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Take on: Twilight Saga...Negative Exposure

If you are looking for a Twilight story that has Bella being twin sisters with Alice after running away from their abusive father to become a starlet in L.A where she meets Lawyer Edward Cullen...this isn't that story. This is a continuation of Breaking Dawn with some tweaks here and there. It's exciting, suspenseful, and romantic. Here's my hook, Bella gave birth to twins! Welcome to the world Renesmee and Masen!!!The story takes place mere hours after the confrontation with the Volturi in Breaking Dawn. Watch the lives of all your favorite characters, as I try to include as much of both the vampires and he shape shifters as possible. I really really hope you guys enjoy the story and give it a chance. Reviews good or bad always welcome! Now watch and Masen and Renesmee enjoy and endure their childhood and blossom into young vampire human hybrid adults! Oh...and before I get sued. SM owns the Twilight saga and all of her original characters. Rated adult for a reason.

All normal pairings, and I have paired up who was left mateless at the end of Breaking Dawn. I really hope you like it. All of the characters are in this story I just didn't know if I should tag all of them.

24. Chap 24 Moving On

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Seth couldn’t have picked a better time. I dropped my hands to my side and groaned. Paul began to laugh which caused the rest of the pack to laugh alongside him. This had happened so often by now we could recognize all the signs. Seth fell to his knee’s his head mirroring the two sisters walking outside.

“And there he goes!!” Paul shouted which even made me chuckle. I wonder which one it is.

“Serena.” Edward answered smirking from across the room.
Seth snapped his head back at the mention of her name, so quickly he was liable for whiplash.

“These two have really never been in the same room before….locked eyes?” I said aloud.

Sam laughed loudly at this “Apparently not!! Haha well this should be interesting.”

“Yeah well at least she is his age...kinda.” Paul said between his laughter and Quil nudged him slightly with his knee. Had he not been holding Claire I assume this would have been harder, As they made their way through the door we all waited to see what how Seth would react, it was actually pretty funny.

Immediately he stood up when she entered, nervously looking at the ground by her feet.

“Maggie, said she was going to see if she could help Benjamin or Tia with the wall.” Rosalie said calmly.

She then made her way over to Emmett and took Cassie from him. He shook his head but smiled. I wondered how long he would let that go on.

Serena and Maysun made their way to the crib to see their nieces and nephews when Serena asked
“Where did this spill come from?”

Seth started laughing hysterically which trigged snickers from the rest of the pack. Serena looked alarmed but walked past him to look at her nieces and nephews. Seth continued his gaze at Serena, who hadn’t dropped her gaze from the playpen. Bella walked over to me and nudged me with a pleading look in her eyes. I rolled mine and grabbed Seth by the arm.

“Why don’t you and I take a walk buddy?”
He wouldn’t budge.

“I don’t want to.” He said airily. “I want to stay here with Serena.”

She looked up at the mention of her name; she looked at Seth inquisitively before understanding the reasoning behind his goofy grin. She actually blushed, but she tugged on the arm of her older sister and beckoned her to move away from the playpen with her. Seth looked discouraged and actually made a move to walk towards her, but again I grabbed his arm. Quil passed off Claire to Emily and took Seth by the his other arm.

“Seth.” He started out tentatively. “If you want to stay in this room why don’t you come sit down over here with me, you don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable do you?”

Seth said nothing but shook his head, and followed Quil to a spot on the floor, still facing the object of his affection.

“Okay.” I started breaking the silence. “So, who is going with Bella and Edward to the Denali coven tonight?”

“Emily and Sammy will be going with them.” Sam said forcefully. “I will go with Carlisle and the rest to find us a new home.”

“Why can’t you stay with us?” Emily addressed him clutching he r belly.

“I need to help elsewhere Emmy. You will be safe with the Denali’s and that I am grateful for, I have to help, to protect the pack.”

He turned to look at me. “Jacob will you be joining us or staying with the Denali’s?”

I looked toward Edward and Bella, and thought of Renesmee, As much as I wanted to stay with her, I knew I was also needed to be out with the packs. I was a leader. I had to lead them to safety. The vampires would protect her, her parents would protect her. Edward nodded with a determined look in his eyes in my direction.

“I’ll accompany them there, and once they get settled in I will make my way to you Sam and the rest of the packs.” I knew she would want me to stay with her, but it would be best if I was out there finding a place. This was the best way to protect her.

“Claire will be going to the Denali’s, as will I,” Quil stated, “I know you guys may need me out there as part of the pack, but she needs me to protect her. I can’t leave her alone, not now.”

I nodded, I understood. “That’s fine Quil, I know the feeling. I’m sure that we will manage without you.”

I’ll be coming with you with Cassie.” Rosalie spoke up.
“And I will be brining Jasper and Alice’s child, as soon as it’s here.” She added somberly.

“Okay, when are you guys….umm…doing that?” I asked Blondie. Alice answered still standing on the staircase.

“Today, so that we can send the baby with Rosalie, and Jasper and I can go with the pack. Actually.” She said turning her attention to the Doc. “Carlisle we are ready when you are if you would like to head over to the cottage.”

Carlisle nodded. “Very well, no time like the present. Have we decided what we will do with Josephine and the other newborns?”

“Well like I said earlier we can take them to the condo Rosalie and I intended on birthing our kids in, I know that you Marcus and Japer can sit with them while they change, and await Anya and Vera’s arrival to guide them into our world.”

“All of them?” Bella spoke up a worried look on her face. She glanced toward me, I shared her same concern. I didn’t want my dad to be in the care of vampires, other vampires, that I didn’t know.

“We cannot have four newborns to worry about right now you two.” Edward said answering both my thoughts and Bella. “It would be unsafe to bring them with us to the Denali’s as we will have plenty of beating hearts there with us. It would be just as unwise to have Carlisle’s group sit them while trying to find us a home.”

“How long?” Bella asked him, a pleading look in her eyes.

“As long as it takes for them to lose their thirst my love. You were special, hungry when you first awoke yes, but you were able to be around humans almost instantly. The same cannot be said for Josephine, Angela, Billy, and Renee.”

“I want to stay with my mom.” Bella stayed sternly.

Edward looked horrified. “Bella…we need you, Masen and Nessie need you.”

“I know Edward, but my mom needs me too. I’m going to stay with her until she wakes up, and I can explain things to her. Then…then I will entrust Anya and Vera with her. Jake.”
She said turning to me. “You should come with me for the same reason. For your dad. Seeing your face might ease him into this.”

I stared at her hard before continuing. “I’m going with Edward to make sure that Nessie and Masen get settled in okay. After that I’ll follow your scent to the condo Alice has prepared. I’ll wait for my dad to wake up but Bella…how do I even know he will still be my dad after this. It’s not like he hates you guys….at least anymore. How will he feel about being one of you?”

“Well he really isn’t going to have much of a choice dude.” Emmett said passing by Alice on the staircase. “And speaking of changing, Angela’s heartbeat is slowing. She is nearing the end of her transformation. Carlisle, we should really get them to where they are going now.”

He nodded. “Alice take Josephine to the cottage. I’ll be there momentarily to deliver the baby.”

Without hesitation Alice headed upstairs to retrieve her. I really didn’t like the idea of all of us splitting up. We had lost so much already. I don’t want to leave my home.

I watched my sister frantically carry Josephine towards my home to deliver the child. Carlisle went to retrieve some tools from his office where the newborns we lying. When he set off after Alice is when I turned my attention to Sam and Jacob.

“I think we should start to bring the gurneys to the van in the garage. With Carlisle doing the procedure it won’t be long before Josephine starts turning. As for the rest of you.” I turned facing the remaining humans, and those with children. “Pack your things, go to the Reservation before we tear it down and take what you must. We’ll be taking the school bus to the Denali’s.”

I watched Sam gather his pack, as well as Jacob’s and the remaining Quileute’s. He guided them back to their homes for one last time. Leah asked her mother to stay here with her, so Seth set forth to retrieve sentimentals from their home for Charlie Sue and Ian. A shriek from Renee could be heard from upstairs, followed by the silent footsteps of two young ones.

“Daddy.” Renesmee peaked her head from around the corner I checked my watch they couldn’t have been asleep more than an hour, she still looked exhausted. “Do we have to stay up here anymore?”

“Of course you don’t.” Jacob answered for me. He went up the stairs and picked her up and hugged her tightly. He grabbed Masen by the hand and led him downstairs with us. When they reached the bottom she placed her tiny palm upon his face and flashed images of Jacob in wolf form her snuggled beside his warming fur, then to images of what she and her brother saw when they poked their heads into Carlisle’s office. Visions of Billy angry and writhing, and of the redheaded woman screaming at Renesmee to kill them.

“Is that my grandma?” she asked.

“Yes.” He said unable to lie to her. ,Jacob stared into her eyes horrified, feeling what she was feeling. I was too intent on her thoughts that I didn’t even notice Masen tugging at my hand.

“Edward?” Bella reprimanded me while picking up our son placing his head into her shoulder. “Renesmee wasn’t the only one who saw whatever she is showing to Jacob, I’m sure.”

I looked down at my son who seemed almost beat down by the events in the past few hours. I ran my fingers through his hair, and kissed his forehead.

“I am sorry Masen, for being distracted.”

“It’s okay dad.” His voice was raspy, like he had been crying.

I embraced both him and my wife, until he finally clung onto me.

Bella chuckled. “Oh I get it after mommy fixes it, daddy gets the reward.”

“What reward?” Masen asked her confused.

She simply smiled looking down on him and said. “You Masen, you are always the reward.” He smiled at his mother; this was one of my most favorite sights. The other was in the arms of a man who yes I indeed respected, but envied. It wasn’t his time to have her yet. She was still mine, for as long as I could have her.

“Daddy why are you staring at me?” she asked finally noticing me.

“I find it difficult not to.” Was all that I said with a smile.

Emmett made his way downstairs one trip at a time to bring the transforming newborns to the van. Bella had a difficult time watching her mother pass by, as did Jacob with his father. It was at this point Marcus approached me and asked to speak in private.

“Edward, I can see that the priority now is to get those whom you love to safety, but what are we to do about the remaining Volturi?”
I had no real answer for him. He continued. “We will have to make our way to Volterra, to destroy the rest of them, I am certain that is the first place that some would go.

“And what of the others?”

“We will have to wait and see where they venture to. My main concern is finding Anahi.”

“That would be my main concern as well.” Nahuel said walking into the kitchen. “I don’t mean to eavesdrop by any means, and I am aware of the damage I have caused here today. She is my sister, and to know that….that bastard Aro took advantage of her. I have to help her.”

“We are going to have to find her first.” I said to him sternly. “Do you have any idea where she would run?”

He shook his head. “None of them have ever been on their own like this not without their father.”

At this time Rosalie ran into the kitchen, Cassie in toe.

“Edward Carlisle and Alice are heading back! JASPER!!!” She screamed, to which both Jasper and Emmett came running from the garage.

“What’s wrong?!” he asked her.
She pointed towards the window in the living room. Carlisle was making his way with a gurney, while Alice held a tiny bundle in a wrapped blanket. Jasper beamed with pride, and it infected us all. He walked toward the door with Emmett who took a screaming Josephine and brought her to the van with the others. Alice stepped up to her husband, smiling.

“Look what you made Jazzy, it’s a boy.”

She handed him his son and he couldn’t look more complete.

“He has Josephine’s eyes.”

“My eyes.” Alice smiled. “At least from what I remember, he also has your curls Jasper, their tiny now but they are there, just black hahaha”

“What is his name?” Jasper asked inquisitively at his wife.

“Well, I was thinking maybe Joseph, for Josephine?” She said awaiting his response.

He shook his head. “Joseph can be his middle name, but I was wondering if we could name him after my brother.”

He didn’t move his eyes from the baby, just waited for Alice to answer.

“You never told me you had a brother.”

“No I didn’t…Maria saw to it that you wouldn’t meet him either. It was her way to ensure I had nothing worth leaving her for.” He looked up finally into the eyes of Alice, who pained for him.

“Damien.” She said with a faraway look in her eyes.

“Vision?” Jasper asked her.

She shook her head no. “Well yes I mean, more like a memory. It certainly wasn’t the future.” She smiled at him.

“Damien Joseph.” She said looking at their son. Jasper grinned and looked at the peaceful child in his arms.

“Jasper as much as I don’t want to interrupt but we should really make our way to the condo, Anya and Vera are already there and we are going to have a lot of explaining to do.” Emmett placed an arm on his shoulder.

“Well I’ll hand off Damien to Rosalie and we will be on our way.” He stated rigidly.

Rosalie entered at the sound of her name. “I’ve decided I should be the one to explain to the girls what happened.”

She turned to Alice. “Please watch over Cassie for me, I’ll be home as soon as I can.” She kissed her daughter on the forehead and handed her to Alice. “I’ll be in the car.” She said smile fading, her thoughts were screaming at her to turn around and be with her baby again, she was doing the right thing in going.

Jasper handed Damien to Alice as well and kissed her passionately before following Rosalie to the truck. Carlisle entrusted me with getting ever body safely to the Denali’s, I assured him that I would. I held Bella in my arms for a long while. I didn’t want to let her go again.

“I love you Isabella. Please be safe.”
She looked up at me arms still wrapped around me tightly.
“I will be. I’ll see you in a few days, until then my love.” She kissed me, so sweet, so warm. God I miss being near her. She pulled away and walked out the door. I heard the revving of the van and heard it go further and further away from me.

“And then there was us.” My sister chimed in holding my niece and nephew in her arms.

“Edward they’re miracles.” She said smiling.

I knew that they were.
“I have two of my own.” I said smirking, she hugged me. We made our way into the emptier living room. I could see Benjamin outside with Tia. He was bringing the housing development to the ground. Leah stood over the playpen tending to Pyre who had transformed again, Embry by her side cooing the puppy. I could see the pack’s returning from the forest in the distance. Nahuel sat with Maysun and Serena on the opposite couch; he was just watching his children. It was at this point Maysun approached me. I think this was the first time we had ever spoken.

“Edward.” She started tentatively. “I would like to know if it would be alright for my sister and I to accompany you and yours to this Denali place.”

“Of course you can Maysun you are a part of this family.” She smiled when I said this. I’ve read hers and her sister’s mind several times over; I knew they had no intention of betraying us.

“I would have asked Leah,” She cast a glance in her direction. “But she doesn’t seem too fond of this side of the family at the moment. I- I really want to be where she is, I want to protect my nieces and nephews.”
She was sincere.

“You will always be welcome you had nothing to do with what happened with Lelu today.” Her head hung at the mention of her name,

I raised her chin. “You had nothing to do with it.” I reassured her.

She sighed, gratefully. “Benjamin wanted me to inform you that he will stay behind with Tia while we head to Denali. He will take care of this home and your reservation, then he will set off after us when he is finished.”

“So basically, we should be leaving now then.” I said glancing outside at the Quileute’s packing up the school bus with what they could bring with them.

Maysun nodded.

“Jacob.” I called for him from outside.

“Yeah what’s up?” he asked jogging inside.

“Could you possibly make sure that Renesmee and Masen get settled with you on the bus? I want to make a sweep through the house, grab anything that may be sentimental to my siblings, or my children.”

“Yeah sure, C’mon munchkins.” He heaved each one of them onto his shoulders and they giggled.

It didn’t take long to make my rounds. I did manage to fill up two suitcases of things my family may have liked to keep with them, that they didn’t have the time to pack. By the time I made it downstairs with the rest of them almost everybody was packed and ready.

“Give me five minutes and we can go.” I shouted after handing off the bags to Charlie. “I just have to make one stop!”

There were a few things at the cottage that I knew Bella, Nessie, and Masen would all want. I would grab them of course. But the only thing on my mind were the journal’s I’d been writing since the first time I met Bella and the photo albums we built for our kids, our wedding, and our lives. We had a long road ahead of us. I didn’t want any of us to forget what our fight was about what we were fighting for. Our family.

I cast one final glance at the place I had called home so long ago, the place I had called home where I met the woman of my dreams, the place that maybe someday we could return to.