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When Rosalie Marcum moves to Seattle she vows to make a new start, to take control and make some changes. Her first brave adventure doesn't quite go as planned, but is certain to change her world forever. "I've not had any woman look at me the way you do," he whispers, voice husky. "I think you've been walking around with your eyes closed Jake," I laugh, raising my eyebrows at him, full of scepticism. His cheeky smile makes a timely appearance. "Oh, yeah, well, there's plenty of that." Modest as always. I'm just about to roll my eyes when his face turns serious again, stopping me in my tracks. "I mean, I've never had anyone look at me like they really..." He pauses, worrying his lip, "Like they really love me. Only me." Oh.

Jacob/OC pairing with the inclusion of several other characters from the Twilight series.

5. Chapter Five

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As Jacob's little house comes into view in the distance I feel my stomach start to sink. Home time is drawing ever nearer. By this time tomorrow I'll be a hundred and fifty miles away in Seattle, dreaming of men with copper skin and a smile that makes all my hairs stand on end every time he flashes it my way. I don't want to leave, not at all. Being with Jacob is easy, fun. I don't want to lose this feeling of serenity, I haven't felt as relaxed in years as sat right here in this passenger seat, right now. My right hand clings to the car seat tighter with every metre.

As we I slide out of the car I send Jacob a forlorn smile, resting my hand on the roof.

"I guess I better get out of your hair," I say regretfully, "Thank you though, for everything. This has been the best fainting episode… ever." His thick eyebrows raise as he walks around the car towards me, gesturing to my bad arm.

"You're gonna drive like that?" he asks sceptically. Okay, so maybe he has a point. I roll my eyes, putting my hand on my hip.

"What do you suggest then smarty pants?" He grins cheekily at my name calling, folding his arms over his chest. I swear his biceps get bigger every time he flexes.

"You could stay with me a while," he says, casual as anything, blissfully unaware that in my head there's a pubescent girl squealing and clapping her hands at the prospect. Can't seem too eager now, no one likes a gusher.

"I don't want to be any trouble, you've already done so much for me." He waves his hand, shaking his head.

"No problem, it's cool. You can take my bed, I'll just crash on the couch." I grin in agreement, biting my lip to stop the temptation to tell him that actually, I'm more than okay sharing a bed. That'd be just dandy. He starts to walk off toward the house so I follow. My legs are starting to feel shaky again, my body is obviously still protesting from last night. He holds the front door open for me, gently touching my back as I walk past, sending a delicious tingle up along my skin.

"You're quite the gentleman, Jacob," I compliment. He dips a bow.

"What can I say? I know what the ladies like." The smile plastered on his face combined with the boyish twinkle in his eyes is enough to almost make me forget myself, leading to a slightly exaggerated pause, before I finally giggle out,

"I'll bet you do." I lean back, bottom resting against the top of the sofa and just watch as he starts to tidy up, stacking some car magazines and collecting together some bowls and glasses. It's only when he looks back up at me quizzically that I realise I'm just stood there biting my lip, staring at him. It's hard to fight the urge to wipe my hand along my chin to check for drool. I sit myself down on the sofa and start unlacing my boots one handed. "What do you want to do, Jake?" He flops down next to me, the sofa sagging under his weight, tilting me towards him.

"Any suggestions?" Oh plenty, none of which are appropriate for someone I've only just met. I try to stop the blush from rising on my cheeks and just shrug, focusing back on my boots instead. "You mind if we watch baseball?"

"Sure." At least this might numb my brain a little so I can avoid my gutter thoughts. Hey, it's not my fault that my private parts are growing cobwebs and I happen to have woken up in the home of a sex symbol. Jacob starts to flick through the channels and finds a game being commentated by a man with an accent so thick I can barely understand him. He's certainly animated, though. Jacob flashes a smile at me before turnings his attention back to the screen. I can almost see his eyes glaze over. I settle myself down into the sofa and ready myself for a couple of hours of boredom. It's a good job he's pretty.

A couple of hours pass and despite my initial concerns, watching the game with Jacob was actually pretty fun. He didn't zone out completely, in fact he took the time to teach me everything. I reckon I could write my own Wikipedia page all about it, thanks to his thorough explanations. He even brought out chips and dip, which is always a point scorer.

"So there he is, mouthing off, swinging his bat around, so I pitch the ball with a bit of spin," Jacob explains animatedly, moving his hands as he talks, smiling so much his cheeks are dimpling, "And I swear to god, I did not aim for his head-"

"Oh, you didn't?" He nods, bursting out laughing, falling back into the sofa cushions. "Poor Quil!" I can't help but laugh along with him, my hand clasped to my chest.

"He had the bruise for a week!" Peels of laughter again and Jake is holding his sides. Every time I try to stop, I catch sight of Jacob's crumpled up nose and eyes and his infectious laugher takes hold. I can't breathe! Eventually our giggles die down, replaced by sore sides and stomach muscles.

"I'd love to meet the rest of your friends, they sound like so much fun," I tell him emphatically. It'd be nice to meet some new people. I wouldn't have to feel quite so alone in this massive state they call Washington. He shuffles closer to me.

"You will. They'll love you." He turns to the side, leaning over me and gazing into my eyes. I can still see the smile lines etched on his face. I swallow nervously, overwhelmed by his body heat and his intoxicating aura, my heartbeat flying up and through the roof. He tilts his head to the side, a small smile playing on his lips. "I am going to kiss you," he tells me, deliberately slowly, "Now." His words blow his hot, sweet breath against my face and my stomach muscles clench in anticipation. As he leans toward me I don't know where to look, my eyes darting from his gorgeous eyes to his smiling lips and back. Oh god, oh god.

His lips press tentatively against mine, soft but rough, weather worn. It takes me a moment to respond, my shock rendering me temporarily paralysed, but when I do I seem to lose all notion of self-control. I kiss back insistently, my hand grabbing at his neck and working its way into his hair, pulling him to me greedily.

Suddenly he pulls away, attention turning sharply to the door. I open my mouth to speak but he holds up his finger so I promptly close it. He looks as though he's listening to something, his head cocked to the side, but no matter how I strain to hear something, anything, there's nothing but the distant sound of waves.

"I gotta go," he announces, getting up and heading for the door. "Sorry, I'll be back… just… stay here." And then he's gone. He didn't even bother to take his jacket. Well, okay, that was weird. Did that actually just happen? Did I just get kissed by the most attractive man in America? I mean it's kind of a downer that he's done a runner now, but still! I'm sure there'll be a reasonable explanation when he gets back. Maybe. I turn off the tv with a yawn and haul my bum off the sofa. Ugh, I'm numb. I think I'll find the bathtub and give my sore muscles a soak. Jacob will probably be back by the time I'm done, maybe then we can carry on as we left off.