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Take on: Twilight Saga...Negative Exposure

If you are looking for a Twilight story that has Bella being twin sisters with Alice after running away from their abusive father to become a starlet in L.A where she meets Lawyer Edward Cullen...this isn't that story. This is a continuation of Breaking Dawn with some tweaks here and there. It's exciting, suspenseful, and romantic. Here's my hook, Bella gave birth to twins! Welcome to the world Renesmee and Masen!!!The story takes place mere hours after the confrontation with the Volturi in Breaking Dawn. Watch the lives of all your favorite characters, as I try to include as much of both the vampires and he shape shifters as possible. I really really hope you guys enjoy the story and give it a chance. Reviews good or bad always welcome! Now watch and Masen and Renesmee enjoy and endure their childhood and blossom into young vampire human hybrid adults! Oh...and before I get sued. SM owns the Twilight saga and all of her original characters. Rated adult for a reason.

All normal pairings, and I have paired up who was left mateless at the end of Breaking Dawn. I really hope you like it. All of the characters are in this story I just didn't know if I should tag all of them.

17. Chap 17 MIA

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Chapter 17 10-28-11

Narrator’s POV

Much was to be prepared this night. Carlisle, Esme, Nahuel, Maggie, and Randall were all making their way to the Amazon tonight. Leah would be staying with Sam and Emily, or Charlie and Sue while Nahuel was gone. Edward volunteered to go but Bella refused to let him leave her and their children behind. Besides, Bella later convinced everybody that she needed to go with the group. If Jane and Alec were still there, she would need to be there to protect them from their gifts. Ultimately Edward conceded into letting her go and staying behind with Renesmee and Masen. They said goodbye to their loved ones and made their way to the Amazon for any information.

It was three weeks before anyone heard from them again. Everybody was going insane with worry over not hearing from them. A second party was sent to the Amazon in search for them on day 5, consisting of; Alice, Jacob, Huilen, Benjamin, and Tia. These five returned on day 7 with no evidence as to where the others were, there was nothing they could do besides wait. Finally on day 21 Carlisle called Edward’s cell phone, Edward hounded him with questions as to where they were, all Carlisle told him was that they would be home in two more weeks, and not to worry, they were all alive. He then hung up and didn’t call again. Tensions were high for everybody, but there was no sign of the Volturi, or their missing family members of turning up.

Edward’s POV

I can’t stand this anymore, he wouldn’t tell me anything and Bella must have had her shield around him. At least that meant she was alive. Today is Day 30…Feb 7th, just 5 more days and I would be reunited with Bella and finally have some answers. So much has happened since they have been gone. Leah looked MASSIVE and was only a month along. She easily looked seven months pregnant, with the size of a 30 lb. baby.

Bella’s pregnancy was short-lived, only lasting two months, but Leah’s…she looked as if she was ready to blow any day now. I had figured given that Emily’s was normal Leah’s would have been a bit longer. Leah isn’t the only one who successfully conceived.

Rosalie and Alice were able to find a woman in Texas who was also terminally ill. Alice and Rosalie had sought her out and brought her so that I could hear this for myself. I needed to speak with these women to know for sure this is what they wanted. She was 32; her name was Josephine Parker, 5’7” with black hair and Blue eyes. She had contracted the aids virus, when her husband of seven years and father of their child cheated on her, for an entire year. As if this wasn’t enough her 5 year old son, Jackson, was riding with his father after dropping off Josephine at the hospital one day.

They were in a terrible car accident, killing the child’s father. Jackson was in a coma and had partial brain damage; Josephine cared for the child in her home daily with her mother, Ellen. Josephine was growing weaker every day and feared she wouldn’t live to see her child wake up. She agreed to do this service for Alice under pretense we be aware that she would turn Jackson one day into a vampire when he matured, if he did not awaken on his own. I personally explained to her the dangers and consequences of her turning Jackson before he was grown. The Volturi would have her head on a platter and cast them both into fire.

She would accompany Sandy to the Russian girls thus making their coven four. When the newborn craze was over, and she could contain herself she would return to her mother and son. She explained to her mother what was going to happen and reassured her she would come back to them someday soon. The day she arrived she only had a suitcase with some clothing, and a photo album of her once perfect family. She was intent on saving herself and her son and salvaging something from her devastated life.

Rosalie insisted on allowing the two women live in the Main house for most of their pregnancy. She compromised that she Alice, Emmett, and Jasper would transport Sandy and Josephine to a cabin they will rent in Colorado. That’s where they will deliver the babies. Rosalie and Alice will return here once they are delivered leaving Emmett and Jasper behind to calm the transforming Newborns. Three days it will take until they reach the peak of their abilities, but with Jasper and Emmett there no doubt they will be able to contain them. Still, once they return with the children the girls will leave them here with the Family to watch as they go and tend to what they have created. The plan seemed all set and perfect. Everybody directly involved was more than willing to participate. Then why did I still have such a bad feeling about this. I am against this yes, but my feelings aside there is something telling me this will not end the way it is planned.

About three days after the group had left to investigate the Amazon is when both women arrived, and that very night one of them conceived. Tensions had been raised the entire time, and when Emmett walked out of that room with Sandy he looked disturbed. His thoughts matched his expression, he was hurt. He enjoyed what he did very much. She was warm, and smelled so good. It took a lot of effort in him not to bite her there, but having been around Bella for so long he got used to the appetizing smell. It was when she kissed him that he felt something more than just doing the act. It wasn’t love, but it was pleasure. For some reason he didn’t believe he would enjoy this at all when he did it, it took him by surprise. Terrified that he would hurt her, he was as gentle with her as he could be, and by the sounds she made he was doing a great job in preventing pain.

Rosalie proved once again she had done her research well as she ensured that Sandy be flown in near her ovulation day. Two days later we heard the heartbeat, so we can only assume conception occurred the first night, with as quickly as we heard the heartbeat. Rosalie was ecstatic; as far as she was concerned she was already a mother. Alice would have to wait until day 9 of the group being gone to conceive with Josephine. Jasper shared the same feeling as Emmett if not worse. He felt the pain in his wife too, as in Josephine.

Alice and Rosalie were deeply pained by the acts theirs husbands were committing, but these were the sacrifices they were making in order to get what they wanted. Josephine had been struggling with intimacy ever since she had been diagnosed. It was hard to find somebody who was willing to touch her. Jasper being a vampire was not susceptible to human diseases, as long as the child was delivered cesarean, which it would be, then just like human children born from parents with passable diseases there is a good chance the child will be born disease free…not to mention the half –vampire gene should destroy the virus, but with is being a half breed we won’t know for sure.
I was on my way over to the main house now to see how they were doing today, also hoping that we might get another call from the group soon, I hated not knowing what was going on and Alice hadn’t seen anything to suggest where they were because Nahuel was with them.

Leah was at the house when I got there along with Sam, Emily and Sammie.

“What are you all doing here?” I asked I was worried about Leah traveling in her condition. She didn’t look sickly like Sandy and Josephine did, but she was bigger than them by far, and she looked quite uncomfortable today.

“I just wanted to get out of the house. Emily suggested that we take a drive over here.” She finished standing up making her way to the kitchen.

“Man, I tell ya” She yelled her head in the fridge.
“I’ll be happy when Esme gets back here. Her cooking was AMAAAAAZING.”

Emily laughed. “Leah I am the one who got pregnant first and you are eating even more than I am…” as an afterthought she added
“LeLu will you make me something too??”

Sam chuckled and looked at his wife.
“I’ll get it for you Emily.”
He said standing, walking to Leah and taking the ingredients from her hands.
“Go sit down and I’ll fix you some lunch. You shouldn’t be on your feet Leah.”

While Sam prepared their food I asked how Leah was doing.
“I’m fine Edward really, aside from the fact my fiancé is nowhere to be found and I look like a whale I’m fine.”

I wished we could have gotten an ultrasound done for Leah, but like Bella her womb was encased in the vampire embryotic sac. There was not telling what exactly was growing inside there, the only difference is that this time nobody was afraid of what would come out. I decided to make my way upstairs to Rosalie’s room first. Sandy was further along than Josephine, and they were planning on bringing her to the cabin in Colorado in 2 weeks. As long as everything goes well they will be inducing labor when they get there.

When I walked in Rosalie’s room she was sitting by the sleeping form of Sandy who was almost as big as Leah had gotten. I walked over and stood beside my sister.
“How is everybody holding up.?”

Rose smiled. “She’s doing great, just a few more days, and we can both start our new life.”

“You’re still convinced yourself this is okay haven’t you Rosalie?”
Her smile faltered.
“She may have consented but this is so unnatural. And you’re ripping a mother away from her child, it will never be yours.”

I knew I was being cruel but I was the only one who was going to be. If the Volturi ever finds out about this…Masen and Renesmee, as welcomed as they were, were accidents. Sandra and Josephine’s pregnancies were planned; the Volturi will come after them just as they did Renato when this is discovered. Rosalie is aware of this.

“This is my child Edward, and Emmett’s.”
She said on the verge of growling at me.
“You have children. And you got to father them. Edward all I have ever wanted was a child. You know I have even considered adopting a human child over the years; I was just waiting for Jasper to be able to control himself better. Sure I would have had to endure having that child consider all of us monsters but this one…”
She said looking toward the mound that was Sandra’s belly under the blanket.

“This one won’t think of us that way. This one will at least be related to Emmett even if I can never conceive.”
She looked back up at me.

“Rose.” I said holding her hand.
“I know that having a child is the only thing you have ever wanted. Even when you met Emmett you were not entirely happy. I am truly sorry that you are not.”
I stroked her hair.
“I have lived with you long enough, miserable myself until I met Bella, and you have resented me every step of the way. Because I left you here in misery while I found what completed me. God…” I said laughing, looking her in the eyes.
“How much you HATED me when you found out not only was I getting to have a child, I wanted it ripped out of Bella before it was born.”

She remembered the moment with me.
“And now you hate me…”

I continued. “Because I’m trying to condemn you for this.”
I cast my direction toward Sandy.
“Rosalie I know that you think this is your only option, and I know this option gives you a child to raise. But I fear that you will still not be satisfied once this child is born.”

She stopped me before I went any further.

“I love the child growing inside her; I love it, because it’s mine. I would give anything to be able to conceive and give birth but I can’t… she can though. Soon the baby will be delivered and she doesn’t want it. She just wants a chance at having a life, just like I want a chance at being a mom. You need to understand I would never have forced anybody to sign up for this life, I found someone who was willing just like Bella was. And not only that I found decent vampires who will protect her and keep her from going wild.”

“Yes but they will train her to be a blood thirty monster, they do not share our lifestyle do they?” I asked her, I didn’t need to though; her thoughts were loud and clear.
I continued.
“Instead of offering her refuge here you cast her away because you were afraid of the baby wanting its mother just like Renesmee and Masen did when they were first born. What do you think the child will think of you?”

“Edward that’s enough.”
Sandy had woken up, I hadn’t noticed, I was too busy trying to reach through to Rosalie.

“Sandy I’m sorry that we woke you, please go ahead and get some more rest.” Rosalie implored, she felt really badly for waking her up, and after listening to Sandra’s thoughts I was starting to feel badly for how I spoke to Rosalie. Sandy spoke again.

“Rosalie I’m fine, I’m more concerned with your brother trying to convince to that you are a bad person. You have given me a chance at life. I’ve been sick for so long, and my time is almost up. I’m lucky that I’m strong enough to go through with this for you.”
She said looking towards Rosalie.
“And in a few days I can give you the child you have always wanted, and then I can see the world.”

She sat up to look at me.
“I want to do this. I’m terrified of all the pain and sure…I’m sad that I won’t have a child of my own, but if that’s the price I have to pay to have a life again I’m willing to take it. I couldn’t have been able to have one either way if I continued the chemo. Don’t prosecute her Edward, she saved my life. And I hope that someday I can come back and visit, maybe see the baby when it is all grown.”
She ended optimistically.

She definitely wasn’t lying, her thoughts didn’t consist of babies, they consisted of swimming in an ocean, climbing mountains, she just wanted to live. Rosalie was the first to speak after that.

“Thank you Sandy, for your kind words and everything you’re done. When the child is older and will understand yes I would love to see you again, for this I will forever be your friend.”

There was nothing more that I could say or do. This was happening, that much had been clear for a while.

“I’m sorry Rosalie, Sandra. I’ll leave you to rest.”
As I walked toward the door Rosalie announced.

“I’m going to get you some more soup, and some more blood, we need to keep both your strengths up. I’ll be right back.”

She only wanted to speak with me. She started conversation once we made our decent down the stairs.

“The four of us haven’t eaten in a while; we have all been too concerned with Sandy, and Josie. You will still have Benjamin, Tia and the pack nearby in case they return, or someone else does. Will you watch them for us while we hunt? I can’t trust any other vampire…they haven’t been living this lifestyle as long as we have…they might be…tempted.” She finished.

She was nervous asking me, he was thinking about how terrified he was to leave me alone with my wife while she was pregnant.

“I won’t hurt them.” I said bitterly. “Just bring your cell phones. All of you. Just in case something goes wrong and I need you back here fast, don’t go far.”

She smiled. Rosalie definitely smiled more now that Sandy was here, now that “her” baby was conceived. I still think it’s wrong but I won’t hate my sister. He has had a miserable existence; I’m not going to be the one to prevent her escape from that misery.

She fetched the food she was getting for Sandra; I figured I would bring some for Josephine as well, she was awake, talking with Alice, she just hadn’t voiced that she was hungry yet. She was afraid of us, unlike Sandra. Yes, she did want to be one of us, but as a human she was intimidated by us, especially Emmett, and he was in the room. She looked very relieved when she saw that I bought food with me. Rosalie soon entered the room and gathered Alice Jasper and Emmett to go hunting with her, although she waited for the girls to finish their food. I cleaned up the plates, and cups and let them go ahead to hunt, they were all starving.

When I was done I went into the living room where Leah Sam Emily and Sammie all still sat, gossiping over various topics. Masen and Renesmee had made themselves some lunch and were watching a football game on the plasma…corrupted by Uncle Emmett and Grandpa Charlie.

“Nice of you to join us Edward.” Sam said merrily. I smirked.

“Sorry to keep you all down here unaccompanied. I was in the process of relieving the parents upstairs so they could hunt. Everything okay down here?”
I asked looking toward the two pregnant women on the sofa.

“All is well Edward, aside from the fact I want a corndog dipped in chocolate and there are none here I am fine.”
She smiled, I laughed at her humor.

“All I want is a big great elk…covered in home-made salsa.” Leah said combining her human and wolfy characteristics.

“Emily the next time you come here I promise that there will be ice cream and corn dogs. Leah as for you I could probably make that now.” I laughed

Emily replied. “Thank you Edward, I will make a point to come back tomorrow.”
She stood up while she spoke. “I however am getting tired and would like to take a nap in my bed, besides I think Sammie is thinking along the same lines as his mommy.” And on cue he yawned to which we all laughed.

“I’d like to stay here a little longer if you don’t mind, I’m not tired yet, and the only one home right now is Seth. Edward would you mind if I stayed here a little longer with you and the kids?”
Leah asked me, her thoughts told me differently. She was very tired in fact, so tired she didn’t want to make the walk back.
Don’t tell them, I don’t need to be carried; I just need to regain my strength a little longer. She thought to me.

“That’s not a problem Leah, when the others return from hunting I will walk you home myself. Alright? It should only be about two or three hours.”
I said.

Sam nodded and they both hugged Leah and the kid’s goodbye before they left. I guess we still weren’t on the hugging level, I laughed. I walked them to the door and grabbed Leah a blanket and then I sat with her on the couch. Masen and Nessie crawled up on either side of me and snuggled up. The three of them fell asleep one by one within the first half hour, and for the first time in 30 days I wasn’t thinking about how worried I was about my wife.

Of course I still was, but in this moment I was grateful to be here in my home with my children protecting them and the three pregnant women currently in my home. Perfection would have been to have Bella by my side….just 5 more days…

It was then that Leah jumped with a bloodcurdling scream. No. Not now, not with me being the only one here, not without Nahuel, not after a month. Another scream followed this one and the kids both ran to their aunt.

“Aunt Leah are you okay?” Nessie asked.

“Dad” Masen said. “What’s wrong with her?”

I picked Leah up off the couch.
“Renesmee baby, go to the fridge and get all the blood that you can carry and follow me okay? Masen run over to the development and get Benjamin and Tia, tell them to run to the Reservation and find Sam and Jacob, tell them Leah went into labor and to meet me at Carlisle’s Clinic on the Reservation. Do NOT leave their sight do you understand me? I trust you.”

“You got it dad.” He said running as fast as he could out the door.

Leah was still screaming in agony.

“Masen” I shouted. “Have them get some of the pack over here to sit with Sandy and Josie until your aunts and uncles get back.”

“Got it dad!” He shouted back, he had almost reached the complex by then.

“Edward” Leah said “I don’t think that I’m going to make it to the Reservation AAHHhhhhhhhhhhh”

I looked at her desperate to start running.
“Nessie whatever you have is enough! Time to go!”
She came running outta the kitchen with a trash bag full of blood bags holding the bag as high up as her tiny hands would reach. Smart girl.

“Alright dad I’m ready, is Auntie Leah going to have the baby?”

“Yes she is sweetie we need to get to the hospital as quickly as possible okay? I need you to run faster than Masen right now okay?”

Without speaking she bolted out the door what a great girl.

“Alright Leah, Hold on.”