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Take on: Twilight Saga...Negative Exposure

If you are looking for a Twilight story that has Bella being twin sisters with Alice after running away from their abusive father to become a starlet in L.A where she meets Lawyer Edward Cullen...this isn't that story. This is a continuation of Breaking Dawn with some tweaks here and there. It's exciting, suspenseful, and romantic. Here's my hook, Bella gave birth to twins! Welcome to the world Renesmee and Masen!!!The story takes place mere hours after the confrontation with the Volturi in Breaking Dawn. Watch the lives of all your favorite characters, as I try to include as much of both the vampires and he shape shifters as possible. I really really hope you guys enjoy the story and give it a chance. Reviews good or bad always welcome! Now watch and Masen and Renesmee enjoy and endure their childhood and blossom into young vampire human hybrid adults! Oh...and before I get sued. SM owns the Twilight saga and all of her original characters. Rated adult for a reason.

All normal pairings, and I have paired up who was left mateless at the end of Breaking Dawn. I really hope you like it. All of the characters are in this story I just didn't know if I should tag all of them.

7. Chapter 7 Resurrecting the Reservation

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Chapter 7 10/13/11

Edward’s POV

I owe my entire family to Jacob and if this was the only way that I could ever come close to paying him back then I would be more than happy to do it.

“Go on Edward…What exactly is it that you have to offer me?”

“Well Jacob, Since we will be building an entirely new building for the people who intend to stay, we can’t exactly overlook the other residents’ whose land we share’s wellbeing.”

What are you getting at?” Jacob thought

“Carlisle has some extravagant plans for this investment Jacob.”

“The doc doesn’t seem like somebody who half-asses things.”

“No, no he isn’t.” I replied. “There will definitely be more room than needed considering the little amount of renters we have downstairs. For the meantime however we could definitely use that space to house everyone on the Reserv-”

Immediately sounds of hysteria we brought upon the room. I thought I might lose him there.

“Hahahahahahaha so your offer is to take us away from our land and lock us in rooms with bloodthirsty vampires? Hahahaha sure lemme sign THAT lease.”

“Jacob you didn’t let me finish…staying there would only be temporary. While you stayed with us we would be renovating all the properties on the Reservation. Don’t you see Jacob? We want to live in unity, for natural born enemies we are too much alike, with destinies far too intertwined. Now that the boarders have been abolished we can roam each others lands freely, we can live as a community, as a family. For generations new and old.”

I ended my statement to let this all sink in for Jacob, I tried reading the expression on his face but got nothing, I still had his brain to pick though. From what I could gather Jacob now had a lot more to gain from this. He didn’t know how much of a budget we were willing to spend on the Reservation ( which there would be no expense spared) but he knew that everybody there would do with a new upgrade. I decided to continue with my for lack of better word bribe.

“Jacob.” He looked at me. “I did have one other thing to add.”

Bella’s POV

I had no idea that the Cullens had intended on updating the Reservation as well. I knew them to be generous, but never did I expect this…and Edward had even more to offer? What else could there be?

“Bella, this involves you as well, as eventually we will need to speak with Charlie.”

Charlie? “Why?”

“Well my love, Carlisle has only foreseen one problem to our little endeavor.”

I waited for him to continue…like his father Edward liked to drag things out and let you reach the conclusion. Edward refers to it as making you think, I refer to it as being annoying.

“Well we are not concerned with people wandering onto the Reservation when they shouldn’t be since it has been established there for decades. We are however concerned that a human may someday stumble into the woods and come across us, exposure is what we are trying to avoid by doing this, and would definitely warrant retaliation from the Volturi. We would need to put up a fence, wall, or something to make the woods impassable to the people.”

“Edward I can see your point and all but I don’t understand what this has to do with my dad.”

Jacob’s turn.

“I do.” Is all that he offered.

I looked from each of them annoyed.
“Would either one of you like to enlighten me?”

“Bella darling,” Edward volunteered.
“Your father is the Chief of Police… which means that he has some input with the governing bodies of Forks. In this day and age the best way to get something restricted or off limits is to get it protected. If we can convince Charlie, to lie to his superiors, that there is some sort of near extinct creature living in the woods, we can get it restricted to the public. Once this happens Carlisle, being the animal lover that he is, will then step in and make a generous donation to have the boundaries reinforced.”

We all briefly giggled at the “animal lovers” jest. I had to hand it to him this plan had really been thought through.

He continued. “In fact, Carlisle will even be so nice as to oversee construction himself, and assure everybody that even though his house sits in the heart of the sanctuary no harm will come to the animals.”

I was extremely impressed with my husband. He was an extremely gifted orator, and intellectual to boot. Not to mention…I just loved to look at him, I let my mind begin to wander to…more playful things. I decided to have some fun with him, this was the perfect opportunity to drop my shield. We decided to make our way downstairs after Jacob agreed to not only talk with Sam, but to try to impose his will. I believe that a part of Jacob now truly envisioned a brand new lifestyle for his family. Our family, consisting of humans, vampires, werewolves, and vampire-human hybrids…perfect. Luckily Jacob took the lead down the stairs because Edward stopped abruptly and looked at me when he suddenly heard my thoughts. I subtly smiled and brushed by him on the staircase.

Hi Baby. I thought.
I wanted to test out a little game with you…I’m going to periodically raise and drop my shield. I have some things I want to share with you okay? Don’t worry it’s nothing bad, trust me, I love you…talk to you soon.

We were enthusiastically greeted by everyone in the room. Evidently Rosalie managed to lure Esme outside with Emmett, Masen and Renesmee. The sky outside was a lighter shade of blue, sunrise must be approaching. What an awful schedule we have the children on. Carlisle was quick to get back to business as he quickly drew us into conversation. Unfortunately for Edward I too was eager to get down to business, I hope he has enough of an attention span to focus on Carlisle as well. Then again I suppose I’m initiating this because I don’t, I want him to pay attention to me.

“Edward it seems that we have figured out who will be joining us.” He cast a nervous look toward the group of candidates, I wonder who did decide to stay…drumroll please…Edward chuckled at that one haha this was going to be fun… he stopped laughing at that. Carlisle went on unaware of the find fuck I was about to lay on Edward.

Baby, as much as I wanna know who our new neighbors will be…I cannot wait to get you back to the cottage. Do you think we would be able to leave them with Rosalie for a while, I’m sure she would be more than willing. And I promise that if you take me home shortly I will be more than willing and able to take care of you.

I moved and stood in front of him just enough to hide his erection, feeling it brought back memories of exactly what it could do to me I replayed these images in my head for my husband I felt him inhale and hold it, he proceeded to swallow what I can only assume was a mouthful of venom.

I bet you’ll give me a mouthful to swallow when we get home.
I laughed seductively in my head
keep trying to enforce that willpower baby…eventually you’re gonna give in.
I couldn’t believe it. He wouldn’t move an inch, unless you count the inches between his legs…I guess I’m just going to have to try harder.

Carlisle’s POV

Finally, they had finished their discussion. I had accomplished some of what I had set out to do. I’ve gathered a few people interested in the idea of staying. And I have informed all of my family, and Jacob, and have gotten excellent feedback. All that’s left to do is meet with the Tribe and Pack, and then convince Charlie of what we intend to do. I hope Edward informed Bella that we would need to inform Charlie of our intentions. He may be willing to play dumb for the sake of his daughter and grandchildren, but I doubt he will falsify any legal document without justification. Hopefully he will see our plight as justifiable. I suppose I will have to wait until later to hear his update. At least I can fill him in on my portion of information now.

“Edward, Bella, Jacob. Have we reached an agreement?”
Edward simply nodded, I waited for more of an answer, and it almost seemed that Jacob did as well. When I realized he wasn’t saying more I continued my retell.

“Alright well then I have some wonderful news. It’s been decided that Benjamin and Tia will stay.” Benjamin felt the need to elaborate.

“Carlisle has been kind enough to offer us refuge, and for that I thank him. He has made it quite clear that we may come and go as we please, and although I am not sure if we will convert to your eating habits and will certainly respect the boundaries. I also will be more than happy to offer my services to help establish our new homes, and will also do my part to ensure the safety of all of us. It would be a shame to put anyone here in danger after fighting so hard to protect them just last daylight. I hope that I am speaking for all of us?”

He turned to face the ones who replied with “yesses” and “of course” those being the Nomads Mary and Randall, and Maggie from the Irish Coven. I looked at Edward who had a pained look on his face, I wonder if there was somebody staying that he didn’t want there, or perhaps it was somebody who didn’t want to stay that bothered him. Bella seemed to be standing in front of him almost defensively. Was there something I was missing?

“I should also be glad to announce that although Garrett will not be staying with us physically he will be joining the family. He is going to live with the Denali’s who have chosen to reside in their home.”

“We do not mean to insult you Carlisle, you are of course still family, it’s just that well, we are already settled in our home, and I do not foresee the Volturi returning anytime soon. If they should declare an attack on you again we will be more than prepared to return. I do not mean to scoff at your idea…it’s just a little too, humane for my liking. It’s too much a risk of being exposed.” He finished respectfully.

I proceeded “I wish to inform everyone that I hold no ill will toward any of you, we are all still friends in my opinion. Sibohan, Liam, I would like to offer an apology if you feel that I have disrespected you or undermined you in anyway. I hope you will forgive us for taking Maggie from you, and I encourage you to visit whenever you may like.”

Sibohan didn’t look very pleased with me but her words made no indication of the sort.
“Carlisle, Maggie has a mind of her own, and although we cannot, and would never force her to stay she will be greatly missed. She is our family.”
She looked at Maggie and embraced her.
“I wish you luck and hope you find what you need here. We will keep in touch.” She added with a reproachful look.

Maggie stated “I love you both so much, you took me in and became my family. I just feel that the Cullens are offering a wonderful opportunity. Every word the man spoke held not an ounce of deceit.”

I must say this petite Irish girl was very outspoken. Maggie looked to be about 16 she could easily pass for another daughter or niece, except for the hair, nobody could match it. Her hair looked like it had been set ablaze; it was a brilliant shade of red with curls much looser than Renesmee’s but looked just as soft. Many thoughts like these about my new neighbors began popping through my head. Some of them I didn’t know anything about yet. I was finally able to bring myself back to the conversation.

“Cullens” she addressed us all
“By no means do I believe the Volturi are done with you, or any of us for that matter. There is corruption in the Volutri and based off the lies being thrown around the battlefield today within the Voturi itself…I don’t think they would stop at anything to ensure their positions. This is the place to be when it all goes down. I don’t have visions like Alice here, but…well…I’m just not stupid.”

This received a round of laughter from all except from Bella and Edward. What I would give to know what was going through their minds.

“Randall” Maggie addressed him. “You have the same power as I do yes?”

“Not exactly” he answered. I couldn’t tell where his accent was from. Maybe South Africa? There would be plenty of time for that.
“Yes, like you Maggie I can tell when somebody is being deceitful…I can also get somebody to tell me the truth. All I have to do is ask them a question directly and they cannot lie to me.”
He gave her a smirk “If you would like me to show you I can do so in private later, I have learned that most people become embarrassed by information revealed when I prove myself in public.”

If Maggie could have blushed I believe her face would match her hair. Thankfully Jacob cut their flirtation short, he started with a big yawn.

“Well if this is all settled then I would like to head back to the Res. I need to inform Seth and Leah of what’s going on and then get to Sam and tell him what’s up. After that I’ll probably take a snooze….I’ll have a council meeting set up for tonight though…”
He yawned again
“Head over around 9, and if you bring the kids dress them warmly, it gets cold on the beach at night, Bella, you remember. Umm…” he said scanning the room.
“Whoever wants to attend the meeting feel free as long as you’re an official resident, I can’t allow random vampires on the lot, Sam’s head is gonna explode as it is…not to mention my dad…”
he trailed off and thought about what he just said, quickly he recovered.
“Just don’t eat anybody okay?” and with that he left.

We could all see him saying goodbye to Renesmee and Masen through the window. As far as I was concerned we needed to get construction started right away, I would have Esme draw up the blueprints, and Rosalie could order supplies, Alice could decorate the interior and…

“Carlisle” Edward interrupted my thoughts.

“Yes son?”

“Is there anything more that we need to discuss?”

“Well, for no I suppose not.”

He smiled. “Excellent, Bella and I are gonna go hunting do you think-”

I cut him off, it was always entertaining when somebody could finish his thoughts.
“Somebody could watch Masen and Nessie? I’m sure that we could find somebody in this house who would love to spend some time with them, that is if their current sitter will allow anyone else to take them. I added with a smile.

“Thanks Dad.” And without a hesitation he and Bella were off. I think I will go and try to chat with Sibohan and try and persuade her to stay one more time.

Edward’s POV

I took Bella out through the backdoor. I did not want to be stopped by anybody ,I hate to say it, not even my children. No distraction could be tolerated right now. I couldn’t endure one more second of not being inside my wife. After the torture she has been putting me through for the last half hour, I could hardly contain myself. The images she showed me, the things she said to me. I have never heard Bella be so…so…dirty before. I was not oblivious to how stunningly sexy she was, nor to the fact that she was amazing in the bedroom…

Oh thank you! I can see the cottage, the door would not be attached anymore in a few seconds… But the Bella I knew never was one for Dirty Talk. She was always up to do the deed but not one to discuss it later she was far too shy. My shy girl has gone far away today, and I am anxious to see if she lives up to half of the things she promised me in her head. I wonder if she thought about these things while she was human?

“Yes I did!” she screamed as she ran through the door, opening it first. How the hell did she know I was thinking that? Perhaps I have been relying on my powers too long, she can read me like a book.

“You have been spared this time door” I thought to myself taking a second glance at the door running up the stairs, when I reached the top I stopped dead in my tracks. Bella was standing there in her jeans and nothing else. Her lavender top cast aside on the floor. Her mahogany hair was draping over her shoulders and breasts, barely covering her dark pink nipples. I moaned in despair.

There she was in front of me and none of me was touching her, this was a problem I immediately had to correct.