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Take on: Twilight Saga...Negative Exposure

If you are looking for a Twilight story that has Bella being twin sisters with Alice after running away from their abusive father to become a starlet in L.A where she meets Lawyer Edward Cullen...this isn't that story. This is a continuation of Breaking Dawn with some tweaks here and there. It's exciting, suspenseful, and romantic. Here's my hook, Bella gave birth to twins! Welcome to the world Renesmee and Masen!!!The story takes place mere hours after the confrontation with the Volturi in Breaking Dawn. Watch the lives of all your favorite characters, as I try to include as much of both the vampires and he shape shifters as possible. I really really hope you guys enjoy the story and give it a chance. Reviews good or bad always welcome! Now watch and Masen and Renesmee enjoy and endure their childhood and blossom into young vampire human hybrid adults! Oh...and before I get sued. SM owns the Twilight saga and all of her original characters. Rated adult for a reason.

All normal pairings, and I have paired up who was left mateless at the end of Breaking Dawn. I really hope you like it. All of the characters are in this story I just didn't know if I should tag all of them.

26. Chap 26 Time to Kill

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Jacob came to terms in his own way when he finally saw his father. Even after Billy finished his transformation he still begged to be put out his misery. It was almost too much for Jacob to bear. He reluctantly understood that Billy wasn’t ready to go with the group, he kept Renesmee in mind with every decision he made. He also decided that he would go with Anya and Vera in their journeys to make sure that Billy would be okay. Bella reassured him that she would always protect her children with her life, and he in turn reassured her that he would be back as soon as his father was alright.

They departed quickly after Rosalie explained herself thoroughly to the Russian duo. They weren’t receptive at all to what Rosalie had done. They agreed to help the newborns simply because they felt badly for the both of them, and wanted to ease their transitions. Josephine awoke surprisingly coherent, ecstatic really having been the only one to choose this life. She was excited to see the world, and to one day return to her son and mother. Renee was excited as well, arguably more than Josephine. The moment when Bella told her about her grandchildren may have been the most grounded Renee had been since she changed. Renee was angry somewhat that Bella had not told her about them before, yet anxious to not waste another moment without knowing them. She was flighty and somewhat impish during their travels to Alaska, she also had not one problem following the vegetarian lifestyle devouring two great big elk with delight when she finally asked to feed.

Angela cooperated as well, but not to her delight. She most certainly would rather be feeding from the blood bags, or even better fresh blood, but she was determined to convert in order to be there for her younger siblings when the news was forced upon them that their parents were gone. Bella was weary of her restraint but caved in out of guilt and sympathy for her friend and her family. Bella felt entirely responsible, and couldn’t think of any other solution than to protect young Isaac and Joshua, from their sister even if she had to.

The Denali household was more than restless over the next few weeks. Almost as soon as Carlisle walked through the door Alice pulled him away in order to discuss her vision including a decent sized island in Canada, Baffin Bay. Edward greeted his wife affectionately, followed by adoration from their children. Bella beamed when she introduced Renesmee and Masen to Renee. Renee was in awe of them both and was at a loss for words when she heard Renesmee’s name for the first time. They were both extremely receptive to their grandmother. She took them to a chair all to herself and talked with them for hours. They both demonstrated their gifts for her, showing her things she has missed, including their birth.

Bella joined them after some time, discussing things they would all get to do together in the future. Sparking much excitement in Renee she finally seemed to realize that her husband wasn’t there with everyone. When Bella broke the news to her it was devastating. She demonstrated her first act of still being plagued by human weakness and went into a rage. She ran out of the house desperate to find his scent in the air, running in no patterned direction. Both Edward and Bella finally caught up to her. She didn’t hurt anybody, but allowed them to catch up to her when she stopped to kick tree right out of the ground sending it flying about 50 feet before hitting another tree and splitting in two. She was inconsolable, and felt awful for not even realizing Phil was gone for until then. Edward was able to calm her enough to return back to the house, and explained that there was a lot for her to process in the past few hours, that she shouldn’t feel badly for not noticing.

Still inside the Denali home, the new Quileute’s Leaders, Sam, Quil V, Embry standing in for Jacob, Seth, and begrudgingly Leah sat with Benjamin, Tia, Eleazar, Carmen, Nahuel, Marcus, Edward, Esme, and Carlisle once Alice was done with him. He agreed that developing their new permanent home was and issue of importance, but there were other pressing issues to tend to, as there had these past few days. There were Volturi members’ still alive, whereabouts unknown, and an entire Empire and governing body destroyed that needed repairing.


I stared at my audience trying to determine the appropriate plan of action. “The legacy the Volturi led is not the prime example of a perfect order amongst our kind. This is our time to succeed them, to correct the mistakes that were made. We need to go to Volterra, and reclaim the throne as our own.” Even as I said it I didn’t like the taste of it in my mouth.

I let Marcus continue. “Being a member myself for many many years I can assure you that we have just begun our fight…if we wish to pursue it. We can let what remains of the Volturi regain their composure and start anew; I doubt that they will be coming after this lot, or carrying out Aro’s vision for some time.” He scanned the crowd before he continued, smiling when he landed on me. “Or we can finish this, and build something more productive and beneficial to the wellbeing of our kind. We could do the democratic thing and no longer evoke fear in our fellow vampires. We could do the right thing and set better guidelines and regulations for those new to our realm, and to those who have already been living it. It’s what Didyme always wanted.” He finished somberly.

I took the floor once more. “We have an opportunity like no other. I would never wish risking anybody’s life but we could finish what has been started, storm the castle, claim it before somebody else does. We could be safe there, and maintain some type of order for our people.” I looked across the room; nobody was willing to say anything about my decision. “Edward.” I said hoping that at least he would see my reasoning for what it was.

“Is it safe?” Was all that he asked me.

“We can make it safe once we get there.” I reassured him. It would be safe once we were in control of it.

“And who will be replacing Aro, and Caius?” He asked me, a stony look upon his face.

“What is the problem Edward?” I asked my son, I didn’t have to be a mind reader to know when something was bothering him.

“I just want to make sure that my children are safe, that my family is safe. I’m not so sure that Volterra is ensuring that.” He stood up and looked towards the pack. “I support Carlisle and I agree with him, that this opportunity does not come along every day. This is something that should be done. Unfortunately…” He turned finishing his statement looking at me. “Bella and I will not be able to stay with you. Masen and Nessie are just…they are too young for this kind of lifestyle. If they were older, if they could fight, maybe we could go with you, but I cannot guarantee their safety if I am fighting battles with my family.”


It disgusted me to even think it let alone say it. I should be there for my family, always. I risk losing them by letting them go off on their own like this.

“Leah.” I began unable to meet my father’s eyes turned to her. “I would wager that you feel the same way, as would Emily I assume.”

Leah answered in a strained voice. “I want to be where is best for my children. That is all I want now.”

I nodded. “I suggest that here is where we part ways Carlisle. At least until the children are older, until they are more prepared to be a part of something so big. I want them to enjoy life as much as they can while they have a childhood.”

He smiled at me, waning my scowl slightly. “Son of course I understand. You are their father why wouldn’t you want what is best for them. I can only assume that you have Alice’s Baffin Bay in mind then?”

“SO the pack will stay with you then Edward?” Embry piped up, Jacob in mind of course.

“Well…:” I began hesitantly. “I think that the pack, or at least most of you should go with Carlisle. This is a new beginning for us all and I think that you would not only be happier in Volterra but also serve a better purpose. I also believe that those with children should accompany Bella and I.” I ended casting glances to all of the children in the living room mere feet from us.

“Edward not all of us have children that grow faster than the norm.” Sam rounded on me. “Your children will have reached adulthood, physically, in what less than 6 years? What of mine? What of Ian, Claire? Where do you suggest is best for us?”

I chose my next words carefully, as not to upset him. “Sam you have proven yourself a fearless, and brave leader time and time again, as has Jacob. You have trained and transitioned fine warriors and led them through battle, and safety. You should go to Volterra, as should Jacob, Seth and Embry. You are the rightful heirs, and the new council to your tribe. I know that we are all almost considered family here, but I know the Quileute name means something to all of you. The tribe should stick together as best they can. Leah should stay with Bella and I with her children, as should Emily with Sammie, and baby unknown.”

“I am not leaving my wife and son alone, for any undetermined amount of time Edward. Not happening.” Sam told me angrily.

“It wouldn’t be forever Sam, it would only be a few years compared to the rest of your life, and there is nothing saying that you couldn’t visit them whenever you saw fit. Your leadership is needed elsewhere, and you are going to have to realize it.”

“If Volterra is where I am best needed then I will go, but not without my family. There are more than enough wolves, and vampires who will be there to protect them if I cannot.”

“Do you really want to risk that?” I cut him off running to where Emily sat. I had her standing and in my arms quicker than he had time to even push back his seat. “Cuz this is all it would take Sam, to have her life put out.” Embry had to ram himself into Sam in order to keep him from lunging at me. I placed Emily back down in her seat and apologized, I was merely trying to get a point across. “Leave her here with us and Leah and we will watch over her. Better than you would be able to right now. We will have more than enough protection. The five of you-”

“Edward.” Carlisle interrupted me. “You need to stop beating around the bush here. Maybe if you told them what you discovered during Leah’s delivery it may make a more unified pack. More of a willingness to remain together.” I didn’t think this was the right time to discuss that actually. However Carlisle already peaked the interest from almost every pack member.

“What about me?” Leah asked quietly.

I shook my head. “It’s not about you Leah, it’s about Embry, two of you rather.” Embry’s face darkened, he already knew where I was heading. “When we drew the blood from you all, to give to Leah, I took it upon myself to run some cultures. I wanted to know which of you Embry was related to; who Embry shared a father with. As I am sure you do most of all.” I finished directing my attention to him.

“You have known all this time?” He whispered.

I nodded. “How could you not tell me sooner?” I didn’t really know how to answer him. “There has been a lot that has gone on since that day, barely a month ago. Personally I was going to wait until Emily gave birth. I didn’t want to put any more stress on her during her pregnancy but, I don’t foresee a stress free future for us for quite some time.”

This is when it clicked for Emily and for Leah. Leah stared at Sam and turned her gaze to Embry. Emily reached across the table towards Sam’s resting hand. He looked into his wife’s eyes and realization hit him. His eyes widened and he looked towards me. Once again I nodded. His posture stiffened, and I looked toward Embry who seemed to be the last to catch on.

“It’s Sam.” He muttered to himself.

“Yes Embry.” I said solemnly. “I’m sorry that it took so many years for you to know him as your brother.”

He glanced toward his older brother questioningly and cast his eyes quickly to me before looking at the floor. “I will go where I am needed” He said. “Whatever is best for the pack…err….the group…us.” He gestured around the room at everyone.

Sam looked at Embry and figured that if his little brother was going to be brave enough to comply, that he should too. “Emily, where do you want to be?” He looked into the eyes of his wife and asked her compassionately. She grasped at her stomach, still holding onto his hand.

“I want to be where I am most needed. I never want to part with you, but if that’s what is must be done to protect us I cannot be selfish.” She had tears in her eyes and began to choke up. “I love you so much; I have always understood the duties you had as a leader.” She placed her palm upon his cheek and rubbed him. “Your duties as a father should also tell you to do what is best for you children. Going to Volterra, finishing the fight. That’s what will give us a future together. Security, safety, and freedom. It may not take as long as we think. Hopefully we can be together again soon.”

This time Sam turned to me and just nodded, indicating that he and his pack would follow the rest of them to Italy to try and take control of the situation we were in instead of being victims of it any longer.


And so it was set into motion mere days after the large group of otherworldly creatures made it to Alaska. Many of them, including the Denali’s themselves, ventured to Italy. They trekked together to Baffin Bay where the two groups parted ways. Emmett and Rosalie began construction on the temporary home and with some helping hands finished by nightfall. The pack, with the exception of Jacob, accompanied the vampires to Italy to claim a new democracy for themselves. A place where they could remain safe, and remain in control of a soon to be thriving civilization.

Leah made herself busy tending to Emily since Sam was not by her side during the pregnancy of their second child. They again shared a room, for now, and in turn Emily helped Leah with her children as best she could. Nahuel did stay with them in the home, but per Leah’s request he stayed in another room which he shared with Maysun and Serena. Charlie and Sue stayed in their own room with Ian, very appreciative of what they still had. Bella and Edward shared a room connected by a bathroom with Renesmee and Masen, although Bella frequently stayed in the rooms of her mother and Angela for the first few nights. They were successful in retrieving Isaac and Joshua from the family they had been vacationing with.

They took it as badly as expected to hear the news of their parents and their town. They were hesitant to accept what happened to their sister and what their lives would be from now on. Natural in a supernatural world. Masen helped to get them adjusted to living with the vampires. He assured the twins that they would never be harmed and that he wanted to be their friend. Even though Masen was physically a few years younger than Isaac and Joshua they played just as boys would play, occasionally teasing Renesmee for being a girl in the process.

Rosalie and Emmett happily raised their daughter, and Alice looked after her son while Jasper went with Carlisle to Italy to establish foundation for what they were trying to build. All they needed was time. Time to let word spread of a new united vampiric nation. Time to let the younger fragile ones grow into the powerful beings they would become. Time to let wounds heal and scars to fade for everyone. And that is exactly what they had.

They had all the time in the world in fact.

Many years have passed, in peace. There was a successful establishment for the vampires and the wolves in Italy. Many of what remained of the Volturi had been destroyed. Anahi was among those who lived on whereabouts unknown. This list included Jane and Alec. They had not presented themselves as a threat over the years however, and the Cullen’s were more than prepared to handle them if they decided to become one. There were many changes that happened over the years people came and went from the house in Baffin Bay. The residents were able to stay here just as they planned while the children grew in a more protective environment, where they could learn play and live safely surrounded by their loved ones.
Those who moved to Italy visited in shifts as often as they could to see those they had left behind, especially those who left behind children.

They got five years of what could be claimed as childhood in fact. Emily gave birth to her daughter, Samara Emma Uley within months of the first year living there. She was beautiful, silky tan complexion with a dark chocolate hair and eyes that looked as if they had cocoa flakes in them. She currently was a healthy normal growing 5 year old, as her brother was the same except he was 6. To no surprise Ian was also growing normally happily 6 as well. There was no telling if any of them would phase when they got older, but for now they grew as normal humans. Claire was 11 now and the adoptive daughter of the Uley’s, with Quil serving as her constant protector.

Angela adjusted very well for her brothers who were both 15 now, and maturing very well. Leah and Nahuel eventually were able to work through their marital problems and come together for their children and their own love. Leah still mourned the loss of her daughter harder than anyone but realized she had to move forward for the sake of her remaining children. Out of tribute for Lelu she got a tattoo of her late daughter’s face on her other shoulder, surrounded by a lily and her name. Although in years their children were only 5 it seemed that vampire-human-wolf hybrids grew faster than even Masen and Renesmee. By the age of 3 they already looked 9 and just two years later they had hit puberty, looking about 15 or 16 depending on the child. Renesmee and Masen looked around Edwards’s age now, 17, and they physically were only 6. As for Cassandra and Damien they both looked around 14, not quite through puberty yet.

Jacob eventually found his way to Baffin Bay with Billy in toe around the second year they had been there. Rachael and Rebecca were both ecstatic to see the both of them after so long. Billy was eventually able to come to terms with what he had become and was able to be a father again. Jacob became the most frequent flyers as it became that he would spend one week in Baffin Bay, the other in Volterra, trying to balance his pack and family duties. Volterra was now a much happier place, no longer feared. The much too big castle has had an even too bigger part of it sectioned off for the wolf and vampire families to live peacefully. The rest of the castle had been rededicated for nomadic vampires to stay during their travels, and a sanctuary for newborn to try and be housed and learn the ways and balances of what being a vampire entails.

Some of the old Volturi laws were in fact good and are still being practiced by the new Volterrian laws. Such as keeping risk of exposure as low a risk as possible and the law against immortal children. The death penalty is not used as nearly as often as it was although inevitably there will always be some who risk what has been built and continuously does so. In those instances rehabilitation has been offered but more often than not it’s declined in a brutal manor. Carlisle, Marcus, Benjamin, Jasper, and Esme seem to be the new self-employed leaders in the castle although no decision is made without discussion with the rest of the family, or the wolves. Sam, as usual, fit right in to his leadership role and almost flawlessly fit into older brother role as well. He and Embry really developed a better relationship and understanding of one another.

And today after 5 long years of only being able to visit their loved ones the group in Baffin Bay were finally going to join their families in Volterra. The rooms were all made; they had been designated for years. All of the teenagers were excited to finally travel, as they had never gone so far as northern America before. It was a dream for all of them that had finally finished it’s build up. They were saddened to leave the home they had grown up in. All in all they were just happy to be with their families.

Renesmee’s POV

We must have looked like such a spectacle walking through the streets of Italy. There were so many of us trying to blend in making way to our new home. The sun was bright and setting, being masked from the Volterra Castle itself leaving my family and myself in the shadows. I was walking barefoot enjoying the feeling of the cobblestone beneath my feet when I glanced back up I saw Jacob laughing ahead of me. I loved to stare at Jacob in this light. I purposely walked a few feet behind him so that I could gaze from afar. It was a shame he was wearing a shirt today. Dad cleared his throat a few feet behind me. I blushed and turned my head to face him, my bronze ringlets whipping from the speed. I saw mom playfully smack him on the shoulder for reading my thoughts and I chuckled. I turned back and ran up to my brother and jumped onto his back. He happened to be talking to Jacob so it was a great excuse to join the conversation, although I never really needed a reason to talk with Jacob. I loved that about him.

I started thinking about the conversation with mom and dad again, about imprinting. They sat me down and talked with me about it a year ago, when Cassie told Aunt Rosalie that I started liking Jacob…more than friend. I was so mad at her at first, but it got them to admit to me that I was the one that Jacob imprinted on. Ever since I’ve been obsessed with Jacob finally asking me out but he won’t make any type of move. And since I’ve completely memorized every detail of the conversation my parents had with me I know that they don’t want me to talk about imprinting with Jacob until he decides to tell me about it, which I stupidly agreed to….

“Hey!” Masen exclaimed, hoisting me off of his back finally. “This isn’t a free ride sis, and if you are going to keep thinking about that crap while touching me I am going to start projecting for all to see.”

I blushed again and he flashed a crooked grin with his upper lip jetting out as normal. I ruffled his hair. I touched his arm again and showed him that I would retaliate if he did that and show Aunt Leah all about his crush on her.

“We aren’t related…and I don’t have a crush on her!!” he thought right back at me. It was his turn to blush.

“C’mon you two.” Jacob said smiling his perfect smile. “Stop arguing long enough for us to unpack jeez.” He finished by bounding up the steps to Volterra. I ran after him racing him to the door. I made it just after he did and we opened the huge arched doorway. It smelled highly of polish and pine, with underlying hints of the marble that lined the halls. I pivoted my head trying to lock onto the scent of my Grandparents. I finally did and began running towards them.

“Renesmee!” my mom called from behind me.

“Grandma! Grandpa! We’re here where are you guys?” I screamed as loudly as I could making my way through the castle following their scent.