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Allie yearns to be a part of a family and decided to find her maternal aunt. After her Memaw is destroyed Allie is lonely and decided to follow her destiny and her visions. They lead her to Forks and to the Cullens. Alice was suprised to find a young hybird on her doorstep claiming to be her neice. Allie and her twin brother Adam give Alice to have a part of her human life as part of her vampire life. Allie not only finds a family in the Cullens finds her true love. Once more the wolves and Cullens must face down an old enemy (Volturi) to save the ones they love.


9. Taken

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Allie POV

Embry and I continued to grow closer. My vision never came to pass. I was thankful, but confused why it never happened. Everyone made sure that we stayed alert, especially Sam. Life continued on for all of us. Alice reassured me that all of her visions hadn't happened either. It still concerned me since her visions were based on decisions and people changed their minds all the time, but mine were a little more direct. They were more in tune with someone's feelings, their desires. If I replayed the vision, I still got the same unsettling feeling in my stomach. Levi wanted revenge against his sons and Tiffany, and he wanted to hurt them all. I pushed my anxiety to the side, and instead focused on my friends and family.

Time has a way of passing you by without you realizing it. Instead of the what ifs and maybes, we celebrated the definite things in life. Like the birth of Sam and Emily's baby. They had a girl, and she was beautiful. The next definite things the pack faced was Sam and his reaction to Colin, because he had imprinted on the baby. Imprinted at one day old. It was quite funny to watch big bad Sam Uley reduced to tears at the birth of his daughter. The tension was pretty thick the day she was born. I saw the imprint take place in a vision, just before it happened. I never said a word. I just sat back and watched. They named her Autumn Rochelle Uley. Leave it to Jake to lighten the mood and bring the focus back to the baby and Emily. Jake nicknamed the baby Audi. Sam growled,“That's a car not a kid's name.” Bella thought it was funny because Jake's taste in nicknames was horrible. Nessie and now Audi.

Things were good, and I was so happy. Alice and I worked on our visions; we wanted to be sure nothing happened to any of us. Nessie and I had become best friends. I trusted her and she did me. We shared a lot of things in common; imprinting, hybrid, and most importantly, our family. She understood things the others couldn't, not even Embry. She wished she had brothers and sisters like me, but knew that would never happen. I told her to consider me her sister and we made a pact. We would always take care of each other. We would be sisters forever,and one day our children, if we could have any, would be playmates and raised together; like cousins were. I'm sure Edward knew about our pact, but he never said anything about it to either one of us or any of the other family members.

Weeks then months passed. Soon a year had flown by.

A year later....

Levi never showed up. Things seemed to return to normal, well as normal as it ever was for us. Nahuel promised he would come back soon to see me, and he did. He returned once more, but I had not seen or heard from him in the last three months. I was a little worried and hurt. Alice told me not to worry too much. She was sure he would come back soon. I tried to check on him with my visions, but so far, I had not been able to see him. It was strange. Since I had learned about him, I had always been able to see him. My sisters were still strangers to me, and I had yet to see any of them in person or visions. Carlisle's theory was that since I had not met them I couldn't see them, with Alice, I had seen photos before I received any vision of her. Who really knew?

Nessie had finally matured. She was only five, but she looked like she was fifteen. We had grown close, and she confided in me that her feelings for Jake had changed. She saw him as I did, Embry, her mate. Jake had finally explained to her that he had imprinted on her when she demanded answers from him. Things were dicey, though. Edward had a hard time with letting go. Nessie wanted a “real relationship with Jake.” Bella explained to me that Edward still thought of Nessie as his baby. Edward's head told him she was becoming a woman, but it was harder to explain to his heart. Bella tried to ease things for Jake and Nessie, but it was hard on all of them. I could still remember Alice's reaction to Embry when he imprinted on me. It had to be difficult since Edward, Bella and Jake shared such a rich history together. I knew it would work out for my best friend. Alice had taught me how to hide any visions I didn't want to share with Edward. I had a few of Ness and Jake that I kept to myself.

The relationships between the Cullens and packs were great. Embry and Jake's relationship with two Cullen hybrids had helped seal any fractures that existed between them. My family and I had even been invited to Paul and Rachel's wedding. Alice dressed me, once more in red. The neckline plunged down and allowed my cleavage to be just barely exposed. It struck me around mid-thigh and was very form fitting. She matched Embry's suit to my dress. His black tie rested against his red silk shirt. Alice also dressed Nessie; she was in a little more demure dress though. Edward had insisted. It was emerald green satin and hung a little longer than mine. Our fellas drooled, literally, when they picked us up for the wedding.

The wedding was breathtaking. Rachel, Jacob's sister, looked beautiful in her wedding dress. It was a long satin gown with a small train. It had small pearls beaded along the sleeves. She wore a small tiara instead of a veil. As she walked down the aisle, I closed my eyes and began to dream about my wedding. I imagined how magical it would be. I could see it as clear as day. I couldn't help but be swept away by my day-dream. My dress was satin, sleeveless, and the bodice was tight. Alice was my maid of honor and Rose, Bella and Nessie were my bridesmaids. Jasper walked me down the aisle. Carlisle and Esme stood in place of my parents and Embry looked so handsome in his tux. The scent of the flowers, pink and white roses seemed so real. The colors so vivid. A small sigh escaped me. Embry rubbed my back and gave me a smile. I loved him so much.

I looked toward the front and I saw Paul and Rachel kissing. Everyone's clapping had snapped me out of my daydream. Everyone had started making their way to the reception to wish the newly-weds congratulations when I glanced over toward Edward. He was grinning from ear to ear. Of course, he had seen my little fantasy during the wedding. I turned red in embarrassment. Edward had told me once that he was glad I blushed so easy; it reminded him of Bella during her human years. Bella had blushed a lot as a human, and he missed it since she had became a vampire. Of course, he swore me to secrecy."Shut up, Edward. Not a word, to anyone,” I scolded. Edward just smirked, but he never said anything. “Damn mind-reader.”

I joined Embry on the dance floor. We danced for a while, and I soaked in the high I felt from being held by the man I loved. I loved it when he held me in his arms and I laid my head against his heart. Its steady beat made me feel safe and secure. I knew the reception would be end soon, but I wanted to be held in his arms all night. I breathed in his scent. His smell reminded me of the woods; clean and musky. I agreed with Nessie about the stink issue. All the complaining, both vampires and wolves did, about stinking to each other was ridiculous. They all smelled good to me.

Tiffany walked over to us. She asked to speak with Embry. She wanted to leave and go home. Embry had to make sure his mother was safe. He decided to take her home, and I promised him I would wait till he returned to the reception. Since the threat of Levi was still in the back of everyone's minds, all their guards remained up. Alice was almost as bad as Embry where I was concerned. They both worried about my safety constantly. Of course, the wolves and me were still blind spots to her. She was unable to see us clearly on her own. I could send her visions if I focused and tuned into her, but it took a toll on me. Especially if I did it for too long. Eleazar and Carlisle both agreed that our ability to connect with each other was probably due to our biological link. As time passed by, Alice and I had became attuned to one another. It made our connection stronger, as well as our relationship.

I had tried to connect with Adam, telepathically and even through visions, but it hadn't worked. No matter how much or how hard I tried I was blocked. I knew our minds had linked up in the past. Usually, when he initiated it. Most times he had blocked me, somehow. I worked really hard to strengthen my gift since I had arrived at the Cullens'. I had grown stronger in my ability, but there was still more work I needed to do. I couldn't wait till I was as strong as Alice.

Edward and Bella left to take Nessie home about an hour after Embry left. She was really tired. Jake went with them. Rose and Emmett, along with Alice and Jasper, decided to go home too. Jasper still struggled some when he was around humans for too long. Rose was more than ready to leave. Her words echoed in my head; “I am not a dog lover and I have had my maximum fill of stinkfor tonight”. Alice only left after I promised her Embry would be back soon. I told her that I would have him bring me home as soon as he returned from his mom's. I wondered why he had been gone for so long. The party had wound down some and people were leaving.

Carlisle and Esme had finally decided to leave not long after the others. Carlisle, Billy and Sam had been discussing the current state of affairs.

“You coming home,Allie?” Carlisle asked me.

“I want to wait on Embry.” I assured them I would be home as soon as Embry came back. Sam seemed to think that an attack wouldn't happen tonight. It had been a year since my vision. There had been hits and misses this past year with other vampires. Campers had gone missing, and we all tried to be more diligent, but there had never been a sign that pointed to Levi. I hadn't had any more visions of him since the cookout. Another hour passed and I was bored. Everyone had pretty much left. The few that had remained were pack members and their dates. The clean up crew was cleaning and packing up everything, so I decided to walk down to the beach. The clear water soothed me. I was restless. I had promised Embry that I would stay with a crowd, but I figured the beach was close enough to everyone. I figured I would be safe.

I listened as the waves crashed on the rocks. The moon was bright tonight and the stars even brighter. I never noticed anyone at first. I saw what I thought was an eerie light in front of me, but then I noticed it was more than that, it was a person. It was a girl. She kind of looked like a ghost. White, glowing, and eerie. She was beautiful. I would say striking even. She had long hair, and her eyes seemed as if they would pierce straight through me. I was totally distracted by the sight of her. She had my complete attention. I wasn't sure if that was by design or choice.

"I am Jennifer, and I am your sister, Allie. My Masters' wish for you to join them and your siblings. Adam wants you to join him. Nahuel misses you. You no longer need to fear Joham because he is gone. He will no longer hurt you or any of us. My masters have destroyed him."

The girl, the ghost, or whatever she was claimed she was my sister. I wasn't sure if I should believe her. My heart jumped for joy, a little.

"You're my sister? Please tell me where Adam is. I need to see him, talk to him. Can you take me to him, please?” I pleaded.

"He misses you and,..." She trailed off.

Just when she was about to tell me, she flickered and then she disappeared.

"NO! Come back, I need to find Adam. Where's my brother? I need to see him," I shouted.

​What could I do? Where had she vanished to? Was she just my imagination? Then I heard Adam, he had connected to me for the first time in a long time.

"Allie, don't come here. Jennifer's under their control. You can't save me. Please stay safe, stay away. I beg you."

"Adam, where are you? Please, tell me. We can be together, as a family. You can come and live with me and Aunt Alice. She told me that Joham was gone. There is nothing to fear, now,” I begged.

Allie, all they want is your gift to use, like they do mine. They destroyed our other sisters and Joham because of their desires. Aro, the leader, read our thoughts. Joham wanted to find you so that you and our sisters could produce more hybrids. Aro decided he liked the idea. When our other sisters refused him, and had no gifts to offer, they destroyed them. Aro plans on using Jennifer, Maysun and Serena to create a hybrid child with a gifted vampire. He wants to destroy the Cullen clan and take their child, as well. He knows Alice is our aunt. He read Joham's and my thoughts. He knows everything about us, Allie."

I couldn't feel the link to Adam any longer, and I knew he was gone. Aro was the leader of the Volturi. They must be who had Adam and Jennifer. He was obsessed with power. I had learned about him from my family. I was sickened by his plans. He wanted to try to make his own hybrid race. One with powers he would control. I felt him before I saw him. My mind was still in turmoil from my visit from Jennifer and then Adam. I wasn't paying enough attention to my surroundings. It was Levi. I screamed as he grabbed me. I felt myself fly through the air as he raced from the beach. He had me locked in his arms tightly. I had to reach Alice; she was my only hope.

I concentrated hard and tried to project a vision to Alice. I focused on her. This had to work if I was going to survive. I heard the howls from the beach. So had Levi. He dove into the water with me locked in his arms. Fighting against his strength was useless. I would never be able to defeat him. I was thankful for my vampire side. I knew that Embry was on the beach. I could smell him. He had been forced to watch helplessly as his vampire father kidnapped me, his imprint.

Jasper POV

I saw a familiar look come across Alice's face. She was having a vision. I could tell right away something was horribly wrong. Alice looked devastated.

"What is it,Alice?"

"Levi took her,” she cried. “What if he kills her, Jazz?”

"Who did he take, Alice?" I asked her quickly.

"Levi Uley kidnapped Allie. He knows she's Embry's imprint. He could kill her because of it. He planned to get Tiffany, but he took Allie instead,” Alice whispered in horror.

I was worried about Allie. Though she was part vampire, her other half was very much, human. She was in a lot of danger. I knew Edward had seen what Alice had. He would tell everyone about the latest development. About Allie. The news shook my family. I could feel the worry, the pain and sorrow they all felt. I felt. I focused on Alice, and after I calmed her down, we joined the others in the dining room. I looked around the room at my siblings, and Carlisle and Esme, our parents, their grief was obvious. Jake had left to check on Embry at the reservation. I pulled Alice closer to me, and I tried to comfort her, but she was too worried about Allie. My gift was not helping to ease her suffering. I was sure we all thought the same thing. Levi wanted to punish the wolves, most importantly his sons, and there was no greater punishment than to kill a wolf's imprint. The worry and grief my family was experiencing weighed on me heavily. Edward nodded his agreement to my thoughts. Damn my girl was in danger. We needed a plan, and quick, if we were to have any chance at all to save her.

Embry Pov

I howled as my heart tore into. He went under the water holding my love, my imprint, Allie. Why was she on the beach alone? She had promised me she wouldn't leave the party. When I returned from my mom's,I followed her scent to the beach. I heard my wolf brothers and sister as they crashed through the woods toward the beach, howling. The smell of a vampire had alerted them to danger. I was so lost in agony. I felt like I was dying. I knew he wanted to punish me, and he may kill her because of that. Allie was in danger because Levi hated his sons. After Allie shared her vision with us, Sam decided to talk with Billy, Sue and Old Quil. Billy offered us a possible reason for Levi's change. He, Quil (Quil's IV's father), and Levi were best friends growing up. They learned about all the legends as we all had. They all had hoped to become wolves, protectors of the Quileute nation. It didn't happen though, and it disappointed them all. Levi took it the hardest; he was angry that he would remain human. Denied his supernatural heritage. His anger had followed him his entire life, and it eventually caused his marriage to implode.

His anger had boiled over after Quil III died. His death was the result of a boating accident, and it devastated Levi. He blamed the inability to shift on a loophole. If they all had been wolves, Quil III would had never died in the accident. That was Levi's logic. Blame someone or something for anything and everything that was wrong in his life.

“In his mind, every new generation should be able phase, even if there was no vampires around to jump-start the gene. Soon after Quil died he left the Res, his family, everything, and no one had seen or heard from him again. At least till Allie's vision.”

My mind replayed the evening's events. My mom had decided to tell me about my father on the way to her house tonight. I had badgered her to tell me the truth about my father since I was a child. She had always refused. She had changed her mind during the wedding. She saw how happy I was with Allie. She had noticed how much closer to Sam I had become. She watched as I held Audi and played with her, and she felt like I needed to know the truth. Sometimes the truth was over-rated.

I recalled our conversation from earlier tonight.

Embry, I love you and I always will.”

I love you too, Mom,” I answered.

I need to tell you about your father. I saw you tonight with Audi and Allie. You need to know that you have family, other than me. Your father.....”

The pain was evident in her voice. She was hurting. I couldn't stand to see her suffering.“Mom, you don't have to tell me anything. If this is too hard to talk about, I understand.”

It's Levi Uley,” Mom whispered. “Sam is your brother, Audi your niece, please don't hate me.”

My mother sobbed as she told me about Levi, my conception, and why she had moved to La Push. I never told her I already knew that Levi was my father. What I didn't know was that Levi had raped my mother. She was too ashamed to admit it to me, to anyone really. She was part of the Makah tribe, she had grown up with her tribe and didn't move to La Push till she was pregnant with me. She had met Levi, fell in love with him, but she did not know he was married at the time. She was in love, but he had been in lust.

They started an affair, but she ended it when she found out he was married. She never meant to hurt his wife and son. She couldn't bring herself to destroy someone's marriage. She was not a home wrecker. She didn't want Levi's deceit to affect his child. So she never told Sam's mom about the affair. When she ended the relationship, Levi was angry. When she refused to allow him back into her life, he raped her. The result from the rape was me. She assured me that she loved me from the very beginning. She told me it never entered her mind to give me up or have an abortion.

Friends told her she was too young to be a mom, but she refused to abort me. Even though I would be a constant reminder of her rape, she loved me regardless. She stayed with her tribe for a while, despite the gossip surrounding her pregnancy. When she found out Levi had left La Push she moved here. Things were tough for her, and people had always looked down on her for being an unmarried mother. Her mother and Sue Clearwater had been close friends for years. Sue was the reason my mother learned about Levi's marriage in the first place. Sue had told my grandmother that her friend, Anna, was married to a cad. Sue was not one to gossip, but Levi's behavior made her angry. When he left Anna and Sam, it made Sue angry. She shared the news with my grandmother. Mom decided to come to La Push.

Mom decided a move to La Push to raise me was for the best. She reasoned that at least I could be near my brother, even if I didn't know it. She hoped that she would be able to tell me about my brother someday. She never told anyone the truth about the rape. When I had phased, the elders knew, by process of elimination, Levi was my father. Billy and Harry promised my mom that they would watch over me. Once I joined the pack, it was even easier to do that. Both men had always been there for me, and my mother. I just assumed it was because I was fatherless.

Sam and most of the other wolves had joined me on the beach now. The pack would be affected by my news, especially Sam. Jake had arrived as well. I remained in human form so I could address everyone at the same time. I was so full of anger and grief. Levi would pay with his life. First, he had hurt my mother, and now, he dared to threaten the love of my life. I knew as soon as I phased everything Mom told me would be laid open. My brothers, my pack, all of them would know about my mother's rape and shame. I wanted to tell Sam, man to man.

"Sam, Jake, it was Levi. He kidnapped Allie and headed for the water . He knew I couldn't catch him in the water. He wanted to mask his scent to stop me from finding him. Jake, we need the Cullens here now. We need their help. This may be her only chance of living through this. Sam, please phase while we wait to speak to the Cullens. I need to speak to you privately."