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Pranks on Carlisle

Alice and Emmett are mad at Carlisle what kind of pranks will they think up

this is my first fanfic so bear with me none of this belongs to me,(sob) It's all Stephanie Meyer's amazing creations

2. Let's Prank!

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Alice's pov Emmett! I yelled up the stairs we've got work to do, so get your Butt down here now and meet me in the library ten minutes,what Alice

Emmett yelled back at me ten minutes later at the library, we're going to prank Carlisle. What?! Emmett yelled, Shush I whispered you

can't let Edward read your mind, He'll tell Carlisle! Alice calm down, yes I'll be careful but you have to stop yelling please, alright fine

now lets think of pranks to play on him. but Alice Emmett said, last time we pranked someone it didn't turn out so well.


Emmett!! Alice!! Edward yelled down the stairs give me back my pants, It was just the three of us in the house, (the others had

gone camping) and Alice and I were bored. Edward had been showering to go see Bella so we took his pants, It was funny until

Edward found Carlisle's secret stash of clothes in the bathroom. (Carlisle knew our love of pranks from sad experience) and

came after us just as the others came home. um Edward, why are you wearing my pants? Carlisle asked confused, they took my

pants he yelled by this point Alice and I were rolling around on the ground laughing until our sides hurt. needless to say Edward

beat us up and got his pants back.


Oh yeah. I said, that was not the best prank we've pulled. you think, Emmett said sarcasticly, I still have scars from that he added

Ok I get it, but this will be a better prank because you thought that one up this time it's me thinking them up.