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Take on: Twilight Saga...Negative Exposure

If you are looking for a Twilight story that has Bella being twin sisters with Alice after running away from their abusive father to become a starlet in L.A where she meets Lawyer Edward Cullen...this isn't that story. This is a continuation of Breaking Dawn with some tweaks here and there. It's exciting, suspenseful, and romantic. Here's my hook, Bella gave birth to twins! Welcome to the world Renesmee and Masen!!!The story takes place mere hours after the confrontation with the Volturi in Breaking Dawn. Watch the lives of all your favorite characters, as I try to include as much of both the vampires and he shape shifters as possible. I really really hope you guys enjoy the story and give it a chance. Reviews good or bad always welcome! Now watch and Masen and Renesmee enjoy and endure their childhood and blossom into young vampire human hybrid adults! Oh...and before I get sued. SM owns the Twilight saga and all of her original characters. Rated adult for a reason.

All normal pairings, and I have paired up who was left mateless at the end of Breaking Dawn. I really hope you like it. All of the characters are in this story I just didn't know if I should tag all of them.

18. Chap 18 Doubling the Pack

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Chapter 18 11-1-11

Edward’s POV

I started running quickly catching up to Renesmee, the sounds of Leah screaming echoing through the forest. I could smell Masen’s scent, good; he had already been through here.

“Edwaaaaaaaaaard it’s coming NOW.”
She screamed again, I could feel her body contracting beneath me.

“Come on Leah I just need you to wait until we get to the clinic, it’s just a few more miles.”
I pulled out my cell phone and dialed Rosalie’s cell phone.

“Edward what’s wrong?”
Rosalie asked me urgently.

“Get back here now, I’m on my way to the clinic with Leah, she went into labor. Somebody should be going to sit with the women now but I suggest you get back here now.”

“We’re on our way.”
With that I hung up and continued running through the woods I could see the beach now Renesmee had just reached the door. I was running through the sand when I saw them, Sam, Jacob, and Seth all storming the beach in wolf form, I would beat them to the door.

Leah still screaming in agony began to bleed, my clothes were covered in blood by the time I got her to a gurney and tore her dress up, to her chest, I would at least spare her that indecency.

she screamed again when the three of them walked through the door. They all ran forward Sam grabbing Leah’s hand while Emily walked toward her head holding her shoulders.

“You’re going to be alright Leah; it looks like this is it. The baby is coming!”

She said through Leah’s heavy breathing. I had delivered my children but not vampire, human, wolf children; I had no idea what to do. Jacob took charge as Leah screamed with another contraction.

“Leah this is gonna be up to what you feel, Bella was destroyed trying to give birth to her kids and we had to cut her open to do so. Do we have to cut you open or are you going to…to…give birth naturally?”
Jacob finished timidly, to which Leah replied.

“I don’t knooooooooooow!”
Through yet another scream.
“I want MY MOM!!!!” She said, and before another word could be spoken Sam bolted through the door.

Emily was trying to soothe Leah while Jacob and Embry looked on horrified. I walked toward Leah, bringing metallic tray table to her bedside. I set up and iv drip and before I could finish there was a contraction that seemed to be the worst yet, Leah arched her back off the table making her stomach look like a mountain beside her small frame. Emily moved from her head to her vagina and looked at me hesitantly.

“Edward, I see the head, this is gonna be a natural birth through and through, and it’s coming now!”

Just then Sam returned with Sue and Seth in toe.

“My baby!” Sue screamed and ran to her daughter.

“Mom.” Leah said through a sob.
“Mom this hurts so baaaad.”She moaned.”

“I know baby I know, you’re doing great just a little longer okay?” Sue cooed.

“Leah” I said
“It’s time for you to push okay?”

She pushed and the head along with a bloody tuft of hair popped out, stopping at the shoulders, Leah screamed again and whimpered. Jacob walked to her other side.

“You’re doing great Leah c’mon push the little monster out.”
He said jokingly, Leah hit him.

“Shut up Jacob no fucking jokes now!!.....AHHHHHHHH”
She screamed and pushed again this was it the baby was in my hands attached to the umbilical cord, I bit through it. It was a girl, her hair was black, and she had light pale skin, with dark brown eyes. I showed her to her mother, and Leah sobbed, I handed her to her.

“Congratulations Leah, it’s a girl.”

“Oh my goodness she is sooo tiny, at least she looks like a newborn!”
Sue exclaimed.

She was right. Masen and Nessie looked at least 3 months old when they were delivered; then again Leah was only pregnant for 30 days. Maybe the pregnancy was the only thing that was accelerated. I moved back towards Leah’s lower regions anticipating the afterbirth that never came.

“Leah?” I asked
“How are you feeling.”

Distracted by the wriggling newborn laying on her chest she answered
“Just fine Edward, no pain at all.”
She smiled, I frowned and Jacob and Seth noticed, before they had the chance to ask

Sue had a question for Leah.
“What are you going to name her baby?”
Without breaking her gaze from her child she answered.
“Lena Sue Clearwater. LE for Leah and NA for Nahuel, Sue is obviously for you, and since Nahuel doesn’t have a last name, we are carrying on the Clearwater name.” She smiled proudly. “Nahuel and I discussed it before her left, possible names, just in case he wasn’t here…”

She trailed off solemnly, and then another scream, she dropped the baby it was so painful, luckily Jacob was still standing right beside her and caught her before Lena ever even rolled off the table.

“Leah! What’s wrong?”
Sam asked.

“I don’t know it feels like contractions again!” Leah screamed in agony.

“Don’t worry.” I piped up.
“It’s just the afterbirth, the placenta and all that, I was wondering why it wasn’t coming out earlier, just try to breathe Leah and push it out just like the baby.”

Leah did as I told her and pushed immediately trying to get out pain again, to my amazement there was no placenta, there was another bloody head instead.

“Leah, I don’t know how to tell you this but, you’re about to have another baby.”

“WHAT?!” She screamed
“No wonder I was so big ahhhhhhh!”
she screamed pushing again, this baby took more pushing to get out than the first, the final push shooting an insane amount of blood onto me. Thankfully this was pack blood, completely unappealing to me. When I had the second baby in my hand I did the same with the last one, and handed it off to Leah.

This one was a boy, he had black hair just like his sister, but he had tan skin, and light caramel colored eyes. Unlike his sister he had vampire fangs, I wonder if he would phase as he got older? I wonder if Lena would, she would be the second female to phase if so. Leah was crying again looking at her son. Jacob had taken Lena to one of the metal counters and began to clean her and wrap her in a blanket. Sue once again asked Leah what she had decided to name this child. Leah smiled and answered weakly.

“That’s easy Nahuel Jr. ….Clearwater.”
She chuckled.
“I know that technically it’s not correct but, I will name my son what I-”

She cut herself off by vomiting onto the floor, Sue grabbed Nahuel Jr. simultaneously and brought him to be cleaned off as well, Sam took her place at Leah’s side wiping the sweat off her forehead.

Leah looked beat, for the first time in her pregnancy she had the sickly look to accompany the tired look she normally wore. She didn’t even scream this time; she had a pained face and contracted again, another gush of blood pouring out. Her breathing began to be labored, Emily looked alarmed.

“Again? Another baby?!”
She said unknowingly clutching to her own baby bump.

“That’s what it looks like.”
I stated in disbelief, triplets? Alice walked in then and assessed the situation; she walked over to me and asked.
“What can I do?”

I looked at Leah who I didn’t have the option of turning into a vampire at the end of this like I did with Bella, and she was starting to look like Bella, Leah needed blood to stay alive.

“Alice I need you to set up, Sam, Jacob, Embry, Seth, and Sue up to have blood drawn, Leah needs blood and lots of it. I’m not certain but I believe that all of the pack’s blood will be compatible with her, as well as her brother and mother. Emily.”

I said looking her direction.
“Can you watch the two babies while I deliver the third?”

She nodded and Alice had already begun gathering syringes and IV’s out of the cabinet. Leah looked as if she was about to nod off.

“Leah” I said.
“I need you to stay awake and I need you to push, I have no idea how many babies you are carrying in there, and I am trying to keep all of you alive.”

“Edward….I….I can’t do this anymore. Cut me open, take them out of me.”
I looked at her sadly.

“I can’t Leah not right now, you’ve lost too much blood I can’t risk cutting you open right now, after I get some blood in you sure, but I need you to push this one out, then I can start the drip while Alice finishes getting blood. Push for me Leah.”

She started crying and threw up again, I felt another contraction course through her body through this, she didn’t scream this time.

“II can’t…”
Her eyes rolled and her head went limp hitting the table with a thud, her legs still in stirrups; I rushed over to her and checked her pulse…weak but there. Embry rushed over to me with his and Seth’s blood in blood bags, Emily was drawing blood from Sue now.

“Edward hook this up to Leah, I’ll wake her up.”
Embry said pleadingly, I knew that look, the look of doing anything that needed to be done for the one you love. Poor kid…just like Leah used to be, a casualty to the wonders of imprinting. I nodded and began to set up.

“C’mon Leah baby wake up for me.”
He started rubbing her stomach tenderly, another contraction must have been working its way through her, and she moaned and opened eyes Embry smiled.

“There’s my girl.”

“Embry.” She said softly, smiling weakly.
“I’m sorry….i really am.”
She continued, closing her eyes crying. Leah knew that Embry felt as she had once when her first, Sam left her for his imprint. It killed her to know she did that to him. “I would have loved you.”

Embry sighed.
“Well I do love you so let’s not talk about that now, you need to push that little baby of yours out right now baby girl. You gotta be strong and do this, don’t pussy out on me.”

She smiled.
“I don’t think I’m gonna make it through this Embry---”
She screamed again with this contraction, more blood squirting out of her, I ran back to her legs, and there was the head, thank god.

“Leah this one is almost out push for me again… … Alice!” I screamed
“Hook up more ivs to Leah and get that blood in her as quickly as possible I’m going in for the rest after this one.”

Leah pushed a few more times while Alice poked her in several more places having an IV for every donor connected to her.

She still looked sick, angry, and sweaty, but the color returned and her pulse strengthened. With one final push the third baby, a girl, was in my hands. She looked like Leah, sleek black hair, dark brown eyes, and tan, the only difference were the curls that sat atop her head, and she had fangs as well.

I didn’t hand her off to Leah instead I handed her to Sue and asked her to clean her up. Sue agreed but looked at me pleadingly, holding her third grandchild against her chest. “Is my daughter going to be alright?”

“Sue I am doing everything I can to ensure that Leah survive this, cheating death by turning her into one of us is clearly not an option. I am going to finish this delivery cesarean to get this done as quickly as possible.”

Sue grew even more concerned.
“You think there are more? How can she hold that many children? I know it’s possible but why?”

Before I could answer her son spoke up.
“Isn’t it obvious Mom?”
He said with an expression of amazement on his face.
“She’s the only female in the pack, and she is a wolf apart of a pack.”

He stalled waiting to see if anybody got it, I knew, even without mindreading I was already well aware of what was going on, which is why I was preforming the cesarean.

“She’s carrying a litter. Wouldn’t a female wolf in a pack? I mean Emily had a normal pregnancy even though impregnated by a male wolf, but she isn’t a wolf. Leah is though, she is strong enough to carry that many. Makes sense, if we imprint on the one’s we have the best chance of procreating with. Leah just doubled our pack size.”
He finished with a smile.

I retuned back to Leah while Jacob and Embry stood by Leah’s head trying to block her from the sight and keep her conscious. I took the scalpel and cut open her flesh, I was able to cut through the skin and muscle with the metal, but I heard a loud grinding sound when I reached the womb, encased by the same vampire matter that encase Bella’s womb during her pregnancy. Leah spoke at the sound of the metal scraping sound. “Jacob lemme see her…I need to name her.”

He looked at her exasperated
“Leah wait till this is over. Then you can name them all okay, didn’t you listen? There could be a lot more in there, just get through this okay?”

Jacob’s POV
I can’t believe she was going to be stubborn at a time like this, she’s hooked up to like eight ivs and she’s on the verge of death with a fucking litter inside of her.

“No Jacob, what if I don’t make it. I have to give them names…Please.”
She looked so drained so sad, I can’t deny her this, I can’t deal with her dying.

“Leah you’re gonna be fine, but I’ll let you name them, you stubborn ass girl.” I looked towards her frightened.

She smiled while I got the unnamed baby girl, she really did look like a little Leah, I’ve seen enough of the baby pictures. She smiled with the adoration she showed to the two before.

“I can’t believe I get to meet all of you.”
She was holding her daughter’s hand.
“I hope I get to see you all grow up Lelu…Lelu Huilen Clearwater.”

I looked down toward the baby in my hands, I could see why she named her after herself, she must’ve seen the resemblance too and then obviously after Nahuel’s aunt for the middle name. I gave her back to Sue immediately much to Leah’s dismay Edward had already begun the procedure and he was stopped.

“Edward what’s wrong?”
I asked him

“I can’t get through this without using fangs, I can’t use mine, I’ll poison her, I need one of you to phase and do it. You must be careful to just get deep to break the sac, without harming the children.”
He said quickly.

“I’ll do it.”
Sam said.
“I will not harm Leah.”

Before anybody said anything else he phased ripping into the steel like barrier keeping us from the rest of the litter. Edward plunged his hands inside Leah when Sam moved aside, he pulled out another baby, it was a boy. He had fangs, and caramel eyes as well, he had dark brown curly hair, and was tan like Leah. He pouted and cried as soon as he was taken from the womb and had his cord cut.

“Lemme see Lemme see.”
Leah cooed wearily. Edward handed him to me and plunged his hands in once again. Leah looked towards her son and stroked his hair.

“Shhh baby boy shhh. You will be Nahuen. Nahuen Harry Clearwater.”
She said choking up, her mother sobbed at the mention of her late husband. I handed him off to Sue immediately after the naming as Edward had already retrieved yet another child from Leah’s womb. This would make baby number 5…Holy shit Leah was going to have A LOT on her plate when this was over.

I can’t believe Nahuel wasn’t here. The fifth baby was another girl with an astonishing set of eyes. They were the brightest shade of blue I had ever seen, and her hair was curly with the caramel shade of two of her other siblings eyes. She had the darkest skin of all of them, even darker than her mother, like chocolate. She also had vampire teeth. I didn’t wait this time when Edward handed me this baby girl, I showed her to Leah. Leah gasped.

“Her eyes! Where did she get those eyes? What a pretty girl aren’t you Pyre Emily Clearwater? Your daddy is going to love your name. It’s his mother’s name”
Pyre giggled, she did look the oldest of all the children delivered so far.

Leah laughed at the sound of her child’s laugher. Then Pyre did something nobody expected. She phased right in my arms. Leah screamed and passed out. Embry ran over to her and checked her pulse while I wriggled with the adorable caramel wolf puppy in my arms, she retained her blues eyes when she phased.

“Leah is okay, just passed out.”
Embry announced.
“I can’t fucking believe that Pyre just phased! How can she grow and phase??” Embry was alarmed.
I just looked at him and shook my head.

“Embry…have you looked around recently, what the fuck happened to our lives. I love you all but Jesus Christ I have a goddamn wolf vampire puppy trying to bite me in my arms.”

A few chuckles filled the room while Edward was still elbow deep inside Leah’s uterus.

“Are there any more Edward, we need to close her up, get her stable and awake, and take care of five newborn babies while we wait…what the fuck…” I said unsure how exactly to move forward.

He finally laughed at me too.

“Yes Jacob we are done, I’m going to stich her back up now.”
Edward started tending to Leah’s stitching while Embry helped clean up all the blood off of Leah’s body. Sue, Emily, Seth, Sam and I all went to tend to one of the babies while Alice announced she was going to return back to mansion with Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper, and the surrogates to let them know how everything went. She promised to return with food.

All was starting to quiet down, the occasional whimper from Leah, and coo from one of the babies was all that filled the room….not for long though. Suddenly Leah screamed and opened her eyes arching her back so suddenly I heard a crack, there goes a rib…I ran over leaving Pyre who had already phased back into a human to Sam…just in case she did it again.

“What’s going on, I thought you said there were no more!!” I looked toward Edward angrily.

“There weren’t any in her womb, this one must have been stuck in the birth canal.”
Edward yelled and moved toward Leah’s vagina for hopefully the last time.

“This is it Jacob.”
Edward said addressing my thought.
“There aren’t any more inside her, number six is the last one.”

I looked toward Leah.
“One last push and I swear I will give you enough morphine to sleep for days without pain.”

She said nothing but she pushed, Seth was right Leah was strong, and she was sure as hell gonna make it through this, just like she makes it through everything. Finally the last baby, a baby boy, and by far the smallest of them all was with us, he would have been beautiful with his unique deep purple eyes, and dark brown straight hair, pale skin and pointy teeth…unfortunately the umbilical was wrapped around his neck, and his face was a deep blue.

Leah bellowed defiantly, trying to get up over to him after Edward ripped away the cord.

Embry restrained her from getting off of the table and I ran to where Edward stood with the baby.
He was pumping furiously away at his chest, but he still wasn’t breathing, Leah was still screaming at us from the table. I covered his tiny lips and blew air watching his chest rise and fall once…


I did it again…


I started pumping his chest and did it once more, finally a cough and an intake of air and a wail of a cry, the tiny baby boy was breathing.

Leash wailed crying from the bed sitting completely upright, bleeding from the long stitched incision on her stomach.
“Please give me my baby.”

I could only imagine the fear of losing a child, thankfully this was something I had prevented Leah from enduring. I handed her the baby and anticipated the name.
“My precious baby, don’t ever do that to me again.”

She pleaded bringing him to her chest, sobbing.
“His name will be Huenu Adolpho Clearwater. Adolpho was the name of Nahuel’s grandfather…
look at his eyes…how did he and Pyre get this color?” She trailed off.

“Leah they are all beautiful, just like you.”
Embry said to her smiling. Leah looked up at him and she kissed his shoulder.

“Thank you so much, for everything Embry. Thank you all for helping me through this.”
She began to cry again. Sue moved toward her daughter, grandson and Embry and embraced the three of them.

“Leah how about I make good on that promise about the morphine huh?”

She laughed but looked longingly at her children.

“Don’t worry I promise we will not sleep until you recover to take care of all of your children. That’s what a pack is for.”

“That’s what a family is for.”
Sue corrected me.

Leah’s POV

I couldn’t believe how undoubtedly exhausted I was.

I couldn’t believe that I had just given birth to six vampire, werewolf, human, children.

I couldn’t believe I was surrounded by everyone who wasn’t the father.

I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer. Embry carried me to a room that Edward led him to, I cried when I saw it shared a window wall with the nursery my children were placed in. My mother and brother stood observing two different basinets, while Emily sat upon a leather sofa with Sam each holding one of my children, I envied every single person in there. Edward addressed my unspoken thought.

“I understand that feeling Leah, and as strong as you are, even you must get some well-deserved rest.”
He said this while Embry laid me upon the bed.

Edward then replaced one of my blood bags with a morphine drip; he also injected a dose straight into me. It didn’t take long to feel the effects and Edward chuckled at me knowing I was getting high. I beckoned for him to come closer; when he did I hugged him.

“Thank you for what you did for me today. I don’t know if they all would have survived if you hadn’t been there.”

He replied.
“Leah no thanks are necessary, when it was my child being born, as much animosity as you held for us you still protected us and helped ensure the delivery of my children, it was only right that I return the favor.”
And with that he walked out of the room, leaving Embry and I to ourselves.

“This morphine really is some great shit.”
I said laughing lying in the bed looking through the window at my bassinets.

Was all he said, I looked at him.

“What?” I asked.

“Did you mean what you said earlier? About loving me? And yes, I realize you are drugged right now, I’m taking complete advantage of that.”
He ended with a smile.

I know the answer I just don’t wanna hurt him anymore. The truth though is always the right way to go.

“Embry yes I did mean it, I would have loved you. I just…it’s hard for me to say that now that I have imprinted….and have six kids.”
I giggled, but continued.
“I hated imprinting for what it did to me Embry, but now….it’s given me someone to love me, and all these children. And yes I could have had this with you…I don’t know why imprinting works the way it does. If it didn’t work Sam and I would probably still be together. …I’m sorry I’m sorry I don’t mean to be rambling, I just mean that ultimately if I didn’t imprint I would be with you, I would have loved you…but Nahuel.”

Embry pressed his finger to my lips and said.
“Shhh. I get it Leah relax, I made peace. I still do love you but I accept what has happened, I am happy you are happy, out of all the people I know you truly deserved to be happy.”

He sat next to me on the bed and I curled up to him like I used to. Then he asked me.

“Can I stay here and make sure your safe, while your love can’t be here to do so?...Strictly platonically of course.”
He ended with a laugh, I nodded and curled into him closer, I sighed and he began to stroke my hair.

“When you wake up Leah I promise I will be right here.”
I knew he would be, he always did when he said that when we dated. Swiftly, and comfortably I drifted off to sleep in the warm arms of the second best man to know me, my victim of imprint, my Leah.