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I Need Your Tongue

Life is positively blissful with the absence of immoral vampire royalty and homicidal nomads. When the sum total of Bella's problems is getting her stubborn vampire boyfriend's cool sublime tongue inside her mouth. Fatal venom-coated teeth be damned! Set in the summer after Twilight. (The Edward in my head would never leave his love.)


4. Chapter 4

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Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight, S. Meyer does. No monetary gain, just havin' fun :D.

Important A/N:

Uber-helpful review from ann sheffield: I am liking this a lot so far, the change in POVs is sometimes not smooth or readily apparent but I love getting both of them. Wondering how long and frequently updated this fic is going to be and where we are in the Saga.

Response: Thanks so much for your feedback! I'm updating pretty frequently now since I'm on holiday from undergrad. It will be much less frequent when classes begin :(. The story is set in the late summer after Twilight. I have no desire to deal with the backlash of Edward leaving. I need my story to be happy :). More importantly, I can't imagine the Edward in my head ever leaving.

Oh! And I'll definitely work on my transitions now that I know they need improving. I also notice the *** partitions I add in Microsoft Word don't translate into the uploaded doc, so from now on I'll clearly put (BPOV), EPOV) etc.


"He's so stubborn! I could have sworn we would have worn him down by now but…" Alice muttered as she held up the cotton sweater-dress to my frame, "this goes perfectly with your skin tone."

"Can we not talk about this here Alice!" I whispered forcefully. "And I couldn't possibly take any more clothes. I don't even have the space for them."

"You do now!" she grinned mischievously, "New school year, new clothes. Don't worry I kept the black knit shirt you nicked from Eddie's closet," she whispered conspiratorially.

"Oh my God you took my clothes!" I exclaimed. I cannot believe her sometimes. "Alice!"

"You took Edwards clothes." she smirked. As if it was the same thing!

"That's different, he's…" I started.

"He's what?" she giggled.

"He's mine." I stated and glared at her pointedly, daring her to object. All she did was giggle and gesture behind me.

Before I could turn around, a soothing familiar baritone murmured in my ear. "I am?"

"See ya later Bee!" Alice exclaimed. I barely registered her departure.

"What are you doing here?" I asked. As I turned to look up into his ocher eyes an involuntary smile spread across my features.

"Alice." He stated as if it was enough of an explanation. It was. My smile widened slightly as I registered that he was wearing the grey equivalent to the shirt I stole. It stretched tantalizingly across defined chest and broad shoulders. Shoulders I was now bracing upon to kiss him hello.

"I promised you a date night before school starts on Monday." He murmured against my lips. "Human-experiences remember, or as they call it dinner-and-a-movie."

"Or as I call it mushroom ravioli plus Edward's-lips-in-a-dark-movie-theatre." I responded teasingly.

He laughed loudly. "Oh Bella."

He continued chuckling as he led me outside the store.


The restaurant was only ten minutes away from Port Angeles mall and the movie theater was even closer. I treasured simple things like this – walking on the sidewalk with my love on a cloudy day.

"Did you miss me today?" Bella questioned as we bypassed the parking lot and my Volvo.

"Of course I did, my little criminal." I smirked and kissed our intertwined hands. "Emmett is horrible company when the Mariners are playing, and Jasper's anxiousness while Alice is away just magnifies my own."

She blushed at my mention of her thieving. "I didn't think you would mind. Do you want it back?"

"Of course not. Wear it to bed tonight?" I asked hopefully. Her brown eyes widened and she turned an even deeper shade of red.

"Sure," she whispered shakily.

Soon we arrived at La Bella Italia - the restaurant where we began. She looked up at me knowingly and I smiled in response.

"Ladies first," I murmured. As she walked through the open door, I silently marveled at how far we've come. To think that my only immediate problem was how to remain appropriately subdued in the coming hours, in the dark movie theatre with my sneaky, unbelievably sexy girlfriend.

I should have known then that it would be an impossibility.


"Small popcorn, extra butter please." Edward stated politely to the bumbling pre-teen at the desk. Poor girl.

I tried to hide my smile as she blatantly ogled him. It didn't bother me nearly as much as it used to. I ogled frequently. Most times I look at him and I can't believe he is mine. That someone with such a beautiful giving heart could love me.

"Bella?" he inquired. We were now comfortably ensconced in the back of the movie theatre. I had no idea what movie we were seeing. "What are you thinking?" he asked for what must have been the millionth time this summer.

I smiled at him affectionately; I was in a loving mood tonight. Truth be told I felt like this a hundred percent of the time, in varying degrees, depending on whether or not I was with him.

I am so in love with him.

And for once I wish I could show him, so he would no longer doubt. He would know once and for all that no one has ever loved any man as much as I loved him. I really, really did wish it, for the first time since we've met. I let that feeling wash over me, and for a split second of almost supernatural clarity I knew what I was about to do. Despite the inappropriateness of our surroundings, I wanted to, in case it never happened again.

I adore you Edward Cullen. You have such a beautiful soul.

I was shocked silent as he gasped in response, as his hold around my waist tightened, as he pulled me close enough so I could see his ocher eyes widen and darken in the dim room.

The mundane room did nothing to diminish the intimacy, the utter sanctity of the moment. A moment that was special in itself because I let my soul-mate into my mind; that was all the more sacred because somehow I felt it. I felt him; the strong, unwavering essence that was Edward surrounding and embracing my every thought. Even those that I was not actively thinking, the ones that always persisted just below the surface and echoed my unwavering devotion to him. I felt him as he let it wash over him as he recognized that I felt him.

"Bella…" he groaned.

"I know baby." I whimpered.

Take me home.

A/N: So that was unexpected! Came out of nowhere, I swear. I was planning and epic Bella-Edward make-out session in the theater *wink*. But my imagination got away with me. This changes things I know, but I really hope you like! Please review and tell me what you think!