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Caring for Claire

Life was perfect for Megan Young. She had a life that was perfect with her friends. Her father was happily married to his new wife. Things couldn't be better for her- until a phone call from one of her sisters causes friction. Her once perfect life does downhill as she finds out her oldest sister is dead. The custody of her sister's children are in her hands. But will she realize something different about her old home? About her old family? 'Caring for Claire' is a story that will bring you to tears as you go through the life of a nineteen year old girl and her journey with a three year old niece.


2. God-Mother

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I stood in the kitchen of Emily and Sam's house, completely divoid of conversation. Emily's eyes were puffy from the tears that she shed as soon as I appeared in the door. My face was hard, stone, and unmoving. Emily and I had just gotten a call a few hours ago saying that Claire and Aubrey would be under the care of us. I was the god-mother of Claire, and Emily was the god-mother of Aubrey. Meaning that I was now fully responsible for her.

" Where are the girls?" I asked, looking in my sister's eyes. It was the two of us in the house- Emily said Sam was off at the First Beach with his friends. That honestly shocked me because he should be here for his wife after she just lost a family member.

" They're at Sue's house." Sue was our Aunt. I could remember my cousins faintly- Leah and Seth. Leah and I were close when we were younger. We both grew up though, and I moved. I haven't spoken to her in a while though.

" I'll go get them." I mumbled, grabbing my keys off the counter. She nodded and sat back in her chair, wiping the remaining tears off her face.