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Take on: Twilight Saga...Negative Exposure

If you are looking for a Twilight story that has Bella being twin sisters with Alice after running away from their abusive father to become a starlet in L.A where she meets Lawyer Edward Cullen...this isn't that story. This is a continuation of Breaking Dawn with some tweaks here and there. It's exciting, suspenseful, and romantic. Here's my hook, Bella gave birth to twins! Welcome to the world Renesmee and Masen!!!The story takes place mere hours after the confrontation with the Volturi in Breaking Dawn. Watch the lives of all your favorite characters, as I try to include as much of both the vampires and he shape shifters as possible. I really really hope you guys enjoy the story and give it a chance. Reviews good or bad always welcome! Now watch and Masen and Renesmee enjoy and endure their childhood and blossom into young vampire human hybrid adults! Oh...and before I get sued. SM owns the Twilight saga and all of her original characters. Rated adult for a reason.

All normal pairings, and I have paired up who was left mateless at the end of Breaking Dawn. I really hope you like it. All of the characters are in this story I just didn't know if I should tag all of them.

20. Chap 20 Massacre

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Chap 20

Narrator’s POV

They waited…and they waited, the Volturi never came. Tensions were high as everybody was anticipating a Volturi invasion. A week went by, and in that week many choices were made. Firstly Rosalie expressed the urgency of keeping Cassandra and Josephine in Forks for their deliveries. No extra cavalry were called in this time; there was confidence among the people living in the fortress they built for themselves. Regularly the people, vampires, shape-shifters, and hybrids who reside here have lived leisurely in peace. As of now it felt less like a community and more like an army, protecting its weak and preparing the strong.

Today was straining on lots of souls residing here. Cassandra was going to be induced today. Preparations were already being made at the hospital on First Beach, and Rosalie and Emmett were to hold up with a newborn Cassandra at Edward and Bella’s cottage until the Russians arrived, Josephine would be induced while Cassandra was changing. Regret pulsed throughout Rosalie as her carefully constructed plan began to fall apart at the seams. She had lied to this coven, stating she discovered the newborns, and was watching them in a different state until the Russians would come. Now Rosalie would have to explain that she had turned them and why, she only hoped they would understand.

Nobody who needed to had fed in days, and supplies for those who ate food were dwindling. Charlie had decided to venture into Forks today for groceries; he would be accompanied by Sam and Alice just in case the Volturi were waiting for an opening. Bella protested that Charlie even go into town at all but Charlie insisted. There wasn’t much for Police Chief Swan to do around a community inhabited by supernatural beings. Since Ian had been born, he had been doing desk work from home; he felt this was his one contribution to his family and he wasn’t going to relinquish it unless there was a present threat.

Leah, Nahuel and their children decided to reside with the Cullen’s as much help was needed with the babies. This may have been the first time this happened, she wasn’t sure, but all of her children were sound asleep at the moment. She stood there with her fiancé in the living room watching their sleeping forms. Movement from outside caught her attention and she saw what appeared to be a pleading Bella with her father. She watched as they hugged and Charlie returned to the truck from which he arrived in. He drove away leaving Bella looking uneasy. Edward quickly appeared with Masen and Renesmee walking beside him. She couldn’t hear what they were saying, and Nahuel dragged her attention from the scene outside as well.
“Why are you so interested in her life?” He asked her, teasing.

“I don’t know.” Leah replied with a smile.
“She’s my step sister now, we share a brother. I think I got more concerned then.”
She returned her gaze out the window and saw Edward walking with Bella walking away alone, she began to state aloud.

“Where are the-” Then the door opened and answered her unfinished question. Masen and Renesmee walked in. To anybody they would look six, maybe seven. Their faces no longer held the roundness to it of a baby and still they were growing smarter beyond their years every day.

“Hey Auntie Leah.” Masen said running toward her giving her a hug. “How are the munchkins today?”
He asked her, Renesmee walked over to the playpen and squealed.

“Massie look they’re sleeping!”

“Yes they are Ness and I’d like to keep it that way.” She turned her attention to Masen and continued.

“They are fine by the way….munchkin.” She winked at him.
From the playpen Lelu started to stir. Nahuel walked over and picked up his daughter, Nessie stared in awe and Masen spoke with Leah.

“When do you think the Volturi will come?” He didn’t beat around the bush and Renesmee glanced at her brother momentarily before she returned to the squirming baby in Nahuel’s arms.

Leah looked at him unsure of how to answer him. Instead she took him by the hand and took him outside in the yard. Nahuel followed her outside with Lelu leaving Renesmee lovingly looking over her cousins. She sat down cross-legged in the grass and motioned for Masen and Nahuel to follow her lead. Lelu was the only one to make a sound while she sat in front of her father, squealing when he made funny faces.

“Masen.” Leah began. “Do you know how many people love you?”

Confused he nodded, waiting for her to proceed.

“Well, considering how many people are here to protect you I don’t think that you need to worry when the Volturi will come. Besides…you are far too young to fight them, and we have no idea when they will be arriving.” Leah ended solemnly; she would like nothing better than to know when the Volturi would get there.

Renesmee had decided to join the others outside on the lawn.
“The babies all started crying, Huenu started first and then they all started, so I came out here to get their parents.” She plopped onto the ground smiling a semi toothless grin. Nahuel stood up leaving Lelu with her momma to retrieve the other children from the playpen inside.

Leah sat Lelu in front of her facing Masen. He began playing an image for her amusement. It was a miniature elephant somersaulting through the grass. She clapped laughing at the image in front of her; Nahuel had brought out both Pyre and Huenu sitting them beside their sister before turning to get the others.

Masen’s elephant had gathered two more friends as he made a bunny and kangaroo appear. Renesmee was having just as much fun as the babies and laughed as the tiny creatures frolicked before them. Nahuen and Lena were brought our next and were in awe at the sight that greeted them. Lena cried out when the rabbit got too close to her and she reached out for her momma. Pyre didn’t like that her sister was frightened so she phased into the tiny puppy that she was and growled softly at the rabbit. Renesmee’s laugh peeled through the forest and soon they were joined by Edward and Bella, about the same time Nahuel came out with NJ.

They all sat upon the ground together watching Masen’s creations, Renesmee decided to join in. She placed her hand upon her brother and instantly a dozen butterflies filled the air, all different hue’s and sizes.

Lelu was getting the biggest kick out of the sight, she was feverishly clapping. She placed her hands upon the ground momentarily and when she did flowers of all breeds began popping up in front of them, the majority of them lilies. Suddenly all of the creatures disappeared and all that was left was flowers.

“I’m not doing that.”
Masen looked confused. “I stopped projecting my images, who made the flowers grow?”

His question was answered by the squeal from Lelu. It was a devious laugh, as though to say “hehe it was me.” She made the flowers grow bigger and taller than any normal breed.

“Oh my god it’s Lelu.” Leah’s eyes grew wide. “And she knows what her momma’s favorite flowers are!” She turned in amazement to Nahuel who was watching Pyre sniffing through all the flowers her sister was creating. Pyre yelped when Lelu made a stem turn into a vine and wrap around Harley’s back paw, sending her running behind Leah. Once again Renesmee burst into laughter, as well as Lelu. It was unfortunate that today would be the last peaceful one the community had for a while.

Bella’s POV

It was all quite impressive what this new generation of hybrids could achieve. I fell in love with Pyre every time I saw her phase into a wolf puppy; it was simply the most adorable thing I had ever seen. As if the moment couldn’t get any better I soon heard the rumble of the van Charlie was driving with Alice and Sam, shortly after that I saw all of them through the windshield and relief spread over me.

Then I saw Sam jump out of the van while still in motion, phase and run in the direction of the reservation. Alice stayed in the van with Charlie until reaching us. They both got out of the vehicle and ran toward us, Charlie looked like he was going to be sick, and Alice looked distraught, I looked toward Edward who now looked horrified. I watched my children’s faces fall, and become quite pale.

“Dad, what’s wrong?” Masen whispered.

I almost didn’t want to know the answer.

“Were you followed?!” Edward screamed at Alice.

“I don’t know Edward.” She looked terrified. “I need to go find Jasper.”
She bolted into the house, as Jasper was sitting with Josephine in her bedroom.

“Bella.” Charlie spoke softly, not meeting my eye, tears pouring quickly out of his eyes. “They’re dead, they’re all fucking dead! There were body parts everywhere, and not a single drop of blood! Dead….they’re just dead…”
He fell to his knees and sobbed into my thighs.

“Edward?” It was all I could manage to say.

He nodded; Leah stood with Nahuel, and looked to Edward for answers too.

“It appears the Volturi have already begun their attack, the town of Forks is gone, there are no survivors as far as I can see from their memories. Not all the bodies were dismembered, and but I don’t see any movement from the still ones. The town is slaughtered and I don’t know how long it has been, they were probably waiting for us to discover it.”

I looked at the people around me, this was a very small group compared to the number of people who needed protecting. I didn’t have the chance to ask him what to do before there was uproar of screams and snarls coming from the direction of the Reservation.

“They decided to start with the wolves.” Edward looked grave.

“HEEEEELLLLLLPPPPPPPP!” Nahuel screamed in the direction of the development. I picked up Renesmee and Masen and handed them to my father.

“Take them inside, sit with Alice Josephine and Jasper, keep them safe. Edward stay with them.”

He snarled at the suggestion. “Like hell Bella, you are not going out there alone, and you can still extend your shield to this house out there with me, we need to move!” He finished as our family ran toward us.

Carlisle, Esme, Serena, Maysun, Benjamin, Tia, Randall, and Maggie ran as quickly as they could. Nahuel snarled nastier than Edward had.

“WHERE IS HE???” He bellowed at his sisters who both started to cry.

“He isn’t here; we don’t know where he has gone.” Serena answered her brother.

“Leah for the love of god stays here with the kids.” He looked at Leah with a crazed look in his eye; she didn’t even bother to argue.

I helped her carry them inside I was greeted in the living room by Alice Josephine and Jasper. I explained to them what was happening, even though they could hear the cries themselves. Edward was the only one standing outside now; everyone else had made their way to battle. I ignored the cries from my children; it was too much to bare to ignore their pleas for me to stay.

I kissed them both and ran with my husband towards first beach, extending my shield behind me as I went. I could smell the blood in the air, there was wolf blood and human blood in the air, and this was beyond horrific. The scene I saw ahead of me I wasn’t ready for, it was the Calico wolf I knew as Brady battling the boisterous Felix.

Brady went in for the kill; Felix slammed him to the ground and sunk his teeth into his side. Brady howled in pain and Felix retracted disgusted by the taste in his mouth. Edward launched himself at Felix and tackled him to the ground. Felix quickly regained momentum and landed on top of Edward. I was in no mood for any of this, they were attacking my family and I was out for blood. I dove at Felix, grabbing his head, and flipping him over my husband, when he hit the ground; I twisted off his head and threw it to the dirt beside his body.

Without hesitation I reached into my pockets and pulled out the zippo, and tiny bottle of hair spray I had been carrying around for days. I set Felix ablaze and turned my attentions to Brady who had phased back into human form and was seizing before me. I dropped down beside him and held his head straight. He looked into my eyes he was terrified.

“Bella there is nothing we can do for him.” Edward placed his hand on my shoulder. “Venom is lethal to the wolves, nothing can be done, I’m so sorry.”

I sat there with Brady in my arms, foaming, grunting, and convulsing, I kissed his forehead, and then I snapped his neck to save him any more of the pain. As badass as I thought I was being in these past few moments, killing my friend was more than I anticipated, I dry sobbed, loudly at the sound of the crack. His head fell with a thud and his body went limp. Edward picked me up.

“We have to keep moving.”

I didn’t look back and I ran with him. We reached first beach and the hospital, Emmet was outside with two wolves I recognized as Sam and Embry. There were also several vampires whose names I did not know. It didn’t stop me from barreling into them and knocking two of them down. Anybody I didn’t recognize as my family I was set to take out. Edward was helping Sam out of a bind and I had let myself get distracted. I was being pinned but I saw the whole thing happen.

A male had gotten past us and ran into the clinic where Rosalie and Sandy were. I heard a loud crash and two sets of screams from both women inside. I shoved the enemy off me and dove at their neck tearing the flesh enough to detach the head. Meanwhile Emmet sent the two he was dealing with flying back and ran inside after his wife I followed behind him leaving Edward Embry and Sam left to fight.

I arrived in time to see Emmett rip the arms and head off of the red-headed male who originally was hunched over Cassandra’s body. From what I had seen he had Rosalie pinned to the wall beside them while he was feeding from Sandy. Emmett certainly saved his wife but he was too late to save Sandy. There was no heartbeat, he had drained her enough for her to go into cardiac arrest, Sandra Becket was dead. Rosalie wailed like nothing I had heard before, frantically she tore at Sandy’s stomach; there was no more need to be gentle.

“Emmett please go back outside and help them, I’ll stay here with Rosalie for a moment. Please take care of what is left out there.”

When I said this he looked furious, I couldn’t tell if he was furious with me, or the world, but he ran outside, he was ready to kill something. Rosalie had already managed to open Sandra, and cut through the embryotic sac, she reached in and pulled out the baby very easily, it was eerily silent, aside from the sounds of squishing, and the fluttering heartbeat of the baby girl.

The baby cried loudly, she seemed fine, and Rosalie couldn’t help to bare a smile, at the squirming infant in her arms. I cast a glance at Sandy, her lifeless body lay limp on the table, a blank stare in her eyes, I was overwhelmed with sadness, and this girl gave up her life in the end anyway. All she wanted was a chance to live and we killed her anyway.

Before leaving I walked over to Rosalie.
“You need to get the baby over to the house as quickly as possible, and then return here to help us. Take Emmett with you do not go alone. If you can gather any of the reservation children please do so.”

I looked toward her daughter, she had dark blonde hair, with brown eyes, and she was beautiful.
“What is her name?”

“Cassandra Emalie Cullen.” Rosalie never looked away from the blood drenched baby in her arms. I gave her a hug and began to walk out of the room I decided to add “Rosalie, don’t let her see the body okay? She doesn’t need that memory…trust me.”

When I got back outside Sam and Embry had already taken off to fight more of them off. Emmett and Edward were burning the pile of freshly killed vampires on the beach like a bonfire. I told Emmett to go inside with his wife and daughter, and Edward and I made our way deeper into the Reservation. We came across a trail off bodies, of both vampires, and tribe members.

Thankfully I hadn’t seen any more wolf bodies; unfortunately we did come across the body I recognized as Claire’s mother. I hoped Claire had not suffered the same fate. When Edward and I reached the heart of the community that’s when we really saw the carnage. There were at least three of them to every one of us.

I couldn’t stop to deal with the minions I needed to find Aro Caius and Marcus. I knew they were here; they would want to see this through. It was soon after I had the thought that I locked onto their scents. I made my way through the warfare with my husband by my side. We were on a mission to kill the leaders, the town and the community was massacred. There was no going back from this.