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Allie yearns to be a part of a family and decided to find her maternal aunt. After her Memaw is destroyed Allie is lonely and decided to follow her destiny and her visions. They lead her to Forks and to the Cullens. Alice was suprised to find a young hybird on her doorstep claiming to be her neice. Allie and her twin brother Adam give Alice to have a part of her human life as part of her vampire life. Allie not only finds a family in the Cullens finds her true love. Once more the wolves and Cullens must face down an old enemy (Volturi) to save the ones they love.


7. Visions of death danced in my head

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Allie POV

Nahuel had finally arrived. It was awkward at first. I wasn't sure how to behave around him. He was my brother and because of that I tried to look past his choice of diet. Nahuel drank human blood, he killed innocents. I had a hard time with that. We spent the next couple of days getting to know one another. The packs agreed not to kill him as long as he didn't hunt humans while he was here. He had agreed. He hunted with Uncle Jazz and Edward to avoid problems with the pack. I learned about my sisters from him. My sister Serena was Joham's first hybrid child. Maysun was born afterward. Serena raised Maysun and Jennifer from birth. Joham never cared for any of us. He wanted a male heir to further his experimentation for a Super Race.

Jennifer never spent any time with Nahuel since she had been born in the early nineties. Serena and Maysun knew Nahuel because they had traveled with Joham to met our brother. Nahuel hadn't met Adam and Joham never talked about either of us when he visited Nahuel. Since Nahuel refused to help our father with his experimentation on humans, I assumed that Joham would move on to Adam.

Nahuel and I became close and I treasured our time together. He was kind and loving and treated me like a princess. He told me that he loved our other sisters, but he never developed the kind of relationship with them he would have liked to. Joham made it impossible for all of them. Joham's idea of family dynamics was skewered.

I loved Nahuel a lot. He was a good brother and like me he longed for a family. He only had his Aunt Huilen in his life. He wanted a relationship with his siblings, all of us, but Joham's interference had prevented him and the others from bonding. I was lucky that Adam and I shared a telepathic link because it allowed us to form a bond. My visions also helped me. Though we had never seen each in person, after we were separated at birth, I felt like we knew and understood one another. Nahuel planned to go on a hunting trip today, since I was going to La Push.

“Have fun today. Catch a big ole grizzly bear,” I giggled.

Nahuel gave me a weak smile.”Yes, the idea of a bear makes me so thirsty.”

I snickered. My half-brother was having a hard time adjusting his diet, but he did it to make me happy. “It will be okay. Bears are Emmett's favorite. Grizzles, especially. Do you want any of the Cullens to accompany you?”

“No, thank you. I need some alone time and hunting is my way to do that,” he answered halfheartedly. I knew things had been hard on him, but I applauded his effort. I still planned to convince him to change his ways. Love was a powerful thing and I knew it was wrong, but I planned on using his love for me to convince him not to kill humans anymore.

“OK. I love you. Be careful, please.” I kissed Nahuel's forehead and he headed out the door to hunt. I was a bundle of nerves right now. I went upstairs so Alice could doll me up for my first trip to La Push. Embry and I spent a lot of our time together, since he imprinted on me. Many of the pack had came by to meet me, but I had never ventured to La Push. All the visits happened at the Cullen house. Embry wanted me to be comfortable with his friends first, before I met his mom. I wanted to meet Embry's mom so badly and see his home. Embry planned to came by and pick me up today, so that we could go to Sam and Emily's home for a cookout.

Bella had told me earlier that I would really like Emily. When they first met, Bella and Emily hit it off immediately. Bella had nicknamed Emily the wolf girl, after Emily called her vampire girl. They've been friends ever since. I hoped that she liked me. I wanted to fit in with Embry's friends and family. Alice tried to reassure me that no one could resist my charms, but she was biased. Embry agreed with Alice, but he was biased too though. Love had a way of blinding you to someone's faults.

Embry was here. We loaded up and headed to La Push. My stomach was in knots. The drive was less than thirty minutes, but I felt like it had taken us hours. We arrived at the reservation, finally. My nerves were a raw mess. Embry introduced me to Sue, Billy and Old Quil. I had already met all of Jake's pack and some of Sam's so that helped some. Everyone was polite and I made the rounds and met the rest of the pack. We finally made our way over to Sam and Emily. They had gotten married after the Volturi showdown, and now Emily was pregnant with her first child.

"Hi, Allie. How are you?” Sam offered his hand to me. “Welcome to our home. This is my wife, Emily,” She gave me a warm smile and said “Hello.”. Bella had prepared me as best as she could to handle Emily's scars. She looked beautiful to me, despite the scars. Her face radiated warmth was friendly, and her smile made me feel at ease.

“Pleased to met you, Emily. Thank you for the invitation,” I answered quietly.

We chatted for a few minutes while the guys wondered off to hang with the other pack members. "Hey, would you tell me which of these women is Embry's mom? I would really like to meet her," I asked hopefully.

"Sure, Allie, follow me and I will introduce you to Tiffany," answered Emily.

I followed Emily over to a table full of people. She introduced me to Embry's mom. “Tiffany, this is Allie Embry's girlfriend.”

“Hello, Tiffany. I'm so pleased to meet you.”

Her face was beautiful. Embry shared some of her features. She smiled and offered me her hand to shake. When I made contact with her hand my eyes glassed over. The vision was powerful. I could hear Tiffany speaking to me, but I couldn't answer her.

I watched in silent horror. The vision was of a man and Tiffany fighting. No it wasn't a man, it was a vampire, and he killed her. Oh no. The vision replayed in my head once more. Tiffany had denied the vampire's demands. He wanted her, physically. He wanted a hybrid son, and he had chosen her to be the mother. I replayed his words in my head 'I already fathered one bastard child with you whats one more'. He drained her when she refused him.

My first chance to impress her was ruined. I had to have a vision of her death. Emily must have picked up on my strange behavior and excused us. She told Tiffany she wanted to introduce me to some other people and whisked me away.

"Thanks. I am sorry about that. I guess you know what happened back there. I have visions or glimpses of the future."

"Yeah, Sam told me,” Emily answered softly.

Of course he had. Since Sam and Jake knew then everyone in the packs would. There was no secrets when you share a collective mind, as the wolves did when they were phased.

“Did you see something,” she asked huskily.

"I did. It was awful, Emily. I saw a vampire kill Embry's mom. He called her awful names and demanded...” I shuddered as I recalled what he wanted.

“He told her that he knew his bastard son was a wolf. He told her that both of his sons were wolves. He wanted her to let them know daddy was back in town, and both of them would die.”

Emily gasped.

“I didn't realize Embry had a brother, Emily. We have to warn the packs and make sure that Tiffany has protection."

"As far as we all know, Embry's an only child. Tiffany has never identified his father." Emily answered quickly. She sounded worried. Sam and Embry had realized there was something wrong and came over to us to find out what the problem was. Tiffany had spoken to Embry about my strange behavior.

"Allie, what is it? Is something wrong?” Embry's voice sounded concerned.

"Sam, Embry, we need to talk in private.” Emily demanded.

I heard Emily whisper in Sam's ear vampire business and he jumped into motion right away. He walked over to Billy Black and spoke with him and Jacob quietly. We finished the cookout so we wouldn't arouse any more suspicion then I had already. Though she did not know it Sam and the wolves ran patrol and set up a guard for Tiffany when she left the cookout.

I went back to Emily's to wait on the wolves to come back. Sam wanted to discuss my vision. I decided to look at Emily's photo album that was laying on her coffee table to pass the time. Emily was cleaning up from the cookout. As I flipped through the pages a picture caught my eye. It was the vampire from my vision in the picture. He was holding a little boy and had his arm wrapped around a woman. I had a bad feeling. Emily had came back from the kitchen to sit with me.

"Who is this man and child, Emily?" I asked softly. I showed her the photo. A sad smile crossed her face when she answered "Sam, his mom Anna, and the man is Levi, his father.”

I felt sick to my stomach. The album fell to the floor with a thump. Just then Sam, Embry and Jake walked into the house. I jumped up. I recalled the vampire's words once more “His and Tiffany's bastard son was a wolf like his other son.” If Levi was Sam's father, then he had to be Embry's too. The bastard son the vampire had threatened was my boyfriend. It was Embry.

"Why didn't you tell me Sam was your brother? How can your father be a vampire? More importantly why does he want to kill you both," I yelled at Embry. The questions rushed from my mouth before I thought about how they would affect him. The look on his face told me everything. He didn't know, and if the look on Jake and Sam's face was any indication, neither of them did either. Everyone looked at me like I had lost my mind. Embry and Sam both had frozen in place. Too stunned to say anything. Sam was the first one to snap out of it.

"Allie, why do you think Sam and Embry are brothers, other than both being pack members?" Jake demanded an answer for my outburst. Embry gave Jake a dirty look. Jake's tone had been a little sharp with me, but I didn't mind. I knew he was concerned about his pack brothers.

"In my vision earlier, I saw Embry's mom. She was attacked by a vampire. He taunted her about his bastard son. He told her knew he was a wolf, like his brother. He told her that he wanted to kill them.”

“What does this vampire have to do with me? Sam?” Embry was confused. He didn't understand, yet.

“While we waited for you all to return, I looked at Emily's photo album. In it there was a picture of the vampire with a little boy. Emily told me that the little boy was Sam and the man was his father, Levi.”

“My father's human not a vampire,” Sam declared.

“Sam, I'm sorry but the man in the picture is the same as the one in my vision. The vampire in my vision was Levi, " I answered softly.

Emily walked over to Sam with the album and showed him the picture I was talking about. Sam seemed angry. I didn't mean to cause him any pain. I knew Sam's dad had left his family years ago.

“Fuck.” Sam shouted as he stormed outside. Emily followed him along with Jake.

"I am so sorry. I didn't mean to upset anyone."

I had never intended to hurt Embry or Sam either. I could tell both of them were hurt and angry. What had I done? I could feel the tears well up. I refused to cry. I should have kept my mouth shut about Sam and Embry. His father called him a bastard in my vision, I should have known that Embry did not know his father's identity. I had an evil vampire hunting me for my talent and now Embry had one that wanted to kill him, for being a wolf. Embry came over and hugged me tightly.

"Allie, sweetheart, it's ok. You are not to blame for this. My mom never told me who my dad was. She always refused to talk about it. There was always rumors about who he was, but I just brushed them off. As far as Sam is concerned, if I had to pick someone as my brother, then Sam would be on top of my list. I'm happy about that. He's a good guy. Please, don't cry, you did nothing wrong."

Sam Pov

My dad never was much. A lousy dad, husband, and now he was a damn vampire. I would not let him threaten people on this reservation. I wondered if he was forced or if he wanted to become a vampire? He turned his back on me, and my mother, and now his people. I felt my body shaking and trembling. I needed to calm down so I didn't phase. Emily and Jake stood outside with me till I felt calm. Neither said anything to me. I walked back in to talk to Allie. I needed to know everything she saw.

"Allie do you know when he is coming here?” I tried to keep my anger out of my voice failed too. Embry gave me a sharp look and Emily rubbed my back. My girl tried to help me remain calm and focused.

"I'm not positive, but I think it will be sometime in the next week. I'm still developing my talent. I don't always see everything in a vision, but there's someone else involved. The other person involved, well that's more of a feeling. I can't see them clearly, but I can feel their connection to your dad."

"Okay, we don't now know for sure if there is more than Levi, so we need to set up patrol. I think we need to let the Cullens know too. If Levi, or another vampire, show up that the Cullens don't know personally then we treat them as a threat, to us. Jake, Embry, make sure the Cullens know everything please."

"Sure, Sam. No problem," Jake agreed.

"Sam, do we need to delay the baby shower now?" Emily asked.

Shit. Emily's shower was Saturday. She had been so patient and waited to marry me. Now our lives was affected once more. There always seemed to be some vampire problem that interfered with our lives. Finally, I thought our lives had finally calmed down and this happened. I couldn't ask her to wait for things any longer. I would not let Levi, my father, ruin our lives. I owed Emily more than that.

"No, Em, we will have the shower. I promised you a shower Saturday, and nothing's going to change that. If the elders agree, I will ask the Cullens to come, for added protection."

Embry POV

"I think your right. We should ask the Cullens, not just for added protection, but because it's a good idea. If there's any problem they should be able help us with it, besides that Emily deserves her day. Sue can bring Charlie so Bella won't worry about him. Billy and him can go fishing or something. We will patrol the area close, til the shower ends."

Jake spoke up “ I agree with Embry. We can keep the reservation safe. The Cullens scents are familiar to us so there should be no problem in detecting Levi any other vampire's scent if they come near.”

We finished discussing our current threat. Jake decided to phase to share what we knew and our plans for the shower with the other pack members. Sam did the same. Since the pack was split the alphas were the only one who could communicate with each other outside of their own pack members. I took Allie home. We had to let her family know everything that had happened, in the last few hours.

It was really quiet on the way home. I knew she was worried about me, how the implications of tonight's revelations affected me, and I tried to reassure her that I was okay. Only she knew I wasn't okay and after I learned who my father was, it altered me..

My whole life I had wondered who my dad was. I watched the other guys grow up with their fathers. I missed out on the father and son stuff and always felt like part of me was missing. Sam, even he had some time with Levi, before he left. Granted Levi was a jerk, but at least he was around.

I knew from Sam's memories, when were a unified pack, that he missed his dad and felt like it was his fault that Levi had left. I couldn't help to wonder, if I was the reason, he had left. I still didn't understand, well at least not completely, why mom never told me who my dad was. Was she ashamed of herself because she destroyed a man's marriage, or was there more to it then that?