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When Rosalie Marcum moves to Seattle she vows to make a new start, to take control and make some changes. Her first brave adventure doesn't quite go as planned, but is certain to change her world forever. "I've not had any woman look at me the way you do," he whispers, voice husky. "I think you've been walking around with your eyes closed Jake," I laugh, raising my eyebrows at him, full of scepticism. His cheeky smile makes a timely appearance. "Oh, yeah, well, there's plenty of that." Modest as always. I'm just about to roll my eyes when his face turns serious again, stopping me in my tracks. "I mean, I've never had anyone look at me like they really..." He pauses, worrying his lip, "Like they really love me. Only me." Oh.

Jacob/OC pairing with the inclusion of several other characters from the Twilight series.

2. Chapter Two

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"… don't see why you had to bring her here…" Ow."… just put her back in the tent…" Ow. Oh god ow.

"… and get eaten? Yeah, right." My face. My face really, really hurts. Who the hells talking? This place is comfy… "Shut up, she's waking up." Why is it so hot here? And why can't I move my arm? As I try to open my eyes whoever was talking falls silent and all I can hear is my own groaning. Has the world gotten brighter? My visions swerve and blurs as two faces start to form above my own. I'm in bed, who's bed am I in?!

"Hi there." The round face to my left smiles down at me with slightly crooked teeth. Boy, he's tanned.

"Where am I?" I croak. I try to shift my weight to sit up but I can't. I'm so thirsty. "Why can't I move?"

"La Push," the face to my right answers gently. I turn my head to face him, trying to ignore the twinge in my shoulder and then thank the lord that I'm already kind out of it, that way they might excuse me drooling. This guy, wow. I think I've died and gone to heaven. Small, chocolate brown eyes gaze down at me, framed by the most perfect bone structure I think I've ever seen. High cheekbones, a strong jaw, short and dark tousled hair, the slightest hint of stubble. This guy is a nice piece of work.

I think he mistakes my awestruck expression for confusion because he starts to rub the back of his neck, looking awkward. "Down by the coast…. I found you in the woods." All my memory from the previous night comes flooding back, needing to pee, the darkness and the wolves. That wolf. How on earth am I alive? Tanned guy number one returns to the bedside holding a glass of water which he holds out to me. I try to take it with my dominant left hand and I'm rewarded with shooting pains all the way up to my shoulder, making me grit my teeth. I'd rather not be seen whimpering in front of complete strangers. I peel back the covers with my good hand to find my left arm wrapped up in a sling.

"My arm…"

"Sprained pretty bad," number one explains with a shrug. I try to sit myself up again by pushing with my right hand and number two comes to my aid, wrapping his arm around my waist and pulling gently, moving me with complete ease. This guy definitely, definitely lifts. As I take the water, number two reaches behind me and starts to rearrange my pillows. His close proximity draws my attention to how hot he is, and this time I'm not talking about his chiselled good looks. He's actually hot, scorching. As I sip my water, leaning back onto my newly fluffed pillows, I try to think of what you're supposed to say in this kind of situation. No pressure, of course, not when two strangers are staring at you expectantly and one of them looks like he's straight off the runway. A quick glance around the room shows it to be small and messy, obviously a very masculine looking room. Suddenly I can't help but wonder how long ago these sheets were changed.

"Did you see any wolves?" I blurt out. The two men exchange the swiftest of looks across me, before number two smiles (oh my god, that smile) and shakes his head.

"No, no wolves. I found you this morning when I was out walking by the clearing just off 101." He hesitates, putting his hands into his pockets and shrugging. "Your camp was… pretty wrecked though." He rocks back and forth on his heels and the other guy interjects.

"There are wolves around here though, so, yeah, it's not surprising you saw some." He pauses, "That is what happened isn't it? You… er… saw some wolves? Passed out?"

"Not just some, it was a whole pack! And then there was one that was really, really huge…" Another glance at each other. Great, they think I'm crazy. Taking another sip of my drink, I suddenly realise how thoroughly un-chewed I am. "How am I not eaten if you didn't find me until morning?"

"Maybe you smell bad?" number one offers and I scowl at him. At least he has the graces to blush.

"Well, you did hit your head pretty hard," my Adonis answers, gesturing towards me, "Maybe it was the whole… play dead… thing." I guess that makes sense. Kind of.

"If it weren't for the fact that my first ever camping trip has ended disastrously, I might have said that I've been lucky," I chuckle to myself. The tanned two just smile in reply. "So… I'm sorry but… who are you?"

"Oh, you can call me Quil," the one to my left replies.

"I'm Jacob Black," says the other, offering me his hand. I take it all too readily and shake, enjoying the way his massive hand enfolds mine in squeezing warmth. I think he must hold on a little too long, because Quil coughs and Jacob almost jumps, letting my hand fall back to the bed.

"Jacob undressed you," Quil quips, looking incredibly pleased with himself when Jacob's cheeks pink in embarrassment, much likely matching my own. How could I not have noticed that I'm in a stranger's bed in just my underwear? Well, let's face it; this isn't the first time that's ever happened.

"Yeah… uh… your clothes were soaked when I found you." I just stare back, too embarrassed at the thought of this gorgeous man having seen me almost naked, completely unconscious. "You know… because of the rain," he explains further, looking embarrassed too. He turns and picks up a rucksack I recognise as my own. "I got your stuff from the tent so you've got clean clothes. Your others are drying by the fire, too." He pauses. "Sorry."

"It's you I feel sorry for, having to see that," I laugh, trying to make light of a situation that is rapidly getting more awkward by the second. Jacob just starts rubbing the back of his neck again, avoiding Quil's beaming, inane smile. "I'm Rosalie, by the way," I announce, "Or Ros… whatever."

"Lovely to meet you," Quil replies smoothly.

"Yeah… yeah…" Don't be too enthusiastic there Jacob, you might explode. He can't seem to look at me anymore. Oh god, was I really that hideous? I mean I know there was some indulgence over Christmas, but surely I haven't ballooned that much have I? "We'll leave you to get dressed, or rest, or… whatever."

"Okay, thanks…" Jacob practically pushes Quil towards the door and as the door is pulled closed I'm sure I hear some angry hissing behind it that gradually disappears, until all I can hear is a faint tick of a clock.

This totally wasn't how I expected this trip to go. I thought I'd just spend one night in the forest, get some evidence and go home to my comfy, warm flat. Then again, I suppose I should be grateful. I'm alive, for one, and I've met possibly the most gorgeous man on the entire planet.

This was supposed to be the year of changes and adventure... I guess this is it.