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a secret love

a rewrite of the original a secret love the beginning is the same but chapter five and later chapters are my own


3. chapter three

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Two months had passed and it was Graduation Day, or rather night. Charlie had surprised me by throwing a Graduation Party, inviting a few friends from school but mostly people from La Push. Jake, Sam, and their friends were there along with Billy Black and Harry and Sue Clearwater. The small house was packed.

I was able to escape around eight when my friends from school left and the game came on.

I was up in my room finishing up my packing, when suddenly cold arms wrapped around me. I started to panic. I had just packed his jacket, maybe that's what drew the vampire here.

“I won't let the prophecy come true,” the, female, vampire whispered into my ear then she bit me. I let out a blood curling scream and the last thing I saw was my bedroom door slamming open before I blacked out.

For me, the change was like a dream. I didn't feel the burning pain they had described to me or that I had felt when James had bitten me.

It was like I was reliving my lives. When I was bitten, I was able to remember my past lives. I was finally able to know why I had known about vampires my whole life (in all my lives).

In my first life, I was born vampire. Somehow, scientists from way back when were able to mix bat and human DNA; and impregnated women with a child with that DNA. Only one child survived the pregnancy; me.

I was to be a military weapon, but I was too humane; I wouldn't kill anyone who wasn't already dying. Human blood repulsed me.

Eventually, I went into hiding. Feeding off of animals like I always had. But I became lonely. I wanted a child, someone who I could train and love. But I couldn't have children.

One day, I came across a seriously injured hunter. He had lost a lot of blood and probably wouldn't survive. I bit him, somehow knowing that that would make him similar to me.

For three days he screamed in agony, but his heart stopped and he stood up. I had created my own child. Immortal, like I, we had two differences. Where I had many special gifts, he only had one; he could track almost anyone or anything anywhere. He also craved human blood.

For my sake, he never killed a human and was always by my side. I created two others who mated and left our small family for a different life and we never saw them again.

Years went by and slowly my powers drove me insane, One day, I attacked my loyal son, believing he was one of the two who had betrayed me. When I had realized what I had done, I told him of a prophecy, which said that one day I would return and be the salvation of both human and vampire races.

Then, I begged him to kill me. At first, he refused, claiming it was impossible for me to be killed, for any of us to be killed. But I told him the only way to kill our kind and that only those I allow to kill me can, and still he refused. For years, I begged him to kill me, knowing that if he didn't I would eventually kill him, but he never gave in.

Then, the day came when I could no longer control myself and I attacked him once again, this time with the intent to kill him.

He proved the better fighter and, following his instincts alone, he killed me. For years after he went crazy with grief. But eventually, he came to blame me. He started killing humans, thinking of them as food. He swore that he would never let my prophecy come to pass. He changed Aro and before long he found a mate.

Together they hunted humans, my son always looking for the overpowering scent that would mark me, while Aro became more and more powerful.

Over the centuries I was reborn several times, never with the knowledge of my past lives but always with the knowledge of vampires. Many of those lives my son would find and kill me before I could become a vampire once more. In five of those lives, however, he did not. In those lives I died before he could find me but in each of those lives I was able to give birth to children, except for one.

In the first life, I gave birth to a son and when, at the age of 23, he was turned vampire I had a heart attack. In the second life, I gave birth to twins who were turned right in front of my eyes at the age of 15 and then I was killed by the Volturi. In the third life, I killed myself after I learned of my loved one's death in a war. The fourth life gave me another son who had died when he was seventeen because of an illness; and in the fifth, I had one more boy and died on a bear hunting trip when a bear surprised me. My son, a then twenty year old, had been badly mauled and had been found by a vampire who had him changed as quickly as possible.

All my other lives, my first son killed me before I could even have a real life. He failed in this life. When he found me and tried to kill me, they killed him. They killed my James.

When I awoke three days later, my boxes where around me and I was in the house that would have become my home.

There was a musky smell that ranked through the house. It smelled like wet dog and repulsed me more than human blood had.

I stood and went to the box marked personal, and found it opened but his jacket was still there. I reached into the pocket and notice the house key missing.

The smell grew stronger as I heard paw steps coming from the direction of La Push.

Immediately, I was outside, facing the way they were coming from. Seconds later three giant wolves came into view. There was one black, one russet, and one gray.

“You must be the ones who brought me here,” I said and the black one nodded. “Who are you? How did you know to bring me to they're old house? And what did you tell Charlie?”

The black one looked at the russet one who turned and went behind a bush. I didn't expect Jacob Black to come out.

“Jacob?” I asked. “You're a shape-shifter?”

“Shape-shifter, Bella?” he asked. “We're werewolves.”

“No, werewolves can only come out the night of the full moon,” I said knowing these things. “It may be night but this month's full moon was last week, you're shape-shifters.”

“Whatever,” he said. “The black one is Sam and the gray is Leah. We brought you here because your room reeked of a Cullen. And Charlie thinks you've been kidnapped. Which leech bit you, Bella?”

Don't call us that,” I snapped. “We've been around longer than any shape-shifter or werewolf. I should know. I was, in my first life, the first vampire, born this way. And it wasn't a Cullen who changed me. She was one of the few that knew of the vampire prophecy. None of them knew it, not even Carlisle. If it was who I think it was, and then she was the first vampire I created's mate.

“They killed James, her mate, my son, when he tried to kill me to keep the prophecy from happening. I'm guessing one of you pulled her off me?”

“No, we got too close, she dropped you, and we went after her but we lost her”

“You would have. She can escape almost any situation, it's her gift.”

“The treaty applies to you as it did the other blood-”

DON'T CALL US THAT! You really don't want to get me angry. It would become a battle you would lose.”

“Three of us, only one of you, I think you should rethink that.”

“I don't. My powers have returned. No one can kill me, Jacob, unless I want to die and believe me, I don't.”

I felt my eyes start showing the age of my soul; the power of it. Jake backed away.

“I am the most powerful vampire. If you think the three of you can take me, then go ahead and try but the outcome won't be in your favor.”

“We didn’t come here to fight.”

"Good, violence isn’t the answer. Please return my key. I’ll be leaving town soon, I need to lock this place up.”

“How do you expect to leave without a car?”

“I have a vehicle. He left it along with some money. Now please give me back my key.”

“We left it on the dining room table.”

“Good. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to find my most valuable possessions and put them into my new car.”

“Wait. You said powers, what powers?”

I sighed. For a pack that could kill two vampires with my venom in their veins they could be rather stupid.

“Certain vampires have special powers, but not all. Take the Cullen’s for example; they had a mind reader, a future seer, and an empath. I have many of these powers. Actually, now that I think about it, I have all of the powers plus some no one else has. Now I really must go. I need to get to the east coast as quickly as my car will take me.”

With that I turned and went inside. I went straight to the boxes first and grabbed his jacket first. I could hear the shifters leaving, running as quickly as they could. I put the jacket on and pulled my necklace out from under my shirt.

Holding on to the pendant, I dug out my diaries and the books that I would take with me.

I locked all the entry ways of the house and put the key back in the pocket I had originally found it. I ran to Alice and his room and went straight to the second closest. I pulled up the three loose floor boards and pulled our secret safe out of the hole in the floor. I placed the floor boards back and ran to the garage.

He had had the car costume made. It was an orange mustang with tinted windows so dark they were nearly black. My guess was that in could go nearly two hundred miles per hour.

I popped open the trunk and put the safe, my books, and my dairies in it. Then I unlocked my car and drove away, not looking back once.

I would find them. I had to find my family; I had to find him. Even if it took a thousand years, I will be in his arms again.