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Pranks on Carlisle

Alice and Emmett are mad at Carlisle what kind of pranks will they think up

this is my first fanfic so bear with me none of this belongs to me,(sob) It's all Stephanie Meyer's amazing creations

1. why not?

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Emmetts pov Emmett! Alice called as she entered my room where I was watching star wars. I just saw a thunderstorm will you

play with us? Jazz,

Rose, and Esme all said yes as well as Edward, Bella, Nessie, and Jacob, Ok I said, unable to resist the chance to watch Rose


Jake on opposite teams, plus Alice's pouty face was pathetic, Yay! lets go ask Carlisle. No Alice, Carlisle said coming out of his

office. But Carlisle why not? because #1 we still haven't fixed the ball from the time Jake chewed the ball up and #2 I'm going to be

busy, #3 Esme's birthday is coming up and I need to get her a gift. Sorry Alice, seeing her disappointed face, maybe next time. but

Carlisle I bought a ball last week, and I can get Esme a gift for you, no Alice. Carlisle said last time I let you get her my gift you

spent One million dollers on a dress she'll never wear unless the Volturi invite us to a ball. but Carlisle... No buts Alice sorry but

not tonight. that's Ok Alice, Edward said when she came downstairs, we'll still have fun but Nessie's keeping score last time she

almost became mush, Sorry I yelled from the other room I was trying to get to home. and I knocked over a couple trees on the

way. Emmett! you nearly crushed my baby girl! Bella yelled from her room, Mom! Nessie yelled from the couch, Ok guys lets go

play ball Jasper yelled, oh and Rose keep your emotions under control please. we all know you hate Jake, please try to calm

down your giving me a headache let's go.