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Take on: Twilight Saga...Negative Exposure

If you are looking for a Twilight story that has Bella being twin sisters with Alice after running away from their abusive father to become a starlet in L.A where she meets Lawyer Edward Cullen...this isn't that story. This is a continuation of Breaking Dawn with some tweaks here and there. It's exciting, suspenseful, and romantic. Here's my hook, Bella gave birth to twins! Welcome to the world Renesmee and Masen!!!The story takes place mere hours after the confrontation with the Volturi in Breaking Dawn. Watch the lives of all your favorite characters, as I try to include as much of both the vampires and he shape shifters as possible. I really really hope you guys enjoy the story and give it a chance. Reviews good or bad always welcome! Now watch and Masen and Renesmee enjoy and endure their childhood and blossom into young vampire human hybrid adults! Oh...and before I get sued. SM owns the Twilight saga and all of her original characters. Rated adult for a reason.

All normal pairings, and I have paired up who was left mateless at the end of Breaking Dawn. I really hope you like it. All of the characters are in this story I just didn't know if I should tag all of them.

25. Chap 25 Newborns

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They were finally sleeping, each curled up in my arms. It would have been faster to run with them to the Denali’s home, but we had humans to watch over, it was our responsibility. Nahuel drove the bus at a steady 60 mph the entire way there; I don’t think he was in any hurry. The scenery changed to more of an arctic look the further north we went. I looked down and noticed Masen’s breath could be seen with each exhale, and Renesmee’s teeth started to chatter while they slept.
“Jacob.” I whispered.
He looked up half asleep and nodded in my direction. I glanced down at my children, and back to him.
“Could you?” I said.
He walked over to me instantly and took my place between them. They both stirred momentarily but eased back into sleep from the warmth that emanated off of Jacob.
I walked toward the back of the bus where Sam, Emily, and Leah sat with their children; Embry still hadn’t left Leah’s side. I could hear that Nahuel was jealous of the time Embry was spending with her, and his heart ached for the loss of his daughter. He felt that it was wrong of him to even mourn her death, when he was so much a part of it.

“How long until we reach Denali?” Sam asked me quietly.

“An hour or two perhaps, maybe longer.” I answered. “How is everyone holding up back here?”

“The kids are quite, behaving well, I’m not sure if they know what is going on or not. Other than being a bit chilly we are all content back here.” Emily chimed in from where she sat.

I nodded. “When we get there we can set you and Leah in the same room if you would like.” I turned my attention towards Leah. She didn’t seem as if she had been paying attention but she had.

“That’s fine Edward. I could use Emily’s help, if you don’t mind?” She asked her cousin.

“Of course Leah, that wouldn’t be a problem!” Emily answered eagerly. Leah went on to her darkened thoughts, and I left them to go and sit with my sister.

She sat the quite still, with a dazed look on her face. She held Cassie with just as much care, but could not stop looking into the eyes of Damien.
“It’s amazing isn’t it Edward?” She thought as I approached her.

“Yes it is.” I said sitting next to her. I offered my hand to hold onto my niece, she was sleeping, her dirty blonde hair framing her face ever so slightly. Her tiny pink lips parted while she slept. It reminded me of Renesmee when she was this tiny. I smiled looking down at Cassie.

“It will be nice when we can have our own home again.” She said finally looking towards me. “I’ve seen it.” She said with a frown.

“Alice what’s…”

“Just see for yourself.” She said and hung her head. She showed me visions of our new home, the words “Baffin Bay” floated in and out of her mind. She showed me Carlisle and Esme finding the landscape and starting construction.

“I can’t see the rest of us.” She said with a sigh. “It’s because of all of them.” She looked towards her son and niece. “I must admit I am feeling quite useless lately. Vision wise. I can’t see around them. I mean… I HAVE to piece what is missing around them. It’s very distracting from my actual sight. It’s as if I need glasses to see properly.” She ended with a chuckle.

I placed an arm around her. “How long until they find it? Do they even know yet? “I asked my sister.

“I don’t think so. They’ll find it after they return to us, I’ll probably be the one to tell them about it, at least I can help in that way.” Again she laughed.

“Alice you serve such a bigger purpose to this family than just your visions. You do know that right?” I asked sincerely. “Even without your visions you are still the most intuitive person that I know. And you are going to make a wonderful mother.”

She glanced at me and smiled. I went on. “Even if you can’t “see” him you will always be watching out for him. I know that. Just like you watch out for Cassie, Nessie, Masen, and the children that have entered our lives. You are a protector, Alice it is who you are.”

“Thank you Edward, I did really need that. It’s horrifying, not knowing what is going to happen with him, with them all.” She said softly.

I laughed again, and half hugged her leaning into her ear. “Welcome to parenthood.”

There they were. The four of them, lying there in pain, all screaming at no one. People I loved again. Carlisle and Esme just stood against one of the walls in the living room of the 3 room condo that Rosalie….bought, borrowed…found…I didn’t know I never thought to ask. Angela was the most calm; I think she would be done with her transformation soon.

They keep telling me that it could have been worse. That they could have died. I guess we will just have to wait until they wake up to see how they feel about what they are. I chose my life, I cannot compare. Half of them had no idea we existed. I could feel Jasper next to me. It was like being next to an IV drip. Every so often he would look at my face I gather and send me another wave of calm. It helped, and I was grateful for it.

I watched Rosalie fidget slightly anticipating Josephine. Carlisle already explained to her that everything seemed fine with her process. She should awake unscathed it a matter of hours, probably being the last to wake. Rosalie understood the words, but she felt so much regret over Sandy’s death that I don’t think she was going to leave Josephine’s side until she awoke. I’m not sure how we all managed to just drown out the noise of screams around us, but at least in my head it sounded faint, like a cricket on a rainy night.

And then there was a thudding. A particular rain pattern in particular that was slower than the rest of the drops surrounding it. Carlisle noticed it too and made his way over to Angela. Her heart was slowing, dying. I felt grief for my friend. She had a university tee underneath her faux fur jacket. She must have been visiting her parents on holiday from school. Her body was convulsing harder than it had before beneath the arm restraints of the gurney, and her screams got louder, more pained. But only for a few moments, she then began to calm down, her screams turning into whimpers, then into labored breaths. She began to sweat and shiver, and I found it unbearable to watch yet, impossible to turn away. I wondered if this is what I had looked like on the outside. I knew I had been quite, immobilized by something. But did I quiver; did I burn up like this?

All too quickly her shaking stopped and her heart thudded once more, and she released her final breath.

“She’s gone.” Carlisle stated taking a rag to her forehead and wiping the sweat and her tears. “Now we wait for her to wake up.”

“Look.” Rosalie whispered, holding Emmett’s hand. She had only been gone for moments but she already began her transformation, it was kind of miraculous to watch. Angela had always been beautiful in my opinion but watching the change actually happen before your eyes was astonishing. Her skin no longer look strained, it look sleek and cool. Her hair shined and her face looked as if she were at peace. We waited patiently for her eyes to open.

It was 37 minutes after her heart stopped beating that she opened her eyes for the first time. She sat up rather quickly, glancing at each one of us. She paused longer on Jasper than she did anybody else. She was intimidated.

“Angela.” I said. She growled immediately and stood upon her gurney. She caught the scent of the three other half-alive humans beside her and she grasped her throat. Emmett had a blood bag in his and approached her slowly.

“Carlisle should she?” I started to ask but he raised his hand to me in silence and nodded.

“Angela.” Emmett said commanding her attention. “Are you thirsty?” He asked her.

Without looking at him she said “Water.” and flipped over my head to the counter on the furthest wall. She picked up one of the gallons of water that was already here when we arrived and tore the entire top half off, spilling some in the process. She began to chug, and instantly spat it out hissing as she went along. Emmett was already by her side and quickly forced the blood bag to her mouth. Angela, attempting to bite Emmett’s hand in order for him to let her go, bit into the blood bag to get to it, just as Emmett had hoped. Immediately she started to drain the bag, a look of lust and energy surging through her.

“Another.” Emmett called out and Rosalie brought him another blood bag, placing it in his opposite hand. He switched hands when she retracted her teeth from his hand, and let her put them in the other. There was blood spilling from her face and onto the floor, and I must say it was driving me a bit crazy, I can’t imagine how Emmett must feel having it running down his skin. And that’s when I noticed his eyes were turning black.

“Jasper.” I said worriedly.

“I’m fine!” Emmett exclaimed frustrated. “Just thirsty.” He ended.

By the time Angela finished the second bag she seemed more docile, and coherent, relaxed almost. She looked towards Rosalie, still somewhat restrained in Emmett’s arms.

“So this is what you all are. Why you all acted so strangely.” It didn’t sound like she was asking her, more talking at her. Then she turned to me.
“You weren’t always one.” At least Angela retained her intelligence throughout this transformation. She didn’t need much explanation. She caught on rather quickly.

“Carlisle, Billy’s heart is slowing.” Esme called for her husband. They tended to Billy why I tried to help Angela cope, although she honestly didn’t seem that torn up about it.

“What do you remember?” She looked into the air around me and tried to focus. Her attention got lost in the light only for a moment.

“I remember screaming, lots of it. The smell of blood in the air, although it’s much more appealing to me now.” She said with a smile, then she frowned.

“Do you need some more?” I asked her she nodded reverently. I handed her another blood bag and when it did it fell right through her hand. She stood in alarm.

“Vampires do that too?”

I shook my head in disagreement. I reached for her hand and she retracted. “Angela, please let me see, I won’t hurt you.” I stated reassuringly. She gave me her palm and I held it, it was solid. I placed the bag in her hand a second time and nothing happened. It stayed there.

“What were you thinking about before I gave you the blood?”

“That I was feeling empty without it.” She answered, before tearing into the bag and feeding again. I chuckled and explained to her about the abilities some of us have. That they were gifts.

“You seem to be able to phase through things. I don’t know how much of you but at least your left hand… at least when you focus on being…empty.” I smiled.

“What can you do?” She asked pausing from her meal.

“I can show you if you want.” I answered.

“It’s not painful is it?” She asked, and I shook my head.

“Okay.” She said about to return to her bag. And that’s when I froze her, forming my shell around her right before she could take a sip. I only held her like that for a moment and then I let her go. “Whoa, that’s pretty cool.” She said before returning to her meal.

After a few minutes I asked her again. “Angela, do you know anything else that happened?”

She nodded. “I saw a lot of people running through the streets. They were being attacked by those vampires, being eaten….my brothers, my parents!” She exclaimed standing up. “I have to go to them. I stood up, blocking her path. “Bella let me go, I’m all they have!” She said more ferociously than I thought possible.

“Angela they’re gone. Everybody was killed, I saw it for myself. We are the ones who found you; you were the only one left in the whole town. I’m sorry but your family, they’re gone.” I couldn’t have sounded more pained saying this to her.

She shook her head, looking as if she was going to cry. “I was home visiting my parents for the holiday…but my brothers. My brothers are vacationing in Florida for the winter break with the Hendrickson’s and their two boys. What will they come back to?” She looked to me horrified.

“Nothing Angela, there is nothing, we covered up the entire town, took care of all of the…bodies.” I said gingerly.

“What is today’s date? I have to go and get them. They will be have been back by the 22nd of February.”

“Today is the 20th. They must be safe still in Florida then. They won’t head back to Washington for two more days.”

“Where are we right now?” she asked me, eagerly trying to absorb as much as she could.

“We are in Colorado right now Angela, and there is a lot that has to be discussed and done.” I tried explaining to her about everything, the newborns, the Volturi, why we couldn’t stay near Forks anymore, and why she couldn’t go back. She didn’t want to hear any of it if it meant not getting her brothers.

“I may be dead but I am all Isaac and Joshua have now. I have to go back for them; you cannot make me go with two random people I have never met. I have to get them.”

“And where will you take them Angela, out of school, to live in the shadows with you?” She looked hurt.

“Why can’t we stay with you?” She asked me, the only thing I could focus on was the blood still staining her face, and the thoughts of my children flashed before my eyes. It was too dangerous. There had to be another way. I trusted Angela as a human, but as a vampire? She couldn’t come back with us. Our conversation was cut short.

Carlisle screamed my name. Evidently Billy had awoken during my discussion with Angela and he was pissed. I turned just in time to see him stand off the table after at least a decade of not using his legs. He threw Emmett and Carlisle back with one swing of his fist. Rosalie and Jasper attempted grabbing him after that, but he rolled through them and landed on Rosalie’s back. He had her head in his hands. I began to hear the tearing sound I’ve heard many a time when I threw my shield into Billy Black and forced him against a wall. He was strong, trying to pound against it, I was stronger. I was always stronger. I walked over to him, and it seemed that Angela silently agreed that our conversation could wait for the moment as she followed behind me. We all tried to reason with him to get him to calm down.

Esme ran to get some blood bags but Billy screamed at her. “Get THOSE away from me you disgusting creature, what have you turned me into?!?!?!”

Esme place the bags on the table, I noticed Angela eyeing them so I handed her another. We need the situation to remain as calm as possible.

“Billy.” I started. “You have known what we are for the longest time. Please try and understand this was the only way to save you, other than to have killed you.”

“And I wish that you had.” He said with such hostility.

“Now Billy Black is that any way to talk to my daughter?” My mother said sitting upon her gurney.

“Mom!” I said making moves toward her before catching myself. “Are you…okay?”

“I’m just fine dear,” She smiled, her eyes a brilliant shade of red, complimenting the hints of read throughout her chestnut hair. She looked down at her hands and then towards the light.

“Well this is interesting.” She said adoring the light refractions and dust particles as Esme walked to her, with Jasper by her side, he adorned the most astonished look on his face.

“Renee, are you thirsty?” Esme asked her tenderly.

“Not in the least bit, thank you.” My mom answered calmly only glancing at her before returning back to the light.

“She is telling the truth.” Jasper said almost defeated. “She has no urge for sustenance. The only thing I can feel from her is…curiosity.”

Carlisle laughed. “Apparently it was something in your bloodline Bella that made you so ready for the world after turning.”

“Yeah and my mom is even better at it. I was thirsty when I woke.” I said stunned.

He walked over to her and put his arm on my mother’s shoulder guiding her off of the bed, and walking her towards a window. She gasped at the scenery outside placing her palm on the window. She didn’t know her own strength and she pushed right through the pane. She pulled her hand back expecting pain, blood, but it never came.

“Bella what am I?” She asked turning toward me still calm as ever. She then glanced at Angela who was still feeding from the blood bag, then to Billy still thrashing against the wall angrily.

Her expression darkened, she was afraid. “What are you going to do to me?”

“Nothing!” I exclaimed almost hysterically. “Mom nothing at all, you are safe here with us.” I approached her, she let me.

“Your eyes?” She said frowning, referring to the golden amber they had become. “My eyes!” She said in a slightly higher pitch catching the reflection of herself in my eyes.

“I know mom, I have a lot to explain to you, it may be a lot to take in. Can you remember anything?”

“Pieces, and smells.” She replied wearily. “Pain.” She ended round eyed. It reminded me of a child, a brave yet curious child. She wasn’t afraid, she didn’t seem afraid anyway.

“Renee if you don’t mind may I please try and explain some of this to you?” Esme interjected with a smile. “Bella is a very gifted girl and would probably be better suited helping Billy over there. You seem to be doing much better than him.”

Mom glanced slightly one last time at Billy and then turned to face my adoptive mother. She smiled ever so politely and said. “Of course Esme what would you like to discuss?”

I looked to Carlisle and he smiled reassuringly at me. “Please if you wouldn’t mind helping calm Billy down, we will sit with your mother, and don’t worry. We won’t tell her about the best parts.”

I smiled and nodded at Carlisle. I really did love him. I turned and started walking back with Jasper to where I held Billy in place. Rosalie and Emmett tried reasoning with him to no avail. And Angela just observed silently eating bag after bag of blood. I knew she wanted to be with her brothers, they were only ten after all. But she was on her 7th bag and had been awake maybe an hour. Billy seemed to despise himself as well as us, and my mother well….she seemed fine. More than fine. I just hope she adjusts as well when she finds out that she is a grandmother.


Edward and Bella were given their own room at the Denali’s home. It was nice of them to let us all stay here, but considering that we took out the Volturi, maybe this was their way of saying thank you. I was sitting in their borrowed room with Masen and Nessie. They were cuddled next to each other on the too big bed they were provided.

They’ve long been asleep but I told Edward I would wait upstairs with them while he hashed out some more details with the leaders of this coven Carmen and Eleazar. I was just waiting for him to return so I could go and be with my dad, see how he was doing. I couldn’t help but to be worried, my own father was going to be dead. At least…at least he wasn’t dead like my mom. Is that what I have to keep telling myself? Being dead is okay as long as you can still walk around? I buried my face in my hands and shortly after that Edward walked back into the room.

I said goodbye, and walked down the hallway. I was sure that he heard those thoughts of mine, at least this time he was polite enough to let me keep them to myself. I walked by Leah and Emily’s room slowly, I peered my head in at the two girls, each tending to one of Leah’s kids. At least she was smiling, even if it did look broken. I would have said goodbye to the others but before I even thought about it I was already outside phasing. The snow was fresh beneath my paws. I had a long way to go but at least I would make it there quicker than I would have on that damn bus.