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For the love of a wolf pack leader(Sam Uley lovestory)

This story takes place after the new moon movie and book. This story is based around my main character named Mary Rose Loveless. She is 21 years old the same age as Sam. She is a werewolf that is cousins with Paul Reece. She has short dark brown pixie like hair. She is the same height as Sam. Mary is moving to La Push to live with her cousin Paul.


2. Starting patrol and council meeting

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Today was the day that I would start patroling the woods of La Push with Paul, Quil and Jacob at 7pm. Sam and the rest of the pack members trained me all ready for today. I was getting really excited to get to do wolf things again. I use to be in a wolf back back in LA it was very fun time. I packed my clothes because when I turn in to a wolf it will shred my clothes. Me Paul, Quil and Jacob were heading to Sam's place to get our assignments for today. Sam told me that me and Paul will be patrolling the south side of the woods. Me and Paul quickly transformed in to our wolf forms and started running around the south side of the woods to make sure there are no vampires. We finally finished up our patrol run around the south side of the woods of La Push and found nothing. We slowly all turned back in to our human forms and got dressed. We all headed back to Sam's place by around 11:30pm and told him that there were no vampires around the woods. Me and Paul went home to take a shower and go to sleep because we had a councal meeting on the beach tomorrow night at 8pm. I woke up at 10am the next morning and decided to cook breakfast for me and paul. I was cooking chocolate chip pancakes, bacon, hash browns, and strawberry smoothy for our breakfast. It was finally time to go the council meeting that started at 8pm on the beach. We got to the meeting and sat around the camp fire listening to our tribes stores.