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Take on: Twilight Saga...Negative Exposure

If you are looking for a Twilight story that has Bella being twin sisters with Alice after running away from their abusive father to become a starlet in L.A where she meets Lawyer Edward Cullen...this isn't that story. This is a continuation of Breaking Dawn with some tweaks here and there. It's exciting, suspenseful, and romantic. Here's my hook, Bella gave birth to twins! Welcome to the world Renesmee and Masen!!!The story takes place mere hours after the confrontation with the Volturi in Breaking Dawn. Watch the lives of all your favorite characters, as I try to include as much of both the vampires and he shape shifters as possible. I really really hope you guys enjoy the story and give it a chance. Reviews good or bad always welcome! Now watch and Masen and Renesmee enjoy and endure their childhood and blossom into young vampire human hybrid adults! Oh...and before I get sued. SM owns the Twilight saga and all of her original characters. Rated adult for a reason.

All normal pairings, and I have paired up who was left mateless at the end of Breaking Dawn. I really hope you like it. All of the characters are in this story I just didn't know if I should tag all of them.

19. Chap 19 Returning with Presents

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Chapter 19 11/9/11

Narrator’s POV

Leah slept soundly next to Embry that night, while her loved ones stood watch over the six lives she had created earlier that night. Edward had left shortly after Leah fell asleep to get Renesmee and Masen from Charlie and Ian. Masen had taken it upon himself to bring them to Charlie when Sam went to go get Sue. Charlie was shocked to hear the news of how many more grandchildren he had now, and when Edward relieved him of his two kids Charlie and Ian went to be with the newest members of their family.

It was two days before Leah woke up, and Embry only left her side to use the bathroom, Alice took it upon herself to bring him food almost every time she replaced Leah’s IV’s. The babies received just as much attention, if not more, than Masen and Nessie did when they were born. According to the only time they had contact with their missing family members, there were only two days remaining until they would return and everybody was anxious as to whether they would.

When Leah did wake up she immediately wanted to be inside the room her kids were in before she did anything else. The children may have looked like newborns when they were born but there was a reason the pregnancy only lasted one month…these kids already looked about three weeks old. The remaining Cullen’s decided to house Leah and her children temporarily, at least until the missing members returned. Leah soon realized that there were benefits to rooming with people who never slept, especially when she desperately needed sleep and six babies did not have the same schedule.

It was late one evening, or early depending on the creature you were asking. Edward had taken Masen and Renesmee home this evening so that he could have some time with them alone, away from all of the hysterics going on lately. He was thankful that his children did not inherit the same ability as their mother and that he could read their thoughts, her knew they were missing their family terribly, most of all Bella. This was the longest that they had ever been separated from their mother. He sat with them in Masen’s bedroom for a while, trying to take their mind off of things but neither one of them seemed to be in a cheery mood once they were away from the rest of their family. After a while of unsuccessfully trying to raise their spirits Edward put them to bed, and read to them until they fell asleep. He lay there with them as he had with Bella and waited the hours until he would hopefully see his wife again.

At the Cullen Manor Leah was feeding Lena while Alice fed Nahuel Jr. and Rosalie fed Lelu. Jasper was entertaining both surrogates while Emmett prepared food for the both of them, they were requesting sustenance about every hour or so. There was the roar of an engine fast approaching in the distance; Rosalie was the first to hear it. Nobody besides Charlie drove a car here, and when the vehicle made its way into view it was clear that this was not Charlie. It was a school bus, being driven by Carlisle. Alice handed off the baby to Leah and ran outside

“Jasper!! They’re back!” She screamed while leaving the house.
Alice, Emmett, Jasper, Benjamin, and Tia ran outside, while Leah and Rosalie stayed inside with the children, both peering through the window. The beat down school bus pulled up right to the steps of the front porch.

Alice whispered while they waited for the doors to open.
“Please go get Edward.” Jasper nodded and kissed his wife goodbye, he ran off towards the cottage as quickly as he could.

Leah’s POV

I stood in the window with Rosalie watching the parade of people coming off of the bus. I could see Edward running with Nessie in his arms and Masen right behind him, Jasper tailing. Esme was the first one off the bus, followed by Maggie, Bella, Randall, and finally Nahuel, my love; I couldn’t wait to show him what we had created.

“Rosalie, if I put these two in the play pen can you watch over them all so I can greet my fiancé?”
She nodded and smiled.
“Of course.”

I walked through the doors and onto the porch trying to make myself look prettier somehow. Edward was embracing Bella like he would never let her go again. Nessie was crying, poor thing, and Masen was doing everything he could to not let them stream out too; he was hugging his momma for dear life. Nahuel had his back turned to me, helping a woman off of the bus; I could only assume this was another one of his sisters.

Serena came screaming out of the Housing Development. She ran to Maysun and almost toppled her over. She was very very tall, taller than her brother by at least four inches. And her hair was down to her ass just like her sister only it was almost golden, not blood red. It wasn’t blonde but it definitely wasn’t brown either, and it was wavy unlike Serena’s. This was the first time I had seen Serena in days, she hadn’t been by once to meet her nieces and nephews, and she should get to greet him before they do?

Not on my watch. I walked up to them and as I did I noticed two things; there was a man who looked very much like Nahuel still on the bus, and that Maysun had dazzling emerald green eyes. I wondered why his father hadn’t joined the rest of us, but there were so many things I wanted to do with Nahuel right now there was simply no other room for other desires.

I said with a smile. I was wearing a sundress today, one with button fastenings for the shoulder straps, easy access for feeding times. He looked toward me and beamed.

He gasped and ran towards me. He lifted me into the air and kissed me like he had never done it before.
“How are you, how is the baby?” he said dropping his hands to my stomach.

I chuckled.
“They are all fine. They are in the living room if you would like to meet your children.”

His jaw dropped when I told him that. He didn’t even say another word, he ran inside the house, with my hand in his. He started crying when he saw Lelu and Nahuel Jr. in Rosalie’s arms; sleeping.

“Leah. She looks just like you.” His grip tightened on my hand and I asked him.

“Would you like to meet the rest of them?”
He whipped his head to face me.

“There are six of them.” I told him. He looked like he was going to faint.
“The best theory we have is that since I am wolf the logical thing would have been that I would carry a litter. And then…Because I am a wolf, impregnated by a half vampire, my pregnancy was super, super, accelerated. So there are four more in the playpen behind Rosalie. I hope you don’t mind I named them.”

He couldn’t even speak he just shook his head that he didn’t mind I had given them names.

He walked over to Rosalie and said. “Who are these two?” While stroking his daughter’s hair out of her face.
I stood beside the man I love and handed him his daughter while I took his son. Rosalie didn’t need me to tell her to leave before she went outside and joined the rest of her family.

“This little girl is named Lelu Huilen. And the little boy in my arms is the first born boy named Nahuel Jr.”
I said prideful, tears still streaming down his face.

I walked him over to the crib and he was greeted by the rest of his children…

“This is Huenu Adolpho with the purple eyes, and this is Nuhuen Harry with the caramel…And these are your other two daughters; Pyre Emily with the blue eyes and she is Lena Sue the first baby born with the deep brown eyes.”

We didn’t say anything after that for several minutes, there was no noise outside the house either it was quite peaceful. I wondered where everybody had run off to, I didn’t intend for them to not feel welcome in their own home just because we were there.

“Leah I am so sorry I wasn’t here. When did you deliver them?”

“Three days ago.” I answered I didn’t really know where else to go with this. There has been a heel of a lot going on lately and I haven’t heard from him not once. I wanted to know what happened. I understood the reasoning behind his trip but what the hell kept him away for a month.

“Where were you?”
I said quietly, trying to keep my voice from cracking. He sighed deeply, like he was exhausted, he replied.

“I have been many places the past weeks my love. Please Leah I know that you are entitled to know everything that happened that kept me away. Let me have this moment now.”
He looked at me, with pleading eyes; he hadn’t been able to stop crying.
“Let me have tonight with you and our children Leah because I’m not sure that there will be many more perfect nights like this.”

He finished speaking and he grazed my cheek with his hand, and ran his thumb along my lips. He took a sharp intake of breath and looked at the children in the playpen.

My heart sank.
All the warmth that had been radiating through me since I saw him step off that bus somehow vanished within that moment. The silence was suddenly a lot louder than it had been moments ago.

“Nahuel what do you mean.” I said it flatly it wasn’t a question, it was a demand. Instead of answering me he kissed me to which I could not pass up regardless of the topic at this time. I put Nahuel Jr. in the playpen and took Lelu out of his hands.

He looked betrayed when I did this to him. I laughed but implored he must give her up. I’ll give him his moment of family time sure…But he is telling me exactly what happened right now.

“You can’t seriously think that the last thing you can say to me is “There may not be a tomorrow” and I’m supposed to say “oh okay.” Do you know me at all honey?”

He laughed at me as we sat down on the couch…well he sat I pretty much just straddled him. I couldn’t help myself I was making out with him like a high-schooler with a curfew. Maybe the explanation of Armageddon could wait a few more minutes.

Bella’s POV

We were pulling into the gate at Charlie’s house now. I couldn’t believe Nahuel stole the school bus, I’m fairly certain that a mini-van would have held us all….I suppose you never know when you’re going to need a school bus though. I could see the bridge now, I needed to see my children, and my husband now!

I was half tempted to get off of the bus now and run home to them but we had come this far as a group, we would stay as a group now. I extended my shield around the perimeter of the community again, it felt good to stretch it, I had only been surrounding us for the past few weeks. I wondered how many things had changed since we had been gone.

Edward’s POV

I heard his thoughts and had the kids in my arms and out of the house before Jasper ever even made it to my house. I didn’t greet him, I didn’t tell him to turn around I just ran past him with my son on my tail. When I saw again, when I smelt her there was nothing I wanted more than to never let her go again.


Nessie yelled when we got close and she had her arms extended and her lips pouted by the time Bella was in my arms. She started crying when she heard Bella’s voice again. Masen wouldn’t let go of her waist and I could tell that he was holding back tears of his own. I had no idea how many minutes had passed that we stayed in this form, but we were interrupted much too quickly for my comfort.

Carlisle insisted that we all make our way to the first floor of the Housing Development to discuss the reason why they were gone so long. I didn’t even notice Nahuel had gone off with Leah until we were already settled in. It was hard to bring my attention away from Bella but I suppose that I was intrigued to know that had kept them gone for so long without any communication.

“First off I would like to apologize to everyone for our lack of communication while we were gone.”

I was starting to make out bits and pieces of it from the travelers thoughts but everybody was thinking of a different part of the story, it was a little overwhelming, I rubbed the bridge of my nose trying to think more calmly and sort out the thoughts.

“We started our journey in the Amazon, we found Zafrina and her Coven early on, they had already been tracking The Volturi since I had called them and they had long since moved from the clearing that the girls were in. They had moved to a cave inside the face of a cliff. We ran into Joham first, after introductions he asked our help in getting his children back. We got close enough to the Volturi to find out they were waiting there two more days, in an attempt to locate Serena, and after that they were to be taken back to Volterra.”

He paused looking around the room at all of the family he had missed. He really wanted to give his grandchildren attention but he knew that they would of course want to be with their mother right now, he continued.

“We made the decision to follow them to Italy, we couldn’t apprehend the girls while still in the Amazon, we were trying to remain undetected. We were all afraid of evoking the wrath of the Volturi again.
And Joham had an order of execution on his head. By the 5th day we had settled in and began planning how we would retrieve the girls. We would wait until they sent some of the guard out for food, and we would infiltrate as far as we could to discover where the girls were being kept.

Once being a member of the guard myself I would be able to maneuver us a second time through the castle on a rescue mission. The first flaw came when Randall and Esme did not make it back, they had been apprehended. It was only a matter of time before our location was discovered so we ran…it was the hardest thing to do leaving them behind but we had discussed this in the event of capture.

We ran to London for three days so that our scent would be lost at the ocean returning shortly to meet up with Esme and Randall. I honestly didn’t think it was a possibility, we had gone over the scamatics of the castle for days, and I thought we planned it to where they wouldn’t get captured…obviously I was mistaken.

The cover would have been Esme and Randall visiting the Amazon coven and being good Samaritans attempted to help a man named Joham find his children, basically acting clueless... This only works assuming Aro wouldn’t read their minds, luckily they spoke quickly enough to avoid that.

Once Aro was under the impression Esme could give him Joham we knew she would be released…to a certain extent. Randall and Esme were released under the condition that Demetri, Alec, and another member of their guard named Vanessa would escort them.”

He paused momentarily, the memories of the fear he felt while Esme was in the hands of the Volturi were overwhelming him. Jasper began to calm him down, while Esme, sensing her husband’s distress gripped his hand. He smiled and went on as if nothing had happened. That was Carlisle for you, constantly disregarding his own needs, this time being that he needed time to realize he was safe and home.

“They lead the guard far enough away to not be heard by anyone from the Castle just in case they had been followed. Maggie and Joham stood and the clearing after being apprehended they made their way back to the Castle, leaving Esme and Randall free to leave as promised. Nahuel, Bella and I followed as far behind as we could. We were planning on sneaking off and rescuing the girls once we were in the castle, unfortunately for us we could only find Maysun. She was being kept in the dungeons alone, and we had no idea where Anahi was. Apparently Demetri had taken a liking to her and Aro awarded her to him, so she was not kept in the cell.

We were unable to get her out. Nahuel Bella and I left the Castle with Maysun and we waited on a neighboring tower listening for the discovery of what we had done. We had the hopes Maggie and Joham would be thrown into the same dungeons we had taken Maysun from, and they were, this was when Maysun’s disappearance was known. I entered the Castle alone to get Maggie and Joham once the majority of the guard had gone after the rest of our group. What remained of the guard was protecting The Volturi and Anahi, nobody was guarding Maggie. When I got to the dungeons Joham was not with Maggie. Aro was keeping him close to the guard. I was able to get Maggie out but not Joham. It seemed his fate was certain.

When I returned with Maggie the majority of us were ready to head home…Nahuel however was not…”
He paused and he looked up into Esme’s eyes, and she continued the story.

“Nahuel was not entirely satisfied leaving Anahi; he was more than content with leaving Joham, but not his sister. We decided to leave England and instead of returning home we ventured back to Italy. And this is when Carlisle called you Edward right before we headed back into Volterra. We made it in alright, but Italy’s borders were being watched; we couldn’t leave right away. We had to constantly keep moving. We were beginning to wonder if we were ever going to get out of there, and be home by the date Carlisle had told you. Then, the last day we were there the guard receded. We didn’t run immediately, we were scared it was a trap…and it was.

Shortly after the guard returned to the Castle, Joham walked out of it. Evidently he had made a deal with the Volturi; Aro would release his last daughter in exchange for us. Nahuel left the rest of the group to meet his father; we didn’t want to reveal our location so we sent him to meet him.

According to Joham, he did reveal all our intentions to Aro, but he himself had no intention of handing us over. Nahuel was furious but…we had to leave, to get back to our families. So you see…we fear that there will be retaliation from the Volturi. In their eyes we have stolen from them, and we aren’t sure how to go from here. They still have Anahi, and…and...”
She broke off. She choked up and couldn’t finish. Carlisle once again resumed.

“That’s why this is all so urgent. I don’t know what to do.”
He said it defeated, as a fact.
“There are too much of us to relocate, and there is a good possibility that they are already on their way here. With Anahi in their presence Alice cannot see what they are doing. We have all already gone over this together on our way here. We have decided that we cannot force anybody to stay here, but we aren’t going anywhere. Not yet”

Bella squeezed my hand. She had a hard look on her face and she dropped her shield for a second.
Jacob. Was the only thing she let me hear. I’m guessing that we would be staying here, but if things went bad our children would not.