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Allie yearns to be a part of a family and decided to find her maternal aunt. After her Memaw is destroyed Allie is lonely and decided to follow her destiny and her visions. They lead her to Forks and to the Cullens. Alice was suprised to find a young hybird on her doorstep claiming to be her neice. Allie and her twin brother Adam give Alice to have a part of her human life as part of her vampire life. Allie not only finds a family in the Cullens finds her true love. Once more the wolves and Cullens must face down an old enemy (Volturi) to save the ones they love.


2. Hello Aunt Alice

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Bella POV

"Alice, have you seen Edward?" I asked.

"He has gone hunting; but he should be home soon," Alice answered.

"Is there something wrong, Alice? You seem really tense. Where's Jazz?"

"Not really, Bella. I am having the same vision again. Jazz went with Edward."

"Are you still seeing the same girl you have seen in the last few visions?"

"Yeah, but they are still fuzzy. It is the same kind of problems I have when I try to see Ness or the wolves. I need to talk to my brother about the strange visions I keep having. I keep seeing a girl with long black hair and blue eyes coming to Forks. She is searching for me. The visions never last long enough for me to see what her reasoning or purpose is behind her search. It feels strange. She is never clear to me."

"I wonder who she is?"

"She reminded me of someone but I can not place her for some reason. If Jazz is around while I was feeling anxious he would calm me with his gift. Everytime they occur I get fidgety and nervous from my anxiety. Today she is flashing in and out a lot. I am kind of glad he's gone."

I had not seen Alice this upset in a long time. Her actions remind me of her behavior when she saw the Volturi attacking us. She seems unsure and confused. I know she hates when her visions are unclear and this girl has her really concerned. Jazz was worried about his wife and he hated feeling like he was unable to help her. The visions happen more and more frequently now.I was sure Edward would do all that he could to help Alice. We all would. Nessie reached over and touched Alice's face to comfort her. Alice kissed her on the cheek and it seemed to lighten her spirits some.

I know Alice lost all her human memories from the electroshock treatment she received when she was in the institution so has no human memories. They found some information about her human family though. Alice discovered her sister Cynthia had married and had a daughter that was still alive. She never looked any further into her family history after she found her grave site. It devasted her to know her father just tossed her away in a insutation and she was no longer thought of. She seems to think this girl is connected to her somehow.

I did not know how I would deal with losing Charlie. Losing Renee and Phil was hard enough. Alice had been adopted into the Cullen clan after she saw them in a vision. I know she looked to us as brothers and sisters as well as mom and dad. Nessie and Jake brought in a whole world of wolves and hybrids extending our family even more. We are quite large by any coven's standards. Edward and Alice could talk to each other without talking.

Alice returned to her room to wait on Jazz and Edward to come back to share her latest vision.

A couple of hours later, while in Jasper's study; I could smell Jazz approach us. Alice had just had another vision of the girl.

"Bella I felt like she was talking to me directly. She is here in Forks and looking for me. I need, to prepare myself, I feel like she was sending me these messages or visions. I know there is something different about her."

Edward followed Jazz and had seen the latest vision and he is worried too.

"Edward, does this girl seem fimilar to you?" He shaked his head no. He seemed as confused as Alice as to who the girl was and what her motives are.

"Alice, are you okay?" Jazz asked Alice.

I heard the worry and concern in Jazz's voice. Her other half loved Alice so much she is such a lucky girl. I watched as she caressed his face and smiled. They always were able to communicate with just a look or touch. They didn't need any gifts to know what the other was feeling or needed.

"She is almost here. We need to tell the others" Edward warned.

Everyone gathered into the living room to await the unexpected visitor. Jacob had his pack patrolling the grounds as he waited upstairs with Nessie. Edward and I wanted to make sure there was no danger before allowing her to be exposed to this person. Carlisle decided to take a wait and see approach.

"She's alone I only hear her" Edward told us.

We outnumbered her. From her scent I knew she was not a vampire but she was not human either. Or at least not one hundred percent human. She reminded me in some strange way of Nessie.

Allie POV

When I got off the bus in town. I was overwhelmed with my emotions. I wanted to get to Alice as soon as possible but I was scared. What if she rejected me? I was so tired it had been a long trip, and I just wanted to lie down and rest. I felt like this town was a force of supernatural phenoma. I could feel it in my body.

I have dealt with the sight, as I called it, for as long as I canremember. As I grew so did this strange gift. I am trying to project my thoughts as he had to me. I was not sure if Alice could hear me as I do him. I didn't want to think about him right now. My heart aches as the thoughts ran freely in my head. I needed to focus on finding Alice right now and talking to her.

My desire is to get to Alice ASAP. The worry and concern was almost overwhelming. I tried to send my thoughts to Alice once more hoping she would see me coming.

I wasn't sure where to go from here so I try to concentrate on Alice and get a vision. I see several people all gathered around her with anxious faces and I know where she is. I decide for better or worse this is where I needed to be. I am not sure if I am able to do this. I was willing to try though.

I need Alice's help in finding Adam. I had sent him my thoughts a couple of times though he asked me not to. I need to help him get away from his situation. He deserved more. He is my brother, my twin.

When I approached the door I felt a calm feeling flood my body. It allowed me to diffuse some of the tension I was feeling. I am almost overwhelmed me with all the worry and concern. The vision began to shape in front of me. A blonde vampire is talking to a bronzed hair vampire.

"Edward, has she had anymore visions since the last thing she told us?" the blonde asked.

The one named Edward shook his head no. Alice looked as if she was really upset and I hated that she had to go through this. I hated feeling helpless.

Another blonde spoke up "We all have been through so much since Edward met Bella . After we faced the Volturi, I thought finally things would calm down. Alice has seen so much in her visions with all the possible outcomes from the different things we had faced and it is drives her crazy to be in the dark. I don't want her to be facing another unknown again. Who is this girl and what does she want from Alice?"

"She is here in peace and needs Alice's help. She's running from someone though. She is part human like Nessie. A hybrid."

My vision ended and before I could ring the doorbell the blonde hair vampire jerked opened the door and stared at me. I feel vunerable standing in front of him.

It must have suprised him to see my long black hair down to my hips, small heart shape face, tiny slender frame much like Alice's, and eyes the color of a light blue sky. I can see that he can Alice's face in mine.

I smiled at him warmly and some how I could feel the terror I felt ease off before I shocked the hell out of Alice and everyone else.

"Hi, is aunt Alice here? I hope so because I came here to meet her."