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Allie yearns to be a part of a family and decided to find her maternal aunt. After her Memaw is destroyed Allie is lonely and decided to follow her destiny and her visions. They lead her to Forks and to the Cullens. Alice was suprised to find a young hybird on her doorstep claiming to be her neice. Allie and her twin brother Adam give Alice to have a part of her human life as part of her vampire life. Allie not only finds a family in the Cullens finds her true love. Once more the wolves and Cullens must face down an old enemy (Volturi) to save the ones they love.



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Allie's Journey Home Chapter Three

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Alice POV

I had researched my family after James attacked Bella but I only located one niece. I discovered my sister Cynthia, died a few years ago. She had one daughter, Mary, living in Biloxi. I knew Mary was human, so I knew there was no way she gave birth to Allie and Adam.

I know there was no way Cynthia's daughter survived a hybrid pregnancy and delivery. There is a lot of things I needed answers to.

I mentally asked, "Edward, is she hiding anything? Does she really believe her mom was my niece?" He nodded his head yes.

I needed to decipher what the truth was. If Allie was right, I had a great-niece and nephew, and I was in fact her aunt. I was sadden by the thought that my sister thought I was dead. I could have made things better for her and Allie.

Why did I never receive any visions of her? What would have happened to Allie if she hadn't decided to contact me?

"Allie honey, I am so glad you came to me for help. I was wondering about your mom, though. I researched my family a couple of years ago, and I found that Cynthia had a daughter alive and living in Biloxi. You said your mom was dead. How is this possible?"

"Yes, my mom is dead. According to Memaw, she had twin daughters, Mary and Darcy. Mary is the niece that lived in Bilouxi. My mom, Darcy, died during childbirth.”

“Why didn't I find some records about your mom like I did Mary?”

“Mary thinks Memaw and my mom died. Memaw faked her and Mom's death. and Mary never knew about me or Adam. Memaw, made me promise never to contact her for fear of telling a human about us. She said that was too dangerous. Memaw destroyed as many records as she could to hide us.”

Jasper spoke up. “That makes sense, Alice. You know, we had a hard time locating what records we did find. We wouldn't have any idea of where to look back then if it wasn't for Bella.”

Everyone became quiet as we remembered the videotape James made while he tortured Bella in the dance studio. My sister gave me a small smile as she ran her hand up and down Edward's arm. My brother still had difficulty discussing the first time he almost lost Bella.

“Go ahead, Allie; finish your story.” I encouraged her.

“I asked Memaw who changed her when I realized that vampires and hybrids were different. She said not to worry about it. I knew I wasn't bitten, but I was born this way. It confused me that she refused to discuss it.”

“Did you ever discover her sire?” Carlisle questioned Allie.

“Sire?” she asked quietly.

Carlisle explained to Allie, what a sire was, and how vampires were changed by a bite from another vampire. Allie finally understood the question.

“Well, once I asked Adam about it. He told me he bit Memaw, but it was an accident when we were born.”

Allie's voice was sounded defensive.

I assured her, ”Allie, we are not judging him. He was an infant. He had no way to know what would happen, its okay.”

“He was afraid to spend a lot of time communicating with me because of Joham. He was worried Joham might figure out our secret and force Adam to lead him to me. Memaw never fully explained things to me. I think she thought she was shielding me. Adam tried to answer my questions but time ran out on us every time. He usually tried to divert Joham away from me as soon as he could."

Carlisle POV

I thought it was time to explain to Allie about the differences between vampires and hybrids, since she wasn't clear on the subject. Alice agreed to let me share with Allie what had learned about the differences between the two.

“Allie, there is someone I think you should meet. Edward would you like to make the final introductions?” I asked my son.

“Jake, bring Nessie down please.” Edward hollered.

Jake bounded down the stairs with Nessie. “Allie I would like you to meet Renessmee. She is our daughter. She is a hybrid, like you, and Jake is well it's a long story. Maybe we will reserve that story for later.”

We all could see that Allie was ecstatic to met Nessie. Jake was another matter. Allie was intrigued by Jake. He interested her a lot. She could tell he was different then us. Edward shared Allie's thoughts with me during her introduction to my granddaughter and Jacob.

It was quite amusing to witness Nessie's jealousy rear it's ugly head. She became upset with Allie's obvious interest in Jacob. Nessie touched Allie's cheek. I was sure my granddaughter was using her preferred way of communication with Allie.

“How did she do that?” Allie squealed.

“Nessie's gifted. She can project her thoughts and memories through her touch.” Bella explained.

Allie seemed a tad uncomfortable by whatever Nessie showed her.

Edward please tell us what did Nessie show her?” I asked my son.

“That Jake belonged to her and no one else,” Edward answered quietly.

We all had a good laugh at the exchange. Bella smirked at Jake at his ability to charm all the young hybrid girls. Rose, of course, muttered her usual "damn mutt" curse.

When everyone retired to different places in the house I settled down and spoke in private with Allie, Alice and Jasper. I answered her questions and she returned the favor by answering mine. Since some of the excitement had died down we took Allie on a tour of the house. She never knew about the Volturi. I showed her the paintings in my office and explained the leaders role in the vampire society. Allie granted me permission to speak to Eleazar about her and Adam. Esme joined us in my office.

“Excuse me, Allie, I set Edward's old room for you to use.”

The young girl's face became flush with excitement.

“Thank you all so much. I am not sure how I can ever repay your kindness.” Allie said quietly.

Esme smiled at he. “Allie, you are Alice's niece, that makes you our family.”

I hugged Esme close to me and breathed in her scent. My wife always amazed me. Edward told me that Allie was afraid until Esme smiled at her and made her feel at ease in a house full of unknown vampires. My wife, the ever-loving mother. I kissed her deeply before I had to release her to make a phone call to Eleazar.

I wanted to discuss with him what Allie had shared with us about her abilities.

Jasper POV

Alice and I talked with Allie until we saw her eyelids dropping, and she fell into a deep sleep. She had been so keyed up and anxious when she arrived that exhaustion finally took its toll. Telling her story and reliving some hard memories finally did her in. I picked her up and carried her to Edward's old room. There was still a bed in there. Edward had purchased it for Bella during her human years. The girl in my arms looked so much like Alice it was uncanny. I quickly returned to our bedroom to talk with my wife.

"Oh, Jazz, can you believe it? I have always wanted to know more about my human life and now I do and I don't know, I am just so confused...."

I pulled her into my arms as she tried to decipher all that she learned. On the one hand, she was ecstatic that she had Allie here but she was upset that Adam's life was so terrible. I knew she wants to help him and I know we would all help her all that we could. She was angry at herself and her visions for failing. I reassured her that she was not to blame. Alice always felt like it is her job to look out for the family. Sometimes we relied too much on her, and I knew it was a burden.

"Alice, sweetheart, she is a hybrid. There was no way to see around her. I suspect that is why you were unable to see your sister. You know that you have blind spots in your visions because of the hybrids. I do believe if she knew you were a vampire she would have found you, but you have Allie now. I promise we will find Adam as well and help him escape Joham."

"Jazz, we have to tell Nahuel that he has another brother and sister. Allie has more than me.”

I interrupted Alice. “No, she has all of us.”

My wife smiled. “Ok, Jazz but she has another brother and three other sisters she doesn't even know exist."

"Shh...sweetheart. When Allie is ready to meet her brother we will make sure that happens. For now let's concentrate on helping her cope with all that she has learned. Alice, I could feel the loneliness she has experienced as she shared her story. Right now she needs a stable home. We will concentrate on finding Adam once Allie is settled. I think she needs to spend time getting to know you and us before anything else is thrust upon her. I wonder if Carlisle has spoken with Eleazar yet about the twins."

I heard a knock on the door and recognized Carlisle's scent.

"Come in Carlisle"

"I wasn't sure if Alice had seen the phone call or not, but I spoke with Eleazar about Allie. He said that he would like to come and meet her as soon as possible. From what I was able to tell him, he seems to think Allie and Alice's biological connection is the reason they both have the ability to have visions. Since she and Adam are twins he believes they can only telepathically link to each other."

"I wonder why I received the glimpses of her since I have never been able to see hybrids or the wolves before?"

Carlisle thought for a moment. "My theory would be since she is genetically linked to you and shares a similar ability she was able to send you a vision. Since we don't know how close in proximity she and Adam have been we don't actually have any way of knowing how far their telepathy works."

I thought about this for a moment and realized Carlisle was correct. We knew the wolves were able to communicate for great distances. Maybe Adam and Allie were similar to them. I hoped we could find Adam so that he can shed some light on Joham's plan for Allie. She is here with our protection maybe she could try to communicate with her brother without fear. I only hope he answered; her. One way or another the young hybrid would remain safe as long as she was with us. Something about her tugged at my heart. Maybe because she resembled Alice but somehow I thought it is more than that.