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When Rosalie Marcum moves to Seattle she vows to make a new start, to take control and make some changes. Her first brave adventure doesn't quite go as planned, but is certain to change her world forever. "I've not had any woman look at me the way you do," he whispers, voice husky. "I think you've been walking around with your eyes closed Jake," I laugh, raising my eyebrows at him, full of scepticism. His cheeky smile makes a timely appearance. "Oh, yeah, well, there's plenty of that." Modest as always. I'm just about to roll my eyes when his face turns serious again, stopping me in my tracks. "I mean, I've never had anyone look at me like they really..." He pauses, worrying his lip, "Like they really love me. Only me." Oh.

Jacob/OC pairing with the inclusion of several other characters from the Twilight series.

10. Chapter Ten

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When Jacob rushes out of the room I immediately follow. I expect him to make for a phone, but instead he starts to unlock the front door hurriedly, only noticing me when my boots thump on the light wood floors.

"Ros, stay with the others, please," he implores, hesitating at the door.

"I want to stay with you," I say stubbornly, folding my good arm across my chest. He chuckles sardonically, shaking his head, letting the rain pour in from outside, wetting the hallway floor.

"No, honey, you don't." He pushes the door partially closed and walks close to me, taking the tops of my arms in his hands, completely encircling them in heat. "Can you please just trust me on this?"

"Jake," I start, and he knows he's already lost because he steps away, sighing, "If the rest of your… tribe… pack… or whatever are coming, I want to know what I'm dealing with," I insist. He looks down at me, concern filling his eyes.

"I'll show you, but… just promise me one thing… okay?" He rubs his neck anxiously, looking down at his feet. When he looks back up at me his eyes are troubled, apprehensive. "Give me time to explain."

"I promise," I reassure, although I'm not entirely sure what it is I'm promising. I'm walking blindly here into something I know nothing more about than what I've gleamed from sci-fi shows and the occasional documentary mentioning mythical creatures. As he leads me outside, it dawns on me how thoroughly unprepared I am. What if he's out of control? What if he attacks me? I'd have no idea how to defend myself, if defence is even possible. He opens up his car, reaching in and pulling out a jacket which he throws to me. I shrug the massive garment on gratefully, pulling up the hood to shield myself from the insistent rain. Is it the cold or fear that has me shaking?

Why is he undressing? He pulls off his t-shirt in one swift motion to reveal a washboard stomach, copper skin pulled tight over muscle, then disappears for a moment as he bends down, reappearing as he throws his trainers onto the car seat. All that's left is his ragged jeans and a little pack he's grasping tightly in his hand. As he slams the car door, skin shining from the rain, his ebony hair plastered to his forehead, he sends me a little smile, hopeful and unsure. Then he jogs off into the woods.

"Jacob?" I call, confused. My breath starts to mist as I exhale and as I squint, trying desperately to see past the thick branches of evergreen, all I can hear is the rain sloping down against the muddy earth. Has he changed his mind? Should I go back to the house?

Then suddenly there's a rustling in the trees and as I turn to face the source of the sound, my heart leaps up into my throat, making a lump that's impossible to swallow. Padding slowly out of the trees towards me is a gargantuan wolf, its' paws the size of dinner plates, leaving massive footprints in the soggy ground. A step backwards and my back meets the bonnet of Jacob's car. I mustn't run… I mustn't run. I try to remind myself that this is what I was expecting, I already knew what he was… he prepared me for this. The appearance of this enormous wolf shouldn't take me by surprise.

And yet I can't calm my heart rate and my hands are shaking like jelly as it approaches, still slow, still cautious. It stops, six feet away and just looks at me with deep set, chocolate brown eyes. They're not animal eyes, the depth and emotion within them is plain to see, the same emotion that Jacob was wearing before he walked into the woods and emerged as… this. Hopeful, unsure. There's no doubt left in my mind that this is the oversized creature that came to save me in the clearing, this is Jacob Black.

I take a deep breath and force myself to move forward, one step at a time. The wolf… Jacob, inclines his head and takes a watchful step forward too and step by step, we finally meet in the middle, my heartbeat thundering in my ears. I reach out and touch his reddish-brown fur gingerly. It's soft, softer than I thought it would be, somewhere between cat and dog and as I continue to stroke I feel my anxiety start to melt away. He's so tame, so gentle and patient as I carefully stroke his head, his muzzle and then finally under his chin, at which point a low purr starts to rumble from his chest. One look at his large, almond eyes and I can see the happiness shining through at me. When I smile in reply he catches me completely off guard, shifting forward and nuzzling his head close against my stomach affectionately. Laughing, I hug his massive head as best I can with one arm.

"You're not so scary in the daylight," I tell him as he pulls away softly. He gives me one last playful nudge with his nose before he trots off back into the woods, reappearing moments later just in his jeans. This time he runs at me, his bright smile beaming, lifting me up off the ground into a tight hug. I laugh all the way through it, enjoying the warmth that beats through from his skin to mine and when he puts me down the hug doesn't stop. He coils his arms around me, carefully avoiding my sling, and rests his cheek on the top of my head through my hood.

"You weren't scared," he whispers and the relief is crystal clear in his voice. I chuckle,

"Oh I was scared… just not passing out scared this time…" He gives me a tight squeeze, one hand reaching up and cradling my cheek, tucking my head into his clammy chest. He smells musky, of the woods, of earth. Wonderful. "Thank you," I whisper, "For saving me the other night."

"Thank you for not running away," he replies earnestly, letting me go. He smiles down at me, that gorgeous, toothy, Jacob grin. "Come on." He takes my hand and walks me back to the house, taking his jacket back once we're inside. I inspect his bare chest, an eyebrow raised.

"Are you not putting your clothes back on?" He laughs, leading me through a different door off the hall into a small living room filled with comfy looking furniture that looks like it's seen better days. When Jacob flops his whole weight onto it in one fell swoop, I can understand why. As I sit next to him, somewhat more delicately, he explains,

"The clothes were for your benefit… we kind of run hotter than normal humans." That makes sense.

"I had noticed how hot you were." I see his cheeky smile start to grow, "Don't even bother, Jake," I giggle, nudging my shoulder against his. A small fire is crackling away quietly in the hearth, casting a warm glow all over the room, making Jacob look even more bronzed than normal and providing much needed light due to the presence of only one small window overlooking the back yard. "Does the heat not bother you?"

"Used to it I guess," he shrugs, "It does come in handy from time to time." I'll bet, I'd love to have my own personal radiator with me all the time.

"Oh!" I exclaim, "Did you call the others, your pack? I didn't hear you speaking to anyone." Jacob smiles mirthfully,

"I forget how much you don't know… The pack… we can hear each other's thoughts when we change."


"Pretty much, that's why Sam and Seth recognised you when we first got here. They already knew about what happened in the clearing, all of the pack does." He rolls his eyes as he leans forward and prods the fire with the poker. "It can be really frustrating, never having any thoughts that are just your own. Plus you get to hear everyone else's bullshit all the time." He takes my hand again and starts to trace patterns on the back of my hand with his fingers. It tickles. "But the feeling of family is nice… I wouldn't want to give it up."

"So Claire, and that woman with the scar… Are they in the pack too?"

"Emily? That's a whole other story-"

"No passing out this time Rosalie?" Quil comes strolling in, a big smile on his face, closely followed by Claire whose hands are shoved deep in her pockets. Now the jig is up, it seems both he and Seth have shed their t-shirts too.

"I was a little more prepared this time, thank you," I retort before poking out my tongue indignantly to which he just laughs.

"Really good at phasing, isn't he?" Seth asks, but my attention is still on Quil. There's plenty of free chairs, but because Claire is standing, so is Quil, right next to her. Really close next to her. She's got to be, what, thirteen, fourteen? Weird. Maybe they marry young round these parts…

"Sorry, phasing?"

"Changing," Jacob explains, looking smug, "When we first start to change it's really uncontrolled… any strong emotions can trigger us off, especially anger."

"Jake never changes anymore unless he wants to, do you bro?" I think there's a little element of hero worship going on here, and by the looks of Jacob's puffed up chest, he loves it. A cough interrupts us as Emily enters the room, smiling gently.

"If you're finished showing off, Jake," she teases, "We need to decide what to do with our guest. Sam's concerned that it's another full moon tonight."

"Can William not control it at all?" I ask, feeling somewhat naive. Emily shakes her head.

"Not from what he's described. If he gets loose, he's dangerous."

"I have some chains in my garage," Jacob suggests. I try to hide my horrified expression at the thought of Will being chained up in a cold garage for the night. Admittedly, I know it's necessary, but that doesn't mean it doesn't make my stomach turn. "The guy who used to live there sound-proofed it too, for his band or something."

"That sounds perfect," says Sam, entering the room with Will at his side, chewing his nails again. "Sundown is in a couple of hours and I don't want to risk waiting for the others before we make sure we're not endangering anyone." Everyone nods in agreement, apart from William of course. I doubt he's entirely thrilled with the chain idea either.

"We'll meet first light tomorrow and get the full story."