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Take on: Twilight Saga...Negative Exposure

If you are looking for a Twilight story that has Bella being twin sisters with Alice after running away from their abusive father to become a starlet in L.A where she meets Lawyer Edward Cullen...this isn't that story. This is a continuation of Breaking Dawn with some tweaks here and there. It's exciting, suspenseful, and romantic. Here's my hook, Bella gave birth to twins! Welcome to the world Renesmee and Masen!!!The story takes place mere hours after the confrontation with the Volturi in Breaking Dawn. Watch the lives of all your favorite characters, as I try to include as much of both the vampires and he shape shifters as possible. I really really hope you guys enjoy the story and give it a chance. Reviews good or bad always welcome! Now watch and Masen and Renesmee enjoy and endure their childhood and blossom into young vampire human hybrid adults! Oh...and before I get sued. SM owns the Twilight saga and all of her original characters. Rated adult for a reason.

All normal pairings, and I have paired up who was left mateless at the end of Breaking Dawn. I really hope you like it. All of the characters are in this story I just didn't know if I should tag all of them.

16. Chap 16 Splitting Up

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Chapter 16 10-25-11

Emmett’s POV

I said in disbelief. “You’re fucking crazy!! How do you expect us to get away with that how…how do you expect me to go through with that? I…this is too much Rose….”

I couldn’t believe that this was seriously happening. Just when our family was safe she wants this.

“Emmett please…I’ve…I’ve already found her…And I…I” That’s when she was cut off. We had wandered to First Beach trying to get some alone time. I was thrown off by what she said earlier to me, about kids. She didn’t wanna talk in front of Masen and Nessie though. We heard footsteps approaching; I was getting pretty aggravated at this point. It was Edward, Bella and Alice. They reached us pretty quickly.

“Hey guys, sorry bout leaving the munchkins…it’s just that….we really had some things to talk about.” I said without really masking my emotions.

“We know” Edward growled looking at Rose, I moved in front of her. I wasn’t on board with what she wanted but I wasn’t going to let her get hurt.

“Alice had some interesting visions this afternoon.” He continued. “Evidently, Rosalie thinks that a child is in her future. Alice had urged us to hear her side before we prevented her.”

Rosalie hissed at him.
“Rosie baby I wouldn’t.” She looked like I betrayed her. “I’ve heard most of your side of things and so far I’m not convinced, what exactly did you think I would say?”

She glared at me and moved to stand away from the four of us.

“I had hoped you would be on my side and not think of me as a monster. You don’t think Bella is one. Sure her pregnancy was accidental, but she was willing to DIE to see her pregnancy through to the end. Look at her now.” She said pointing. “She can raise them; she can be a mom, something she never cared about being. Bella, you once told me so yourself you would give up your right to have children so that you could live eternally with Edward.”

“Yes Rosalie I did say those things, but I’m afraid I’m still confused, these two have neglected to let me in on the details. How exactly do you plan on having a child?”
Bella said in frustration.

Rosalie smiled.
“Well Bella, and dear siblings, I have found a…surrogate.”

I cast my eyes to the ground when she started. I can’t believe she expects me to have sex with another woman, a human no less…I’ll destroy her.
Edward may have been able to restrain himself with Bella, but he was in love with her…and he’s not me.

He cast me a look at that one, I smirked, sorry, I thought.

Rosalie went on. “So as you can see, I have found an EXTREMELY willing human. Yes I revealed what I was to her…but I did so much research in finding her.”
She smiled genuinely. “She’s blonde, and she has brown eyes. She is shorter than me though, but I really tried to find someone that had some of my characteristics.”

Bella responded to her. “Rosalie, why would someone WILLINGLY give up their life to have a vampire baby for somebody else? It’s ridiculous; you must not have told her the entire truth. And how do you plan on inseminating her?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” I finally spoke up. “She wants me to fuck her.”

Bella looked on horrified. “How could you even stand the thought of that Rosalie?”

Alice walked towards Rosalie. “Bella, I would think that you of all people would understand but…you would be surprised what a woman…a being created to give life, and nurture…would do to have the chance at this. Edward asked Jacob to do this for once, when he was afraid of what your pregnancy meant.” Bella looked at her husband unaware of this request. Horrified herself by what that meant for her and Jacob.

I looked at her like she was nuts. “You’re on board with this too?? Aw hell…”

“Emmett there’s a part to the story that neither you nor Rosalie is aware of. Like I said, Alice had some interesting VISIONS this afternoon.” Edward interrupted my rant.

I wasn’t in the mood for this “Guess what I know” bullshit. “Yeah…care to go on?”

He grimaced. “Alice wants one too.”
That was all that he said. I looked at my pixie sister disappointed. Rosalie always wanted this; I never knew Alice had a burning passion.
Edward replied to my thoughts. “She didn’t know that she wanted it both Emmett, she just saw the future…and since the future told her she wanted it, now she does.”

“It’s not fair Edward.” Alice interrupted him. “I haven’t even discussed it with Jasper yet; I wouldn’t do anything without asking him.”

“Hmph, that’s more than I can say for my wife.” I said sourly, to which she answered.

“Of course I care about what you think Baby. It’s just that I want this so badly, and she is willing to do this. And no Bella, I didn’t trick her into dying. She already is dying. She is a Cancer patient. Brain Cancer to be exact, and she only has four months to live, she’s 23. I offered her immortality in exchange for never entering our lives or the child’s again.”

She went on even further she had covered every aspect of this. “And I’m not sending her out into the world alone. During my travels for witnesses last year I came across several Nomads who were not willing to risk their lives for strangers. However there were two females traveling together in Russia named Anya and Vera. I didn’t explain to them why the vampire was created but I mentioned that I had discovered a newborn who did not wish to have the same lifestyle we share.” She smiled.

“Luckily they both agreed to taking her under their wing and “raising her” so to speak. Sandy, that’s the surrogate’s name, is well informed of what will happen to her, and is prepared for the newborn year and the pain. She wishes to live, and has been battling this since she was 19.” She said sadly.
“And we won’t birth the baby here. We will take her far away so we don’t have a newborn running amuck around here. Everybody gets what they want.” She said practically glowing, she looked so happy.

“And Alice!” she said enthusiastically. “Thank you so much for being on my side! I can’t believe that you want to do this too! I will definitely help you find suitable woman who wants the same thing Sandy does!”

Maybe I could do this for her. After all if the woman would never return, and this is what Sandy wanted…as well as Rose…

“Dammit Emmett not you too!!” Edward said shocked. “Does nobody see the problem in this? They are murdering two women, condoning adultery, and releasing two more monsters into this world!”

“Edward” Bella said to him softly.
“We are not monsters. Predators in nature sure…But we maintain self-control, and morals. How can you say we are monsters? Even the human drinkers…they are not all like the Volturi. Have you forgotten the ones who live here with us?”

“Bella…you’re okay with this too?” he said defeated

“I’m not okay with this; I don’t think it’s what Rosalie truly wants.” Bella started. “I just think that Rose has done a lot of research on the matter, and I’m sure that you know that she is telling the truth, that Sandy wants this. Edward she even found people for her to go and travel with, to see the world, and live her life…just as a vampire.” She sighed struggling to find the words…I knew how she felt.

“I just figure that she is going to die anyway. At least this way she gives somebody what they always wanted, and then have her own life, maybe meet somebody even. It’s Rosalie’s decision if she wants the child which we all know she does and-”

“See that’s where you’re wrong Bella.” I was fuming.
“Yes, clearly this human has decided to be turned and have the kid…great. But what about me don’t I get a say in this? I mean, Rosalie wouldn’t be the only one raising this child.”
I looked towards my wife. “Rosalie, you did all of this without me, you never even asked if I was okay with this. You just assumed that I would give you whatever you wanted….which I do normally and maybe…maybe if you came to me sooner and checked if I was okay with this I might do it. But I don’t think I’m ready to be a father…maybe if this had been something my wife and I talked about before I could have been convinced.” I finished angrily.

I couldn’t help it. Honestly, I would probably end up agreeing to this, I could see myself as a father. And Bella was right too, Sandy wanted this, Rosalie NEEDED this, and I did understand that. I’m just so tired of her not talking to me about things, especially when it comes to MY child.

She said walking towards me. She grabbed my hand, looking crestfallen. “You’re right and I’m not just saying that to agree. I should have talked to you before I did all of this, because I could have gotten your help if you wanted this like I did. I was scared.”

Like so many other times she has talked about this with me she looked as if she could cry… haha… just one more thing she can’t do because of this life.

“I want this so badly Emmett. There is nothing I want more than to be able to carry that tiny little thing inside me, and give it life. I would adore the tiny little you and me.” She smiled so brightly.

“This is the closest thing I will ever get to that. She will not be biologically mine, but she will be yours, and I will take that gladly. I was convinced she would try to take the baby away once she woke up, but she has assured me that she does not want a child, it won’t bode well with her venture for freedom. Baby please, I know that you will be an excellent father, please give me this.”
She begged me.

I couldn’t say no to her. I was still pretty pissed about her doing all this without me, but I would give her what she wanted…I could make her wait a little bit for it though.

“Rosalie.” I said aggravated, I noticed Edward smirking at my game. “I’m gonna need some time to think about this…you’re gonna have to give me that.”

She smiled half-heartedly and said. “Okay hun, I can do that. Thank you for thinking about it, I …I really want this, more than anything else I could ever want from here on.”

I loved this woman, even if she did piss me off, and was stubborn as hell. She was my little spitfire, and fucking insane in the bedroom. I would definitely require sex tonight when I agreed to having the baby with her. I looked up from her to see my brother looking at me pretty pissed. She wants a baby…you give Bella whatever she wants. And you can’t deny that you would do anything to give her what she wants.

“Fine” that was all he said. Bella looked at him approvingly.

“Rosalie, Emmett.” She said.
“I hope this works out for you. I am skeptical, but…If this is what you two and Sandy actually want then who am I to stop it? And Alice, if you and Jasper go along with this too I hope you can find somebody who will be willing to do what Sandy is. I didn’t realize that you too wanted to be a mother. As one, I do understand the desire now, and you two have been on this Earth much longer than I have. My husband…”
She said casting a glance towards him, nudging him.
“…Will come around in due time.”

He looked at her s if she were crazy I laughed, maybe right Eddie?

Carlisle’s POV

Nahuel and Serena sat before me desperate to get their siblings back. Nahuel was intent on going to the Amazon, as he expressed several times already. I myself have agreed to accompany him, as has Maggie and Randall. Maggie volunteered first, immediately followed by Randall, no doubt another attempt to get close to Maggie…but if he was willing to go we would take him. Jacob really didn’t want any of his pack or Sam’s to attend, but did say if we absolutely needed them he would find someone to go with them.

“We can leave tonight if you’re willing.” I addressed Nahuel to which he nodded.

“Nahuel are you serious?” Leah asked standing further away than the siblings.
“You are a hybrid too; don’t you think if they are still there they will try to capture you?”

It was then that Alice, Bella and Edward returned. Jasper had long since come back with Masen and Nessie; he was outside playing in the snow with them now. Emmett and Rosalie followed in behind the three of them.

“Alice what happened? Why did you run off like that?”

“I’m sorry Carlisle I had a vision of Rosalie and Emmett walking from the house, so I ran to go sit with Masen and Nessie…These two.” She gestured to Edward and Bella. “Overreacted and came after me.”
They both cast her a malicious glance but said nothing….something was going on I would have to ask them when we were a little more private.

“Well glad you are all here.” I said changing the subject.

“I’m not.” Leah stated bitterly.

“Leah knock it off okay?” Jacob said to her.

“Why should I? Nahuel is going to risk his life, while I wait here twiddling my fucking thumbs!”
She was seething. Jacob walked over to comfort her but she shrugged him off.
“Would you let Nessie take the Volturi on alone?” She said through her teeth to which he growled.
“Not to mention that there is still some big secret that I don’t know about that nobody had mentioned since the fortune teller ran off.”

Edward didn’t answer her really, he addressed me. “Carlisle, who is going with Nahuel?”
Leah looked furious at being ignored again, but I decided to answer my son.

“I will be going, as will Nahuel, Maggie and Randall.”

“As will I” Esme spoke up. “I care about Zafrina just as much as you Carlisle and I will not see you venture blindly to the Volturi’s trap without me.”

I didn’t have the chance to argue her as Leah went off once again.
“You see, you fucking see?! Esme wants to go with her husband! And she IS going! Nahuel, why can you not let me stand by your side?”

He exclaimed quite loudly, loud enough to silence her.
“You will NOT come with me and you WILL stay here where it is safe, where you can be protected. I have lived a long life my love, 150 year’s worth and I have just barely lived one with you, I do not want that taken away from me.”
He walked towards his fiancé and placed his hands upon her face.
“I love you Leah.”

“As I love you Nahuel.” She replied “Which is why I want to go with you. I do not want to lose you either and if I go with you I can protect you.”

She looked to everyone in the room, aside from Jacob.
“Friendship and family ties aside I was created to destroy you’re kind.”
She didn’t say it as a threat, only as a fact.
“I am strong, I am fast, I can rip anyone that fucks with us apart as soon as I phase, I-”

“Am also pregnant.”
Edward said blankly, but loudly.

Jacob, Leah and Nahuel all looked toward Edward stunned.

“What did you say?” Leah hissed at Edward, barely loud enough for a human to hear.

“That’s what we were waiting to tell you Leah, why Huilen was imploring Nahuel to speak with you in private. You’re pregnant. It’s early on which is why you may not hear it, but every single vampire in this room can.”

Nahuel immediately dropped to his knees and pressed his ears to Leah’s stomach. Jacob stared at them and Leah continued to stare at Edward. Maggie was the first to speak.

“It’s true Le-Lu.” Leah had made friendships with both Maggie and Benjamin, out of everyone there. I would even speculate she was closer to each of them than she was to her step-sister.

“Not only can I hear the wee one’s faint heartbeat, you know I would only ever tell you the truth.”
She added with a chuckle, but Leah’s gaze did not drop from Edwards.

“How?” she whispered.

Edward smirked “Well Leah I would assume that this was not immaculate conception.”

Anguish was etched in every detail of her face. Two tears streamed silently from her eyes.

“How?” she said again. This time I answered sparing her anymore angst from this.

“Leah, he is your imprint. Although I only know little about your pack’s attribute of imprinting I can only assume that you imprint on the person you have the most probable chance of…creating offspring to carry on your shape shifting gene.” Jacob blushed slightly at this; I assume he must have been contemplating his own imprintee.

Edward answered my question by casting a hateful glare towards Jacob. Leah continued while I was lost in my thoughts.

“I am not changing; I am frozen like all of you.”
She cast a look towards the people in the room.
“I haven’t gotten my period in years, I cannot conceive.” More tears streaming down her face. I tried to convince her once more but Nahuel spoke for me.

“Leah, I can hear it, they are right it is faint, I cannot hear it unless I am this close to you. But it’s there.” He said smiling up at her. “It sounds like whoosh-whoosh, whoosh-whoosh”

“How?” was all she said again finally letting out a sob.
Once again I was going to attempt to explain further but Jacob intervened, he hugged Leah and said.

“Leah, the Doc. over here already explained it to you. You may not be getting your…err…thingy…every month.”
He said while curling his nose. I laughed to myself, looks like Renesmee isn’t the only one who needs to finish growing up before they start their life together. Edward smiled with me on that note. Jacob continued.

“You imprinted now, and frankly I don’t know why this shocks you. After all of the crazy shit we go through round here would you expect any different? Of course you would be able to conceive after you imprinted if you think about it, or else why would you have imprinted in the first place…That is if you are listening to Carlisle’s theory about why we imprint.” He finished. Leah looked up at him, her eyes round and fearful.

“I’m really gonna be a mom?” she said amazement in her voice.

Everybody in the room answered yes, to which she burst into tears.

“I never thought this was a possibility for me.” She looked towards Nahuel and kneeled to the ground with him.
“We are going to have a baby.” She kissed him quite passionately before Serena stood up and raised tensions again.

“Nahuel, so it looks as if you will be staying here now.” She said looking extremely hurt.
“Now that you will have your own little hellion army to rise, I suppose this family doesn’t matter.”

With that she ran from the house heading west, from where she came.

“She’s headed back for the ocean.” Edward exclaimed.

“I’ll get her; I’ve done it once already today.” Jacob said, and he took off after her.

Nahuel looked back at Leah and said.
“This is all the more reason why you have to stay here, you cannot come with me, and I must go find my other sisters. If we leave tonight they may not have headed back to Italy already, especially if they are trying to capture Zafrina.”

Leah finally seeing a good enough reason to stay agreed with a smile.
“I understand why you must go, and if it weren’t for my condition I would be going with you. I want that to be clear.” She said sternly. “I will stay here and protect this one.”
She held her belly as she spoke. “For the both of us, while you protect the rest of our family in the Amazon .” She ended rather sweetly.