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The love of a vampre(Jasper Hale lovestory)

This story is how a vampire girl who only drinks the blood of animals falls in love with Jasper Hale. Character bio: name; Lilly Charleston, Age; same as Jasper, Species; vampire, looks; same height as Jasper, short dark pixie like hair, Diet; animal blood.

Alice and Jasper where never dating in this story.

1. Meeting my new vampire family.

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I was waiting at the Forks, Washington airport for my new vampire family the Cullens to pick me up. I was really excited to finally live with vampires that live the same life that I do by only drinking animal blood. I finally arrived at my new home and met my new parents Esme and carlisle. They showed were my room was at and let finish up unpacking my stuff. I walked down stairs to the living room and sat on the couch waiting to meet my new siblings because they were at school. (fastforward to them arriving) I finally now am meeting my new brothers and sisters for the first time. My new father introduced me to them like this " Lilly I would like you to meet Alice, Jasper, Edward, Emmet, and Rosalie your new siblings". (fast forward to Edwards wedding) Today was the day that Edward was marrying his human mate Bella.Me, Alice and Rosalie were helping Bella get ready for the wedding. I was in charge of helping Bella put on her dress, shoes, veil. The wedding ceromony was finally over and we were all having fun at the wedding reciption until 10pm. (fast forward) Just so you know about a couple of days after the wedding me and Jasper started dating each other. Me and Jasper really love each other so much. Alice met her mate named William and they are happily married.