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The love of a vampre(Jasper Hale lovestory)

This story is how a vampire girl who only drinks the blood of animals falls in love with Jasper Hale. Character bio: name; Lilly Charleston, Age; same as Jasper, Species; vampire, looks; same height as Jasper, short dark pixie like hair, Diet; animal blood.

Alice and Jasper where never dating in this story.

2. Marrying Jasper Hale.

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(4 weeks before wedding) Me and Jasper decided to get married on a warm cloudy summer day on a Friday evening at our families house. Alice and Esme have been helping me plan me and Jaspers wedding for these 4 weeks until the wedding. Alice helped me decide on a theme for my wedding which is a southern wedding because of me and Jaspers Southern roots. Esme helped me pick out the colors for the wedding which are a lavender purple, black and white. We finally decided that Alice would be my maid of honor, Rosalie, Bella would be my bridesmaids and Renesmee would be my flower girl. Jasper best man is Emmett and his grooms men are Edward,William. We invited Jacob and the rest of our vampire family to the wedding. (wedding day) Today was the day that I would become Jaspers wife and I was really excited. Alice and Roalie where helping me get ready for my special day. Alice was doing my makeup and Rosalie was doing my hair. My makeup looked like this light skin tone foundation on, light purple smoky eyeshadow, black masscara and eyeliner, and light purple lipstick. My hair looked like this part of it was pulled up in two braids on the top my head, the rest was left down and curled like a greek godess. Esme helped me put on my wedding dress which looked like this floor length mermaide style dress that had a lavender purple belt with crystals on it around my waist with crystal detals covering the rest of my dress with a plain lacy white veil with a tiara.( fastforward wedding ceremony) My father Carlisle started walking me down the aile to meet Jasper and the priest asked who gives this lovely bride to Jasper and my father said he did. The priest than asked Jasper to recite his vowles to me which went like this "Lilly I have been in love with you ever since I first layed eyes on you and from now and forever I would like to be your husband till death do us part". The I recited my vowels which were pretty much the same as his. Then finally the priest said Jasper do you take Lilly to be your lawfully wedded life for as long as both of you should live till death do you part and he said I do. Lilly do you take Jasper as your lawfully wedded husband as long as you both shall live till death do you part and I said I do. The priest said that I am proud to introduce mr. and mrs. Jasper Hale Cullen you may now kiss your bride.