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For the love of a wolf pack leader(Sam Uley lovestory)

This story takes place after the new moon movie and book. This story is based around my main character named Mary Rose Loveless. She is 21 years old the same age as Sam. She is a werewolf that is cousins with Paul Reece. She has short dark brown pixie like hair. She is the same height as Sam. Mary is moving to La Push to live with her cousin Paul.


3. Impriting and moving in with Sam married

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It has been several weeks since we helped the cullens fight a group of new born vampires. I was starting to have a lot of strange feelings for Sam Uley. I felt like it was only me and him on this earth that were staying together and I did not know that was really me imprinting on him. One night when I had invited the whole wolf pack to have dinner and a bonefire at our house which started at 8pm and will go till 11:30pm. I was starting to get really nervouse about telling Sam that had imprinted on him. I was finishing up cooking the dinner that I was serving tonight which included; chicken parmeson, pasta salad, potatoe salad, hamburgers, hotdogs, and for dessert Mint chocolate chip filled cake. I got everything done cooking and was waiting for everyone to arrive. They all finally arived and we all started eating and talking about a lot of different things. It was getting close to the end of the night and Sam asked me to come talk with him in private in the house. Sam started saying "Mary I have been having these strong feelings for you ever since I first layed eyes on yo and wanted to tell you that I have imprinted on you''. I told Sam that I also have imprinted on him and then we kissed for a while. It has been a whole month since me and sam told each other that we imprinted on each other. Sam had asked me to move in to his house so that we could allways be with each other everyday. On the celebration of the first day that we startd dating and living tegether sam took me out to a nice dinner to celebrate. We both finished eating our meals and Sam got on one knee and said "Mary we have been living together for the last couple sixth months and I love spending ever day with you I was wondering if you would do the honor of becoming my wife" and I of couse said yes. (rewind to wedding day) It was finally the day that I was looking for becoming Sams wife. My parents flew in from La to come to our wedding. Me and Sam were getting married on the beach in La Push were we first met. I had just finished getting ready for the wedding my dad started walking me down the ail to Sam. We both recited the vows that we had written for each other then the priest said "Sam Uley do you take Mary rose Loveless to be your lawfully wedded wife till the day you die" Sam said i do I said I do too. The priest said I am proud to announce mr. and mrs. sam Uley you may kiss the bride. Mary and Sam lived happily ever after the end.