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Allie yearns to be a part of a family and decided to find her maternal aunt. After her Memaw is destroyed Allie is lonely and decided to follow her destiny and her visions. They lead her to Forks and to the Cullens. Alice was suprised to find a young hybird on her doorstep claiming to be her neice. Allie and her twin brother Adam give Alice to have a part of her human life as part of her vampire life. Allie not only finds a family in the Cullens finds her true love. Once more the wolves and Cullens must face down an old enemy (Volturi) to save the ones they love.


1. Facing my Destiny

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Allie's Journey Home


I’d never thought I’d be looking for her. My Memaw had always swore she was dead; I’d even visited Alice’s grave site with her to put flowers at the stone. My grandmother grieved for her, and I knew that she was sad that she’d lost her sister.

But now, my visions showed me that Alice was alive and well.

My grandmother, Cynthia, always said that her father was glad when Alice died. However, she never talked to me about it much before she died. But, on the few occasions she did, I could feel the pain in her voice when she spoke about her sister with special abilities, and how Alice’s existence had bothered the family. My Memaw had been just a little girl and a lot of things had occurred that she’d forgotten. She wasn't able to recall everything, but she knew Alice loved her and would’ve never left her willingly.

Her daughter, my mother, named me for my long lost aunt Alice. Memaw called me Allie, a shortened version of Allison. My mother had passed away when I was born, and my dad left her when she was pregnant. Memaw was dead now and she was all the family I had. I needed her; I was alone and scared.

But I had one possible solution. As I’d grown older, the visions, or feelings, or whatever you would call them about Alice wouldn't leave me. So now, I was on a journey to find her.

In truth, Alice should’ve been dead as well, but when I saw her, I always saw her living in a family. She seemed happy in her life, and I knew there was something different about her just like there was me. In my heart, I knew that this was where I had to go, what I had to do; I knew Alice would help me.

Because I needed help.

My grandmother had raised me until she was killed by him. She’d tried to help me understand why she kept me away from everyone. She’d said I was special, and that my mother had wanted me more than anything in this world. But, I’d been on my own for a while now. Memaw was dead, and there was no one else who could help me. Only ten years had passed since my birth, but I looked much older.

We’d always lived in the woods, no matter where we traveled to. My Memaw did her best to love and help me, but with her gone, I was so lonely. I’d stopped growing physically. If I was to guess, I looked about 17 now in age but I wasn’t really sure. The last few years had been hard being alone. But at least I was able to survive, because she taught me how to hunt wildlife for blood and food.

I’d promised her that I would never go around other people. She’d once told me that I was all that her daughter had ever wanted, but that it had cost her life in order to get it. I’d never told Memaw about the visions; I was worried that she would be upset with me.

This was my first time ever being around people other than Memaw for any length of time. I tried to seem normal, even though I'm not.

I broke into the little town's library after it closed and read books and researched as much as I could to get prepared for my trip. I felt horrible, but I’d had to steal some money from a local shop in order to have money to travel on. I was in some small town near Seattle. I wasn't even sure the town's name. I hoped that my blood thirst would not rear its ugly head; Memaw always made me hunt animals. She said human life was to be respected since she once was human. So far I have been able to control it.

I heard the speaker call my bus, and so I boarded to finish the last leg of my journey. Everything I had in the world was held in a suitcase. I was on the way to Forks - to find my destiny. I knew he might follow me there, but I had to go.

Alice would be able to help me, of that I was sure.

I just had to swallow my fear and go. She could help me with the magic growing in my body. The visions were just a small part of the changes I was experiencing.

I closed my eyes and tried to project myself into Alice's mind, to forewarn her of my arrival.