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Take on: Twilight Saga...Negative Exposure

If you are looking for a Twilight story that has Bella being twin sisters with Alice after running away from their abusive father to become a starlet in L.A where she meets Lawyer Edward Cullen...this isn't that story. This is a continuation of Breaking Dawn with some tweaks here and there. It's exciting, suspenseful, and romantic. Here's my hook, Bella gave birth to twins! Welcome to the world Renesmee and Masen!!!The story takes place mere hours after the confrontation with the Volturi in Breaking Dawn. Watch the lives of all your favorite characters, as I try to include as much of both the vampires and he shape shifters as possible. I really really hope you guys enjoy the story and give it a chance. Reviews good or bad always welcome! Now watch and Masen and Renesmee enjoy and endure their childhood and blossom into young vampire human hybrid adults! Oh...and before I get sued. SM owns the Twilight saga and all of her original characters. Rated adult for a reason.

All normal pairings, and I have paired up who was left mateless at the end of Breaking Dawn. I really hope you like it. All of the characters are in this story I just didn't know if I should tag all of them.

30. Chap 30 Masen's Real World

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Chapter 29

I don’t know what I was thinking. I could feel the tears drying on my face the faster I ran. People were yelling after me to slow down. I didn’t even care that I was running faster than I should be in public.

“Nessie!” I could hear him behind me. God Masen why can’t you leave me alone.

I was finally making it to some greenery. I could run a little faster there. Masen was faster than me and he was gaining on me as soon as we entered the forest. I decided to use my surroundings to my advantage. I waited until he was right behind me and I jumped as high as I could to a tree branch and began leaping my way through the treetops. I’ve spent my entire life surrounded by people, by protectors. I just wanted a few minutes by myself is that so much to ask?

Masen didn’t even bother trying to chase me in the trees. He kept treading the forest floor stalking me from below. I bounded from branch to branch attempting to lose my brother. I couldn’t see him through the trees any more; I climbed as high up as I could. I was gazing out over the horizon, trying to recover from the embarrassment I had just put myself through. I closed my eyes letting the wind take my hair into the breeze, the air smelled wonderful and the sunset felt amazing on my skin. My head was clearing with each passing moment. In fact I was starting to feel…distant.

I shook my head trying to get rid of the feeling. When I opened my eyes the gorgeous scene that I had left was gone. I was alarmed and swayed on my limb. I couldn’t see anything but I felt for a tree branch and held on. Moments later I could no longer hold on it was as if I had no strength, no control of my body. I was terrified I started falling. I wanted to grab onto to something, to fall gracefully and land safely, I felt like a rag doll. I felt somebody grab me. I couldn’t see or smell who it was. I wanted to cry, I knew I was being carried, I didn’t hit the ground, I think we were still in the tree tops. I was waiting for the right angle, that’s all I could do. If I could get my hand on whoever had me, I could probably at least see who they were.

Motion stopped, that’s all I could tell. Whatever had happened to me was starting to fade. My vision was blurry I couldn’t see well at all but I could move my arms, that’s I needed right now, it was my only weapon. I placed my hand upon him, and he gasped unprepared for what would happen. I didn’t show him who I was, I did the only thing I could do and make him feel. I sent him wave after wave of my fear and confusion. I couldn’t get any read on him; my body hadn’t full recovered from what happened yet.

“Stop it.” He said to me in a fragile voice.

I shook my head weakly. I didn’t let go of him. He was stronger than me right now and pulled his arm out of my grasp.

“There is no need for you to be so afraid little girl. I just saved your life, you were falling.

“I didn’t fall.” I said barely audible.

I reached for him again and replayed what my body went through while I was standing above the treetops. As my vision became clearer I saw his face fully. He was smiling almost impressively over what I was showing him.

“I know you.” I said still trying to find my voice. I couldn’t figure out from where. “My head…” I said wearily.

“You’re alright, I won’t hurt you. I’m sure it will fade soon.” He looked young, and very pale. He had dark brown hair and piercing red eyes. He was beautiful.

“Vampire.” I said trying to stand, failing, almost falling off of the tree again. He chuckled as he grabbed me to help balance me.

“Yes, I am, but like I said I won’t hurt you.” He pulled a leaf or two out of my hair and pulled it back behind my face. He smelled wonderful like sweat pea, I couldn’t help but to take an extra inhale.

Smiling this time he said. “I see you regaining the rest of your senses.”

I blushed and repeated myself. “I know you.”

“I know you too Renesmee. The last time I saw you, you were a very little girl. I can see that you have grown into a beautiful woman.” Ignoring the compliment I had finally figured out who he was. I didn’t know his name but I knew he was my enemy.

“You were with the Volturi, you tried to kill me.” I said again standing.

“No.” He protested. “I did not try to kill you. I was following orders. The Volturi, or at least the Volturi I knew was dismembered years ago by your family. As far as I am concerned for the better.” He finished enthusiastically.

I didn’t trust him. I didn’t know if I could outrun him, but it suddenly dawned on me that I was completely alone and even couldn’t pick up the scent of my brother. I decided to jump over his head and run for it, I needed my family. I barely finished my landing when that feeling of emptiness took over me.

“It was you!” I yelled to him dazed.

I tried to fight it, as hard as I could. I just kept jumping, even when my vision went and I started to stumble. I could still feel and move. So I started throwing myself into branch after branch trying to get to the forest floor.

“You don’t have to do this! I told you I wouldn’t hurt you!” I heard him yell down to me, it sounded muffled but like he was getting closer.

I could feel the cuts and the punctures in my skin but because of his gift the pain was fading.

“Stop it…please.” I muttered weakly as I finally saw the blur that was the forest. I dropped onto the ground with a thud, I landed on a rock, or a branch I think, I felt a crack where my rib would have been.

“Dad…Jacob…” I tried yelling out, but it couldn’t have been louder than a whisper.

“Renesmee.” The boy said disgusted. “I won’t hurt you, why did you do this to yourself?”

He hadn’t hit me with such as strong a dose of his gift that he had the last time.

“I just want to go home.” I said sobbing. I was terrified. I was in pain. I had never been cut or wounded or broken before it hurt a lot.

“Shh. You poor girl. Does it hurt? Here.” He sent a small dose of his talent into me and took the throbbing and the aching away. He couldn’t stop the bleeding, but I was grateful for the relief.

“I just want to go home too Renesmee. That’s why I took this opportunity to speak with you. We have been living nearby for some time. I feel horrible for startling you. For making you do this” He lifted me up into his arms.

I didn’t protest. I don’t think he could hurt me more than I had already done to myself. He noticed how much blood I was covered in and he took me to a nearby canal. He began cleaning my wounds with the fresh water. I felt stupid for acting like I had for the second time today. First Jacob then this boy.

“I don’t know your name.” I said, as I was getting goosebumps from his delicate touch.

“My name is Alec.” He said with a smile. “I really am sorry for scaring you. I just needed to talk to you. I thought you were my best bet at getting back into the Castle. I served the Volturi my entire vampire life. And I also wanted to get out of being a part of it as well.” He laughed when my jaw dropped.

Again I blushed. “If you wanted to leave why did you stay then? Keep killing people in cold blood.”

He frowned. “My sister. She loved the kill. She loved the torment. She wouldn’t leave with me, and I couldn’t leave her there, I wouldn’t. I promised her I would never leave her.” His gaze dropped into his reflection in the canal for a moment before returning back to me. “Now that the Volturi is actually doing good for the vampire world, I want to be a part of it. Even Jane I swear. She’s still not upbeat but she had learned to deal with her anger in a much better way. I have helped her, like I always will.”

“You are a good brother. Sounds like you would do anything for her.” I smiled at him, and he smile back. He continued to clean my wounds.

“Can you lift up your shirt?” He said casually washing the blood from his hands in the water.

“What?!” I exclaimed protectively.

He laughed at my confusion. “Sorry, just lift it up a little, so I can get to that hole in your body. I know I am numbing you know but the cuts and bruises are going to hurt eventually, especially that cracked rib. You should let me clean them while it doesn’t hurt.”

I blushed again, and hesitated. I lifted my shirt up over my navel and left it covering my bra. I probably shouldn’t be feeling the way that I was but…I didn’t feel like I was endanger anymore. Alec just wanted to stay with us at the Castle and help out Grandpa. He was also taking care of me, taking the pain away. Not to mention every time he grazed my skin it made my stomach feel funny…in a good way.

“Okay all cleaned up, at least the best I can do here.” He said running his hand over my abdomen one last time. I put my shirt down and he frowned.

“Oh.” He started nervously. “You have…umm you are bleeding pretty badly on top of you’re…umm.”

He nodded his head toward my chest and I looked down. He was right, there was a pretty deep gash starting at the top of my left bosom leading down through the length of my breast.

“Oh.” I said.

I couldn’t think of anything else to say. We both sat there silent for a moment.

“Would you rather take care of that wound at home?” he asked endearingly.

I shook my head. “It hurts.” I lied, my heart beating a mile a minute. I think he could tell, he smiled ever so slightly.

“Ok, I need you take off your shirt completely this time then, and remove your bra.” I nodded, and began to undress. I took them both off; by the time I turned back to face him I was shaking.

I had no idea what I was doing. I just knew that Alec was kind, beautiful, and smelled amazing. I wanted him to keep touching me. I sat in front of him exposed to anyone for the first time. He touched me very lightly smearing water over the wound. He rounded his hand to fit my breast and wiped more water onto it. My chest was heaving and I couldn’t help uttering a melodic sigh. My nipple hardened as fresh water dripped over it.

Alec was trying to remain as professional as he could for a while. Then his eyes darkened in desire and his touch became less medical and more sensual. I didn’t stop him. I had been pining after Jacob for over a year now, and nothing. Momentarily I felt ashamed realizing that I had just met this boy. Something about him made me trust him. He brushed the remaining water and blood off of me and leaned his head down.

I held my breath in anticipation. He brought his mouth to the top of my breast where the wound started and kissed the length of it. I shuddered and inhaled sharply. He licked the skin around the wound and ended by kissing my hardened nipple. When he was level with my face again I was breathing heavily. His eyes were black as night, and I could see in the reflection mine were the same shade. I had never seen them change color before.

He smiled at me. “You’re indescribably beautiful Renesmee. I’ve always known you were remarkable, but I never imagined I would end up in a situation with you like this.”

I couldn’t take it anymore. “Kiss me.” I panted.

His smile faded and a look of complete desire spread across his face. “Are you sure?”

I pulled him close to me and placed his palm back on my breast. I placed my hand onto his and showed him how badly I wanted him to kiss me. I didn’t know what had come over me. I was in a frenzy like state. Gently he pressed his lips onto mine, and slowly started to move them. I mirrored his actions just as slow, not wanting to mess up.

He was cold but he felt smooth and soft. He tasted sweet like candy it was overwhelming. Suddenly I felt his lips part further, so I parted mine. His tongue entered my mouth, and I pulled back hesitantly. He pulled me in and soon I was massaging his tongue with my own. In the back of my mind though I couldn’t help but wish this were Jacob. It wasn’t for my lack of trying. For the first time I couldn’t have been more absorbed in myself, or in the moment in my life. It was great, I felt like a normal teenager instead of a freak show.

Unfortunately I spoke too soon. Alec and I both jumped at the sound of a ferocious snarl, followed by several growls from some people I knew. I jumped extremely caught off guard, Alec and I parted. Still half naked I turned to see who had stumbled upon us. It all happened so quickly it was difficult to see who got there first. It was my dad who reached us with the first roar. Aunt Leah was right behind him still growling barring her teeth at Alec. When I noticed Jacob I finally came out of shock scrambled for my shirt, but it was too late.

Jacob had seen Alec and I, touching, kissing. He had seen me naked and it wasn’t how he shouldn’t. His heart broke. I know this because I could feel it. I don’t know if this was an effect of being an imprintee but I felt like my world was crashing, and I was so happy only moments ago.

“Jacob.” I croaked, when I said his name he turned his head away.

He wasn’t growling, he knew I wasn’t in danger. He knew that I wanted it. Mom didn’t feel that way though. By the time mom had gotten there she had used her shield and her shell. I could still move but I felt it bearing down on me hard. I don’t think anyone could get within inches of me if they tried right now. Alec was sent flying into a brick wall nearby, indenting it from the force.

“Stop!” I screamed now clothed again. “Don’t hurt him, he was helping me!” I pleaded running toward him.

I was stopped in my tracks by my mother’s shell. She didn’t even have a chance to yell at me before dad did.

“Helping you?!?!” He roared. He had never yelled at me like this before. “Renesmee your clothes are covered in blood, you are STILL bleeding. We followed your trail of blood! And when we find you are half naked acting like a-”

“Edward!” my mother said sharply shaking her head angrily at him. He glared at her; I had never seen him look at her with distaste ever. He was seething and ran over to Alec and punched him as hard as he could in the face while he was restrained. Alec didn’t make a sound.

“What did you do to my Daughter?!” He screamed.

“Nothing.” Alec said loudly.

“Edward stop it.” Mom said again.

This time he said something. “Bella look at Renesmee. Look at our Daughter! She is severely wounded and bruised. We didn’t even know what could make her bleed! He clearly had something to do with it!”

“Daddy read me! Please!” I begged him.

He turned to face me and I touched him. Showing him exactly what happened. With Jacob, running off by myself, meeting Alec in the tree.

“I fell out of a tree, Alec was just tending my wounds, and we just…we started…it just happened so fast…” I said hanging my head.

And then it hit me. “He also took the pain away with his gift. Which now that mom has blocked is making me want to pass out to be honest.” I finished doubling over clutching my rib. I tried breathing through it but when I took a breath it was excruciating. My knee’s buckled and before I hit the ground someone caught me.

I looked up with a pained expression on my face to see Jacob staring down at me. My pain doubled if possible.

“Don’t look at me.” I whispered to him hoping he would be the only one to hear it.

“Never.” He said. He didn’t smile at me, but there was no anger in his face. “You look pretty beat up Ness, I’ve never seen you this bad.” His expression changed to concern.

My heart ached. I so badly wish it had been Jacob taking care of me tonight. I could see that I hurt him.

“If you can believe it I did it to myself…mostly.” I said my voice shaking tears streaming down my face. “I’m sorry; I don’t mean to be a girl.” I said half laughing. “It just really hurts, and this is the first time I’ve been in pain. Guess I’ve been spoiled. Ahh.” I couldn’t talk anymore it took too much to breath.

“Her rib is broken, and she has several gaping wounds including one on her chest.” Alec said for me. Mom growled at him for mentioning that part of my body.

“Isabella please.” He begged my mother. “Release me, and I can take her pain away at least. I’m not going to run away I came here to speak with your family. I just ran into Renesmee first. I didn’t hurt her. You can trust me. Just let me help her.” He finished pleading.

Mom didn’t want to see me in pain either and released him.

Dad scoffed at him. “Oh you weren’t responsible for this? She was running from you and because you hindered her senses she did the only thing she could think to do. She was terrified, and she called out for me…” He trailed off, with an excruciating look on his face. My mother walked over to him and laid a hand on his shoulder.

“Yes she did, and since you weren’t there to help her, I did. I said I didn’t hurt her, I never said I wasn’t responsible. I take full responsibility for what happened, that’s why I took the pain away.” My father was still glaring at him as I lay cradled in my Jacob’s arms.

“Jake, you don’t have to help me, I understand…” I said looking away again.

“Nessie when are you going to realize I always have to help you. Even if it is to keep your boyfriend alive.” He finished with a pained smile.

“No, Jacob he isn’t…it’s not like that.” My explanation to him would have to wait however as we heard a bloodcurdling scream. A scream I recognized but it sounded like she was in agony.

“Jane.” Alec said wearily. “If you attempt to capture her she will defend herself.”

“We didn’t know anybody was out here Alec, I was just trying to find my daughter and my son.” My mom rounded on him again. “Where is Masen Alec?”

He shook his head sincerely and said. “Bella I haven’t seen your son out here tonight. And the person Jane must have is a woman based on the scream.”

Suddenly there was a loud explosion that came from the distance. It sent vibrations through the tree’s and the buildings around us.

“She has Cassie!” I said alarmed. “She is the only one who could have caused that.”

“Good.” My mom said coldly. “It’s about time Jane got a taste of pain.”

Alec glared at her for that statement.

“Come on Bella. We need to get to Cassie and find Masen.” Dad said to her determined. She nodded.

“Jacob.” Dad called back to him. “Don’t let her go.”

Again Jacob devotedly said. “Never.”