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I Need Your Tongue

Life is positively blissful with the absence of immoral vampire royalty and homicidal nomads. When the sum total of Bella's problems is getting her stubborn vampire boyfriend's cool sublime tongue inside her mouth. Fatal venom-coated teeth be damned! Set in the summer after Twilight. (The Edward in my head would never leave his love.)


2. Chapter 2

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Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight.


Across the room I watched Bella's decadent lips wrap around her strawberry. Her satisfied moans and sensuous licks added to the perfection of an already blissful morning.

That is until my annoying psychic of a sister decided to interrupt my voyeuristic pleasure. Her incessant texting had me considering a number change.

You've had your fun Edward! It's my Bella time! –A

I rolled my eyes. I had no desire to cater to her at the moment; Bella was now peeling a banana…

Stop being creepy Edward! 30 minutes! –A

"Stupid pixie," I griped. My gaze was again pulled from my screen. Unbearably cute as ever, Bella giggled as she crossed the room with banana in hand. My scowl had already faded before she curled up into the small kitchen seat beside mine.

"Have we been summoned?" she asked while, thankfully, resuming her peeling.

"No you've been summoned," I grinned, "I doubt Alice cares if I'm there. I think she has been suffering from withdrawal symptoms."

"I've been a horrible friend this summer, haven't I?" she bemoaned, her mood changing instantly. She proceeded to cover her face with her hands, banana forgotten on the table.

I pulled her into my lap and removed both hands from her face. Her brown eyes gazed at me concerned under wrinkled brows. "Alice knows I've been monopolizing you," I whispered reassuringly. I was not the least bit regretful. "She knows it's entirely my fault. She's not the least bit mad at you."

"Really?" she questioned.

"Really honey." I assured her with a lingering kiss. "You just better hope it's not Bella Barbie-time though."

And just like that, her concern faded into wide-eyed horror. I couldn't help but chuckle.


I cannot believe Edward left me alone with her.

Here I sat on Alice and Jasper's bed cringing before a smirking Alice. Everyone else had gone hunting, including my unreliable coward of a boyfriend.

"Don't look at me like that Bella; you'd think I was going to bite!" Her smile got even wider.

"Har har Ali." She smiled at my nickname for her. "Let's just get one thing straight. I draw the line at evening gowns." I put on my best stern face. "And no mascara this time, my eyes swelled up like a big ole tomato last time. Edward was apoplectic! You'd think the graceful undead would know how to apply a little mascara…"

"You flinched!" She interrupted. "That was entirely your fault missy!" She folded her arms and turned up her delicate nose. "It would have been entirely on you if Edward turned me into a pile of ashes."

We glared at each other for a moment before erupting into peals of laughter, both of us collapsing on the bed. I almost forgot how much I enjoyed spending time with her.

"So," I continued after we recovered "what brand of torture is on the agenda today?"

Her suspicious smirk from earlier returned.

Oh God. "Alice…" I warned.

"Don't be dramatic Bella; I want to help you with your quest." She explained excitedly as she turned quickly to face me.

"Quest?" I inquired.

"Why, for Edward's tongue of course!" she exclaimed bouncing and clapping her hands.

Oh. My. God. Kill me now.

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