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A Change For Good? Or A Chance Of Death?

This is a little ballad poem I wrote for English class. It is in Alice's perspective and it takes place during the fight between the Cullens and Volturi.


1. A Change For Good? Or A Chance Of Death?

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Would his hand in my hand show his consequences?

Would I be able to change his decisions for war?

Nothing would change his mind.

They grabbed me and my father, leaped and regretted his decision.

Who would die first?

Would he see the damage that would happen?

My sweet true love was killed by the she devil.

He saw this happen but he just smiled with delight.

Who would die next? My mother, the dogs?

Would it be the dog who hated my sister?

The dog who defended my family was strangled and killed.

Another was dragged down to the depths of hell.

Would any other family or friends die?

Would I die?

I watched as my family was beaten and their enemies were killed.

The she devil was staring at me intently but my sister was my protector.

Would she protect me enough to kill the she devil?

Or would I die like the rest of the red eyed council?

I grabbed her and threw her out to the dog that tore her limb from limb.

I watched as the selfish and grieving red eyed councilors were ripped apart by their once friends.

Would the leader of the council be torn to shreds and burned to oblivion?

Or would my family and I be the ones burned to ashes?

My brother and his beloved wife attacked the leader, broke his back, and ripped his head off with anger.

My family and our enemies collided as he envision his head being burned indefeat.

Now would his decision change after seeing his nightmare come true?

Or would it take two final witnesses to change his foolish decisions?

He looked at me in fear and I said "Now you see your future."

They walked towards us, their feet leaving foot prints in the snow.

Would he see that people like my neice are no threat to our secret world?

Would it make a difference?