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I Need Your Tongue

Life is positively blissful with the absence of immoral vampire royalty and homicidal nomads. When the sum total of Bella's problems is getting her stubborn vampire boyfriend's cool sublime tongue inside her mouth. Fatal venom-coated teeth be damned! Set in the summer after Twilight. (The Edward in my head would never leave his love.)


1. Chapter 1

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"Wake up beautiful" I murmured to a sleeping Bella. She responded by borrowing further into my chest and tightening the vice grip of her naked slender thighs over my hips.

This woman-child would be the death of me.

In this, Fork's longest heat wave in decades, she was snuggled up in my arms wearing nothing but a white tank and virginal cotton panties. I keep telling myself that I bore the unrelenting ache in my cock and didn't request that she change for her comfort only, but who was I kidding? The sublimity of her slender thighs wrapped around me was worth the unrelenting throb.

"Bella…" I whispered against the shell of her delicate ear. I really should let her sleep we had been up all night touching, kissing and whispering syrupy endearments to each other.

"Hmmm…babe?" she whispered hoarsely, her eyes batting open.

My cock twitched and my un-beating heart clenched every time she unwittingly called me that. She only ever called me 'baby', or some variation of it, when she was not fully conscious.

"What time is it?" she asked. She was fully awake now, eyes twinkling, partly from sleep, and from her unbelievable happiness at waking up next to me. Her love for me was as unfathomable as it was beautiful.

"Breakfast-time for the human," I grinned and because I couldn't help it, I leaned forward to capture her pouty bottom lip.


I unconsciously held my breath as Edward pulled my lip inside his cool mouth.

Don't make this any harder for him Bella - don't freak out…

"Hmmm" I murmured breathlessly. I scrambled for some semblance of control before I was overtaken by an onslaught of pleasure and overwhelming need. His strong hands were sliding slowly, gently up my naked thighs as he pulled me into his lap. No matter how sternly I lectured myself right before he touched me, I could never adequately contain the pleasure his hands and mouth inspired. My hands found their way to the back of his tousled locks as his skillful mouth moved expertly, his body undulating sensually against my own. "I need your tongue," I moaned desperately into his mouth as I arched my back and pressed my aching breasts into his hard body.

His hands, now on my ass, stilled instantly. The desperate grinding motion ceased. He extricated his lips and groaned admonishingly, "Isabella."


"I'm sorry." I murmured. I leaned forward to kiss him again, but unsurprisingly he grabbed my hips and gently settled me back on my side of the bed. Now I was really sorry, I honestly hadn't meant to let that slip.

So much for control.

He sighed and flitted across the room, no doubt annoyed that I mentioned the topic he had days before closed for discussion. We had argued about it before when I had carelessly slipped my hot tongue inside his cool mouth as we were kissing on top of the leather sofa in his room. Of course our brand of arguing involved only slightly raised voices between sweet chaste kisses. Nauseating really – at least according to Emmett.

I knew the topic wasn't really closed though. The satisfied purr he let out when our tongues touched gave me hope. Our kisses would not be chaste for much longer.

He cleared his throat and looked at me expectantly as he leaned against my doorframe. "Breakfast-time for the human," he repeated. He was fighting to control his smile. No doubt knowing exactly where my mind had wandered.

I pouted.

He sardonically raised his eyebrows.

My stomach growled.


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