when this happened?”

Serena pulled herself away from her food long enough to answer but hungrily went back after.

“The Amazon. We had made camp there indefinitely, father had selected another woman to play host to a child. I am 87 so you can see it’s been a long time since he fathered a child.”

We sat in silence after that letting her finish down the last of the container. I wonder if the Volturi are aware of the pregnant woman as well, depending upon how long they have been stalking Joham and his daughters this was likely.

“Please sister.”
Nahuel crossed the room from the doorway where he had been standing silently. Once again he got to his knees in front of her.

“I need to know everything you witnessed and know.” He looked toward me.

“Edward you must tell me what she knows…please.” He looked defeated.
“Somebody tell me what I can do to get my other two sisters back.”

Huilen walked over to her nephew and cast a menacing glare toward Serena; obviously there was animosity between them. I took the opportunity to invade Hulien’s mind, as Nahuel had been right, I had read Serena’s thoughts already, and hers was a story shrouded with darkness, laced with gruesome details. I wasn’t convinced Serena would inform Nahuel of everything just yet. Huilen was so angry with Serena over a grudge held for many years now.

As a species vampires tend to have an advanced capacity for grudge holding. During the few weeks Nahuel spent living with Joham, Huilen was terrified that Nahuel would leave her, as Joham made it quite clear he had no use for Huilen since she could not conceive. His sisters were the only reason he considered staying, Serena in particular. Unlike Anahi and Maysun, Serena resented their father. Her siblings treated her with love and that is why she stayed with them, but she stopped loving Joham long ago.

Nahuel felt at one point he could convince Serena at least to come with him, and possibly spark a trend with the other two. That dream was short lived when Serena informed him she would not leave without her sisters…it’s a shame that’s ultimately what she was forced to do.

“Nahuel your sister is more than capable of answering your questions have patience and let her speak. There is much that you need to discuss.”
I decided to answer him finally, it’s amazing how often I get lost in mine, and other peoples thoughts.

He turned to his sister with awaiting eyes. It was at this moment that a very hung-over and disgruntled Leah walked into the room. It’s rare that we can be snuck up on, but with the depth of the conversation at hand all of us were unaware of her approaching.

The scene she entered seemed to break her heart. She walked in to Nahuel kneeling before an extremely attractive, obviously younger woman, looking endearingly at her.

“What the fuck is this?” She exclaimed while crossing the room walking past many vampires, including myself.

It was then I realized what Bella must have discovered in Nahuel’s apartment this morning. It was faint, extremely faint; she must have been very early on in her pregnancy. I looked around the room to see if anyone else had noticed, and the ones paying attention did, including Huilen. Being muffled from inside the womb, and at such an early stage, it’s no wonder Nahuel couldn’t hear the heartbeat. Come to think of it…the day we learned Sue had conceived, neither Nessie nor Masen could hear it and they were inches from her stomach. The hybrids must not have as well of hearing as we do, although I have no doubt when she gets further along and their heartbeats are stronger, they will all be able to hear it. Maggie cast a glance in my direction; she placed one finger in front of her lip and whispered

I had grown very fond of Maggie. Everybody who moved in brought their own unique personality to the table, but Maggie intrigued me the most. She was very smart, and had hilariously sarcastic personality. Randall cast a look towards her, he was wondering what she was referring to. She had already looked away from me as I her.

I heard her laughing in her head and couldn’t help but chuckle. Randall was once again admiring her, and Maggie noticed us both watching her. Oy dear Edward, this poor fellow has been trying to make his way to my bedroom ever since we moved in. Even her thoughts held the thick Irish accent. I’m not sure how much longer I’m going to last before I take him out to hunt, and somehow a bear miraculously rips him to shreds…and then trips onto my fangs afterwards. I couldn’t restrain myself from laughing aloud slightly. Thankfully this only drew the attention of Maggie and my wife.
Causing mischief love?
I looked towards her and shook my head. I would definitely inform her of what happened later; no doubt she would get a laugh out of it. As for now I must retain my attention span long enough to stay apart of this conversation.

Nahuel had already begun explaining to an already vengeful Leah who Serena was, and the vision that Alice had had of Joham, and the Volturi in the Amazon. Carlisle interrupted everybody at this point in the retelling.

“I must go and try to contact Zafrina and see what if they know anything regarding the Volturi trekking across their homelands. Also…I must make sure they are safe, Aro was quite interested in Zafrina’s abilities. With scouts already in the area he may have considered grabbing them as killing two birds with one stone.”
Carlisle left the room with many more worry some thoughts on his mind. Instantaneously as Carlisle left Leah questioned her fiancé once more.
What does this mean for you?”
She looked at him her face hard as stone. He couldn’t hold her gaze any longer and dropped them to the floor, scanning until they met his sister.
“I have to help them, and you cannot come Leah.”
She instantly began vibrating.

“Like Hell.”
Both Jacob and Huilen made their way over to the couple.

Huilen addressed her nephew in the sternest tone I had ever heard come from her. “You will not make any final decisions until you know all of the facts. You need to discuss things privately with your fiancé; decisions must be made in unity now.”

Jacob placed a hand on each of Leah’s shoulders to calm her down, her hormones must be going crazy, and the last thing we needed was an angry werewolf running around the living room. A very angry Nahuel replied.

“There is nothing to be discussed in private Huilen, decisions regarding family will be made as a family, I have been trying to show my sisters this for years, this is the first time one has come to me and I WILL show her what a true family is like. Leah.” He said turning to her, taking both her hands in his.

“I love you dearly and am excited that you entered my life, I cannot wait to spend the rest of it with you.” He looked at everyone in the room, again resting on his sister.

“I need to find them, to protect them. If the Volturi do not kill them there is no doubt they enslave them for whatever reason. If this was Seth, Ian, or Bella would you not do the same? Would you not try to rescue them?”

He looked again at Leah.
“I would.” She said firmly. “Let me go with you.”
Huilen flinched when Leah said this. I shared her sentiments, any pregnant woman had no business battling the Volturi…let alone one who can shape shift into a wolf, and mated with a vampire hybrid. I hate to say it but Leah just gave the Volturi one more reason to hate, fear, envy, and attack us.

“Leah you will not go with me, send another one of your brethren along with me if you must.” His head inclined towards Jacob.
“But I will not allow you to accompany me, I cannot risk your life, or Serena’s, along with mine, she will be staying here as well.”

Huilen spoke again. “I agree wholeheartedly that Leah stay behind, but they for entirely different reason than your own Nahuel. You have no right to speak to me the way you did, I understand you are angered by this but do not take it out on the ones who are trying to help you.”

He nodded towards his aunt.
“I am sorry dear aunt. You are right; I didn’t mean to offend you.”

“I implore you once again my child, please seek privacy with this woman and speak with her alone. There is much you need to discuss.”

Nahuel shook his head at this statement.
“As I said anything we discuss will be done as a family.”

Since there would be no convincing Nahuel to take Leah aside I decided to speak up. “Huilen your attempts to convince your nephew are pointless, not only because he is stubborn. Leah is…unaware of the circumstances you’re referring to herself.”

Alice nudged Jasper and grinned at him, while Maggie let out a snicker. Jacob, along with both expecting parents, and Serena all looked confused.

“Can somebody enlighten us as to what you’re talking about?”
An impatient Leah asked with a snarl. Overactive hormones and Leah were not going to be a pleasant mix. There was no time to welcome this news yet we needed to get back to the location of Anahi, Maysun, Joham, and the woman carrying his next child.

“Serena.” I said. “Can you give us any more information as to what happened when they tried to abduct you? How did you get away?”

“Whoa Whoa No, you are not getting out of that so easily Edward, what exactly are you all keeping from me?”

“Leah, I promise I will address any questions you have for me just as soon as we are don’t talking with Serena. As the fate of Anahi and Maysun are a matter of life and yours is not, I would hope you would understand.”

She looked as if she had something to say, but instead she kept her mouth shut, a scowl painted on her face, I took this as her agreement. I directed my attention back towards Serena hoping she would continue.

“I had stayed back with Father at the camp, he had sent Maysun and Anahi to hunt, they were to feed then bring back live human back with them for us. Normally they do not take more than two hours. He didn’t want to bring me along, but he couldn’t risk leaving me there alone.”

She looked toward Nahuel whom she had completely grabbed his attention.
“We only had been walking for about ten minutes before we caught three other unfamiliar scents mixed with theirs. No quicker that we discovered this did the bigger one, Demetri spring out from the tree. He Landed on father and that was all I saw before I ran…I…”

She broke off, Nahuel ran to her side to comfort her. She leaned into his chest and sobbed.

“Did you find the others?” Alice asked, and continued. “How do you know their names. I don’t mean to seem harsh; it’s just that we don’t have much time.”
I smiled. Alice always got impatient when she couldn’t see what was happening. I assume it’s similar to how I feel when I can’t hear Bella’s thoughts. Serena collected her composure and spoke once more.

“I don’t know what they did to Joham, Demetri never made it back to the others. While I ran from him and father I followed the scent we had discovered. It lead me to a horrific scene. Anahi and Maysun were unconscious on the forest floor. I know that they were still alive as I could hear their heartbeats. Seeing them accompanied an excruciating pain.”

She shuddered remembering this affect Jane had.
“When I fell to the ground the pain disappeared, as did everything else. I couldn’t see, hear, smell, anything. I can only assume they both attempted to lift me by my hands because when I regained my senses I was gripping each of them in one hand, and they were on the ground.”

This warranted many wary glances around the room. I was already aware of her gift; once again I relished my abilities.

“What did you do to them?” Jasper asked curiously.
Always the soldier, planning his attack, people’s abilities always interested Jasper.

“I just touched them.” She looked toward Nahuel.
“Father would not let us tell you…only if you decided to join us. He was aware that you did not have any extra talents so he figured you would never ask us, unknowing the potential existed.”

“It’s okay young sister, tell us what can you do?”

“The three of us all have talent, which we have learned to control, in our hands. I myself cannot cause pain, but my ability will stun someone long enough to make myself lost to them. It leaves them in a state of paralysis.” She further explained. “Anahi, well, she can…it’s difficult to explain. Are you familiar with the super hero Spiderman?” She blushed violently at her admission of a love for comics and quickly tried re-explaining. “It’s not that she shoots spider webbing from her hands. It’s like her fingernails, she can extend them a great great distance, and they are pliable and can stick to things. Basically she has a good reach on her.” She finished with a chuckle.

“I am sorry if that was confusing.” She continued glancing around the room.” “Maysun’s gift is a lot less hard to explain. She can burn things, set them ablaze. But she HAS to be touching it. I don’t know why, but our gifts lie within our hands.” She paused momentarily to look down at her hands.

“When I touch them I also absorb some scattered memories, but mostly I can see glimpses of their future. When I did this I received information from both Alec and Jane about the both of them. They both hold a role in all of your lives, although I did not see everybody in this room in the glimpses I saw. However I did see enough to lead me here to Forks, where the hybrid children they are so interested in live. I did not see my brother, but when I saw the children, I knew this was the place I needed to go. The girl…Jane…she has so much hate inside her…its awful what happened to them as children…”She trailed off lost in her thoughts.

She was remembering what she had seen regarding Jane and Alec’s past now. She didn’t unlock as many past events from Alec as she had Jane, but Jane’s memories were terrifying enough. Jane’s father and mother had been sexually and physically abusing the two of them since they were prepubescent. I couldn’t see the extent of the abuse, aside from one night in particular, the rest of the images more or less depicted fear.

The night they were turned was the only memory presented in perfect detail. Jane’s father and Alec had picked her up from one of her father’s associate’s home. They had paid him cash, and food to have Jane for the night. Four men had spent the past hours having their way with a screaming Jane. Alec sat beside her in the backseat, holding his sister who starred out the window the entire ride.

Along the way they stopped at another house, evidently their father had loaned out his wife for the night too. He took them to a clearing in the woods. He held a gun to them, while his wife carried a lantern. He instructed his wife to set the lantern down and lay on the ground; he held an insurmountable amount of alcohol under his arm. She did as she was instructed and laid down, he instructed Jane to do the same. The small blonde haired, blue eyed angel faced girl who would later become the hell raiser for the Volturi, whimpered before her Father.

“Please.” She begged him weakly. She began to cry.
“I can’t take anymore tonight. I…I am in so much pain please please…”
She stuttered and dropped to her knees. He walked to her and smacked her, she fell to the ground and he got on top of her.

“Nooo….”She moaned and squirmed beneath him.

“Henry” His wife called to him, pleading. “Henry please take me, don’t use her anymore. Aren’t I enough for you? Leave that slut in the dirt and make love to me like you used to…”

“SHUT UP WHORE!!!” he screamed angrily, spitting in Jane’s face. Alec sat emotionless watching these scenes saying nothing.

I suppose this could be the explanation for each of their gifts. Jane causes as much pain as her parents instilled upon her, while Alec instills what he felt, numb.

“Boy….Alec, come over here and clean your filthy sister up for me while i take care of your bitch of a mother.” Alec said nothing and walked toward his sister. He grabbed a bottle of the liquor and began splashing it on his sister after removing her clothes.

“Please Alec, don’t let him touch me, he’ll hurt me….you’ll be gentle with me won’t you?” she touched his face.

“I always am sis, I’ll try to prolong it as long as I can, if I take too long he’ll step in you know he will.” Behind them there were screams coming from their mother, Henry had taken an empty bottle and smashed it, cutting along his naked wife’s body.

I was disgusted by everything I was seeing, I didn’t want to see anymore, but the more we knew about the Volturi, the more we understood them, the easier it would be to defeat them…it looks like Jasper had been rubbing off on me.

Henry looked up to investigate his children.
“Don’t you play nicely with her son! And STOP wasting my Goodman liquor on her, that ain’t how I meant for you to clean her up, you know better don’t make me come over there and show you.”

Jane started to cry again. “Alec just do it.”
She grabbed one of his hands and placed it on her breast. “This is what he wants to see, this is what he’ll do to us until we die.” She said. Alec removed his hand and stood up, unfortunately his father was at him before her was even upright.

“Slut get over here and hold your daughter down while I take care of our son. Sit on her face and let her taste you.”
Their mother quickly walked over to Jane, put her knees on her shoulders and held her in place, muffling Jane beneath her.

“Yes baby.” Their mother said without hesitation. “Is this what you like, is this what it’ll take for you to love me again?” This man had completely destroyed each member of his family intentionally. I will never know why mankind can have no humanity. Meanwhile Henry was wrestling Alec to the ground, Alec seemed to have had the upper hand until yet another liquor bottle was smashed, this time over Alec’s head. He was still conscious but gave up fighting. His father undressed him quickly.

“Don’t you let her go.”
He directed at his wife once he regained control of the situation.
“I intend on using her shortly….and I wanna hear you moan whore!!”

Instantaneously she granted his wishes and became quite vocal. Alec simply lay, expressionless, and defeated while his father undressed him. He roughly dragged him to where the two women were, not once did Alec’s face even twitch. Out of everything I had seen so far this had to be the most tragic.

“Get off of her you slut I wanna see what kinda noises she makes from this one.”
His wife did was she was told and continued to hold Jane down by her shoulders. Immediately Jane started to cry, I would never be able to look at them the same after this, I could truly understand why they are so broken. Henry thrust his son’s manhood into Jane, releasing a painful moan from her, and a maniacal laugh from him, Alec remained silent. Henry then told his wife to belittle Jane and he thrust himself into his son and…

…He continued on like that until he was satisfied. He then left the people he defiled to lay there, Jane still sobbing and Alec only moving to sit beside her.

When Henry was out of earshot he leaned into his sister and kissed her forehead, finally speaking, his voice cracked, two tears rolling down his eyes. “I’m so sorry. I can’t protect us from him, I’m too weak….I’m not a man.” He hung his head. Jane, as beat down as she was, looked into her brother’s eyes and wrapped her arms around him.

“I know you do not choose this life brother.” Her voice was hoarse from constantly crying and screaming.
“I do not blame you for our fate, I love you just the same, please remember that. I…I am the one who is sorry.”

She went frantic again while speaking; this girl was losing her mind.
“I know how it feels to be entered that way….he wouldn’t have touched you if you had just done what you were supposed to.”

Jane should have kept quite though, her father came over and ripped her up by her hair.

“You wanna keep whining you little Bitch? I don’t wanna fucking hear another word outta your mouth.” He grinned at her maliciously.
“I know…we’ll just cut out your tongue. Don’t need that to moan do ya? ”

She started screaming at the top of her lungs.
She wailed into the night Alec looked on horrified, while his mother fetched another alcohol bottle.

Henry had Jane on the ground, tongue in his hand with a glass shard to it, he sliced just enough to draw blood from it, causing his daughter to scream. He sucked her tongue in his mouth and said.
“This is how I’ll clean it off when I cut the whole thing out.”

Thankfully his wife seemed to have finally seen enough and for the third time this evening a bottle was broken, this time over Henry’s head. It was enough to knock him off of Jane, but not enough to knock him out. He instantly retracted his fist and started viciously beating his wife. Jane had scurried as quickly as she could away, dripping blood behind her. Alec once again gained some courage and ran toward his father taking him to the ground; his father then turned his rage on him and beat him furiously.

He ended the battle quickly and smashed the lantern on Alec’s torso. Alec finally let out a bloodcurdling scream for the first time this evening, and lay crumpled on the ground, burning. Henry rounded on Jane again and although he had nothing to inflict the kind of pain he just had upon Alec, he beat her nearly to death. Leaving Jane covered in bruises and blood; he picked up his wife and left his children for dead. As badly hurt as Jane was she crawled over to her brother and lay beside him.

“Alec.” She said.

“Yes Princess? What can I do for you?” he said trying not to let a scream escape while he spoke to her.

“I think I’m going to die.” She said, and she said it calmly, she was ready for death after the life she lived, this was not the first night like this.
When she said that Alec started crying.

“Please don’t leave me Janie. If you die, I will too…I can’t live here without you, I’m here to protect you…please…please don’t let me fail you.”

“Shhh Dear brother.” She turned to face him multiple welts forming on her once perfect face. She smiled. “My time is up; I can feel it…come with me. Please come with me, we can finally be happy together…we can…we can go live in castle and then I’ll really be a princess, and you can always keep me safe there.”

She finished her last sentence and coughed, she closed her eyes and Alec kissed her forehead. She smiled again. Tears were streaming down both their exhausted faces.

“Okay princess.” He said while holding onto her. “Let’s go to our castle.” He shut his eyes too and welcomed death with his sister. It was then that there was stirring in the bushes, and Alec opened his eyes.

A dark blurry figure quickly moved towards them. They both started screaming as they had been bitten by whichever vampire discovered them this night. No doubt the vampire had heard the screams and investigated the scenario. For whatever reason they decided to turn Alec and Jane, I hoped that they had no idea of the monsters they were creating when they did this. These two tormented souls were about to be freed from the demented existence. Instead of finding peace in death they were thrust into a world filled with vengeance and power. Oh yes, that sweet child would find her castle, and she would finally be a princess.