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a secret love

a rewrite of the original a secret love the beginning is the same but chapter five and later chapters are my own


5. chapter five

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Chapter five

The elders stared at me and so did my twins before Alec tried his power on me. I kept my shield around the child as I put her down and stepped out of the protective bubble. I beckoned to Felix and Demetri who instantly took the challenge. I sunk into my hunting crouch and sprung at Demetri knocking him off of his feet. I dropped to my hands and kicked Felix’s feet out from under him throwing him through the wall. Demetri stared at me in horror as Jane took a shot at fighting me and got thrown in the same direction as Felix. Within two minutes I had taken on three Volturi warriors and defeated them. I turned to Alec and beckoned to him.

“Come and try to kill me and see what happens,” I said as he lunged at me. He got within three feet of me and I froze him in place with his power, making him crash to the ground limp. “The only one that isn’t paralyzed is Demetri. Now Aro tell me what your worthless dead creator told you after you were created,” I whispered picking the child back up.

“He told me of a prophecy that involved his creator: the first vampire created by human scientists,” Aro said staring at Alec’s limp form.

“Please Aro enlighten your brothers to the prophecy,” I said smiling at the darling child in my arms.

“The prophecy went like this: There will come one vampire who will be loved by two of her kind. She will be so powerful that none can destroy her. Vampires will fear her; humans will name her their new found savior. All through her human life she will know of the existence of vampires and will never fear them. As a human, her blood's scent will be so enticing that most would crave it. She will be the salvation for both kinds,” Aro said, looking up at me.

I was smiling that evil smile that Jasper loved when I had something evil planned for one of his family members.

“The prophecy involves me,” I said, touching Alec and unfreezing him.

“Mom,” he groaned as if I was waking him up for an early day on the farm.

“He will now remember his entire human life before he was changed,” I said, as Demetri brought Jane into the throne room. He laid her on the floor at my feet and I bent down and touched her forehead gently unfreezing her body.

“Mom,” she moaned the memories slowly coming back to her as her eyes fluttered open.

“You can restore memories and probably have a million more powers that could be used to defeat the Volturi,” Aro said and I nodded.

“What I showed here was me testing my powers to see if they were at their full strength and they are at their full strength,” I said helping Jane and Alec to their feet. They stood on either side of me and looked up at me.

Aro stared at me and said, “What was your last human form this time around?”

“I was a human that the Cullen’s were fascinated by. James tried to kill me and the Cullen’s killed James. He had my venom in his veins and he normally got to me before I had a real life. In five of my lives he failed to get to me and I had children and all of them became vampires. In my first life I had a son who was changed when he was 23. In my second life I had Jane and Alec and they were changed in front of me and Mr. Paralyzed killed me. In my third life I didn’t have any kids and I killed myself. My fourth life gave me another son who died when he was 17 because of an illness and in my fifth life I had one more boy who was mauled by a bear and changed at age 20. I died that same day,” I said looking down at the child who was pulling my hair.

“What’s her name,” I said to the vampire that created her.

“Her name is Jasmine,” he whispered gently brushing a lock of her hair behind her ear.

She smiled up at him and I waved my hand over her body and put her down for the magic to take place. She grew quickly, a beautiful white dress taking place of her baby clothes as she grew into a beautiful young woman and the change stopped.

“Now is there a reason for them to be destroyed, Aro,” I asked looking up at him.

“No they can go because of the amazing change you did on the child,” Aro said staring at the girl in amazement.

“Thank you,” she whispered to me.

I pulled her into a hug and said, “That dress looks lovely with your skin tone.” She smiled as she pulled away and she left with her creator.

“Is black the only color in the dress code,” I asked looking over Jane and Alec’s clothes.

“Black or gray,” Aro said and I shook my head. I took a lock of Jane’s hair and turned it blood red. Then I took another lock of her hair and turned it obsidian black. Then I took a third lock of her hair and turned it amber gold. “The three colors a vampires eyes can be,” I said and looked over Alec.

"Where did you get this,” I said looking at the pocket watch hanging from his neck.

“I took it from a man that I hunted after I was created,” he whispered and I flipped it over to look at the crest.

“You hunted your father,” I said showing him the crest.

He became interested in his feet and I said, "That's something I never would have been able to do in all my years of living. I can't stand human blood. Something about him made you angry. What was it?"

"The vague memory of you getting hit by dad," he said and looked up at me.

I smiled and messed up his hair, quietly turning to Jane. She pulled out a gold necklace with a cross hanging from the chain and smiled slightly.

“It belongs to you now,” I said fastening it around her neck.

“Now I need to find the Cullen’s and my mate,” I said turning to leave.

“Um what about Felix because he’s still paralyzed,” Demetri whispered shifting from foot to foot.

Jane said, “He can stay paralyzed for a couple hundred years. I want to see how long it takes for him to catch on fire.”

“Jane,” I said appalled that she would say something like that.

“She has said it before mother,” Alec said dragging Felix back into the throne room by his shirt.

I touched Felix and he jumped up flying to the opposite side of the room from me.

“Demetri do you want another round before I leave,” I asked and he nodded. We circled each other and he lunged. Just before he touched me I froze him with Alec’s power making him crash to the ground limp.

I unfroze him and said, “I could easily take down the Volturi single-handedly.”

“Prove it,” Caius hissed and I smiled.

I beckoned to him and he advanced on me. I froze him in place and he burst into flames, instantly crumpling to the ground. I looked up at Marcus and Aro to see them staring at me in shock. I froze them in place and the caught on fire also immediately crumpling to the ground.

“They have always been weak. They were always relying on the guard to do the job they were supposed to do,” I said stepping over the pile of ashes that lay at my feet.

I turned around and saw them back away as if they were next.