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Allie yearns to be a part of a family and decided to find her maternal aunt. After her Memaw is destroyed Allie is lonely and decided to follow her destiny and her visions. They lead her to Forks and to the Cullens. Alice was suprised to find a young hybird on her doorstep claiming to be her neice. Allie and her twin brother Adam give Alice to have a part of her human life as part of her vampire life. Allie not only finds a family in the Cullens finds her true love. Once more the wolves and Cullens must face down an old enemy (Volturi) to save the ones they love.



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Allie's POV

What was in the water on that reservation? That guy was so hot. I thought that was the correct terminology. Emmett had been educating me about the world, much to Alice's objections. I loved Emmett because he made me laugh, every time I talked with him. I could almost forget how out-of-place, I felt at times.

Every one of the Cullens had been great to me, and tried to help me adjust to the world. Bella made things easier for me. She had the best idea of how I felt out-of-place. She had become part of the family as a human, and then gave birth to Nessie, a hybrid like me. Each of them tried to teach and help me. I had grown close to Alice and Jasper as well as Esme made me feel like I was her daughter. Memaw had raised me the best she could, and I would always love her, but I belonged here. This was my family now. It was nice to have so many people care about me. I knew they all loved me.

I could hear "Edward and Bella laugh" in the background, and Jacob had a smile across his entire face. Of course Edward was listening to my private thoughts. "What was so funny about them anyway." This guy was nice looking. I looked over my shoulder, and sent a scowl their way. I wanted to let them know I did not appreciate their laughter at my expense.

"Um, come in please. Hi." I muttered to the man at the door..

"Allie." Jake smirked, as he said my name. He was standing just inside the door to my left.

I gave Jake a stern look and hoped he would let me in on the joke. Just then, I got a vision of me and Mr. Handsome. The glimpses of us hit me fast and furious. I was kissing Mr. Handsome, and he was holding me close like we were lovers. I knew my face had to be flaming red at this point. I just wanted to disappear. I was not used to all these strange feelings and emotions that had begun to rage through my body. I ran a little hot, but I felt like I was on fire; a raging inferno. This was the first time I had ever felt this way.

What the hell just happened to me?

Edward Pov

Jake's thoughts was running full swing."I'll be damned. Embry imprinted on the hybrid didn't he?"

He didn't have to be phased to understand what had just occurred. I recalled the day he imprinted on Nessie. Embry's reaction to Allie was all he needed to see, to know, to understand. They had been best friends and pack brothers a long time; knew each other really well. Sometimes, too well.

Jake knew that I had heard his friend's thoughts. I knew the signs all too well. I was going to be Jake's future father-in-law and knew the power the imprinting had over a wolf.

Ha- mortal enemies, my ass. Maybe we was once upon a time, but not now. Jake's smirk and Embry's glazed over eyes were enough proof for me. I was right, imprinting had struck again.

Something that was not supposed to happen very often sure had happened a lot.

"My poor buddy's dumbstruck ain't he." Jake's thoughts reflected how funny he found Embry's imprinting.

Jake walked back outside and slapped Embry on the back and kind of pushed him in the door after he didn't move forward. Allie seemed pretty starstruck herself.

"Man, I sure didn't want to be the one that had to tell the pixie that she would have to share her niece after she had just gotten to know her. Poor Embry...."

I couldn't agree with Jake more. Alice would be livid. Turn about was fair play. I snickered to myself while I watched everything play out.

"Allie, I would like you to meet my fellow pack member, Embry Call."

"Hi, Embry. How are you?" Allie stammered. Her face was flaming red. In her mind she had already dubbed Embry "Mr. Handsome."

Theyshook hands, and I swear I could feel electricity flow between them. Allie's voice was two octaves higher then normal. She was a mess inside, she felt "giddy." Her assessment of her feelings made me laugh out loud.

"Sorry." I couldn't help myself. Bella gave me a stern look. My love had deduced that something had happened between Allie and Embry. It was pretty obvious.

I heard Alice; she was bouncing in through the back door. Thank goodness. Things were really going to be interesting now.

"Allie, I'm back and ready for our talk now."

Allie had never been so happy to hear her aunt's voice in my entire life.

"Oh, Thank you Alice!" Allie thought. She noticed the intent look on my face " Oh shut up. Damn mind reader."

She thought Alice was her chance to escape from this awkward situation. My laughter had only made things worse. Jake had even snickered. She wasn't sure how Jake knew what had transpired but she did. She was confused. I didn't dwell on it though. I would make sure everything would be common knowledge in a matter of minutes. In my family there was no secrets.

"Um, excuse me, Jake, Embry. It was nice to meet you." Allie smiled while she made her way toward Alice.

She turned to me to let me know she wasn't happy with me. "We will discuss this later, understand?" She scowled at me and I only laughed harder. I was sure Bella had figured out what had occurred and soon enough she would fuss me about my laughter at. Allie's predicament. I Allie bet couldn't wait till Ness experienced her first rush of desire for Jake; maybe then she would get to return the favor and laugh at my discomfort.

Allie bolted toward Alice and dragged her up the stairs. Alice looked at her like she had lost her mind, but she didn't care. I knew my sister would demand answers, but for now, Allie was only concerned with escape. She wanted away from Embry. She needed to gather her thoughts before she faced him, Mr. Handsome, again.

Poor Allie. Alice would freak out when she heard about Allie and Embry. Her niece was imprinted to a wolf; I was no longer the only Cullen parent to face the power of the imprint bond. I saw the glimpses in Allie's head of her and Embry, and knew there was no doubt. I was sure Jasper had felt the strong physical reaction, between Allie and Embry, and his very unique ability would be needed soon. Very soon.

The vision she had of the two had been very intense. "I was so glad at this moment that Nessie "was still too young for Jake; I wasn't ready for them to share those feelings yet". Allie might not want to admit it to herself, but her and Embry's love would be a roaring inferno. Embry's love for her would be intense from the thoughts had ran through his head. Her vision seemed to indicate she would feel the same. I wondered if this was destined to happen to Allie. She and Nessie were similar; hybrids, gifted, and now both had been imprinted on by a wolf. The same pack none-the-less.

Allie's gift was different from Alice's in many ways. Allie received glimpses or visions from feelings. The Denali coven had came down to meet her soon after she had arrived here. Allie had amazed Eleazar with her gift.

Allie's gift still needed more development because she had limited herself before. She tried to keep it hidden from her grandmother and had never maximized her potential. When she was left alone, she had relied on her gift, it was what helped her survive. Allie's visions led her here, to Forks. She used them to find Alice.

She was very similar to how Bella had been. After Bella's change- Eleazar needed to tell her, well us, about the potential of her gift. Neither one realized just how strong their talent was. We all worked with Allie. We wanted to help her develop her gift. Jazz and Alice worked with her on how to tune into her feelings more, since the more in tune she was, the better her visions were.

Adam had told her once to use her talent to protect herself from Joham. Adam had not communicated with her very often except to warn her Joham was close to her. In some ways, her gift combined elements of mine and Alice's gift. Her telepathy only worked with Adam for now, but she had worked on progressing her telepathy with Alice and me.

Alice worked with Allie on her precognition, and she was progressing well. Alice had received visions from Allie during the time Allie tried to find her. It seemed like she was getting stronger as time went on. Allie's glimpses or visions tied into feelings she had to situations, not decisions other people made like Alice's did. Allie was able to push her feelings out to Alice and that had allowed Alice to share Allie's visions. Carlisle and I theorized it was due to the family connection that they shared. We did not know for sure why it happened, but so far, Alice was only able to see what Allie allowed her to.

I remembered one specific time Allie accompanied Alice to the hospital to see Carlisle. While she was there, she met a nurse and that meeting triggered a vision. The nurse had stolen meds, and Allie had felt the nurse's pain. She had a secret. Allie described the nurse's pain as radiating from her. She had received a glimpse of the nurse's son; he had been rushed into the ER from an overdose. The nurse had taken meds from the hospital home to him because he had beaten her. Since these were events from the past it was a new development. Allie not only saw the future but the past if it affected the future somehow.

Carlisle had tried to help the nurse for months, but he had no clue about the son's addiction. I had even gone to the hospital to listen to her thoughts for my father, but she kept her son's addiction and abuse guarded in her mind. Allie had a profound sense when it came to people, especially since she has spent so little time with them. Eleazar thought as she became more exposed to different things, the more her gift would grow. My angel, Bella had struggled with her own gift and shared her struggles with Allie. It had made Allie feel better to know she was not alone. Allie felt like she would get better, as Bella had, with her gift in time.