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When Rosalie Marcum moves to Seattle she vows to make a new start, to take control and make some changes. Her first brave adventure doesn't quite go as planned, but is certain to change her world forever. "I've not had any woman look at me the way you do," he whispers, voice husky. "I think you've been walking around with your eyes closed Jake," I laugh, raising my eyebrows at him, full of scepticism. His cheeky smile makes a timely appearance. "Oh, yeah, well, there's plenty of that." Modest as always. I'm just about to roll my eyes when his face turns serious again, stopping me in my tracks. "I mean, I've never had anyone look at me like they really..." He pauses, worrying his lip, "Like they really love me. Only me." Oh.

Jacob/OC pairing with the inclusion of several other characters from the Twilight series.

3. Chapter Three

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I try to take Jacob's suggestion and get some rest, but every time I close my eyes all I get is flashes of the night before, that massive wolf, the feel of the moss, rain on my cheeks, then warm hands and eyes… and then I get to thinking about Jacob, wondering if this is his bed. It smells heavenly. Not that I've been smelling his pillow, but, you know, when you're turning your head it just kind of happens. I wonder if the rest of him is as strong as his arms, I wonder what he sleeps in. Maybe he sleeps naked. The thought makes me squirm a little and I can feel myself smiling at the ceiling.

Ugh, no, this is not a healthy train of thought. I force my eyes open, feeling grieved at the loss of the lovely images contained behind my eyelids, and swing my legs out of bed. So apparently my legs are hurting too. I try to take it slowly, using my good hand to push myself up onto legs that wobble under my weight. By keeping hold on the windowsill, I manage to shimmy along and pick up my rucksack and pull out some clothes. I still can't believe that Jacob has seen me in my underwear. Maybe he should return the favour. I roll my eyes at my own cheeky grin plastered to my face. I pull out a t-shirt and jeans. Huh… this might be tricky. I manage, with some difficulty, to get into my jeans… even to get one arm into my t-shirt, but now I'm stuck. There's no way I can get my left arm out of this sling, into my t-shirt and back again without some help. Fabulous. I presume there's no women in the house to ask to help, seeing as it was Jacob that undressed me in the first place.

"Uh… Jacob?" I call tentatively. I wait, then hear footsteps on the wooden floor outside the door. It swings open and Jacob stands in the doorway, looking like a giant underneath it. His eyes flicker to me, to the one exposed half of my torso, then straight to the floor. Poor thing, he doesn't know what to do with himself. "Can you help me, please… I'm kind of stuck."

"Yeah… sure…" He walks towards me, eyes still on the floor. It's not until he's stood right in front of me that I realise how much he dwarfs me in size. The top of my head barely meets his chin.

"Thank you." My heart starts to pound in my chest, his closeness making me nervous. Yeah, that's definitely his bed I've been sleeping in. He smells wonderful. He reaches up and starts to undo my bandages, holding my arm with one hand, untying with the other. I can't help but marvel, as he threads my arm gently through my t-shirt, how such huge hands could be so gentle. And so warm! I glance up at his face. He looks so cute when he's concentrating, his eyebrows knotted together. As he ties my bandage once more, his eyes flicker up and meet mine. A beat passes. He looks at me, I look at him, then something brushes against my leg and I almost jump out of my skin, straight into Jacob's chest. Yep, the rest of him is just as strong.

I pull myself away from his chest with a nervous laugh and look down to see a ginger cat walking in circles on the floor, looking up at us expectantly. Jacob's face breaks into a massive grin as he leans down and picks up the cat and starts rubbing its chin lovingly.

"Hey there Otis!" he exclaims, planting a kiss on the cat's head which is gratefully receives, purring loudly.

"Cute cat," I comment, reaching out and stroking the fussy cat.

"You like cats?"

"I love cats. I have two back home."

"Oh yeah… you're English right?" I smile, rubbing Otis' exposed tummy.

"You noticed huh?"

"The accent kind of gives it away," he smiles back. How is he this cute, really?

"Thank you for everything, by the way. My hero!" Smooth. Real smooth. He laughs and just shrugs, putting Otis down on the bed.

"No problem. Couldn't just leave you out there could I?"

"Well, thank you anyway." My good hand reaches out of its own accord and touches his arm gently. Again, real smooth Ros, want to try any more cliché flirting moves while you're here?

"Do you want to go grab something to eat?" Sweet Jesus, the cliché flirting move worked.

"Of course!" I exclaim, grinning stupidly. Coughing, I try to calm it down, "I mean, no, that'd be nice. Yes, please."

"Awesome. Come on, I'll drive us." He walks out of the room and I follow dutifully, absorbing my surroundings. He leads us down a pokey hallway which leads out into a small living room, complete with big tv and games console. Yeah, total bachelor pad. It's cluttered, but at least it looks clean. The walls are freshly painted and the carpet feels soft and springy beneath my feet. Crap, my feet. Jacob is already half out of the door before I realise I don't have any shoes on.

"Jacob, my shoes!" I call. He turns around with a sheepish grin, pulling the door closed again.

"Sorry." He grabs my boots from by the front door and gestures to the sofa, which I sit on. He reaches out for my left foot but I jerk it away quickly, causing him to look up at me with a raised eyebrow. "You're gonna need some help on this blondie," he quips. Glowering, I relinquish and let him take hold of my foot, gently slipping it into my boot and doing up the laces. When he takes hold of my right foot I can't stop the giggles from coming, my toes wriggling in protest. "Oh, ticklish, I see." He grins up at me devilishly and I shake my head frantically.

"No, no, no, no," I plead and he just laughs at me, slipping my foot into my boot and tying the laces in a bow.

"I'm not that cruel," he tells me, straightening up and offering me his hand to stand me up again. Before I can offer him my third thank you of the day he walks out of the front door and I have to half walk, half run to catch him up, pulling the front door shut behind me.