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Pranks on Carlisle

Alice and Emmett are mad at Carlisle what kind of pranks will they think up

this is my first fanfic so bear with me none of this belongs to me,(sob) It's all Stephanie Meyer's amazing creations


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Carlisle's POV

ALICE! EMMETT! GET IN HERE NOW OR SO HELP ME I WILL TELL ESME! I yelled out the door, I rarely get mad but when I do It's

scary. Alice had covered all my stuff in maple syrup and feathers, and Emmett had filled my pillow with pudding! so yes I was a little

upset at the moment. when they ran in laughing I got even more upset and chased them out of the house, Esme walked in, hey are

you alright? she asked gently, I'm just annoyed I answered. - Esme's POV - Carlisle was Upset. I could tell. he hadn't been this

upset since Emmett broke the house 100 years ago, then I got an Idea I laughed evilly (or tried to) and upstairs Edward laughed,

what? Carlisle asked confused . I smiled, Bella sweety could you sheald us from Alice please? sure Esme she said laughing,

then I pulled my mate close and whispered my plan in his ear. - Carlisle POV - it was genius the kind of plan only Esme could

think upI smiled Alice and Emmett deserved it. but we had to get the Volturi to agree, that was my job I had to speek to Aro about

borrowing the wives for the day, I laughed this would be fun, Athenodora, Sulpica and Vera would love the chance to prank Alice

and Aro, Cauis and Marcus would do anything to make their mates happy.