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Take on: Twilight Saga...Negative Exposure

If you are looking for a Twilight story that has Bella being twin sisters with Alice after running away from their abusive father to become a starlet in L.A where she meets Lawyer Edward Cullen...this isn't that story. This is a continuation of Breaking Dawn with some tweaks here and there. It's exciting, suspenseful, and romantic. Here's my hook, Bella gave birth to twins! Welcome to the world Renesmee and Masen!!!The story takes place mere hours after the confrontation with the Volturi in Breaking Dawn. Watch the lives of all your favorite characters, as I try to include as much of both the vampires and he shape shifters as possible. I really really hope you guys enjoy the story and give it a chance. Reviews good or bad always welcome! Now watch and Masen and Renesmee enjoy and endure their childhood and blossom into young vampire human hybrid adults! Oh...and before I get sued. SM owns the Twilight saga and all of her original characters. Rated adult for a reason.

All normal pairings, and I have paired up who was left mateless at the end of Breaking Dawn. I really hope you like it. All of the characters are in this story I just didn't know if I should tag all of them.

22. Chap 22 Finale

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Chap 22

Bella’s POV

I was terrified to find what the fate would be of the people I loved. My mother was changing at this moment, the same moment in which I will inherit royalty. I was going to kill every member of the Volturi, and I was going to do it today. As I burst through the door the semi-sweet scent of blood captivated me. Noticing the direction it was coming from I saw the lifeless body of Phil, Mom is going to be devastated. I was so furious as I started my walk through their tomb.

“Ahh Isabella” Aro started. “I sincerely didn’t expect to see you again, at least not alive.”
He began to laugh at me, I couldn’t stand it and I started shaking, vibrating almost.

It actually started to hurt, I did the only thing I could think of, I reached for the first body I saw and sought to destroy it, it was Chelsea. I heard two sets of footsteps rush toward me as I ripped off one of her arms and tossed it to the ground.

My shield had intensified to such and extreme power, it was almost orgasmic to know that I was the strongest being in this room. Turning my attention to Demetri and Afton who charging me they ran straight into my shield, and just for fun, I hit them like a bat to a baseball and sent them flying into the wall of the Rec center bringing it down. Chelsea begged for mercy and I looked toward the remaining guard, honestly wondering how quickly I could kill them. Caius was the first one to speak.

“Felix!!! Tear her apart!” He was as angry as I had ever seen him.
Chelsea was pleading while my shield held her tightly in place. This time it was my turn to laugh.

“Felix is dead I killed him myself earlier tonight. It looked like this.” I penetrated the essence around Chelsea and ripped her head from her torso. I felt incredible, I pulled out the same lighter I used on Felix and set Chelsea ablaze. Afton ran in with a scream, Demetri quickly caught up to Afton and held him back, he held him back from ME.

I laughed even harder at the scene. Suddenly a once again restrained Sam Uley was free from the grasp of Marcus and he growled loudly bounding forward towards Aro, his mouth gaping barring his many fierce teeth. Like a coward Aro threw the muscular Santiago in Sam’s way, in order to protect himself. It worked, as Sam took the opportunity to destroy the vampire that lay beneath him writhing. Demetri attempted to drag Afton out with him but he refused. Afton walked slowly over to the burning pile and stared intently at me.
I looked him in the eye and told him “I’m sorry.”
His eyes burned with rage…I eased him of his heartache, I tore off his head as well and cast it into the flames next to his mate. Aro grabbed Renata by the hand and quickly made their way to the huge opening in the wall. I started running but there was no need. Marcus grabbed Aro by the throat, the force of which sent Renata flying forward a few feet. This was my opportunity. I tried to get to her quickly if I could destroy Aro’s shield he would be useless, especially with him already missing Chelsea, his peace keeper, and two of his strongmen. Unfortunately Marcus’ cry interrupted and was painstaking and terrifying.
“YOU!!!!!!!” He bellowed staring intently into Aro’s eyes.
“What did you do to Didyme?! What have you done to me?!?!?”
I looked on empathetic to him, which was something I wasn’t expecting for a Volturi member. Shockingly something else happened that I didn’t expect. Marcus was crying, blood. I don’t know if this was something that happened to vampires who reached a certain age, or this was a side effect of feeding off of humans for so long. But this I was sure of, there were streams of crimson tears falling from his eyes, quite rapidly. Aro look scared, as he looked upon his brother of many centuries.

Marcus continued, anguish all over his face.
“How could you suppress me for so long, keep me, barely alive? We were happy Aro, in love, how could you do this to me, to HER??? SHE WAS YOUR SISTER!” He screamed at the top of his lungs, the roof shook, granted there was a wall already missing.
I know that I should have already taken out Renata, but I was too intent on hearing this story from Marcus, the thought of losing Edward terrified me to no end and that’s all I could think of when he told his tale. Besides my shield was keeping her confined. I wonder if I should rename this part of my abilities my shell, since I am encasing them. Slowly I made my way to her intent on more destruction.
I didn’t see the second wolf leaping through the air. Sam was listening to the events as well, and as he had wiped out all immediate vampires near him he felt he could spare the moment to listen.
“Nooooooo!!!!!” I screamed as I realized which man the wolf was attacking, it was Marcus. I was too late to stop him; he had already successfully mauled Marcus’ head from his body and most of his shoulder. I had decided to break the trance Chelsea held on Marcus hoping he would destroy Aro after all these years, I assume this would have occurred had Embry not intervened. Sam howled for Embry to stop but there was nothing stopping him. Aro fled taking Renata with him, my heart ached for Marcus, I contemplated whether I should piece Marcus together again, after all, I wasn’t too sure how many of his actions he could be held accountable for over these past centuries.

I decided that he may be better left out of his misery, besides, I needed to destroy Aro, his desecration of the town was inexcusable, and excessive. Why did he destroy so many? I sought out after the pair, I tried placing my shell around Aro, but Renata was making him untouchable, I couldn’t hold either of them. I did however feel Caius in the surrounding woods, and felt it when I made him come to a complete halt; at least I had him under control. Suddenly there were footsteps fast approaching behind me, I inhaled deeply, the scent of Edward filled my nostrils, accompanied by that of the sea, glancing behind me I wondered why he was soaking wet.

“Edward we have to get Renata before we can get to Aro. I have Caius bound for now, but this isn’t finished until we have Aro’s head.”
He growled fiercely in reply, and we continued our rampage onward. It only took moments to have them in our sights, even less than that for Edward to successfully tackle Renata to the ground. Aro remained running, so I followed waiting to feel the end of Renata so that I could encase Aro. When I did it was joyous, so sudden, Aro was my prisoner now. I approached him slowly, I couldn’t smell or sense anyone other than Edward nearby, and the sounds of screaming had already begun to cease.

Aro’s expression was that of terror, he sincerely didn’t believe that we would catch him. There were so many questions that I needed answered yet somehow all I could muster was “Why?”

For a moment he didn’t answer, then solemnly he said.
“Your husband will inform you I’m certain the moment he arrives.”
I looked up toward Edward who was making his way towards me.
“Aro wanted domination.” He stated boldly.
He cast a disgusted look towards Aro’s direction once he was standing in front of him.
“Dear Edward.” He started with a half-smile.
“You must have known this time would come, eventually.”

“No Aro, it can never come to this, regardless of the Cullen existence, or any other coven it could never come to this.” There was anger in his voice, fear even.

“Edward, what do you mean domination, he destroyed Forks! How exactly does that warrant anything but devastation, there was no gain from this.”
I exclaimed exasperated.

“No Bella there wasn’t and it was because of us. Apparently the Volturi decided that hiding the existence of vampires was no longer important, they were planning to harvest humans, for food, and initially for breeding purposes, that is until enough hybrids were made into creation.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Harvesting humans? I was sickened by the thought. Edward continued on while I processed the information.

“Slaughtering Forks was meant only to shake us when they attacked us; their fear was that we would be the only Coven that would come close to stopping them. Thank God they were correct.”

“But at what cost.” I said jaded, looking at Aro.
“The death of an entire town, my friends and family, you must know that you won’t survive this.”
He smiled and began to laugh.
“My dear the death of one town is nothing compared to what one day will come to pass. If I die here today, the destiny of our race will not. We are a race, and we are strong, no longer are we a parasite, an infection, we can breed-“

“Ye s but with humans!” I screamed unable to control composure any longer.
“I was human when I gave birth. They are what you eat to survive what would you do when you ate every last one of them?!”

“What would you do when you eat all of your cuddly little critters? It’s the circle of life, humans breading and creating new life is our sustenance. We would never run out child, we are far too advanced for that.”

He just continued to smile at me; I wanted to end him now for everything that he had done to me, my family. As if he knew he began speaking once more.

“Your coven, abundant in talent it may be is flawed, and weak, and will never reach the potential it could. As I said I may die here today, but our destinies will not, my legacy will live on and when the time comes when nature finally takes its proper course, you must know that you will not survive.”
Before I ever even had the opportunity to react Edward snarled at the threat Aro voiced my way and walked over to him, he placed his hands on Aro’s head, and he sighed.

“Come now Edward, we always knew it would end this way. With one of our heads in the others hands.”

Aro laughed once again, Edwards face remained stony.
“It never had to be this way, I would have never let this be me for the sake of my son and my daughter, and it’s shameful that you traded seeing your own child be brought into this world for this very moment.”

“My child will not get the chance to meet its father no, but it will live to see the day where it has complete freedom on this Earth, and they will know their father died for that.”
There was one crimson tear rolling down Aro’s face as he spoke, Edward had his head removed from his torso before the tear ever hit the ground. It seemed oddly silent as Edward removed his own lighter from his pocket and set the corpse of Aro ablaze. I looked toward my husband who was still soaking wet, he did not look triumphant, it was in that moment I realized we had to make our way back, to clean up the rest of the Volturi from our land, and to see who had survived. It felt as if my heart jolted when I contemplated Masen and Renesmee’s bodies in the heap I knew would be waiting at the manor.
“Edward.” I started, breaking the silence.
“Aro doesn’t have a child.”
He answered my bewildered stare.
“He will, most likely unaware to Sulpicia, Aro bedded Anahi, Nahuel’s eldest sister during her stay in Volterra. You couldn’t hear the heartbeat at the Rec Center?”
I shook my head no. “The only heartbeat I was focusing on was my mothers.”
I felt my heart phantom jolt again.
Edward saw the worry on my face and grabbed my hand.
“Come on, we must start to head back and make sure all the Volturi members still here are taken care of, then get back to our family.”
I nodded. “Caius is still being detained just a few miles from here; I suggest we take care of him first.


It was dark by the time Bella and I made it back to the forest surrounding the house. She and I ran the perimeter of the beach, the reservation, and the shoreline twice before declaring it clear. We burned any enemy body we found, we assumed most of our dead had already been gathered because there were hardly any, although we were hoping that maybe we hadn’t suffered many casualties.

We ordered any survivors or remaining fighters to head back to the manor, as we finally made our way to the front door I could only hope that all remaining life was in our home. Amazingly everybody who was in our home was piled into the living room. Masen and Renesmee immediately charged the both of us and we graciously fell to the floor hugging them tightly. They both were crying. Bella began cooing them and picked them both up, I wondered if she would let them go.

The sight I walked into was not pleasant. It seemed almost all who fought were tending to their wounds. Jacob was huddled in a corner with a sobbing Leah, trying to console her, to no avail. Nahuel was away, almost as far away as he could be without leaving the room, he looked distant. Quil V was holding what appeared to be a sleeping Claire, eyes red and puffy most likely from crying. Once again I could thankfully say my immediate family remains intact, I turned to Carlisle to ask where the dead were being kept. He gestured and I began to follow him. Bella sat the children next to Sue and Emily on the sofa and followed as well.

In the kitchen there were the bodies of several Quileute’s whom I was unfortunate enough to never meet. Brady, Phil, Joham, Randall, Mary, Sandy, and Ashley, Claire’s mother lay lifeless on the kitchen floor. Bella took a sharp gasp when her eyes met the body of Lelu bloody, wet, and beaten. She whimpered in protest to the sight, but she would have to learn like the rest of us there was nothing to be done.

My surprise came when I saw the body of Marcus lying on the bar in the kitchen. Clearly in pieces but slowly reattaching. Carlisle noticed my hesitation and answered like he always does as if he knew what I had been thinking.
“Sam is the one who brought Marcus back to us. It would seem that Sam was unsure how connected to this situation he was.”
I nodded. “Sam Uley is a smart man.”
Carlisle turned his attention away from me.
“Bella, you might want to follow me to my office.” Carlisle stated and began walking toward there without answer from Bella. I could already hear the rapid heartbeats and screams echoing from the room, I hoped Bella was prepared for this. Billy and Renee were lying each on a gurney writhing and screaming in pain. They were both fully alert, and restrained. They were shouting things such as “Kill Me” at us; Bella could only take this momentarily before leaving the room.

Carlisle shut the door behind us and placed a hand upon her shoulder.
“I believe they will both make a successful transformation, I am sorry Bella that it came to this, but…it is better than the fate of all our friends lying in the kitchen.”
She nodded but said nothing.

“Carlisle how long do you think they have.” I asked, he looked my direction and said.
“Edward you know as well as I do that it depends upon the person. There isn’t anything I can do for them besides let them go through this and help them adjust when the transformation is complete. There are more pressing matters to attend to my son.”
His thoughts were racing he had so many questions as to what motivations were.
The three of us standing there in the hallway I informed him of the Volturi’s plan to harvest the human race like animals, to allow vampires to roam the Earth freely, and not only vampires but start a mass breeding of hybrids. How the attack on Forks was merely an attempt to shake us before their attack, and over confident that they would win, since we now have to figure out a way to explain the extinction of an entire town. He of course also wanted to know just how many members were left in Volterra to carry out the late Aro’s devastating plan. I had no idea what possible answer could correct all of this, and keep us all alive.