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Are you tired of the same boring activies day after day? So is Emery Nyx. Emery isn't your adverage type of girl. Oh no, she is a whole new breed of monster. Read and find out how her existence dramatically changes when she meets the Cullens.

I don't own any of the Cullens or anything that can be found in the Twilight Saga..

1. Formallities

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One, two, three… how incredibly boring it is to count plates. I growled out loud, “How many more boxes do we have to go through?”

My sister’s words came through her giant smile, “Just a few more but, really… you should be used to this.” She waved her arms dramatically around the room, “How many times is this for us?”

I bit my lip, contemplating, “Four? Maybe five, and that’s just counting this year alone!” I kicked an empty box and watched as it sailed the air, landing in a neat pile with the other discarded boxes. “I’m tired of moving!” I could feel my temper rise, my voice began to shake.

I watched as Isi chewed her words carefully and thoughtfully before spitting them out, “He said this would be our last move… At least, for a couple of years.” I shrugged at her, our father has made many broken promises. Isi and I are half sisters, we look almost the same but are distinct differences are what makes us each beautiful in our own ways.

Isi is just under 5’7”, with deep coal black hair that was in a boyish style, her fair skin glowed and she lit up the room whenever she walked in, her Evergreen eyes were almost hidden by her large wing-like eyelashes. I, am biting five foot, with the same shade of black hair but, I keep mine long it now flows well past my back. My skin, just as clear as Isi’s, is a few shades darker - a deep Ivory color. My eyes are a striking apple green; with out different heights and details we still have the same hour-glass frame.

Isi and I are very close, we’ve always been close since birth. Our father took us away from our respected mothers and raised us. He’s not cruel nor is he loving per say- but he’s always made sure we’ve gotten the best of everything. Isi and I have always felt a camaraderie - a two against the world feeling with each other. Before either of us could speak again the sound of rubber crushing gravel came from just outside the kitchen door.

We waited in silence and after a few moments he entered the threshold of the kitchen. Brennan Nyx. I felt my breath catch in my throat, it was like this every time he was around. It was hard not to react to him. He might not be the most adoring father but Isi and I need to be around him. At least, for a few years… without his presence we will die. He wore his long golden hair pulled back from his face, today he wore a dark blue suit that off suit his fierce grey eyes quite well. His extremely sharp features could make angels weep. Everything about him, from his stature to his voice commanded submission and shouted power.

“Hi Dad,” I said bleakly staring at his forehead instead of into his eyes.

“I need to go visit your mother soon.” His voice scattered a small group of birds from the nearby Elm tree. He was rather attached to my mother, an abnormal characteristic for our kind. Caring for any human isn’t a normal emotion for any of us…

He continued, halting my thoughts, “Come. You two, can start school today.” I looked at my watch mindlessly, - 9:16. “Half a day is better than no day and I won’t have to worry about signing any paperwork while I am gone. I don’t know how long I will be away.” Whoops. I smiled smally, apologetically, he never likes to be questioned. He turned on his heel and back out the door. Isi and I followed automatically and just before we reached the door I felt her elbow me in the side.

I winced and rubbed my side, the sting only lasted for a few seconds but I’ve always been a little dramatic when it came to physical violence with Isi. We watched from the cab of Isi’s Sterling Blue, Audi RS6 as Brennan’s Rose Red, Pagani Zonda zipped out of the drive-way. Rain began to drizzle down as she pulled out of the drive-way and followed our father down the highway.

Even though, this has to be the hundredth time we’ve moved this is my favorite place yet. From what I read on the internet it rains about 90% of the year- allowing us to have a normal life. The constant overcast of thick clouds gave the small town of Forks a feeling of being in a bubble. One glorious-large bubble filled with water, bright flowers, and tall sky-scrapping trees. The perfect environment for Isi and I. We crept into a parking space a few spots drown from Brennan, who was leaning against the right side of his car. Isi doesn’t like to drive fast so he’s always waiting for us. I think that he bought her a car with a V-10 as some sort of sick joke.

Today, I was wearing an oversized fit- hot red knit cheetah print sweater with a scoop knit, black tights, and studded biker books. Isi has her own style she’s either casual or wearing sweats in the 17 years she’s been on this planet she’s never worn heels. As we walked up the stairs that lead to a small beige, bricked building I noticed that today she decided to go with the nerdy-librarian. She wore a black knit sweater over a collared shirt, well today. She added a pair of silver glasses for the look… we have perfect 20/20.

Isi and I followed Brennan closely as he tugged the glass door open, waving a hand allowing us to enter before him. He patted my back, a huge sing of affection in his eyes. I smiled before I could catch myself. Three medium-size, faux wooden desks; greeted us as we walked farther into the Main Office. A rather plump, woman wearing a purple dress-suit, with burly unnatural red hair was bent over a stack of paperwork.

I exchanged looks with my family, humans can be so unobservant. I felt a twinge of pity, if this was another decade she’d be nothing but a lifeless corpse by now. It’s hard to pretend to be human sometimes, especially when Isi and I keep to ourselves. I think about socializing with the children we go to school with… but it’s no point they all die. They are so frail… it is too much work to ensure their safety I’m afraid I’ll slip one day and hurt them. We stood silent for a moment, I looked up and Brennan who was making a face. He hadn’t realized we walked in too quietly. I could see it in his eyes, he was thinking about turning around and coming back in.

I touched his hand lightly, to make him look at me. I winced smally as his gaze fell heavily on me, I shook my head and motioned with my hand that we should just walk up to the woman. He nodded, agreeing with me and began to walk up to her. Isi dragged me to a line of chairs that were pushed up again the right side of the wall. Brennan cleared his throat to get the woman’s attention. She looked up from her papers, startled.

Her lips parted slightly, I could hear her heart beat quicken. I rolled my eyes as I turned my attention to a potted plant I was seated next to. So predictable… we always get that sort of reaction from humans. Every time I’m met with wide eyes, or gasps I feel like a monster. In a way, I guess I am a monster but I don’t feel evil. Sure, I’m not a human with my inhuman beauty, my strength, and my powers… but I’ve never hurt anyone. It’s not in my nature, I just am not the type to hurt humans. But I am a monster because I know others of my kind do hurt humans and I do nothing about it- my father being one of those.

The woman’s name, I found out is Mrs. Cope, after she had a longer-than-necessary conversation with Brennan and he had signed all the appropriate papers she called us to the desk so that she could show us our schedules. The school was so small that luckily we had the same schedule- this brought a wide grin to each of our faces. It’s hard to be away from each other for many reasons.

1. Gym- Coach Clapp

2. English - Mr. Mason

3. Art - Mr. Wright

4. Government - Mrs. Jefferson


5. Study Hall

6. Biology - Mr. Banner

7. Spanish - Mrs. Goff

8. Trigonometry - Mr. Varner

“I just need you two, to bring back these slips tomorrow after you have had all of your teachers sign it.” Isi nodded as I twirled my hair between my thumb and index finger. Mrs. Cope was highlighting the best routes for each class- a task that need not be done. Isi and I already memorized the map. After what seemed like an eternity she wished us good luck and sent us to our forth hour class.

We walked out back through the door we came out of. Before we headed to Mrs. Jefferson’s Government class we had to move the Audi to the zone dedicated for student parking. “Not a very wealthy class of humans are they?” Isi asked as her eyes roamed the parking lot. The lot was filled with older cars, the most expensive looking vehicle was a silver Volvo S60 nestled in a space away from a white Nissan Altima.

I shrugged, “They only have one lifetime to gather funds.” I felt my vocabulary age, I tend to speak about humans like I am a scientist talking about a very pathetic breed of organisms. Once she switched the car to park I jumped out and yelled out, “Come on the boys and girls of Forks High have waited long enough for the Nyx Sisters!” I could see her giggling through the front window as she hurried to follow me up the cemented trail that led us to the Cafeteria. We skipped, arm-in-arm to building 6. “Let’s do this.” I whispered harshly as Isi turned the door knob.