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Take on: Twilight Saga...Negative Exposure

If you are looking for a Twilight story that has Bella being twin sisters with Alice after running away from their abusive father to become a starlet in L.A where she meets Lawyer Edward Cullen...this isn't that story. This is a continuation of Breaking Dawn with some tweaks here and there. It's exciting, suspenseful, and romantic. Here's my hook, Bella gave birth to twins! Welcome to the world Renesmee and Masen!!!The story takes place mere hours after the confrontation with the Volturi in Breaking Dawn. Watch the lives of all your favorite characters, as I try to include as much of both the vampires and he shape shifters as possible. I really really hope you guys enjoy the story and give it a chance. Reviews good or bad always welcome! Now watch and Masen and Renesmee enjoy and endure their childhood and blossom into young vampire human hybrid adults! Oh...and before I get sued. SM owns the Twilight saga and all of her original characters. Rated adult for a reason.

All normal pairings, and I have paired up who was left mateless at the end of Breaking Dawn. I really hope you like it. All of the characters are in this story I just didn't know if I should tag all of them.

21. Chap 21 Carnage

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Bella’s POV

Edward and I were running through the reservation, there were people fighting, and bodies lying all around us. Screams were echoing throughout the entire forest, it was one distinctive scream that stopped me in my tracks.

“Mom.” I uttered looking nowhere, no distinctive plan in mind.

Edward looked toward me a hard look upon his face, if possible we ran faster than before. I ignored my surroundings from that point on all I needed was to get to my mother. The rec center was where the leaders of this evil clan were holding up. The scene I ran in on was worse than I had imagined. Marcus stood tall next to Caius; they were retraining…Sam…No…

This meant there was only one Alpha out there protecting what remained of our lives, or at least I hoped.

“Bella!! Run get out of here before they get you, they are so strong!”
I heard my mother stutter out this sentence, she was terrified. She didn’t even notice the differences in my appearance. Phil was being detained by Alec, and Aro had…Billy Black.

Aro turned to us acknowledging our presence for the first time.
“Edward, Isabella, welcome, we’ve been waiting for you for days. Are you enjoying the party?”

He smirked as he walked from Billy towards my mother; a growl erupted from my throat which I could not control. It seemed to frighten my mother further while amusing Aro. He continued with his speech.

“Now, Now my young child, there is no need for hostility, we are all family here.”
He cast a look toward Phil and Billy. “Mostly.” He added.

“Aro we do not have them hidden, they are out there, fighting alongside their brother.” Edward glanced from Aro to the shadows behind him, a female vampire emerged. She had dark brown hair just like I did it was straight like a pin. She had the brightest yellow eyes.

“Edward, do not think I will be taken for a fool!” He exclaimed with more emotion than he may have intended. “We allowed your offspring to continue to exist, but you had no business assisting Joham or his daughters, that was a matter to be left with us.”
He finished calmly, I imagine my heart would have been beating a mile a minute, I was thankful it didn’t exist.

“You promised Nahuel you would leave his sisters alone. It seems Anahi has freely decided to stay with you and we will not take her from you.” Surprisingly I found myself speaking loudly towards Aro and the rest of the Volturi, I was assuming the brunette standing behind him had to be Anahi; a small nod from Edward assured my theory. I had to let him in on what I was thinking, for when battle commenced at least he would have an idea of where I was. He smiled at me and I continued my speech.

“Serena and Maysun have chosen residency here, they are threats to no one. Joham is no ally of ours and you are free to take him, if he has not already joined your ranks. I suggest you surrender my mother and leave what remains of this town now. If not I cannot be held responsible for the actions of myself of any other member of my family.”

I kept my eyes on the scene ahead of me, scanning every captured victim and anticipating every possible outcome. Laughter burst from the captors, it was difficult to say the least to keep my composure being ridiculed especially under the circumstances. Aro noticed my displeasure and continued on solemnly.

“Dear Isabella, the time has long since passed when an offer of salvation for certain members of this coven was viable. The Massacre to this dreary town would have been a bit…drastic if we were simply trying to send a message don’t you agree?”
He paused for dramatic effect, with a smile on his face.

Edward growled viciously in Aro’s direction, he must have heard something he didn’t like. I looked toward Edward, who did not return my gaze, instead I heard a scream from Billy, my head snapped back to the direction of the group and I saw Aro sink his teeth deep into the neck of Billy. Sam reacted and phased instantly, howling as loud as he could before charging at Aro.

Billy’s screams echoed through the room I bolted towards my mother desperately trying to get her to safety.
Edward please get Billy, I’ll get my mom, and we’ll have to leave Sam for now. It seemed the moment I had my mother we were already running outside.

Rosalie’s POV

I held her in my arms, she was beautiful,
I was lost in the moment of motherhood at peace, until my husband walked through the door. He brought me back to the reality of the situation, the fact that we were in the middle of carnage with our child, I didn’t have to have mind reader capabilities to know he wanted to move. He embraced Cassie and I momentarily before moving to Cassandra’s body. He gently wrapped her in a blanket and heaved her over his shoulders, I felt shame in forceful way I had handled her to get Cassie out now.

“What are you doing?” I looked at him inquisitively.

“I’m taking her back to the house, so that we can bury her, with the rest of our dead…isn’t that what you do in a war?”
He looked disgusted, he looked angry. He made his way to the door and looked back at me.
“When we get out there run as fast as you can to the main house.”

“Emmett wait, I promised Bella that we would try to get as many Quileute’s to the house as well, we need to do a scan first.”

He didn’t say anything, he simply let me lead. We picked up the scents of a few people deeper into the reservation. We came across a body first, with a tiny form weeping beside it.

It was Claire sobbing over her mother’s body. She reacted fearfully by the time she noticed us. I beckoned for her to come to me, and she did. I rested her against my hip as I cradled Cassie in my other arm. Emmet picked up Claire’s mother, placing her on top of Sandy. As we made rounds through the outskirts we came across some survivors, cousins of the Clearwater’s, and Jacob’s sister Rachael. She was in hysterics; Paul had been escorting her to our house when they were attacked. Paul managed to lead them away from Rachael but he never made it back to her.

Emmett had decided we had gathered all that we could for now; he wanted to get Cassie back to the house, where she could be safe. Howls, snarls, and screams were still echoing throughout the forest, we were getting close and could see the manor from the tree line.

Even though I hadn’t heard an approaching threat when Rachael screamed it still startled me. I quickly crouched behind Emmett; with two children in my arms I was not to be part of the front line. We turned to her direction to see that she was looking at the lifeless form of Brady, the look of fear permanently etched on his face. Emmett piled his body on top of the others and solemnly we made our way across the yard to our sanctuary.

Leah’s POV

The screams were driving me crazy. We all sat in the living room together, a united force protecting those who needed it. Every time I thought of being swarmed I wondered who would make it out. The only ones capable of defending the children, Charlie, and Josephine were Jasper Alice and myself, and I hadn’t phased since giving birth…

My thoughts were interrupted by the shrieks from Masen.
“Look people are coming from the woods!”

I rushed to the window terrified; thankfully the forms emerging from the woods were those that I recognized. I ran to the door and greeted them all ushering them inside. Rosalie and Emmett had made it back with Emily and Sammie, thank God, and my other cousins Brent, Shelby, and her son David. Rachael made it back, without Paul, which made me worried.

Turning to Rosalie I saw that she had her baby safely cradled in her arms, and…Claire on her hips. The question must have been written on my face because she motioned towards Emmett. I couldn’t contain my gasp or the tears that followed. Brady, Claire’s mother Grace, and Sandy were the first victims that we were aware of. It was Charlie’s tearful voice that broke the silence.

“You didn’t find them?”
It sounded more like he was pleading than asking. Emmett answered him placing the bodies in the foyer, away from the children.

“No Charlie I’m sorry, we are going back out there now to see if we can save anyone else. As soon as we find them we will bring them here.”
I walked to Rosalie and tried to take her baby from her, immediately she growled.

“Rosalie, I need you to go back out there, I have to stay here to protect them.” I gestured behind me while speaking.
“Please, I will watch her; go save the rest of our families.”

Her look was hardened, as if I was sending her to her death, still she finally handed her to me, she and Emmett then left returning to the heat of battle.

When they left it returned to the same uncomfortable silence that had been looming in this house since the screaming began.

It seemed hours had passed when it had only been about 15 minutes when we saw the next figures emerging from the woods. It was Carlisle, Esme and they had My mom and Ian by their side. Charlie wailed with relief, he went to run for the door but was restrained by Jasper.

“They will be here within moments Charlie, Bella will kill me if I put you in danger, I can’t let you go outside.”
He grunted but was not breaking the grip Jasper had on him. When Sue and Ian made their way through the threshold Charlie ran to them, as did I. I was extremely grateful my mother had made it through this alive, I just hoped for Nahuel to return as well. I then noticed what Carlisle had brought through the door with him, it was Joham.

I stared at him with malice and then turned my gaze to Carlisle, Esme answered for him.

“We found him wandering the forest before we found Sue and Ian; he seems terrified of what the Volturi will do to him. He didn’t want to come with us either; he was trying to make his way to the ocean. We figured it best to let Nahuel deal with him.”
She ended looking out towards the woods.

“Have you seen him out there at all?” I asked her quietly.
She shook her head and replied. “The only people we saw out there were Edward and Bella running into the Rec center, then we stumbled upon Sue and Ian and brought them here.”
I nodded, I was grateful they took the time to escort my family here. Esme once again brought my out of my thoughts.

“Alice, I want to leave Carlisle here with Jasper to ensure Joham stays with us. I need you to come back out there with me; we have to get as much of the tribe to safety as possible.”
Alice hesitated momentarily she looked back at her husband and then took her mother’s hand. Without words they took off through the door once again leaving the rest of us here to wait.

Bella’s POV

I had made it through the door with my mother in my arms bridal style. She begged me to turn around for Phil, Sam begged for Billy, I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t let my mother die this way, I was still just as willing to trade my life in the place of someone I loved, only this time there was no recording, this was my mom.

Too bad I was being stupid…I was so caught up with escaping, and drowning out my mothers’ cries that I never heard her coming. The small blonde menacing vampire got close enough to touch me; she had me to the ground. As quickly as she had me pinned she let me go, for a moment I was confused. Then a bloodcurdling scream from my mom wiped the confusion from my face. I looked down upon her and there it was, a bright shiny half crescent moon on her right cheek. I stood and looked for the assailant.

Jane was standing maybe ten feet from me, smiling a single drop of blood hanging from her lip. I growled loudly wanting to lunge at her, but I was too fearful to leave my mom. I felt like a barking dog on a leash itching for my chain to snap.

“What’s the matter Isabella?” She asked condescendingly.
“You know the rules it was either this or death for her, she couldn’t live knowing our existence.”
She smiled and began to walk away, I was shaking I was so angry.

“Jane!” I called out, she never turned around.

“JANE!!” I bellowed, and once again she ignored me.

I was furious and my head….was pounding? Last time I checked vampires didn’t get headaches. The pain wouldn’t stop it was becoming a throb, and ache, it felt sticky, and tangible. It felt like my shield, only it was hurting me. I did the only thing I could think of and screamed her name once more.


As I did this it felt as if “my headache” shot towards her, and this time she stopped. She also panicked.

“What did you do to me?!” She shrieked
“Alec come help!!” she cried.

What had I done to her?

“You threw you’re shield around her, a physical one, a strong one at that. This is the first time you have been able to create a physical wall.” Edward answered the question I had in my head.

He had managed to bring Billy out with him who was also suffering from his own bite, my mother on the forest bed writhing in agony while Billy flailed about in Edwards’s arms.

“How did you manage to do it, I thought you could only stop mental attacks?”
I smiled while I answered, despite the situation.

“I thought so too, but I had asked Jane to stop nicely after she bit my mother and she wouldn’t listen to me…
…So I made her stop.”
I laughed I could feel it now that it wasn’t pounding at my head. It surrounded her like a capsule, every time she hit a piece of it I felt it bend, but it wasn’t going to break any time soon. I decided to have some fun, I restricted it, slowly at first, watching her become compressed by what seemed like nothing. I giggled to myself.

“HELP ME HELP ME!!” She cried while I pushed harder. I kept my stare on her, enjoying the struggle.

Edward broke me of my daze by shaking me, he looked scared.
“Bella?” He said tentatively.
“We need to get them out of danger; we need to take them home.”
He finished almost pleadingly.

I looked at Jane one last time and then back to Edward.

“Take them home, I need to save Phil, and Sam.” He looked at me as if I was crazy but I was ready.

Before he could begin to protest I heaved my mother into his other arm. “Make sure nothing happens to them, I love you.”

I Forced my lips on his and without another word I took everything I had and pushed him with my shield flying to the direction of home, I don’t know how far I sent him, but it was definitely far enough away to let me go back to where the Volturi were. I felt good I felt strong; nobody was going to touch me.

Leah’s POV

It all happened so quickly. I don’t know if there was anything to be done differently, or if it was simply meant to be, sorrow seemed to be the theme for most of my life the fact that anybody I Love is still in my life is a fucking miracle.

I stood guarding the playpen which held all of my babies; Cassie was in my arms sleeping through the destruction that was going on outside this house. My mother sat with her new husband and child on the couch with Josephine. Joham was being watched like a hawk by Carlisle and Jasper, Masen and Renesmee just sat by the window, waiting.

Simultaneously Renesmee screamed “Daddy!” while Edward continuously screamed out for Carlisle, something was wrong. The closer he got I could make out the forms of two people a woman who I did not recognize, and…Jacob’s dad…Oh God please don’t be dead. Soon enough I heard that they weren’t by the screams emanating from both of them but…they would shortly be.

Carlisle rushed to Edward’s side when he got in there, as did I.

“What happened?” I demanded as if I didn’t already know.

He spoke so quickly, I could barely understand him.
“I have to get back, Bella sent me back to return them, Carlisle, watch over them for me, keep them safe, The Volturi are here to eliminate us it’s a fight to the death I don’t know who has survived.”

He went to turn to the door when Carlisle grabbed his arm.
“Edward please just for a moment. Why? Why have they come?”

His face darkened.
“Aro wants Nahuel’s sisters and father. Joham came here simply to give them reason to come after us for harboring them; it was his key to freedom.”

We all sat intent on Edward presenting the information we had pretty much already pieced together. It was the sudden pause from Edward that sent chills up my spine. He looked over my shoulder, with death in his eyes and lunged.

Before I had the chance to turn around the bay window above the playpen had been smashed and Joham was running horribly fast in the distance. It seemed all in one moment that I handed off Cassie to the nearest person and ran to the playpen Edward had already bounded over in pursuit of Joham. Intending to clean up the shards of glass now laying in their playpen shock ensued when I realized two of my children were missing.

That was all it took. Phasing was instantaneous and I was pounding the earth outside of that window also pursing Edward and Joham.

I kept repeating this in my thoughts over and over begging Edward to shout me an explanation. I was howling to no end trying to call my brethren. Embry was the first to respond.

Leah, I’m to your west and Seth is south west, we are heading your way now, we will try and cut him off.

I was even crying in my thoughts as I pleaded with them to hurry.
Somebody get to them please somebody help them! Jacob where are you? Does anybody have a visual or scent from Nahuel?

Edward answered next while we were dodging trees trying to catch Joham. “Jacob is hunting down Nahuel now, he is heading Northeast, Joham promised the wolf vampire hybrids in exchange for Anahi.”

I was screaming on the inside, and howling outside, I don’t think that I had ever run this fast in my life I had even passed Edward by a good 30 feet, but I still couldn’t catch up to the fucking bastard who had my children, he kept weaving in and out, tripping me up.

Jacob interrupted my thoughts next.
Leah is my dad alright, did they really bite him? Is he dead? Will he be one of them?

Please Jake, tell me do you have Nahuel, can you get to my babies? Billy is bit but I think he’ll be okay…okay enough. Now I can’t say the same for my fucking kids so fucking help me!!!

Edward shouted out. “Leah he’s heading for the cliff’s he’s gonna swim for it!” I growled pulverizing the dirt beneath my paws as I went. Seth was the one to speak next.

I’m already here waiting for him sis.

Then Jacob. Yes Leah I have Nahuel we’ll be there in minutes.

Dirt had already turned to sand, and I had Joham in my sights, I couldn’t be more grateful for Edward’s ability at the moment. It was then I heard a scream from Joham.

“Gahhhh! Stupid fucking mutt!

I saw him toss something behind him, it hit the ground with a thud, and a heart wrenching yelp. My poor baby Pyre was lying on the ground whimpering, she must have bit her grandfather which caused his reaction. Thank God for my pack mates because they could not have arrived at a better time.

My brother swept up Harley in his mouth and carried her off to safety back toward the Cullen Manor.
No sense in keeping her around here sorry sis, looks like Jake’s got Lelu though. I put it in my head Harley was safe and ran off toward my other daughter my Lelu.

MOMMA!!” I heard her cry as she looked back at me, she had never seen me phase before but I answered her with a howl to reassure her.

Jake and Nahuel reached them before I had, and I wished they hadn’t. Being part of a pack Jake knew formation, how to take down an enemy, Nahuel being a loner, and an angry father, knew instant retaliation. Jake circled him and approached with caution, Nahuel launched himself at his father knocking him to the ground and Lelu out of his hands.

Had Nahuel not been so preoccupied with destroying his father, he may have had the time to catch Lelu; unfortunately this is not what happened. Before I dove off the cliff in an attempt to catch my falling child I managed to look back to see the look of victory on Nahuel’s face as he tore the head from his father.

How I would come to resent that face. I phased back into my human form to try and catch her, she looked terrified, betrayed, like I let her down. She hit the water, then so did I. Three more forms hit around me, I didn’t care who it was I just needed to get the small falling mass that was my daughter.

The currents were insane and sloshing me around. I couldn’t find her in the first attempt, I Had to go back up for air. When I went back down I saw Edward in the water, he was like a beacon and he didn’t need air I made my way towards him, he was going to the cave Embry and I first went to, he must have her if he is seeking refuge. We all made our way after him, eventually reaching surface of the water pools in the bedrock of the cave.

Edward stood over my baby girl, blood spilling from her head, and ears, her chest wasn’t rising, she wasn’t breathing.

Edward’s POV

I lay the child on the ground, Leah wailed and ran over to her immediately giving her mouth to mouth. I was stunned when the child sputtered out the water taking a breath. She looked around wildly, and Leah’s face lit up, I was a coward, I couldn’t bare to tell her what was going to happen.

Lelu didn’t calm when she saw her mother’s face like she should have, it’s because she could see her. She had hit her head on some of the rocks when the waves were rough; there was brain damage…and bleeding. She didn’t have long. Lelu continued to look around wildly, terrified trying to figure out why she couldn’t see, my dry sob gave it away.

The scene hurt me too badly to contain it. Leah looked at me, her face fell.

“She-She can’t see me can she?”
Her voice was cracking, I shook my head, but Lelu stopped flailing and locked onto the direction of her mother’s voice.

She was reaching out. Leah started crying and went to pick her up.

“STOP, don’t move her- she doesn’t have much time Leah, you might damage her spine-just-just lay with her.”
I couldn’t believe what I was telling Leah to do right now.

Lelu started crying, which made Leah cry even harder. Leah did as I suggested and wrapped herself around her baby, she cooed to her.
“Shhhh Shhh my precious baby, Mommy is right here, and she is not going to leave you.”

Lelu calmed down, but Leah did not.

Jacob faced me, crying himself. “Edward can’t you change her? Make her one of you?”

I shook my head. “I have no idea how it will affect her. If she has enough of the wolf gene it will kill her, enough human, she’ll be frozen as a toddler…and if she has enough of the vampire gene, it won’t do anything. You’ve seen Jasper, he has endured many marks and it never changed anything about him.”

Jacob looked at me as if I murdered the child. Both Embry and Leah’s thoughts were blaming Joham and partially Nahuel.
We all watched as Leah lay there sobbing over her daughter, touching her, kissing her, keeping her from crying.

Lelu’s breathing started to become labored, and began to cough up blood. She placed a tiny hand upon her mother’s face.

“Momma.” She said weakly.
With her other hand she placed it on the ground, and a lily that was the size of Lelu emerged from the ground, with a stalk that looked as if it couldn’t be cut. Leah laughed through her tears and placed a final kiss on her daughters head. Thousands of smaller lilies blanketed the floor of this cavern surrounding the giant one, and with that act, Lelu’s heartbeat fluttered and stopped, she lay limp on the ground beneath her mother. Even though we were technically underwater, and surrounded by dozens of other screams I was certain that Leah’s scream could be the only one heard by everyone now.

Bella’s POV

I threw open the doors to the Rec center I had left moments earlier, I decided to leave Jane in the bubble I placed her in, one less threat. Sam was snarling in a corner at a menacing Marcus and Caius.